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September 11 6-9 267 lbs

See that? Gained almost ten pounds in two days! That sleep thing turned out to be a great idea! I haven't recorded my stats for a while, so here they are. I saw the doc today and this is me, now:

Waist: 30 inches Chest: 54 inches Upper arm: 21 inches Thigh: 29 inches Penis: 10 ½ inches (hard, 12 ½ inches)

Passed the foot-long hotdog mark! Pretty cool, huh? It's almost impossible to cage my beauty in underwear anymore. The thing's so long and fat that by the end of the day I've practically torn through my shorts, plus it gets hard at the drop of a hat and then it gets all caught up in stuff and start to hurt until I can adjust things. My balls are big, too. Like eggs down there, or lemons or something. And firm, too. I can squeeze them pretty hard – and I'm not the weakest guy around – and they don't hurt. Jack thought that was interesting, I guess. He sure spends a lot of time playing with things down there. He tried to weigh them, even! But he said he wasn't sure if the total weight – which was around four pounds – included some of my dick because it had gotten stiff under all that handling and was probably leaning over the scale. A foot-long dick probably weighs a lot, I guess. Plus mine's so thick, a lot thicker than normal according to Jack.

Looking at my measurements up there it occurs to me that one thigh will soon be bigger than my waist and my chest is almost twice as big as my waist! I should check back and see how many inches I've put on. Of course the most important inches are the ones on my dick. I was afraid that if it got really big it would start being less, sort of, sensitive. Don't know why I felt that way, it just seemed like a dick that was so big couldn't possibly feel good all over, but if anything it feels even more fantastic now than it ever did. I can practically cum just looking at it. And if I touch it, even to take a piss, I want to start jerking off then and there. It feels so great I can't believe it! And I just want to get bigger and bigger.

Except for one thing – I'm starting to think the only guy who I can fuck is going to be Paul. He can accommodate me like he was built for me. I can plug all my fat inches into his tight little butt and it feels so great. And it feels almost as great when he's fucking me. His little Paul isn't doing badly in the growth department either. But when I fucked… but I'm getting ahead of myself and what I really wanted to tell you about was the first football game! Shit, this is so cool! You won't even believe this but I swear it's all true.

So, Paul is on the team too – all that extra muscle, how could he not be? Him and I are playing offense and defense both, which is pretty cool. We see a lot of action, and I get to be out there on the field with all that sweaty man meat, seeing the other teams, checking their asses out in those nice tight pants. Man, I love football. Anyway, Paul and I were double teaming all over the place. I'm, like, twice as big as any other guy and Paul is getting up there. He's about 6-2 now and I guess if I weigh almost 270, he must weigh 235 or 240. He's all muscle, like me, and growing fast, too. I let him in on the sleep thing and he told me about some supplements to increase mass and strength, it's kind of expensive but he says it's great so we'll see.

Anyway, we won the game, no big surprise. Me and Paul creamed those guys. Kind of funny putting it that way, since I mostly wanted to cream on them. The Jacobs High School team has some incredibly hot dudes on it. But again, I'm getting ahead of myself. So it's after the game and I strip out of my uniform and head over to the showers to wash all the shit off me and it feels so great in there, that hot water on me even though I kind of have to duck to get wet all over, and anyway as usual when I feel good my dick starts showing exactly how good I'm feeling. I usually wait until most of the other guys are done in there because, well, something like this happens sometimes and also all that prime, beautiful boyflesh in there gets me hotter than hell, and I have this huge hanging tubestreak down there, anyway, and it's swinging around like a hose when I'm walking butt naked through the lockers anyway and, sure, guys look because maybe they're curious and maybe they're jealous and maybe they want some, whatever, it's all good.

So I'm starting to stiffen up, it's getting bigger and bigger, it only stretches a couple of inches longer but it gets really fat, you know? Really thick. Like it's inflating or something, and I'm soaping up my chest and under my arms, deep in the pits where it stinks real good, play with my nips a little. I'm a fucking monster, what's some guy gonna say anyway?

