Bigger Issues: Ultimate Growth


By Muscl4life

Mike and Fred barely held their excitement as they got into the truck. It was no easy thing to convince Fred's uncle to let them borrow it. They came up with this moving the gym stuff for a bigger spot, but it took much more to finally get what they wanted: a 40 feet-long-superheavy-truck. It was one of the newest trucks on the market. Super long it could fit almost everything inside. And that would be necessary afterall, it would be the only way to get Sean, Steve Mark and KYLE to the facilities Sean told them.

"Man I can't believe we managed to fool Uncle Tom. He never let me borrow even the company car!

"We can do almost everything… depends on the motivation - Said Mike as he remembered the immensity of Kyle's body near him, the hot pulsating skin against his own. The sheer size of his biceps and the musk odor of his arm pits were all the motivation he needed to accomplish any task he was sent to. They drove the way back to Sean's almost without saying a word. Both of them were too busy in their own fantasies about the behemoths they had to fuck, and turn into themselves. At a certain point Fred asked: "How big do you wanna be anyway, Mike? Mike looked at Fred. His eyes had this strange glow. - The BIGGEST! "What do you mean by that? Asked Fred feeling his groin tingling with his growing excitement

"I want to grow to a so much muscular and freakish behemoth that I will pin SUPER KYLE's mega muscle butt!

"Is that possible? - Fred asked

"Well, Mark, Sean and Kyle all took the serum by shooting it into the bloodstream and then they all fucked and drank each other's spunk "Don't forget Steve only drank their jism and he's fucking enormous! "Yeah! But even Sean is bigger than him, at that can only because that he never got to have the serum

"But they didn't take the serum with them did they? Fred asked barely contained his raging hard on….

" I guess not! But I know where it is…

"How come? Fred said as he realized his dick touching the wheel hard and hot pulsating with each heart pump.

" I heard Mark and Sean talking, it seems that it is kept at their lab… That one on the University complex..


" It is in they way to Sean's house… Mike's eyes had this mean glow "You mean we're going to … - Fred was afraid to continue "Get what we are entitled to! Completed Mike with his usual cocky attitude Fred never realized the extension of Mike's speech. - What the heck are you saying? Mike took a deep breath and continued - Look, Fred I loved when Kyle made us feel so tiny and fragile, but I simply can't be comfort knowing that I could be the BIGGEST! We were the biggest mother fuckers of the College Fred, now Steve and even KYLE for heaven's sake are way bigger than us, we've gotta do something about it and now we can…

" Mike we don't know for sure, how are going to apply the serum ourselves?

"Just like applying roids, Kyle told he just injected into his butt. So we will do the same…

"And how much we should take?

"Don't worry, we just do it slowly and we can handle it ! Mike was fiercely confident. They drove into the University side gate, where the security was diminished. Fortunately they guard who worked that evening was their gym buddy. They chatted for a while and the guard bought their story about having some work to do at the Science Laboratories Facilities. The security guard named Randy opened the door for them and they pretended to be looking for some papers Dr. Bennett had assigned to them. Soon Randy had to leave and asked them to call him at the gate as soon as they got what they wanted.

"How can we recognize that serum anyway? Said Fred as he looked inside of the drawers…

"You got me … Mike replied going after something which could help them..

"Check this out! - Fred said as he went trough an old notebook " "and I think that because of the proteic structures enabled with special chemical receptors we added at the previous stage, the compost reacts to light reflecting a color spectrum similar to purple.."

"What the hell is this…. - Mike had never been much clever "Can't u see the that? It says that the serum must be purple colored!!!

"There's a tube in that fridge over there which is purple… Mike opened and grabbed the tube half empty with a thick liquid… "You think this is it? - Mike said as he smiled the thing - Smells like shit!

"And how do you expect it to smell, like strawberry or vanilla? Fred took the tube from Mike's hand and examined it for a while as he continued his reading…

"" Due to the very complex proteic chain of the serum, the best way to apply it should be injecting into the muscular tissue, at the level of concentration we are working with, the bloodstream would take longer time to reach the target cells…"

"You mean we just have to shot our butts isn't it? "Mike said in a burst

"Yeah, but listen this " I've considered to use the serum by oral way, but it should take much more time to reach the target cells, because of the digestive process, although it was proved that the digestive process can't disable the chemical receptors, the only problem is that the anabolic process would have to be started by a great amount of adrenaline into the target organism, which means the target cells wouldn't be affected until the host organism produces abnormal quantities of adrenaline and testosterone.."

