Bigger Issues: Ultimate Growth


By Muscl4life

“I don't understand one thing… said Fred, still impressed at the size of Sean, afterall he was the "smallest" of the grown men - Why you don't want to grow more? All you had to do is sucking one of them and you become bigger than Kyle

“HEY! I AM THE BIGGEST MOTHERFUCKER IN HERE AND THAT'S FINAL! Teased Kyle grabbing Mike's waist with just two enormous fingers and lifted him at his face level with a furious look, which was quickly replaced by a warm desiring babyish trick in his lips, and then the tremendous kiss. Mike loved the kiss, but what he desired the most was pinning ULTRA KYLE's mega butt, being BIGGER than him , being the BIGGEST of them all! Sean smiled - He was getting used to see Kyle being the biggest of them all, sure he tried to outgrow him, but now he felt that even with the amount of serum he had taken ,if he could avoid becoming bigger than Kyle he would do it, and if afterall he ended outgrowing his pupil, he could give him "something to put some meat on his bones" “Mike, I need to get accurate data, and mine are the only which were transformed only due to the serum effects and the organism feedback, with that I can get to some results to fix some problems at the original formula…

“Speaking about that - Fred approached Sean after his cock was finally softening - Mike and I managed to take your serum at the lab - and gave the tube to Sean.

“You guys are really efficient! Sean observed the tiny tube in his hands, remembering all the work he had and above all, the changes it caused in his life Steve showed the measuring stripe and said a little shy :

“Can I go now? The eyes quickly recovered their desiring look as the results of the measurement were about to get known

“Steve, you are the proof of the power of the serum, you've never taken the original formula, only the growth inductors at the emissions of Mark and Kyle's, and somehow your organism amplified it making your own cum a growth factor itself. I already have a few theories, but in order to prove them, I need to get some samples of your blood, besides your stats - he had this strange glow in his eyes. The measurements almost shocked Sean, although Steve had never taken the serum, he was in fact even bigger than Sean, but not much taller, he was 13'8" high but it was not the best part, he was much THICKER than the inventor of the growth serum. It was obvious to the look, Sean was shorter of course, but he seemed somehow much "thinner" than Steve, starting with the weight : as Sean weighed 1437 pounds Steve's read was astonishing : 2124 incredible pounds - 687 pounds of muscle made Steve outgrow Sean, and not just the mass, but the SIZE of his muscles, even as Sean's spectacular forms were astonishing he seemed to keep proportional, but Steve's measures indicated he was a little more massive in different parts. At 276 inches around his marvelous chest made Sean look a little thin compared to his 223" pectorals, 50 inches chest is an excellent mark for any bodybuilder and that was the difference between of those muscle super pecs. His 198 inches legs were so ripped and veined, it seemed as sculpted in marble, but made any "David" hide such was the freak of his proportions.

“Steve, you're amazing, just amazing - Fred kept mumbling as he took the measures, he seemed entranced by the size and hardness of his former wrestling buddy. Steve felt so vigorous, so alive as Fred kept measuring him. Fred was always so beautiful, and he loved when he got to suck the now dwarfed jock cock, and specially desire of having Fred inside of him. They used just to play around and even Steve gave Fred and Mike a few blowjobs but never got to be fucked by them and now Fred and Mike were so tiny compared to him , so deliciously petite, and that made him desire him even more.

“119 inches calves - Quite impressive, quite impressive ! Was all that Sean could say , he was fearing the possible extension of the growth caused by his serum , something was sure out of control The incredible amount of 16 packs abs muscles was now kind of expected, because the incredible size of each muscle revealed the colossal proportions, booming over his "tiny" 65 inches waist, compared to the immensity of his chest and legs. When they got to read Steve's biceps, Sean asked Steve with a look combining lust and science :

