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September 13 6-9 271 lbs.

Holy shit! You will not believe this one. I don't even believe it and I was there!

Ok, so Paul and me went in for the usual every-other-weekly doctor's appointment yesterday. Paul had this idea that I thought was crazy, but it turns out he was right. He told me later that he sort of cheated, that he knew Dr. Jack was gay and that from how he was growing into a pretty solid specimen of a bodybuilder, too, that he was already "sampling the goods." That's what Paul called it.

Anyway, his idea was that I should try to make Jack suck my dick. Oh, wait! I need to write down my sizes before I get too far.

Waist: 29 inches Chest: 56 inches Upper arm: 22 inches Thigh: 29 inches Penis: 10 inches (hard, 12 inches)

It's only been a couple of days, I know, but look! Another four pounds heavier, another couple of inches on my chest and arms and my waist is smaller! Guess those crunches are paying off. I thought they'd make my stomach muscles fatter but things seem to be tightening up or something, because when I look down at my belly I see nothing but solid muscle. Pretty cool. Wish I could put the inches on my dick as fast.

So, we go into Jack's office, already pumped up from an afternoon session at the gym we were monsters, I got to say. I could feel the strength in every muscle. I was positively vibrating with it. And so hot! Man, I was ready for someone's ass, that's for sure. And Paul's is always ready, but he had that idea, like I said, and so I didn't jerk off or anything all day long and it was killing me! Normally I'm cumming six or seven times by the afternoon, so I could feel my balls almost bursting. I needed to get my rocks off bad, and so I was more than ready for Jack.

Long story short, he was about crazy for my cock once he got hold of it. I was really big bet I was bigger than the 12 that I normally get. Really freaking huge, man, and so stiff it hurt. And he suctions onto me and, man, that guy can suck! I mean it! I can almost feel his mouth down there right now just thinking about it. So I finally could come and I was really giving it to him. I swear his gut was full of my sperm by the time I was done and he looked nothing but happy as he wiped his mouth off. Also, Paul was giving it to him up his ass and it made me want to try that, have two guys at once like that. But two really huge guys like Paul and me, only we're the biggest guys I know.

Only Paul says, "Not for long." Like I said, he has ideas.

So we got dressed and left and I asked Paul how he knew about Jack, and all he said was, "I'll show you tonight." And I said, "Aren't we going to Jack's?" Because he gave us his home address and said to come on over and, man, I wanted more of his suck on my dick, but Paul said there'd be plenty of sucking where we were going, and I'd be really surprised and happy when I found out where.

So that night Paul and me went out, told my Dad it was to see a movie, only we went to Beachside Park instead. And I was like, why are we going to the park at night? Are we swimming at night? What's there to see, anyway? Paul's all smiling and acting secret and when we're kind of close I see headlights in the park, like lots of cars are there. And I ask about maybe there's a concert, and is that the surprise? And Paul's still all no that's not it.

So it turns out that the park is like some gay hangout! Seriously, like all the cars are packed with dudes and they're really slowly driving around checking each other out and I'm like freaking. There were older guys and young guys, I saw some guys I recognized from other schools, but Paul's just about ignoring everyone for some reason which was kind of hard because when we walked across the grass we took out shirts off and we were wearing out football shorts, the ones that lace up in front, I think because they make our dicks or our baskets, Paul called them pretty amazing and big. I mean, I'm big anyway, but this is ridiculous. But whatever. So we're getting a lot of attention, of course, because I'm like seven feet tall and Paul's nearly that and we're both still pretty pumped and feeling horny and I go, Paul, what are you looking for?

He's waving me off, some guy called my name and I looked over and he looks really cute, he's driving a Jeep and he's shirtless, too. Nice bod, kinda thin by my standards but then everyone is. And then Paul grabs my arm and points and what do you think I see? It's fucking Tim's Camaro and there's fucking Tim driving it! And he sees us and I swear, even in the night I could see him turn kind of white when our eyes meet and I think, Jesus Christ, what's Tim doing here? I mean, yeah, I suspected and whatever but to really see him here in his car that car we drove in together and the questions and all that shit but I also felt extremely happy, too.

Tim is gorgeous. He just is. Now that I think about it, I always thought he was but I wouldn't let myself think he was, but he is. And I think, fuck, he's gonna freak out and peal off but instead he pulls over and turns off the motor and opens the door and Paul's pulling me over there and I'm smiling like an ass and can feel my dick sagging and getting all excited because gorgeous Tim is wearing practically nothing. Seriously, he's got his shirt off and he's wearing these like little shorts, like cut-offs, and his rippled belly looks so smooth and hot, he has this trail of hair from his belly button, I can see his nipples on his muscled chest and he's folded his arms across it and it's bulging and his arms are bulging and he says to Paul, "What took you so long?"

Paul goes, "I've been busy," and he looks at me and then we kiss, it's pretty hot, his hand's on my ass and my dick is just bulging and I want to look at Tim, just look at his beauty, and then he goes, "Welcome to the party, Kevin." And, seriously this will sound faggy but I just melted inside.

