Muscleman Mutual


By Rad Rx

After the exhaustion of the first workout with Dirk, Jeff hadn't abused his cardholder privileges too much for fear of going into muscle debt. Sure he'd added 10-20 pounds for the occasional night out, but only if he was sure that he could spend the entire following day in a gym. According to the paperwork from Dirk, use of the private facilities was a benefit usually reserved for platinum cardholders. Jeff could only hope for the day when he qualified for such status.

Kevin, meanwhile, couldn't understand why Jeff wasn't more into using his card. He worked hard; of course he was entitled to rewarding himself. Jeff had tried to explain the responsibility of having the card, but usually gave up. Kevin asked whether Jeff would ever ask for an increase in his limit just to see what he could qualify for, and Jeff cut him off stating that he had to work hard enough paying for what he did use. Kevin also asked whether Jeff couldn't just look for another card and pay one off by using the other. Both became equally frustrated when the conversation made the inevitable turn toward one of them bluntly stating that the other "just didn't understand."

On the train to Kevin's one evening Jeff stared out into the rainy dusk. He was pondering how much to spend on Kevin's birthday. He had checked his balance earlier in the week and had plenty of credit built up in reserve. Ever since their first escapade, Kevin had seemed unwilling to accept anything less than hulking mass for a partner; he had missed work frequently on Tuesdays having spent the entire night at Plexus hoping to score with one of the employees.

He decided to let Kevin choose. He hadn't told Kevin his actual limit, so it seemed fairly safe that he might stop at the same 250 added pounds they had shared the first night.

Kevin greeted him at the door with an enormous smile and a big hug.

"Happy Birthday, sweetie," chimed Jeff as he returned the hug. "Guess what you get to unwrap?" as he handed him the card.

Kevin laughed and indicated that it was more fun when presents unwrapped themselves. Leading Jeff into the living room, he started talking about some of the other gifts he had received. Jeff made appropriate `oohs' and `aahs' at the list of unusual gifts. Making a joke, he asked Kevin whether his mom had known that the grunge look was way over indicating his new clothes (oversized flannel shirt, jeans, and workboots).

Pulling out his wallet, he tossed Kevin the card and told him that he got to pick the size for the night. Kevin smiled and pulled out his own wallet. "I even got a surprise gift," he said flashing his own Muscleman Mutual card. Jeff was stunned. How had Kevin gotten this?

"Kevin, have you read the paperwork that came with this?"

"Yeah . . . terms & conditions, due dates, interest penalties, blah, blah, blah," Kevin replied. "My limit isn't as much as yours, but that doesn't matter as long as I've got this." Kevin reached into his wallet and pulled out a second card issued from a company called Megabuilt Bancorp.

"Hold on a moment, Kevin. Dirk tried to tell me something about those guys. They don't mess around."

"They're his competitors, right?" replied Kevin.

"Yes. So?"

"Then it stands to reason that he wouldn't have anything good to say about them," rationalized Kevin. "Besides, they've given me twice the limit as the other place, so who do you think I like better?"

Jeff noticed that Kevin had been glancing at the clock for the past few minutes, and asked why. "I set up an advanced transaction for both cards that should be kicking in right about now." Jeff saw Kevin double over as he finished this sentence. As he regained his stance it was already obvious that he had started growing since his wrists were now showing out the ends of his flannel sleeves.

"Like the shirt?" Kevin asked. "I thought it would be cool to dress like the scientist guy in the Hulk series. He always wore plaid shirts like this. Of course, he never felt what I'm feeling."

Jeff watched in amazement as Kevin started filling out. Kevin groaned as he flexed an arm and they both saw it rip through the seam inside the arm. He tantalized Jeff by hiding the tear and re-showing it as it ripped further with the continued expansion of his physique. Kevin was well on his way to 7 feet when he howled out in true pain. Jeff wondered what was wrong as he watched his friend's face grimace. Looking down, he remembered that Kevin was still wearing boots that were far too small to contain the size of his feet. Panting heavily, Kevin winced as first one and then the other foot tore through the leather seams of the shoes. The cuffs of his jeans had split near the base of his calves, and Kevin bent over to tear himself out of the rest of the denim.

Now towering over Jeff, he smiled and presented Jeff with a still- expanding set of pecs that pressed outward into Jeff and upward into Kevin's smile. Reaching for his crotch, he massaged himself and wondered how the fabric of his boxer-briefs could withstand much more of this. As if on cue, the tightened of the leg bands crawling across the tops of his quads pulled away with his excited cock's pressure. Placing his arms on his hips, he thrust his hips forward and watched his swelling cock tear through the front of his underwear.

He grabbed Jeff in a large hug, noticeably stiffening further in the process. Kissing him, he said "You'll probably have to put on a few pounds to handle what's about to happen."

Jeff nodded weakly in assent, but indicated that he needed to use the washroom first.

Putting him down, Kevin reminded him that it was, after all, still his birthday and that he still intended to collect what Jeff had promised. Staring at the throbbing erection pulsing against Kevin's abs, Jeff wondered how he was going to feel afterward.

Leaving Kevin to his self-exploration, Jeff made his way to the bathroom. Turning on the fan and water, he quickly dialed customer service for Muscleman Mutual.