"Since when you get al that science crap? Mike asked impatiently "We don't need to be geniuses to understand that… It says that he couldn't believe that the serum would be effective if taken the oral way, but…

" But what Einstein? - Mike interrupted

" Well, he didn't know what he does now, that his serum works even better than it was supposed to…


"I think it would work even if we drink it! Concluded Fred "What? Why would we do this, we just have to shoot it… "But that would not be fun! Fred exploded "Huh? "Wouldn't you want to know if it would work? "Wouldn't you prefer to GROW? " Yeah, but we would never be able to shot it here, that guard must be back any moment now, how would you explain being two times bigger than him… - Mike thought as he heard those words - We could ask Sean to shot us, but I think he is too serious, he would give us just a small dose…

" So what? - Asked Mike nervously

" If we drink part of the serum diluted in water, it will take more time to work, then we can drink it right before we enter Sean's house, then let's just wait, if it doesn't work, then we resume to the usual way…

"You mean fuck and drink their cum? Mike completed

"We could do it any way, and then we could GROW!

"That is not a bad idea…. Mike said in a low voice

"So what do you say? Asked Fred looking at his silent friend

"I say Let's do it man, let's make those geeks back to where they belong, lower than our heads and thinner than our lats… They both were laughing when the security guard arrived at the lab. Fred quickly hid the tube into one pocket of his coat. They pretended that there was anything there. Randy conducted them to the truck. They went in and drove straight to Sean's house, only stopping for a bottle of water…

"Don't you think it will be too diluted? Asked Mike as Fred poured the thick purple liquid into the bottle.

"Nope… This only tube was enough for Kyle and Sean, and look at their size, I am pouring a few of the serum into the water. I think it will be enough for both of us…

"Hey I want to be HUGE! - Said Mike in a brave tone Fred looked at him and without a word he gave the bottle to him. Mike took a good sip of it and then another, and another and another. When there was just about one third left Fred grabbed the bottle of Mike's hand:

"Leave some for me too! Protested Fred

"Relax, just make some more for yourself…

"No, I think this is the last of the serum Sean had done. This is the work of his life we can't spend all of it fooling around - he gave one big sip of the purplish liquid and then he gave the bottle back to Mike:

"Take it, I know you just NEED to be huge! He blinked at Mike as he finished with the solution. They finally made to get to their destination. It was almost sunrise now, they had to take the giants of there before it would be too late..

Sean had to take a few steps back. He lost his senses at the peek of that sight. Three ENORMOUS musclefreaks lying down on his bathroom "SEAN, I THINK THIS TIME WE'VE GONE TOO FAR… The voice echoed through the house like thunder in a desert valley. The POWER it carried made Sean almost faint such masculine, dominant low tone it as. It sounded as an explosion, making room for a wild river and its furious waters going all the way down to meet the sea. It was Mark. Not the Mark Sean had met or even the Mark Sean had transformed into a super muscled heavy duty hunk. It was more than anything Sean expected even for Mark. Sean had never imagined such body would be physically reachable even with his growth serum working at the genetic level. The muscles were just another thing augmented and improved. EVERYTHING seemed to be amplified, optimized and refined into the highest impossibly freakiest level. He wasn't Mark or MARK he was definitely MEGA MARK. And he wasn't alone: STEVE was there too! The same Steve which had grown just because he drank Kyle's spunk, never had the chance to drink from the original serum, was now as freaking huge and muscular as Sean and even more. He was somehow so thick his muscles seemed to have three times the density on Sean's super heavy 13 feet behemoth gargantuan overmuscled body!

"Mark? For heaven's sake, honey couldn't u just hold on?

"SEAN, I AM SORRY! WE COULDN'T NOTICE UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE! "Shhh! Lower please, Gee! What's the matter - Asked Sean complaining about the potency of Mark's powerful voice making his ears tremble such intense was the sound!

"I THINK I AM NOT USED TO THAT NEW SIZE - Mark coughed - Better whisper with you!