But the real surprise was that that Tim was there, sort of hidden behind the steam and fog and shit, and all the sudden I catch him looking over at me and he goes, "Dude! You got a fucking baseball bat down there!" and I sort of smile and stroke it with my soapy hand, that feels real good and it spurs me on and I'm rock hard and fully erect in a second and his eyes are just bugging out, like he's never seen nothing like me. His dick is okay, not too small for sure but probably half the size of mine, I'm guessing. And remember I have these big balls, too, and they may weigh four pounds so they hang low anyway and when I get going they start throbbing and hanging even lower and the hot water has me all slick and warm and I figure, what the hell, I'll give him a show.

Did I mention that Tim is beautiful. Fuck, but that boy's got a bod. Not big like me and Paul, more sort of sleek and fine muscled. Nice chest, long legs, perfect ass.

So I go, "Yeah, and this bat can spit out a gallon of cream, too." I mean it was pretty lame but it was all I could think of. A bat spitting out cream, what is that about? But he goes, "No shit?" and I'm like, "No shit." So he goes, "That's something I want to see." And I think at first he joking, right? But then he comes over and grabs it and starts stroking like a pro! Unfuckingbelievable! So I look over at Paul and he has this shit-eating grin on his face and I can see he's getting excited, too, and then he says, "I'll bet I can cum more than Kevin," and he's sort of slowly stroking off and then I go, "You're on," and he's starts getting his monster in shape and Steve, a halfback, grins as he walks over and starts matching Rick's jerks stroke for stroke on Paul's joint!

I'm totally freaking out at this. But I'm also totally getting off on it, and I mean that in every way. I mean, I was getting off on it anyway, but I was so pumped by this, by being hand-jobbed and then watching Paul, my lover, getting hand-jobbed by these two beautiful naked fucking teammates. I'm red hot and rock hard and trying everything I can to keep from cumming because I know the longer I hold off the heavier my loads get and Paul is looking like he's going to explode any second, he's clenching his fists and all his fine, fat muscles are bulging and swelling and turning red from him trying to hold back, too, and now it's like another contest altogether, it's like between Tim and Steve to see who can make us cum first.

They're stroking and soaping up Paul and me, Tim starts using both hands on me, my eyes are shut tight and I'm biting my lip and everything, fucking everything, every muscle on my body feels like it's filling up with cream, like my heavy balls are pumping overtime and I'm flooded with man juices and then I hear a cheer go up and I open my eyes and there's Paul and he's pumping a fat, thick, white hot load all over the fucking shower.

His cock is going off like a fountain, seriously, and he's looking at me with this grin on his face and Steve's hand and his chest and legs are coated in cream and he's still stroking off Paul's hard on like he's squeezing it out of him. He's putting out one hell of a load, it's fucking everywhere, he's stretching his muscled arms out and he starts to shout this deep, powerful shout and he tenses himself and he's cumming and cumming and I can feel myself getting pushed past the edge, I can feel something so powerful and huge and hot inside me that I'm almost afraid to let it out, I can tell this is like nothing I ever did before, a fucking tidal wave waiting to happen. I can practically feel my balls swelling down there, but I still hold on.

Then I hear a gasp or something, and someone, probably Tim, goes "Whoa," and they're all looking at me now. Paul isn't even finished, none of those guys ever saw a dick pumping like his was but all eyes are on me and I can feel why. My balls are swelling, I can feel them pressing out on my thighs, and my dick feels like it's growing or something, my whole body is swelling with muscle and power, I mean that's what it felt like and they're all looking at me and Paul goes, "Cum, you motherfucker! Cum!" and I'm all smiling and feeling so, so, so big and then I decide to do it. I realized that I didn't have to, I could keep holding off, but I decide to let it go.

