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August 4

6-8 251 lbs.

Had to give another sperm sample to Jack. I'm giving one every week, for crying out loud! Luckily, it's not a problem. Yesterday he handed me the sample cup and I said `you're going to need a bigger cup' and I was only half joking. Lately, I'm pumping cream like a damn cow! Seriously, it's ridiculous. I still cum four or five times a day and now it's like my balls are working overtime.

I also think I'm having a good impression on Jack. He looks like he started working out, too. He's looking pretty good, and now that I like guys I don't mind admitting that I'd fuck him.

I hope Paul doesn't read that. Not that I'd toss him over for anything. I think sometimes the reason I'm so juiced up all the time is because he's so good in bed. I wonder if I'm not making sperm just so he can drink it all down!

Bigger and bigger. That's the key phrase for me. Bigger and bigger.

I haven't mentioned it lately, but I'm lifting more than ever, too. I crossed the 500 lbs. mark today. I'm benching 500 lbs.! A quarter ton! I am fucking badass. Don't fuck with me, I'll kick your ass so hard your whole family will feel it!

Paul's laughing over my shoulder as I typed that. He knows I'm just a sweetheart, couldn't hurt a fly. I can't explain what it feels like to be so strong. It's like I can do anything. I feel like I could fuck the world, like I could plug my dick into the planet and just fuck the damn thing. Having muscle like this is amazing, and I want more and more.

Luckily, it's turning out that I can have it.

Paul's a little scary, too. He's catching up to me fast. He's another two inches taller. He goes in with me now to Jack and we both get tested. They're wondering if it's the water in the house or something and why he's getting so big now, too. I think it's pretty obvious what's happening and why no one else can figure it out is probably because of our little secret, but I think Jack knows. He caught us kissing in one of the waiting rooms, walked in on Paul and me sucking each other's face like there was no tomorrow. I was hard again by then and I don't think my little story about stroking my big dick to hardness because I knew he'd want more of my sperm convinced him at all.

If he did figure it out, he didn't say anything. Who knows, maybe I will be able to fuck him one day! Well, three-way him with Paul anyway, that'd be fun.

When I crossed the 250 lbs. mark on the scales Paul and I had a little celebration. We've been holed up pretty much together all summer, except for the time we spend at the weight room but it's pretty abandoned as well. No one in summer school seems to want to work out off season, so it's just him, me and the steel in there. So when it was official last week we went to the community pool to strut our stuff.

Paul's pretty fucking hilarious, I got to say. I was going to wear these surfer jams, big old swim trunks, and he goes `let's get Speedos!' And I'm like `right, us in Speedos would be like trying to smuggle salamis through customs in see-through plastic bags.' I'm not the only big swinging dick in the house anymore, did I mention? Paul's isn't as big as mine, but it's certainly ample. Or what Jack would call `well endowed.' So we go to the mall and cause this huge scene, I mean people just gawked at him and me as we walked through the place trying to fit our bulks in the same T-shirts we wore at the start of summer, which meant that mine was riding up so high my tits were practically hanging out and I had to tear the sleeves off in the store when the seams ripped anyway.

So I go in the changing room and slip my meat into this little bitty bikini thing and come out and Paul like goes batshit about me because, I mean, it's all there! All of me! I'm packing almost ten full and I do mean full inches now and those things just weren't meant for that. I thought I looked stupid but he was like `no you don't, Kev, you look hot!' And I like to look hot. Besides the guy at the counter, who I swear was popping his own woody, said I had to buy them because I stretched them out too much. And it sure wasn't my ass doing the stretching, believe me.

So we show up at the pool wearing these teeny little stretch things and we might as well have gone naked for all the good those things did. Shit, it was ridiculous. But sure enough we started getting all sorts of attention again and we saw some of our buds who acted like they didn't even recognize me which I thought was weird until Paul pointed out that the last time they saw me I weighed thirty pounds less and stood four inches shorter, for that matter so did Paul, so maybe it wasn't so weird.

Still, it felt great getting all that attention. Some of the gus even wanted to feel my muscles, and I wasn't going to until Paul said I should, said it would turn him on watching these other guys feeling up what they couldn't have and what he'd get as soon as we got home.

So I did. And he did.

I think Tim's gay. It's just a hunch, but while the rest of the guys were admiring the meat upstairs, his eyes stayed fixed on what I was packing down below. Man, I'd love to find out. When I mentioned it to Paul, he agreed.

I can't wait for school to start back up. Think how big I'll be by then!

August 29

6-9 255 lbs.

School starts up tomorrow and I can't wait. I can't fucking wait!

What a summer! My dad came back last night and about shit his pants. He took a look at me and my bulkier body and he goes, `what the hell have you been doing all summer?' and I said `nothing.' But I am so huge. Have I put down measurements in a while? Here they are.

Waist: 30 inches Chest: 50 inches Upper arm: 19 inches Thigh: 28 inches Penis: 9 inches

So, still bigger. I asked Jack when a guy stops growing and he said usually when you're about 18 years old, so I have quite a bit to go still and I intend to make the most of it.