“Steve, I want you to FLEX your biceps the harder you can, just think on the size and make it bigger, you gotta flex with ALL your might. And so he did. Steve's guns rose like it has a will at his own. The mountains were so thick Sean swore he heard the skin stretching as the peaks flourished and boomed and augmented just in front of their eyes, muscle in its his maximum expression, the width, the simetry, the POWER they showed, all of those images made all the guys including MARK and KYLE got excited as they realized that Steve's guns weren't done yet, the more they kept booming, the bigger and the redder they became and within this process, his whole arms seemed to swell in order to accommodate such mass. The peak appeared but then it just got too big, and then it was crowned by another supreme peak so delightful, so incredibly potent it deserved to be pictured, and the most beautiful thing part was the look on Steve's face as he noticed his new capabilities, it was like a child discovering he can do something weird with his body, although weird is not the word Steve and his partners were thinking at the moment, the look on Steve's face as he admired his guns bursting effortlessly and growing right before his eyes, and most of all, that now HE, who used to admire Mike's and Fred's muscles was being admired, what the hell, he was being worshipped by the shocked gazes of Mike and Fred, and even the BIGGEST guys who could ever exist were looking down at him and desiring his as a whole, as their object of lust and muscle. Now he was the center of all the attention, he was being desired as he could never think as possible, because now he could, he was MUSCLE, he was POWER, he was everything he desired to be, complete, and that was just too damns arousing, his muscles, his inhumanly powerful muscles, his thickness, his width, his size, his arms, his legs, his enormously overdeveloped thighs, his mega muscular chest, his impossibly thick neck and his wonderful abs were too much for anyone to resist and that includes himself:

“Oh fuck, fuck, measure me now Sean, I think it's the max! Fuck measure my guns! - Steve whispered as he reached the peak of the peaks in his flexed gun. Not even the MOST muscular of those cartoon heroes could ever be dreamed with a gun like those, and Sean knew it, he realized much sooner that Steve's growth was quite different than his own, meaning that the potency of the serum is somehow amplified once the serum works at the cellular level.

“Come on ! I can't hold for too long! - Steve complained as Sean and his tiny helpers managed to sum the many parts of the circumference of power they were measuring “ Man this is fucking terrific! - Fred kept saying as he hugged Steve's right biceps, like it was a whole person, the hardness and the warmth, the tremendous size. Fred was so hard he felt his cock's pain inside of his pants, it was unstoppable, feeling such power of MUSCLE was something beyond his expectations, unzipped his pants and let his throbbing cock feel that wonder of lust itself, poking the entire thing and nesting at the angle between of the elbow and the biceps itself, feeling the immensity of the muscle wall. Steve realized the hot poking fucking finger feeling his hardness, and when it touched the spot between the forearm and the biceps, Steve lost it all. He squeezed it so hard he never considered he could hurt Fred, all he thought was how small that cock he once saw as enormous was compared at his impressive mega stats, how titanic he had gotten and how much more he could grow, he wanted to grow as much he wanted to make his guns balloon for Sean and Mike and Kyle and Mark and Fred, Fred's worshipping poking cock was the ultimate proof of his new status, MUSCLEGOD!

“AAUHHHHHGHH! Fred's groans were so loud as he cock was massively compressed by Steve's gigantic arms and then all he could feel was the explosion inside his groin blasting in every direction creaming all the lustful width of Steve's gun.

“Fred, Fred FRED! Steve moaned as his Cock exploded into a stream of cum and his guns reached its top proportions! The scene shocked by its beauty. The hot blessing of Fred's jism made Steve's control escape through his pours. His overgrown balls squished into a power source and his unbelievable 6 feet and two inches cock totally erect practically creamed all the guys around them , in a cum rain full of sensuality and power. Sean manage to measure Steve's mega guns as he was at the edge of the orgasm: 198 fucking incredible awesome mind blowing inches biceps. And then Steve cam into a stream so thick and loud it covered all of them. Even Mark and KYLE were hit by the jism such the force of the stream. “WOW! Was all Mike could say as he saw the limp body of Fred still dripping cum trapped in the arms of the impressive Steve, whose face was all red and covered of cum, his chest seemed even bigger as he tried to recover form his recent cumming rain, the sweat still ran down his over muscular body. Steve grabbed Fred gently and nested him in his chest, Fred was kind of hypnotized, his look was barely there, like he was out of his body. But then, Steve kissed him so deeply and warmly, that even a rock would kiss him back.

“Thank you! Steve said in his new low sexy tone - He cleaned a gush of cum at Fred's face as he gently caressed his worshipper.

“Oh, Steve, All I can say is that you are so beautiful, your face at the top at that body, makes me desire you even more - Fred said still recovering form the last kiss They remained looking at themselves and caressing for a while, feeling their desiring bodies rub against each other in their own muscle desire dialogue. Mark looked at them and then to Kyle who was already erect and gently said:

“Calm down boy, you know that if you cum now, all of this is rotten! - Mark warned Kyle.