I love Paul, I know I do, but seeing Tim there like that made me want him so bad. I saw guys there that made me feel hot all over, some looked even better than Tim, bigger and more muscular and stuff. But Tim, I sort of worshiped him. He was like a hero to me, I guess, and I'd seen him in the locker room butt naked before, of course, and I sure looked at him, you couldn't help it. He had this tight, high, round, firm butt and he moved so sleek and sort of sexy. So now here he was and here I was, I was taller than him now, a lot taller, but he made me feel small and like some little kid.

I was like some dumb fan or something, just staring at him with my mouth open. So he leans over and, get this, puts his open mouth against mine and I feel his warm, wet tongue shoving inside my mouth and my arms surround him and his hands are on my ass and I can feel this kiss all the way down and through me, swear to god I was high on this guy and it occurs to me now, as I hold him inside my arms, how much bigger I am, how much stronger and more powerful and I feel this, like, surge of manliness or something as I feel his body against mine, skin against skin, his hands kneading my butt cheeks and, man, I felt fucking great.

Then he starts laughing as we're kissing and I'm like, "What?" and he pulls away a little and looks down because my dick is springing a major boner and when I say major I mean major, I'm practically splitting the seams of my shorts I want this guy so bad. Paul's sort of laughing too and I look over and at some point he'd stripped himself clean out of his shorts and he stood there in the moonlight, his fine muscled bod looking all kinds of beautiful, and he goes, "I guess you like my surprise."

Tim looks at us both and shakes his head and backs off a ways. He goes something like `what am I, a prize?' and I get scared like he's out of there but Paul says, `of course not, Tim. Kevin's the birthday present. Aren't you going to open him and see what's inside?'

Turns out it's Tim's birthday, so we're both getting a surprise. Meanwhile, Paul comes over and kisses me, says `save the last dance, beautiful' and I'm like red all over blushing like a girl and then off he goes to a chorus of catcalls and wolf whistles, his bare ass swaying so fucking sexy and his big dick swinging like a what ya call it and there's me and Tim all alone under the trees with this soft, warm breeze blowing and the only thing standing between us is my football shorts and his cutoffs.

His hands are on my laces and he's pulling and tugging and I'm laughing as I watch him trying to undo me but I'm getting hornier by the second and he's so hot he starts digging down inside to tug my cock out and I sort of do one of my dick tricks I can do now and force some size into it and it really does rip through those things and I'm sort of surprised and laugh and Tim looks at me, his eyes all wide, his hands stroking me even harder, his face like he can't believe it and he says, `are you bigger, Kevin?' and I'm like whatever and shrug, trying to be all cool and shit and he sort of falls to his knees like he's worshiping my dick or something. He's stroking it all gentle and soft, his hands feel rough and dry on my cock, but I'm getting bigger and harder and I can feel a load all ready for him but I can tell he just wants this minute to go on, he just wants to look at me and feel me and then he looks up my body toward my face and I don't know what I looked like but I must have made some weird face at him because he pulls his hands off and start getting to his feet and I just want him to do whatever.

So I say, `what do you want to do? It's your birthday.' And he smiles and god my heart melts again and he brushes his hair from his face and his eyes sparkle in the moon and he says, `I'm not sure, Kev.' And when he says that, my name, so familiar like we're best friends or something, man right then I would have done anything he wanted. Lift a mountain or bend a car in two or anything. But he goes, `I'm not sure, Kev. I'm not sure we'll fit, you know what I mean?'

And at first I didn't, but then I remembered that Paul and me, we're sorta matched up because of being together and he'd grown into me, kind of, and then I said, `but the doctor sucked me today and he didn't seem to have a problem.' Tim's face looks like he wonders what the hell I'm talking about, and what doctor is sucking my cock. But I say, `we can do whatever you want to do, Tim. I just want to be with you.' He smiles, then, and goes, `well, let's see what we can do about that.'

Tim ended up fucking me first and it felt so great. His dick is about average, I guess, but it's pretty thick and I could really feel him shoving inside, not as full as Paul of course but I really wanted to see Tim's face and body and it's kind of hard when a guy's fucking your butt. So I said something about that and Tim said we can still do that and he told me to get on my back and pull my knees up to my shoulders and my butthole was totally there for him, I could feel the night air on it, and he looked really excited and I said what was wrong and he said when I was like that with my dick so close to my mouth and my chest totally bulging and my ass so round and sweet (that's what he said) he was turned on even more if that was possible. So he pushes himself into me and it's even better for me, too, because he's sort of pressing on something in my butt that feels tingling and like I need to cum and my balls are filling up and, like he said, my dick was right there so I leaned up some and sucked my own dickhead inside my mouth and started pumping and swallowing while he's drilling and Tim goes apeshit at the sight of me sucking my own dick and he's creaming his load, too and we're cumming together and I feel so fucking strong and sexy and all. Later I came in his mouth and he swallowed it all. Can't wait until he starts growing. He's so fucking beautiful.

It was a really good night. •

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