I don't know why I ever thought this was a bad thing. Maybe being with Paul has changed me. He always compliments me on how I look, how much I can lift, how big I am. He loves all my muscle and he pushes me to get bigger and bigger, and I love getting bigger and bigger. I used to dread getting measured by Jack but now I look forward to it. I've really been working on my chest and it shows! I have like these two big pillows of meat now. I can make them swell so huge I can't even see beyond them! Except when I get hard, I can still see my dick, you can't miss that thing down there.

Clothes are a problem, though. Luckily it's summer so I don't have to wear a lot of clothes, but with school starting I kind of bet that showing up in my spandex trunks (stretchy is good when you're growing as fast as me) and no shirt would be frowned on. I almost don't even care, but dad does. He's also upset about the grocery bill. Two growing guys in his house all summer eating everything in sight does tend to make a big food bill. Paul read up about building muscle and it takes protein and tuna and chicken have a lot of that so we started eating a lot of tuna and chicken. I still go to Mickie D's on occasion, it doesn't seem to matter what I eat I just get more muscle instead of fat. Probably working out all the time helps. And Paul and me sweat a lot during sex.

Paul is so great! He's smarter than I ever gave him credit for. He's been doing research about growth and muscle and men's bodies and he thinks I can start growing even faster with some diet changes and more sex! More sex is good. He has a theory about why this is happening and it sounds crazy but he thinks it's my cum. Like he started growing after we were together and he was sucking my dick. He wants to do that more to see if it effects his growth and that's fine by me, he can suck my dick anytime he wants to.

I'm worried about my height, though. Door frames aren't much taller than me. And if I keep growing wider, even stooping won't help I'll just get stuck going through them.

Or just bust through them. Because I'm already up to 600 lbs.! And I curl 125lbs. in each hand. So that's pretty impressive, I think. I'm also starting to get some hair on my body, which Paul finds totally hot. He always has his hands in my hair and now that I'm sprouting some on my chest and it's starting to spread under my pits and by my belly button his hands rub through that, too. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so hard though. I mean my muscles. They stay really firm and I think he'd like it better if he could massage me and not feel like he was grabbing onto rocks under my skin.

It's not like I can help it. If anything it's his own fault for dragging me back to the gym!

He's looking so hot, too, by the way. He's already another two inches taller, so that's half a foot since summer started. And he's gained another 20 lbs. of muscle! 50 lbs. in three months! That must be some sort of record. When we go into Jack's together, they've started calling us the Muscle Brothers, even though we totally don't look like brothers. Paul's hair is blonde and mine's dark. His eyes are blue and mine are brown. But his body looks like a smaller version of me, all top heavy with thick arms and his dick has gotten pretty impressively huge, too.

Jack looks amazing as well. I asked him if he was working out and he said I was inspiring him. If so I should inspire more guys. I said that to him and he sort of laughed. He looks 100 times better than when I met him. He even looks a little younger, too. It's weird. I just jerk off in front of him now, I practically whip it out and start cumming before he's got the door closed. It's almost like I can cum on command or something. I wonder what he does with all those samples? Why hasn't he found anything out, yet? Seems like Paul is making more progress than Jack is.

He still has me recording how often I jerk off in the journal I do for him, which by now is mostly just stats of how much I'm lifting, how many reps, how I feel and stuff. I'm not jerking off because Paul's with me, so I still write `jerked off' instead of `made love with Paul' and it ends up being the same thing as far as he's concerned.

Personal Diary of Jack Donaldson September 9

Kevin came in for his tests today. I couldn't believe what I saw. Here's a 16 year old kid and he's shaving every day, he said. Sometimes twice a day. He was in the office at about 3PM and he already had 5 o'clock shadow. Sexy little fucker, too. Kevin looks like he's 24 or 25. I could easily get him into Club Manx without an ID and have that boy stripped to his waist and shaking his hard bod on the dancefloor and every guy there would be begging to blow him in the toilet and from what he's been telling me and what I witnessed today, they could all do it and he'd still want more.

I asked for a sperm sample and the kid just unzipped, whipped it out and started to stroke. Half a minute later he's sporting a prize winning woody and grinning from ear to ear and asks for a cup. I'm staring at him, and probably drooling, and hand him the usual and he looks at it and says something like, "that isn't going to be big enough." I'm thinking he joking with the doctor like usual and I laugh, trying to act like this sort of thing happens all the time, 6- 9 teens outweighing me by a good 50 pounds pulling out foot-long cocks and jerking off at will, right? Then he starts cumming and I suddenly realize the kid wasn't joking.

Seriously, he must have released half a pint of cream. He just kept cumming and cumming, stroking the length of that monster in his gorilla grip, his forearm flexing, eyes closed, swimming in some depth of orgasmic pleasure I can only imagine and spilling half his load onto the floor because, just like he said, the cup was too small.

And when he gets done and opens his eyes and looks at the pool of his spunk on the linoleum, he looks at me and says he's sorry about the mess, and if I need more to just give him a minute and he'll do it again.

Again, I'm thinking he's yanking my chain but his face is totally serious and he's standing in my office, his jeans around his ankles, his hard-on in his cum-slickened grip and he starts stroking himself again and it's not a minute later that it's perfectly clear he wasn't joking at all. I get a glass beaker this time and he fills the fucker. The boy's a veritable cum factory.