“OK! OK! - Kyle said trying to recover his senses - But that's kinda hard since he came over ALL of us! Mark smiled and looked at Sean who was grabbing Mike by the waist in order to avoid him of jumping over Steve and make Sex with him: “Calm down Mike! I know you're crazy to grow like them , but remember, Steve's emissions do not have growth inductors by itself Mike literally shook his legs trying to free himself of Sean's powerful grip. But he couldn't it was too damn strong. Those ultra thick fingers around his waist, totally overpowering him as if he was a mere doll. Then he heard Sean's words. If Steve's cum did not have muscle growth power then it would be useless. But FUCK! He was pissed. He was tired of being treated like a rat, he was the biggest jock on campus, he pinned every opponent with extreme easy, but now here he was being lifted by the waist like a bug, and those freaking musclemonsters keep remembering him of his smallness, but that was soon to be ended.

“You can put the little guy on the floor now, Sean! He'll be all right! Said KYLE blinking to Mike as he finally obliged and quit trying to get of rid of the grip. So, Sean gently put him back and said:

“Mike, I know you are dying to get big, but seriously, I only have a few things to do before I can make you GROW! So can you hold on just a little longer? Sean's words weren't a request, they were a direct order, because his eyes were serious and his impressive chest a few feet above his chest was all the arguments he needed to obey, his wish to grow was stronger than anything, and if he would have to wait in order to get his GROWTH, so he would wait, afterall he was quite enjoying such display of muscle before…

“OK, then! Said Sean as he picked his notebook again - Steve I gotta say that you and Fred gave us quite a show! Anyway, I think your condition as a non-serum morphed allows you to have an orgasm without a consequent growth spasm…

“I am sorry, Sean I didn't mean to… Steve tried to apologize “You don't have to be sorry! - KYLE said - Fuck! You're one of the BIGGEST motherfuckers of this whole planet! Your body is just amazing! You could get us to cum just flexing for us, and you deserve it ! You're a freaking muscle monster yourself!

“Kyle is right! You are quite amazing to be ashamed of your body - Sean completed- And I am sure that we ALL will enjoy your amazing stats in the right time! Steve rolled his eyes, again he was embarrassed, but afterall he WAS the freaking musclebound flexing and cumming over everybody, just the immense, outraging, overgrown musclefreak, they made transform into. Fred finally recovered all his senses: “Steve, can u put me down?

“Sure babe! Steve gently lowered his friend to the ground and they kissed .

“Sean , if those stats of Steve are right, it means that - Mark's face had a strange worry

“Yes, the muscle growth acts different in Steve's organism. As you've said before, it developed the muscle tissues much more than the original serum, the muscle fibers seemed to optimize the results of the muscle growth, specially because Steve had two different sources, yours and Kyle.

“So you say that the amount of serum took by the "source" indicates how much the "supercum" is going to be optimized? Kyle said approaching them both

“Precisely! - Said Mark and Sean together to their towering friend “But we can't deny the results of the serum itself! It can be very potent too! Fred said poking Sean's butt.

“Yeah, Sean you're fucking HUGE, and you only had ONE spurt! Mark said his hands cupping the doctor's butt. Sean smiled and gently guided Mark's hand trough his body till he they reached Sean's erect cock “ You know I can't wait till I grow again! “Hey, hey! If we can't fuck you guys are not allowed either! - Kyle said in chorus with Fred, Steve and Mike

“OK! OK! We'll cool down! “ Mark answered

“I believe it is my turn to be measured now… - Mark insinuated with his piercing blue eyes looking down at Sean's desiring face “ Let's see how much I've outgrown you my petite lover…

“Why can't I go first, we have grown together the last time - protested KYLE Sean said in a contending tone - Maybe we could do both of you at the same way, afterall we have people to take the measurements, two musclefreaks and two normal jocks, it is just what is need, the freaks take care of the upper bodies and the jocks get the lower body stats…

“Sounds perfect to me, but I want YOU to get my stats - Mark said to Sean poking his marvelous chest. He had this amazing smile in his thin lips which was the only argument to convince Sean…

“R-right, right! Mike can u help me here? - Sean asked without taking his gaze off MEGA MARK's sensational body

