Bigger Issues: Ultimate Growth


By Muscl4life

“That's interesting! Sean mumbled - Maybe the emissions are effective even in the source, it means that the serum gets more potent each time it passes through an organism, no matter if it get back to the same source...

“And he did the same in your bathroom! Mark pointed to KYLE's mega cock!

“Hey guys, what can I say, if the cock reaches your mouth, there's no reason not to suck yourself!

“That's why you are so much more massive than us! - Sean said grabbing KYLE's mega tits - You have combined, the serum, the non taken emissions, the emissions of Mark and yourself twice!

“Hey, I just want to be the big honcho around ! That's all ULTRA KYLE needed to say. They understood. All of them. Except Mike, he needed to be the honcho himself.

“Now I finally have the answers! I think I can adjust the potency of the serum and make it way less powerful, so we can sell it to a pharmaceutical industry and get ourselves rich! - Sean exclaimed looking in advance to Kyle's glowing eyes

“And to whom you intend to sell this stuff, and how are we going to convince him ? Fred asked

“Don't you little jocks worry, we have it all arranged - Mark kidded - I have some contacts here and then we can solve the whole deal as fast as you cum!

“Sean , you really can get the formula less potent? Kyle asked recovering his pupil interest in his big green eyes

“I am absolutely positive! But then we don't need to worry, our plan is working just as a clock!

“What plan? Mike asked assuming he had lost it during his "nap" “I can't tell you right now - he paused and looked at Mark - You know what to do!

“Right! Mark went to the other room where the phone was. He dialed some numbers with extreme difficulty due to the size of his fingers, and spoke uncomfortably over the phone, which could reach only half way the distance of his ear and mouth. While Mark is at the phone, maybe Kyle and Steve could get a few boxes I brought home, and you guys can clean this mess here! Sean pinched Kyle's mega bubble butt as they went to the truck. Steve quickly followed them, since he didn't want to clean after his cum, saying "this is a task for little men" Fred and Mike were still kind of shocked with the display of muscular power, and their outstanding cum session. Fred kept walking and Mike approached a table. They would not "clean", because they were not their maids, only because they were smaller, they didn't deserve respect? Mike was really pissed, he hated being called "little jock" , he was 6'4" 230 pounds of muscle, it couldn't be much inside of that walls, but in the real world he was pretty big. FUCK he was enormous. If only he could show them

“I told you this crap about drinking the serum, would never work! We could be HUGE right now, but NO, you had to convince me... “Fuck! Fred exclaimed as he read the scale “What are you doing here? Asked Mike making fun of his buddy! “I am 20 pounds heavier! He looked at Mike excited “You're kidding me! Mike laughed ironically

“No way! I was 217 the morning everything happened, and now look 239 freaking pounds! I am 239 pounds Mike realized Fred really looked "buffed", like he had a great pump at the gym, but he would never guess he was more than 20 pounds heavier, afterall, near those freaking musclebounds he would never notice such gain.

“And I am two inches taller too! Fred bursted as he read his height: 6 feet three!

“But you don't seem taller to me, and you are now only one inch shorter than me, in fact you look shorter... Fred looked into Mike's eyes and thought "Yeah, he looks the same to me, I guess he would have to look al little shorter.., but in fact he seems much TALLER than he used to be.. ."

“Mike hup on the scale! - Fred bursted into excitement Mike did what he was told and Fred read his height

“Of course I couldn't look bigger to you, you're six inches taller for heaven's sake!

“What? Mike froze as he hear his height - I am 6 feet ten? How come “And you've also gained a LOT of muscle too!! You are weighing 278 freaking pounds! Fred said shocked

“ Almost 50 pounds of muscle! I used to be about 230 That's impossible, the serum couldn't take effect - But then Mike looked at himself for the first time for a long time, and noticed his muscles so pumped and bigger, as they've never been, everything was much bigger than used to be...

“But we didn't pass through the shake thing! Insisted Mike “Yeah, but I gotta say that when I came over Steve, I felt pretty weird, like my whole body was being twitched! Fred said still repairing in his gains Mike remembered the time Kyle made him cum over his guns, and yes he felt weird, he felt a strange pain, like he could be torn apart, so intense and painful...

“Maybe, because we drank the serum, it took more time to work on us, but since we've already pass by the first stage, I think that we are...

“Ready to GROW! - Growled Mike as he imagined the possibilities

“I gotta find Steve! I'll make him a surprise - Said Fred as he rushed out of the room Mike felt his whole body tingling in excitement, he knew he grew 6 inches and 48 pounds, but yet, he would never be bigger than KYLE in time, he had to GROW more, quicker and BIGGER, bigger than everyone! He remembered Sean saying things about serum and cum.

“Well, if I could take the serum again - he wondered as he Saw Sean alone in the other room taking some notes - "Kyle will see something, you'll all see!" Steve and ULTRA KYLE were almost finishing to unload the truck, really easy since they were SO BIG, just one of them alone could handle the whole cargo, especially KYLE. Steve would never get used to such POWER he now possessed, it was like his body was some kind of lifting machine with no limits, all he had to do was think in the movement and BOOM, his muscles exploded into a complex of veins and POWER making him conquest anything , and it was so damn easy, it barely felt like normal, even the effort was almost insignificant to his miracle muscles.

“Kyle, how do you feel? - Steve asked looking serious at the MOUNTAIN towering him by at least three feet

“Fantastic! - Kyle said flexing his abnormally mega buffed gun “Yeah, me too! - Steve replied flexing his triceps, which would probably the size of a horse leg, not just the its shoe . - But, will this last ?