"Mark what the hell were you thinking about? You are not a hormone crazy teenager! You are a doctor a Scientist ! You knew we have many things to do, and being your PREVIOUS size wasn't much help at all, now LOOK at you

"YEAH MARK !LOOK AT YOU ! YOU ARE FUCKING IMMENSE! Sean tried to remain stand as he saw that figure ballooning in front of his eyes. KYLE. No not KYLE anymore, not even SUPER KYLE as he saw the boy coming out of the garage of Mike's house. He was more than that. He was more than any living being. No words could describe him not even super-ultra-over-powered-gargantuan-augmented-colossal-titanic-behemot h-mega- buffed-overwhelming freak ! Sean looked at him mentally comparing his own enormous body to that incredible muscle sculpture. He was MUSCLE in its maximum expression, he was POWER in his most simply and true manifestation, he was LUST and PLEASURE at levels unattainable for any standards we could understand. He wasn't Kyle anymore, he had surpassed KYLE he had overgrown SUPER KYLE, he was just everything and much more musclefreak Sean's cock could hope for, he was ULTRA KYLE.

"Kyle! You are too damn HUGE! - Said Steve already containing the power his voice.

"You tell me baby! - ULTRA KYLE said as he engulfed SUPER Steve's mouth and kissed him with so much force, Steve had to break it or he could suffocate. Sean tried to enter the bathroom, but ULTRA KYLE's mega bubble butt was stuck right after the door. MEGA MARK looked at the kissing ultra behemoth couple with lust in his face. Sean knew that if he didn't interrupt the things at that moment, the guys could literally BLOW up his entire house:

"Guys, Guys please, PLEASE! - Sean punched the bathroom door, and he broke the thing with the slightly effort .

"Guys, I know, I can understand your feelings. I mean, my whole body vibes with this MUSCLEPOWER as much as yours, I feel an intense burning down at my groin every time I touch myself, I want to fuck until my whole cock burns out! This kind of speech coming from whom it was quickly made the desired effect on the hyper horny musclebounds just about to start another fuck-a-grownatron session.

"I really want to be with you all the time and explore all the pleasure our super muscular organisms are able to grant us, but at that moment, I ask you, really to control yourselves! Look around you! Did you realize that you are literally STUCK in my bathroom? SUPER STEVE, MEGA MARK and ULTRA KYLE realized for the first time since they entered the bathroom, that there was ANY left space on that room. KYLE was sat on the floor and he had to keep his butt near the door, otherwise his head would go through the ceiling. MARK and STEVE were at his side partially sat on the floor and the rest over KYLE's overgrown thighs and hips. KYLE's ultra developed arms were the only thing which could envelop the huge chests of SUPER Steve and MEGA Mark. The impossibly thick trio leaned back at the whole wall of Sean's bathroom . The box itself was broken and the shreds were spread all over the floor, nothing that could hurt anyone, afterall the density of their skin was fairly augmented due to the incredible muscular mass beneath it. The shower had been crushed in order to make space for their passionate muscle fuck. The water leaked and splashed their huge muscles, refreshing supreme bodies after their boiling Sex. Steve used Kyle's heavenly mountainous super chest as a warm brick pillow. Even though he was not comfortable, Steve had this smile in a mix of exhaustion and joy. He used Kyle's outstanding arms to nest himself . Mark made his way till Kyle's lustful mouth savoring the water he found into the many muscle fjords and kissed the BIGGER man with such passion. They couldn't literally take their hands off each other, their lust was unbearable, but what the growing trio couldn't really understand was how did Sean manage to keep COOL even witnessing such display of MUSCLE, POWER and LUST. Kyle opened his eyes but still had his tongue tied with Mark's. He looked into the eyes of his once teacher and friend, he was able to see into the fortress of muscle and power, he saw the worry on Sean's face and he understood the urge on his appeals. He gently broke the kiss with Mark and said softly: "Guys, let's do as Sean's say we have to make things safe for ourselves! - He caressed Steve's forehead and blinked to Sean's as they tried to stand up. But there was a problem, they were STUCK! Stuck is not the right word, they were cramped inside the small space of the former bathroom. Even the roof was hit, by cum , legs and heads and the debris were there just to prove.

"Ugh-oh! - Mark noticed they couldn't get out of there without destroying one or two walls. They could never get out by the door. "WE ARE CRAMPED! - Protested Steve - Kyle would mind moving your tits a little! I can't breath!