“Sorry, Sean but that little guy is mine - ULTRA KYLE's voice echoed as he grabbed his former jock and kissed him… moans and gasps were the only sounds Mike made as he picked the measuring equipment. “Let the guy with his plaything, Sean - Mark smiled and pointed down - I think Fred is already getting my stats, at least with his look. Fred was literally drooling at the sight of MEGA MARK's cock getting hard and red with his throbbing veins They kept saying the stats out loud, just for fun:

“Mark's 14 feet and 10 inches high! - Sean said proud of his former colleague - "I want you so bad, you mother fucker freak of muscle!" - Whispered Mark at Sean's ears

“Big deal! Said Steve stretching himself to get the read - ULTRA KYLE is 16 feet and seven inches high

“How's the weather down there "shorty" - Kyle teased Mark as he and Sean kept with their loving change of looks.

“Shut up! I am much more thick than you ever be! Mark replied

“ We'll see skinny! - Kyle showed his arms and kissed them… “Wow, Mark you're fucking 2986 pounds of MUSCLE - exclaimed Fred as Mark got down of the cattle scale.

“Ya hear that, worm? Mark laughed at Kyle

“Holly cow! Mike said as he read KYLE's weight - 3877 pounds? Is this shit right?

“I am sure it is Mike, and I agree with you - Holly freaking cow! - Said Sean as he got the weight again

“In your face skinny! I am almost 1000 pounds heavier than you poor body! Kyle laughed as he went down of the scale!

“Mark's chest is amazing 315inches around - Sean said as he kissed the oversized nipples of his lover.

“ My guy is 353" - Steve read not believing the results Fred bite his lips as he finally got to get Mark's legs - 247 inches around! Mike was not less shocked - 274 inches here!

“Ha! Even my legs are thicker than your puny chest, you runt! Yelled Kyle at Mark, who kept smiling as Sean ran the strip around his colossal proportions.

“Mark's calves are at 159 inches around! Fred said barely to wait the answer of Mike

“186 inches here! - Fuck! How come you've got so thick you mother fucker! Asked Mike smiling at his former worm

“I said that I am the BIGGEST MOTHERFUCKER around here! Kyle replied bouncing his pecs in the face of an astonished Mike. Sean was absolutely lost into the immensity of MEGA MARK. When he got to read his biceps, he was gasping in advance to the outrageous mountain of flesh which was about to rise. But he was desiring this. Since the beginning, he only lusted after his lover's muscles and it wouldn't be now that he would get less excited, not now that his lover was such a MUSCLEMONSTER, he needed to find out how bigger Mark had gotten. “ Would flex that freaking gun for me honey? Asked Sean in a low tone, revealing his submission and his desire for his muscle lover, his life time desire, his impossibly HUGE lover

“I'll do anything for you babe, and you know it, don't you? - MEGA MARK said as he flexed the power of his guns, making an enormous ball made out of flesh and POWER, MUSCLE building over muscle, and rounder, and bigger and fatter, the arm seemed to grow along just to hold such definition, the amount of MASS! Sean barely held his breath, he had to touch it, lick it, and so he did, but he remained in focus, he managed to cool down and get the read of those HUGE guns : Fucking 219 inches - two hundred nineteen freaking outstanding inches around, it was so impressive, so lustful, he had to fuck him right now, but again his throbbing cock had to be somehow ignored - he had something more important to do.