And I fucking start shooting like a rocket! Dude, it was so sweet! Nothing ever felt like that before, nothing ever felt so good. I wasn't shooting shots, I was streaming long old pumps from somewhere deep, deep inside! I could hear myself creaming, no shit! And I hit Tim straight in the face, some of it goes in his mouth and nose, and then he staggers back, his chest and belly coated in white cream and I take hold and start letting myself loose on every guy in there. I don't even know why, I could have aimed at the wall or the ceiling or something. Seriously, I could have hit the ceiling easy. But I started pumping my junk on all the dudes there and they're freaking out.

But it felt so, so, so good. So right and true and perfect. I'm a fountain of muscular power, I'm cumming gallons of heavy cream and Steve's going apeshit, doesn't know what to do, but Tim, and I couldn't believe it, he's hungrily swallowing it! He's were scooping out of his dark chest hair and licking off his biceps and sucking it off everywhere, no shit! And I'm thinking, at the time, this is fucking weird. What the fuck is up with this? Then Tim comes back to me and falls to his knees and suctions onto my still pumping cock like a baby on a tit.

I'm in heaven. He's drinking it like it's water and he's the thirstiest man on earth. How many pumps I did I don't know. Couple dozen at least, probably more, all thick and full and hot and heavy. And when I was done and he was done, I swear his tight, rippled belly was bloated with my cream. He swallowed it all! Fuck, I was impressed. And that pretty much guaranteed that Tim was another member of the family, as Paul called it. Either than or he just fucking loved cum.

Either way it was all right with me.

Came a record eight times today, including the mammoth creamathon in the gym showers. Better get my growth sleep, gotta impress the doc tomorrow.

Doctor's Report Dr. John Donaldson Subject: Kevin Peters

Subject has shown dramatic advances in size and strength, far surpassing any previous development. Kevin reports he is sleeping more lately and has been doing resistance training in earnest. The results are easy to see and measure.

I have been so far unable to account for Kevin's advanced degree of muscular development and overall size. He is both much taller and heavier than any 16 year old in my experience. Current measurements are as follows:

6' 9.25" 268.875 lbs Waist: 29.75 inches Chest: 54.5 inches Upper arm: 21.125 inches Thigh: 29.25 inches

These measurements bear out a suspicion I had. Comparing them to the previous day, Kevin put on nearly two pounds and is a quarter of an inch taller. His overall musculature also increased dramatically for a 24-hour period. In short, Kevin's muscular development is accelerating. I will continue to monitor his progress and ask him to report for more frequent check ups.

To date I can find no deleterious effects of his growth. He does not appear to be having abnormal growing pains nor are there any mutations taking place. His growth effects all parts of his physique including the sexual organs, which show noticeable development. His testes, in fact, seem abnormally firm and heavy but ejaculation is normal, if excessive. Sperm count is also very high. A cursory visual examination of his body shows no growth, moles, rashes or other skin lesions. In fact, his skin appears very healthy and extremely elastic.

His agility and flexibility are also abnormally high, as is his stamina.

Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson September 12

I am fucking stoked.

So far I have no scientific proof that what Kevin Peters' balls are producing is, in effect, a muscle development formula more powerful and fast-acting than anything out there, legal or otherwise, but when I look in the mirror and when I feel my muscles burn and pulse and buzz during my much more vigorous workout sessions and when I put my grip to my rock hard bicep and feel it get bigger and bigger, I fucking know something's up. Not to mention that when I take a leak, the dick I set my hand to is not the same dick I had a few weeks ago – it's a fucking monster!

Kevin is exploding. That kid is getting bigger by the second! I can almost see him growing even as he just stands there in my office looking like so much fine that all I want to do is lick him up and suck him off. He appears to have given up on wearing underwear anymore, and now he comes walking in with this snake bulging against his fly and the cockiest grin on his beautiful face and he's naked before I have a chance to heat up my stethoscope. He knows what he's doing to me, he practically propositioned me yesterday.

I want to write this all down before I forget, and also because it makes me horny as shit to think about.