"I COULD, if MARK finally get up of my lap…

"WELL, my friend I hope to do that as soon as you open those arms and let me stand…

"YEAH, If you could ever stand inside here… The argue went on and on, and Sean couldn't contain himself.; He bursted into one loud laugh as the three behemoths manage to detached each others. The all looked to Sean and joined him in the laughter.

"All right you three muscle freaks! - Sean pointed to the wall and stepping out to the corridor - Allow me! With his giant paw, Sean easily put the wall down, with strong punches which sounded like a hammer made out of flesh he finally opened the exit for his overgrown friends

"I've always said you're a gentleman! - Teased Mark as he pushed his big butt out of the so called bathroom!

"WOW! You sure could make a living out of demolition area! - Steve said when he got out

"ISN'T THIS THE SAME GUY WHO TEARED A VAN? - Kyle laughed as he left the room literally demolished by the power of their muscles. Out of the bathroom they were, but not to a much bigger place, they soon noticed. Even Steve the once smaller of the morphed guys was AT LEAST a head TALLER than SEAN, and much WIDER too.

"Looks like we've got to put some meat onto those bones of yours skinny - Teased Mark towering his lover by over a foot poking his overmuscular chest - You're practically skin and bone!

"CAN'T WE GO TO ANOTHER PLACE, I WANNA STAND UP FOR A WHILE - Complained ULTRA Kyle as his head went through the roof made of wood. The voice was came from the attic and the debris were still falling over them as they helped KYLE to get out of there…

They heard the sound of a huge truck parking behind Sean's backyard " It must be Mike and Fred - Sean went to the door and opened it for the two jocks. They were still playing with each other and had this strange look, like children when they're up to something.

"So, did you guys made it? Asked an impatient Sean

"Don't worry! Said Mike - We brought the truck

"Yeah, we are the men! Fred said as they high-fived

"Great! You guys saved our asses! - Sean embraced BOTH of them at the same time lifting the two jocks effortlessly form the ground and crushing them together

"Hey hold on, keep that for when we are 12 feet tall as you… Fred complained, but Mike enjoined the muscle bear hug quite a bite, his hard on showed trough his skin tight jeans

"Actually, I am 13 feet tall - Said Sean as he leaded they in - And due to some arrangements I am the small kid of the group now… "What do you… - Mike needed no more explanations as he saw the scene over the corridor, STEVE and MARK now showing MUSCLE built over MUSCLE helping KYLE to get his motherfucking HUGE head out of the roof "Fuck! Fred said as he was able to see the freaking display

" ME FIRST! Kyle answered in a cocky tone - SORRY GUYS! I THINK WE GOT CARRIED AWAY…

"No one could ever carry you - Mike answered as he jumped at the arms of his giant muscle freak fucker Kyle grabbed Mike as he jumped for his embrace. Although he wasn't waiting for it, he could never miss Mike, his BODY would never allow it, he was there to hold his lover and make him feel protected. They kissed passionately and Kyle felt the hard of Mike's prick poking his nipples.

"Let's just keep a little bit more, you won't regret it - Said Kyle flexing his pecs

"I know I won't! - Answered Mike with a glint in his eyes. They got into the living room, well almost all of them, Kyle had to remain at the end of the corridor, because there wasn't any space far from the windows -They couldn't take the risk to be seen now. "Listen, I've phoned the University facility and already sent the permission via fax - They're waiting for a deliver of supplies, and been told not to check the cargo, I've taken full responsibility… "Isn't that suspicious? - Steve asked as he adjusted his stiffness caused by the presence of Fred in his lap.

"No, this is usual. What Mike and Fred have to do is just drive us there and that's all!