“Come on STEVE, they think MARK had a HUGE gun, come on man let's make them shocked again - Kyle said in a cocky attitude - the same for you down there - He grabbed Mike and make him seat in one of his biceps while Steve measured the other. Mike never felt so better in his life, Kyle's biceps was just between his cock and his balls, causing him a strange sensation, a mix of pain and pleasure. But it was only when ULTRA KYLE starting flexing those guns Mike really felt pain and pleasure. It ballooned as a mountain making its way through the Earth and surging form nowhere. As Kyle flexed, his guns bursted into a graphic appeal who made even Sean and Mark look at the display, Mike was being literally fucked by ULTRA KYLE's biceps, and his owner did not know about. He kept flexing and the flesh appeared form him and got each time more impressive, more muscular, bigger, freakier, like those guns were going to explode! Kyle's face showed his pleasure feeling as his green eyes shone with his effort. His sweat went down his muscular ways and his biceps didn't stop to mount and grow, grow, as if he had no more limits. And Mike's face showed his pleasure, as much as Kyle's gun squished his cock and his balls, the more hard it was getting and the bigger Kyle's gun was. Mike suffered in silence, letting his whole body feel like Kyle's gun, like if he was ballooning himself, he could feel the blood running through the veins of that hugely veined rock, he could feel the density of the skin, and the hardness of the muscle beneath it, he was throbbing just like his cock, he was shaking as the veins keep pumping to get bigger and the gun impaling his cock got rounder and bigger, it was over his butt, touching his prick, like it could fuck him, he felt it growing under him, with no mercy it crushed his cock and balls, red and sore, and then it grew again, making the pain stronger and the pleasure unbearable, he was being fucked by a biceps, and that was so freaking orgasmic, he just wished it would never stop. “Steve, please measure him, I don't know for how long I can hold - Mike asked as he felt himself ready to burst, even with the pressure Kyle's gun made against his cock and balls, it wasn't enough to avoid Mike to cum right over Kyle's spectacular body. Mike felt that tremendous pressure on his flat stomach, that biceps peak was HUGE it was like hugging a whole person! It crushed his cock and balls, but also his abs and the lower part of his chest, its circumference was above anything attainable at human proportions, Mike could hug it with his both arms and still it was hard, red and veined, hot and stinking like a real bull, the POWER it contained was sensually strong, he could GRAB the peak with all his might, embrace it like it was his own man and squeeze it with all his might, like making love to a marble statue, only that this one has warmth, and the heavy breath of KYLE's mega chest, made his entire body move unison as that impressive gun insisted in growing and get even freakier. Mike's legs couldn't reach the bottom of that gun, Kyle's triceps were so damn huge, completing the display of his delicious biceps, making his whole arms look like another grown man was attached at Kyle's arms. Mike was loosing his left control, he kept rubbing and biting and kissing the gigantic arms as his owner continued to squeeze him like a bug, he felt the hardness, the musk odor and specially, he could hear the gasps and the groans of KYLE as he managed to pump his biceps even more, compressing even more Mike against his forearm .

“Oh please, Kyle flex harder, harder, I want you to crush me here, let me feel your power your MOTHERFUCKER, let me feel the power of the biggest honcho around. Mike kept kissing the peak of Kyle's mega ultra developed biceps, and Kyle could only feel his tongue licking him, making him desire to grow more, he could feel in each heart beat that Mike was each time more pressed, more crushed, and he was absolutely loving, he wanted to make him feel his power, to make him beg for him to show him muscles and his tremendous body, he felt the tiny jock caressing his gun like it was his lover, he wanted to make himself bigger and bigger and BIGGER! All that matters is getting muscular and freakier and totally overgrow the others, being the center of the worshipping, feel the smallness of them against his titanic proportions. Mike caressed and kissed and even punched the gigantic muscle in order to feel it dent, but it was impossible, such power could NEVER be controlled, his muscles deserved to over rule any worshipper. Kyle smiled as his face got redder form the rush of blood, he was pushing himself beyond his limits, he needed to, he gotta get BIGGER, he need his gun to make Mike cum, he was the MUSCLE FREAK, he had to pleasure his tiny man, afterall that's all he desired. Mike's worship, Mike's cum, Mike's appeals for him to flex his muscles, to make him feel tiny, that was all he had to focus, he wanted everybody to look puny near him, even Mark could stand near him without getting hard, and he was too damn huge himself, but not as ULTRA KYLE he was MUSCLE in its raw power, no beauty, just POWER! No more he wanted to remain human, he needed to be a FREAK, a MUSCLEFREAK, his arms weren't big enough, they could grow more, he would never be too big, he had to grow more, no matter how, he just felt he was far from total satisfaction with unattainable muscles. Mike was lost, such power had made his head spinning, maybe because of the pressure of KYLE's gun grip, but surely, because of pleasure, his pain was nothing compared to the pleasure he was feeling being overpowered with just a GUN FLEX, to be simply slaved by the SIZE of his lust, he saw KYLE's face and it was no longer Kyle could feel Mike's cock being crushed by his gun, and he loved it,. He loved the power, the lust, the incredible feeling of being so much stronger and bigger than his former bully. He just wanted to make him cum over him, the same way Steve forced Fred to do, even though he didn't predicted it. But it was all he demanded, he need to fell his sheer size against the smallness of Mike, he loved to carry them around, and make them his playthings, to show off his body, and specially his biceps, he wanted to make them worship him, he wanted Fred to stare at his size and Mike to feel his power, he kept pumping his guns with all his might, he knew he was squeezing a little to hard, but it was so easy, so simple, using his power was the most natural thing in the world, he just wanted to be more powerful, to make Mike cum more, to be his lover, to finally get his revenge, not a simple revenge, a true vendetta, he wanted Mike to be his lover, his tiny little lover, to pleasure him and make him desire him, all he wished was to be as bigger as it would take to overtake Mike's power, and to make him desperately wish to CUM!