I drank half of it.

It was like drinking white lightning. I got this feeling of heat that went right to my groin and had a hard-on all night long. Couldn't quite measure up to Kevin's length or pump power, but even after I came I was still hard. What has that kid got in his system? And how much of it is getting into mine?

He talked about Paul and let slip that they're more than friends. Either that or boys today are paying a lot more attention to each other's dicks than when I was in school. Kevin went on and on about how big Paul's dick is, and that Paul could cum like that too, and about his balls and how hairy they are. If he wasn't coming out to me he was certainly opening the door.

I have to admit that he was right. Paul does have hairy balls. And what a fucking six pack!

September 9

6-9 259 lbs.

With school in session I can't work out as much as I did. And Paul and I aren't together on a regular basis, either. We try to be really quiet in my room but we're two big guys and when we get going we can be pretty noisy. My dad calls it `roughhousing' like when he calls upstairs to tell us to `quit your roughhousing!' and we just laugh. Now Paul calls and asks if I want to roughhouse him. He gets me so hard, just listening to him talk on the phone. He told me the other day, and I love this, he said I make his dick bigger just thinking about us together. I know exactly what he means, too.

Football practice starts this week. I've seen Tim around and he's been acting weird, but it's the sort of weird I'm familiar with. It's the Paul weird. I remembered what he said that time we were up near Memorial Park and I was so stupid not to hear what he was asking, but then at the time it never would have entered my mind that he was talking about being gay. And maybe I'm reading something into it, but putting two and two together in this case equals queer the more I think about it.

It's fun using those terms now. I used to hate hearing fag and queer, but Paul calls me a big fag sometimes and we both use queer to describe ourselves and other things, so it's like we adopted them and made them ours, like they're positive things. Paul says that's healthy, I just think it's sort of cool. I mean, yeah, it's different when asshole Jerry uses fag or faggot, but he's an asshole.

I'm doing a lot of shopping this year, too. That's what Paul calls it when you scope out the guys. Shopping. Like you might see one you like and try it on for size. I feel a lot more confident this year, too. Probably a lot has to do with my size. I'm so much bigger than everyone! I'm practically flaunting myself, just waiting for someone to call me a fag so I can say, `yeah, so what?' or something. I totally want to come out. I don't know what's stopping me.

Anyway back to Tim. I feel sort of sorry for him, but I feel worse for Sherry his girlfriend. She's a cheerleader, naturally, and so nice. She's always nice to me, always has been. And really pretty. But I hear she won't sleep around but maybe she says that because Tim won't sleep with her. I'm just thinking off the top of my head here, I don't know for sure if he's gay and maybe he's bisexual, which Paul says is true of lots of the population but they feel embarrassed about it and I understand feeling embarrassed, but it seems stupid. But whatever.

If I think about it, I'd sleep with Sherry. She's fucking built.

I wonder if I'm bi?

Anyway, I don't know what to do about Tim. I feel like there's something I ought to do. I'm a little afraid to talk to Paul about it. He might get jealous, even though I'm not in love with Tim. At least, I don't think so. But he's so handsome and sometimes I think about him in his football uniform and spring a boner in class and even right now writing about him I can feel my dick starting to throb and grow. Wonder if there's something I can think about that won't get me hard. Looks like it's almost time for another pump of the love handle.

I could mention that I'm practically hard 24-7 lately, and I guess I just did. It used to bother me when my dick would start acting like it had a mind of its own something my dad says sometimes about his car but lately I don't even care. I was in math class today and I looked out the windows and say this guy outside in P.E. class. It was pretty hot today and they were playing a shirts-skins game on the blacktop and this guy, I don't know his name, had his shirt off and he looked Mexican or Indian or something, dark curly hair and dark tanned skin. He was all sweaty and sort of gleaming in the sun and he was doing free throws, lifting his arms over his head, slowly moving the roundball to aim, and he had this really thick underarm hair, I could see the sweat dripping down the sides of his body. He wasn't nearly as muscular as me or Paul, or even Tim for that matter, but his body looked so hot. I really wanted to be on that body and my dick did its thing as usual, pumping into a monster so fast I had to stick my hand down there and move it around to get comfortable and when I touched it, it was all hot and wet and sticky! I hadn't cum, but I was leaking that clear junk like a faucet. Really weird.

Anyway, I jerked off in the bathroom and it was a huge load! I must have shot a dozen times and each one was really thick and lasted a while. I was fantasizing about that basketball guy and that probably helped, he was so hot. I hope I see him again tomorrow. Maybe I'll run into him on campus sometime! That would be cool.

I should get some sleep, I guess. I read something that said the body grows most during sleep, so I'm gonna do some heavy duty reps to wear myself out before going to bed to see how much bigger that is in my case. Plus I'm already stroking the old boner thinking about that guy again so this might take a while. I go see Dr. Donaldson on Friday. Maybe I'll ask about his workout routine. Seems to me that if a guy his size can get that big that fast, a guy like me would be the Hulk in a month! •

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