"And what are we supposed to do after delivering you ? Mike asked Sean made a pause - I intended to ask you to forget about us - Mike jumped out of Kyle's arms - But don't worry, I know I don't have the right to ask you this, you will be allowed to remain there and follow my directions

"And they bought it? - Fred asked with disbelief

"They don't give a fuck, as long as you sign the papers they want in order to release the company of any liability, you may do whatever you want! - In fact, the whole complex has only two watchmen, and none at night, the facility will be demolished soon but while it isn't we'll use it to resolve the final issues…

"What issues? Asked Kyle as he gently grabbed Mike and nested him in his arms

"You'll see, now let's get going before the sun rises…

Loading the truck was really more difficult that they thought. Although it could hold their mass, the problem was the accommodation, They had literally to cramp the four giant men into the truck, but Kyle quickly found out a good way to spare the space:

"I could stick my cock inside of you and then he could go in my top! Although it seemed much more like another trouble, because if they ended up fucking during the travel, they could tear the whole thing up "And then , my uncle kills me! Protested Fred "All right! KYLE and MARK enter first, Steve you sit right after then and I go by the door, You can stretch your legs over my lap… "You always get things the way you want don't you? Asked Mark as he entered the truck

"You know me! I love being the smart pants around!

"Yeah! Like you could ever wear any pants again! Kyle replied from the inside

"Shut up and let's go!

They've managed to fool the security just as Sean told them. The only problem was to explain the shaking of the heavy truck and the sounds of someone moaning from the inside

"Those are horses! - Fred made up - We're bringing them to some kind of experience, but they are kind of "horny" But the guards couldn't care less, it seemed that the complex was really abandoned. There wasn't a living soul around the whole thing. Many buildings and high ceiling structures. The labs were distant form the main entrance, "the perfect place to GROW" - Mike said to Fred as they parked the truck behind the Lab number 7, just as they were told. The complex was immense, the garage itself was enormous, and it had plenty space to park the truck inside of it, and then they could finally FREE their "stallions". As soon as they opened the doors they could SMELL the lust inside of the truck. All of the huge men were over each other, even the always controlled Sean was lost between Kyle's guns and Mark's chest. "Hey guys! We're here! Come on get out before we have to destroy the truck, if you continue on this you'll got bigger and bigger. The lust and the desire had to be contained. Sean held his breath and let Steve's nipples go.

"They're right, let's go, we'll have plenty time to fuck later! "Oooooohhh! When are we ever going to fuck again? Asked Kyle as he helped Mark to get his cock out of Steve's butt. Sean got out of the truck and stretched reveling the whole glory of his body, soon he was followed by STEVE, MARK and KYLE, and they started a flexing display never seen before, so much muscle in one place, arms so veined and peaking, chest bigger than barrels, legs so thick they looked like pillars and forearms which made hams look pathetic. There were four of them, four glorious astonishing unbelievable freaking musclemonsters, four ways to the same pleasure: MUSCLE LUST. Fred and Mike were both hypnotized by the muscle chant worship, as the four giant behemoths flexed and stretched their awesome muscles in order to recover from the trip at the truck the two formerly "big" jocks had to take a few steps back, not because they fear their muscle gods, they unconsciously were shocked by such mass near them and had to get a little far. But their cocks were at full masts, showing to the giants in front of them their desire. Kyle looked at them, and wished he could grab those tiny bodies and fuck them both, squeezing their firm muscles into the immensity of his own body, and share with them his muscle growth cum, his growth spasms and make them as big as they wanted to be, and enjoy himself, savoring their newly transformed emissions and taste what they would be capable of. He lowered his hand and embraced both of them with just one arm and brought their desiring mouths at his chest and quickly they were about to start licking and worshipping the granite sculpture of their giant lover

"Oh yes, yes! Come lick me, bite me, make me grow more my little lovers, make me grow into your MUSCLE GOD… Fred and Mike need no more encouragement. They were all over Kyle's body, when Sean gently grabbed them form their muscle nest , they seemed like puppies when taken from their feeding breast. They had this sad look and Sean felt bad to once more avoid their initiation : "Please, Mike Fred! I know you want this so bad, I just ask you to hang on a little bit more… Kyle rolled his eyes when he heard the voice of his science freak. He kissed the heads of Fred and Mike in the arms of Sean and looked into the bigger man's eyes:

"You owe me , you owe BIG TIME! - He said as he poked Sean's chest with his wet hard cock oozing precum at the muscular surface of Sean's glistening torso.