Kevin comes walking in barely squeezed into a pair of Wranglers that are hugging every muscled inch of what's below his waist, and a gray ribbed tank top that's having a bitch of a time managing to keep from ripping itself open as he moves and all that thick, hard, meaty muscle is flexing and bulging. His friend and lover Paul – and they don't even bother to hide their beautiful love and powerful lust anymore, the guys are practically lip-locked when they're not groping and fondling each other's mammoth muscles – accompanies him into the examination now and they strip down and go into a kind of pose off, barely fitting their bulks in there with me. I'm bigger, but these guys are incredible, and when I think that they're barely 16 I practically cream my Calvins.

Kevin is bigger than Paul, but not by much. I try to look uninterested but I know I'm failing. My own bigger boner is practically tearing a hole through my pants watching these two. And when they're gone I can't help imagining them strutting their stuff at their school, stripping down in gym, pumping weights with the guys, pushing those huge bodies to bigger and better feats of strength. Fuck, I'm going to need to beat off when I finish. Or maybe before. Fuck, yeah!

Kevin's naked. Paul's naked. Kevin jumps up on the examination table, his long dick hanging between his muscled thighs and dangling inched over the edge, the heavy head almost bursting with his potent juice, his bright eyes sparkling and a smile on his face that spells out that he knows what's going on in this doctor's brain. I ask the usual questions, he gives the usual answers. I no longer doubt the truth of his words, how much he lifts, how much he cums, I can see – I can measure how big he is. Paul's leaning against the wall behind me, so big and strong I can feel him back there like heat.

I reach for the sample jar and Kevin's already hard as a rock, thick veins winding up his shaft and the eye of the snake open wide and round. Fuck, the thing wants to cum! He's barely got to stroke it, now. It's almost like he can will himself to erection and coax a thick, hot, heavy stream of white cream from his fat balls on command.

I ask him how he does that. "How do you achieve erection so quickly?" I ask, in my stately doctor tones. I lick my lips and catch myself staring at that prime fuck meat. He's grinning madly and winks at Paul.

"You think this is an erection? Hell, doc, I'm not halfway there, yet." He leans back, his hands gripping the sides of the table, his abdominals popping up into a defined 8-pack, bending his head back on his muscle thick neck, now his huge chest expanding, bigger and wider and thicker, those fat nips standing erect like little pricks wanting to be tongued, he's breathing deep, he pulls his legs apart and his balls are there, practically churning and swelling, and that huge dick, that veined monster, that perfection of masculine might starts getting thicker and longer, hot blood pumping it harder yet, the skin growing shiny and red and he's not touching it, not doing anything but breathing slowly as his dick grows bigger and bigger, towering between his legs.

I hear laughter behind me but I don't turn around, I know Paul's laughing at me. He's probably seen this lots, maybe he can do it, too. Maybe he's got a dick he can command to do what he pleases when he pleases. Hard at will, longer and thicker just wishing for it. Maybe he's stroking himself, or maybe he's watching his own magical cock grow.

Then I hear Kevin's deep voice. The 16 year old kid with the voice of a drill sergeant says quietly, "Take it, Dr. Donladson. I'm about to explode. I've been saving up for you."

I'm dumbstruck. "What? What are you talking about?"

He lifts his head, looking at me with his boy's face on this almost 7- foot tall, super-muscled body, his skin practically splitting open under the onslaught of his awesome strength and power, and he smiles like an angel and says, "Suck my dick. Suck it all. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. It was Paul's idea."

I felt a hand on my shoulder, it squeezes gently but I can feel the strength of it. Paul's lips are next to my ear, I feel his breath on my neck. "Drink from the source, Doc. Take it all inside, feel the power down to your toes. Wake up tomorrow even bigger than today. Suck his cock and change your life forever."