Swearing at the seemingly endless phone tree, he was on hold for what seemed like forever trying to talk to a real person.

As usual, the representative who'd taken the call was of almost no help. Jeff finally succeeded in requesting a credit line increase. Fortunately, he'd have to talk to an account manager for this. He was in luck; Dirk picked up the call.

"Dirk, it's my friend Kevin. He's gotten a card from you guys and Megabuilt Bancorp and he's maxed them both out. There's no way I'm going to be able to handle him."

Dirk thought for a moment. "Maybe I can arrange for a short-term loan. Hold on a moment."

Before he could get back, Jeff felt himself stiffen and heard Kevin call out that he'd just activated his account. "Hurry up. I want to be in you while you're growing."

Jeff felt the floor thud signaling Kevin's approach to the bathroom. "Come on, Dirk. Hurry up already."

"Jeff?" Dirk called.

"Yeah, what's up?"

"I've worked something out, but you have to promise to keep him busy until we get there."

"You've heard the one about the 800 pound gorilla, right?" Jeff responded.

"That shouldn't be a problem. We just want to research Megabuilt's process . . ."

Jeff had to hang up quickly since Kevin had started banging on the door. He opened it and quickly undressed. It seemed so amateur to outgrow clothes, and besides, the sooner he could start to occupy Kevin the better.

"Remember the shower?" Kevin asked.

Jeff nodded.

"Good. I thought we'd start there." Grabbing Jeff under the arms, he hoisted him up and let him come to rest sliding slowly down his stiff member.

Jeff gasped and came as his weight dropped onto Kevin. Kevin grabbed around him and started massaging his friend toyingly as his body started to fill out against his. Bouncing him up and down a couple of times for friendly spite, he pulled him off and carried him into the bedroom. Facing the bed, he nudged Jeff to lay himself down. Climbing atop him, he thrust himself in and started to pull himself up to the point where his eyes were level with the top of Jeff's head.

Struggling against his top-nature rather than Kevin. Jeff acquiesced into submission as Kevin continued his assault. His body had been steadily growing the entire time, and he'd simply assumed that Kevin had opted for maxing out the card. As the minutes passed, however, he didn't seem to notice abatement to the growth. In fact, he almost felt as if there were more coming.

Kevin, too busy enjoying himself at first, also noticed that Jeff's growth didn't seem to be slowing down. Hooking an arm around Jeff's torso, he noticed that Jeff's head was now level with his own.

Jeff felt his chest expand to the point that his chest was actually pushing his face from the mattress. He forearms extended over the sides of the bed and tried to drop but were prevented by the mass of his upper arms.

Kevin started kissing the back of Jeff's neck as it passed up over his mouth. His arm was no longer capable of reaching fully around Jeff, so he insisted upon massaging the massive mound of pec that his hand could still reach without being pushed away by the increasing swell of back beneath him.

Jeff was now in a position to more fully enjoy Kevin's thrusts, although he still didn't care for being passive. Grinding his hips, he started inching his way toward the foot of the bed in order to take some control.

Kevin found himself coming as Jeff's ass massaged his entire erection at once. Feeling Jeff moving toward the foot of the bed, he made as if to give up and started pulling himself off.

"I don't think so," muttered Jeff. Curling his massive arms up to his neck, he grabbed Kevin by the wrists and continued down the bed. Standing fully up, he was amazed at his size. He was holding Kevin's hands over his head, and Kevin's feet were still more than a foot off the ground. Rather than submit Kevin to a typical domination, Jeff thought it would be more fun to play a dominant passive role. Keeping his upper arms rigidly in place, he allowed his forearms to drop like when he was performing overhead triceps extensions. Kevin spasmed and grunted as his body was lowered and his dick was dragged slowly out of Jeff. His feet were still unable to touch the floor, and with Jeff holding onto his arms, he had no control over his body.

Jeff smiled and straightened his arms. His own cock responded well to this stimulation, and he performed several more slow thrusts/reps with Kevin's bodyweight. Adding some resistance, he would alternate his ass flexing sometime on the intake and sometimes on the out. Kevin continued to limply hang as he was unable to do much more than come at the onslaught of stimuli his erection was enduring.

Switching both of Kevin's wrists to one hand, Jeff used a free hand to massage himself and stroke in conjunctions with Kevin's thrusts. Quickening the pace of his reps, he felt himself approaching climax and with several more he came violently. Several volleys completely cleared the mattress and splattered the headboard and wall with significant volumes of jizz.

Kevin was still spasmodic behind him, and his own cock still erect, Jeff tried for another quick shot and was rewarded within several thrusts. Laughing at this newfound endurance, he didn't notice that the door to the room had been thrown open. Coming again, he was surprised as a voice said "well, it's nice to see you, too. How long is it now?" Dirk finished his statement with a laugh. Assessing Kevin's entrapment, he said "I know I asked you to keep him occupied, but really now."

Several other large men entered the room, and Jeff allowed Kevin to drop to the floor. He was caught by a couple before he could wilt in post-post-post-post (you get the idea)-coital fatigue. As they carried him out, Dirk motioned for Jeff to follow. •

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