"Believe me, I am an excellent payer! Sean answered showing his own hard cock and kissing Kyle's mouth crushing Fred and Mike who were still hanging over their arms:

"Hey, hey, remember us? " Yelled Fred as he tried to avoid to be pushed against Sean's superchest Fred and Mike were put back at the ground, and they went to other room of that complex

"Look, this is an old laboratory complex. The University abandoned it when the new campus was donated by a former student, but it is still in good conditions, many of the laboratories still have good equipment…

"And why the hell do we need equipment for? - Kyle asked realizing the space they would have to grow

"Because we still need to answer some questions about the serum - answered Mark as he carried Fred in his arms

"Which questions? Asked Fred afraid about their "trick" of drinking the serum

"Well, we do need to find how the feedback works and how to control the potency of the growth process

"What for? Asked Steve as he approached Mike and put his hand over the smaller guy's shoulder

"You're kidding right? This is one of the most valuable discover ever made! We can get rich! Kyle said embracing Mark's astonishing back and kissing his ears

"And if we could put it into commercial doses… Completed Sean. "You mean, making kind of a supplement? Asked Mike reaching for Steve's cock over his head…

"Kind of, sure they would never get near half as big as we got, but the improvements would be quite noticeable - Mark calmed the other guys, turning himself to Kyle and kissing his chin

"Anyway, I still need to run a couple of tests with Steve, Mark and Kyle - Sean said, poking Mark's butt and breaking his embrace with Kyle

"And what about you? Asked Steve massaging Mike's nipples which got hard and pointy.

"Since I've never had the chance to absorb your emissions, I can use my data as a standard to compare with your results - Sean answered leading the guys to another part of the lab…

"And what about US? Protested Fred Sean stopped, looked at them and he had this mean smile on his face, he approached Fred and grabbed him in his arms, Mark did the same with Mike.

"I thought you could help us, you know we always need someone to show off…

"Show off? More than you already do? Asked Fred as he felt the hugeness of Sean's biceps under his butt. It was so hard and big, in fact such mass was making him uncomfortable

"Well, it is becoming quite a routine, not that I have ANYTHING to complain about, but every time we go through a growth spurt we have to check the stats…

"You mean?

"Exactly, we're gonna show you all the mass we've got - Kyle said as he grabbed Fred and Mike from the arms of Sean and Mark

They went to a enormous place, with high ceiling. There very few walls, most of the room was empty.

"At least we have plenty space to grow here! - Steve said opening his arms spreading his mass all over the place Kyle gently put the jocks at the floor and stretched himself , preparing to show his desiring audience MASS.

"Before you begin Kyle, I think we should follow an order here… Kyle rolled his eyes and said "OK! Runts go first " he said as he pointed his place. Sean smiled and completed waving his magnificent cock " When I stick THIS up into your big butt, I wanna hear you call me runt…, anyway, let's start with me, because I have the standard data to set the differences in our proportions …

"Sean, babe, you may be a little smaller than me now, but you can never call yourself "thin" you make me fell hard just to see this freaking body of yours… Mark said leaning in the wall in front of him….

"Thanks, honey, but your opinion isn't "scientific" at this point.., now I am going to ask Fred and Mike to read my measurements, that is if you guys want… Fred and Mike were all over Sean's hyper body with measuring tapes and many other instruments Sean indicated over one table

"13 feet 2 inches high - Fred read with the help of Mark holding him as he read the stripe

"1437 pounds! Mike read shocked " Man and you're the less freak of them all

"223 inches chest! - Fuck me you're amazing , Sean! Fred exclaimed

"169 inches of thighs… Delicious, whispered KYLE in Sean's ears

"and 97 inches calves - completed him as he reached for another measurements Steve and Fred got together to get the read of Sean's biceps, the mountain of flesh rose just before their desiring eyes, the peak had peaks over itself and the sheer size was something which made ULTRA KYLE get hard as he helped them to get the reading : 154 inches, so inhumanly freaking that its form was absolutely glamorous, not only the peak and the ultimate veins over the golden skin but also the unbelievable hardness of such muscular mass made the guns their most desired body part.

"Man, if you grew THIS big all by yourself you certainly have way much serum running wild in your organism - said Steve as he reached for the last measurement…

"I always like that part - murmured Mark as he realized the hardness of that shaft, and the purplish shine of the glistened cock getting it awesome size: 5 feet and seven inches long, it may seem TOO much, but at almost 14 feet high, that giant cock was just at the right size for his owner's standards and his fellow giant fuckers.

"Gentlemen, I hate to leave you there wishing but we can't resume that matter later - Sean said grabbing his thong and shaking it in front of the devouring looks of his lovers. •

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