“259 inches around! Fuck 259 inches! FUCK! Kyle's upper limbs are bigger than his legs! They had realized it just at the moment, Kyle grew thicker in the upper body as he flexed his gun, like he started a located spurt, like he could control, and then he kept growing just on the desired part to pleasure himself, and now he looked in one word COLOSSAL! His limbs were so big and round, his legs were somehow forgotten, although still astonishing. But as KYLE's held his double biceps flexed, you couldn't think in looking at any other part, unless his seven feet two inches long and four feet and a half inches wide mega cock throbbing in the middle of his impressive legs. And at the top of the mountainous MUSCLEMAN, poor Mike kept being crushed by Kyle's mega guns. He begged for mercy with his look, and then finally, after getting the read of his biceps, ULTRA KYLE loosened the grip around Mike's cock and balls. But right at the moment, he was about to do it. Mike exploded into a stream of cum, not so much cum as Steve or any other morphed freak would do, but at their stats, Mike had totally blew his mega load over Kyle's gun. He moaned and passed out sliding form his "seat" and falling into the floor. But Kyle would never let him fall. He quickly grabbed him and gently nested him in his arms, kissing his pleased face and spreading over each other his worshipping cum, taking it as the most significant present he could ever get from any one. “Phew! Mark whistled tapping on Kyle's back - Congratulations man, you are certainly the BIGGEST mother fucker around - he said pointing at ULTRA KYLE's overgrown biceps.

“Thanks, man , and you know you're the second in charge here - Kyle replied just before they kissed, the two biggest muscle freaks splashing their big hands all over each other and exploring their mutual immensity. Sean was still shocked at the power of his serum, why could KYLE grow that much, he was about 50 inches bigger than Mark in all the stats, and both of them had passed for similar experiences which caused the growth spurt, what would be the missing link. He was so fascinated by Kyle's proportions that he couldn't think right, he could not establish a common point between their growth. Sure Kyle and Mark drank form Steve's emissions. Kyle did twice, and he managed to drink form Mark too, which could be the cause of such growth, but still they were way to far from each other's stats. Mark was heavenly muscled, but compared to Kyle's inhuman proportions he wasn't such THICK or MASSIVE, afterall they had about 1000 pounds making them apart. That's the biggest weigh difference, if compared to the height data. It was not such difference, and yet it couldn't explain such MASS Kyle had over Mark. MEGA MARK and ULTRA KYLE's stats were as expected astonishing, but they revealed that the serum combined with the emissions had quite a significant effect, they made the muscular groups develop into other genetically commands, it means that their muscular groups were being adjusted in order to provide an optimized muscular growth, and it was visually noticeable, Mark and Sean looked incredibly thick, but that's not all, their muscles were somehow so BIG they seemed to have more than a normal organism provides, and that was specially proved in ULTRA KYLE's arms, a line divided the peak of his gun, and then KYLE realized he could move the two hemispheres independently, because now instead of one FUCKING FREAKING HUGE biceps, he had TWO AMAZING sets of super developed basketballs biceps in each arm!

“Sean, are you OK babe? Asked Mark trying to bring his lover into this world

“In fact, I have something to say - Sean said as he tried to get is cock soft

“Shoot - Kyle said still rocking Mike in his arms

“Kyle, how many times did you experienced growth since you left the lab?

“Well, I stayed in your house, then I went to the garage, and then your bathroom! Kyle answered a little ashamed. Sean coughed his chin, he wanted to establish a link, Kyle had the serum first, he was the first who grew, and yet, he was the first serum taker who drank from Steve's emissions, and he is definitely the BIGGEST among them.

“Don't forget to mention that time you drank from yourself! Said Mike - finally awaking from his orgasmic pass out - That time you almost blew my house away!

“Hey, skinny! I thought you melted down in my arms - Kyle teased as their mouths looked for their passionate kiss! •

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