I try to shake my head, try to deny it, but I can't. The tip is glistening with a thick drop of honey and I can smell him, smell the masculine power coming off Kevin like musk. I step forward and put my hands around the fount of all muscle, the source of ultimate strength. I can barely grip its girth now. How can be this huge? How can I fit it inside my mouth? Kevin leans forward to watch, his stomach pulling his face toward mine as I put my lips to the hot tip of his mammoth meat, painting his sweet precum on my mouth and darting my tongue against him.

He says, he whispers, "Yeah," and our eyes meet and he nods. I can see his strain now. He's holding himself back. How much has he got for me? I've seen him cum pints of his potent cream. Can I swallow it all? He sighs as I open my mouth wide and suck the helmet inside. It's as big as a plum, hot and hard and slick, and I start to suck against him.

Almost immediately I am rewarded with a thick, strong, heavy pump of salty spunk. It fills the parts of my mouth his cockhead doesn't and I swallow greedily, sucking harder now. He moans slightly and another longer, thicker flood fills my mouth, I feel it hot and sticky washing around my teeth and tongue and I swallow again, and suck again, and feel a third pump coming up the length of his cock and going inside me.

Paul presses against me with his naked, perfect body from behind. I know he's hard because I can feel him between my legs. He's huge, too, impossibly big, and his strong arms begin pulling my smock off my body. I allow him to undress me as I continue sucking and swallowing load after load, pump after pump, flood after flood of hot, amazing cum I feel branching through me as I swallow it. We're into a rhythm now, I breath and swallow and suck, Kevin sighs and moans and pumps, his hips pushing his cock deep into my mouth, now he's reached down and he squeezing his balls, massaging the flood from himself.

My shirt is unbuttoned and Paul pulls it off me. I feel the cool air on my skin for a moment before Paul's caressing me with gentle, insistent strokes. His hands are callused from the weights he lifts each day, and I feel the hard bulging cords of brawn press against me. Then his hands move down to unbuckle my belt and unzip me. He digs inside my pants, under my shorts and fondles my hard dick. I leave a trail of precum in his palm and he wipes a slick stain across my hard belly.

Kevin's load is doing something to me. I feel so horny, so hot, everywhere, everything. I'm a huge, hard prick, my skin is overheated, I need to cum like Kevin, to pump on and on forever. Then Paul pulls my pants down and he's fingering my hole. I'm wet with sweat, already lubed, and he rubs and twists his touch against my tight bud. One finger teasing me, pushing in a little and withdrawing, like a torture and a prize. Then he pushes all the way inside with his finger and I relax against the pressure, still swallowing and sucking, feeling hotter and hotter, boiling from the inside out.

Paul's finger withdraws and he's back instantly with two fingers, pushing inside me, pushing my prostate and I tighten involuntarily until I pull my attention back to Kevin's amazing, unending flood of cum and suddenly Paul's knocking at my back door with his huge, hot cock. His hands are on my hips and I bend and spread my legs and welcome him inside, want him inside me, a giant cock at both ends.

I'm not totally inexperienced at my ripe old age, so having two cocks plugged in wasn't new - but the fact that they were easily the biggest cocks I'd ever seen, let alone swallowed, was mighty challenging.

At some point I realized I had another appointment and sort of gestured or something - couldn't really talk, you understand - and the guys got the message and, just like that, Kevin stopped pumping and Paul pulled out. I felt royally fucked and probably showed it, but we were all soaked in sweat and it was going to be a little odd for me to exit the exam room naked wiping down my bulging body.

And it was bulging, let me tell you. I swallowed so much of Kevin's juice that I felt bloated. My tight little bod was swollen with his seed but it felt great. Paul and Kevin were grinning like kids at Christmas as they squeezed their bodybuilder bods back into their jeans and T-shirts and and I swabbed myself off with some paper towels before getting back into my doctor duds.

Paul asked Kevin, "How was he?" and Kevin slimed wide and garbbed his dick in his pants and said, "Best ever, bro. He should be giving lessons."

So Paul said, "Does the doctor make house calls?" We all laughed.

I gave them my home address. •

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