“What do you mean? Kyle asked still flexing his chest and not looking to Fred

“Well, for my whole life I tried to be big, not THIS BIG, but bigger than I was, and I was really achieving some good improvements at my body, but now FUCK! I only can see how fucking HUGE we are, and how much we've surpassed even the biggest of the bodybuilders, at any possible and impossible way, we shall be the BIGGEST guys in the whole planet, THE WHOLE FUCKING PLANET, for heave's sake! “Yeah, and I just LOVE it! Kyle answered looking down at Steve's eyes...

“So am I, but I don't want it to stop, I don't want to get back to the size I was...

“Don't worry pal, I don't think that it is possible, even in your case, your muscular tissue is totally reprogrammed - Kyle spoke gently touching Steve's shoulder with his giant hand and tapping him

“And afterall you can always have your "tonic" again, I think it can still be effective in you, not that you need it, but because you DESERVE to be bigger, my muscle freaking friend Steve looked deeply into the immensity of ULTRA KYLE's body and he reached all the confidence he needed, he DESERVED to be even BIGGER, because that's what give him PLEASURE! KYLE grabbed ALL the boxes they unloaded and said in a low tone: “When the right time comes WE WILL GROW EVEN MORE, now just relax and enjoy yourself, your power your BODY! Kyle left with the boxes and Steve was just there admiring the mountain he had became and the ENORMITY Kyle had brought himself into, and just the mere thought was so hot it was so fucking hot, so muscular and desirable, how could deny such thing to himself? Fred overheard some of their conversation, and now, more than ever, he knew STEVE was just the man for him. He just needed to be with him , to make him happy, the thing he most wanted right then was to pleasure Steve, in every possible way, he would do anything EVERYTHING! Fred approached in silence, and gently tried to embrace the width of Steve's hips. His worshipping arms exploring the hardness of his thighs and waist so apparently thin, but actually TOO wide for Fred's attempt, he ended almost in the middle but it was more than necessary to call the attention of his target

“Hey, babe! Steve greeted Fred and then turned to grab the tiny jock in his omni potent arms

“Have you finished with the mess in the lab? Steve smiled kissing Fred's ear lobes

“Why don't cut the jokes and kiss me? Replied the smaller man pretending to be angry And so Steve did, his tongue gently invaded the small space of Fred' mouth, twisting and licking every spot, desiring Fred as he never did before. And Fred was lost in the feeling of being such maneuvered, he felt like a puppet in Steve's arms, he kisses, turns, licks, and they are so engaged into this ritual of mutual worshipping and muscle lust time seemed to stop and no one else matters to them Just the two of them feeling each other hard cocks begging to interact.

“Oh, Steve, I never thought you could be so HOT! You're so strong and big, I feel so protected in your arms!

“Come on babe, haven't you take a look at Mark or KYLE? - Steve smiled as he kissed the back of Fred's head, breathing hardly near his ears, just to make his small lover shiver, and get his knees weak even at the grip of his arms...

“Yeah they may be a little bigger than you, but for me you're THE BIGGEST! Fred confessed as he dived into the huge cleavage of Steve's chest...

“How come? Steve asked gently lifting Fred's chin with his enormous finger

“Because you're so damn HOT, your face, it is just the perfect crown to your glorious body , I adore the other guys' bodies, but not just as I dig YOURS!

“Steve looked into Fred's eyes and when he was about to ask why such adoration over him, Fred continued:

“It's not that BODY, I adored you since you were smaller than me and Mike, I simply admired your tenacity, you keep training with us even though we were quite bigger than you, but you insisted to train with the same height we handled, sure you also had a supreme lean muscular body yourself but, the way you worked so hard to keep up with us really amazed me...

“That's because I urged to be like you and Mike, to be so muscular, I looked just like OK near you two, so I decided to train as heavy as you did hoping I could one day catch you - Silly me... Steve smiled with his shy look once more, going red and trying not to look at Fred...

“But you were so AMAZING! Don't you see, this BODY you now have, it everything you DESERVE, you're SO FUCKING MUSCULAR, look you could kill me with just... Steve grabbed Fred firm and brought him near his face:

“I would NEVER do anything to hurt you, NEVER ! Fred brushed his hand under Steve's eyes and scooped his falling tear:

“I know that, and that's why I LOVE you babe.... Then Fred took the initiative and kissed Steve with all his might , his wild tongue going all the way down to Steve's throat, and Steve no more contained himself kissed back harder than Fred, making the smaller guy break the kiss first in order to recover his breath. “Fred! I love you too, I love your loose temperament, your amazing face, your gorgeous look. When you were measuring me, all i could think was how could I flex harder and harder just to make you proud of me...

“Proud of you? Babe I am more than proud I am your servant! When you called my name when they measured your fucking enormous biceps, I wished I still had cum in my balls just to salute you with my juice! “You're saying you're not mad at me because I've overgrown you and Mike?

“Babe, I can only speak by me, but you're doing a hell of MUSCLEFREAK role just now! I love your SIZE and POWER, I love to feel tiny and protected around you big guy! Steve barely believed his own ears, Fred was just nested in his arms begging to be overtaken into his muscle POWER, declaring him all his desire to worship his freaking muscle in all his glory... “Fred, I want you to know that I will be always near to protect you form everything! Steve hardened the grip and Fred was pushed against the hot hardness of Steve's chest, he could actually hear Steve's now enlarged and improved heart pumping and smell the male scent from his armpits

“Steve, I just... Fred paused

“What ? Steve asked lifting Fred back to his face level

“We never really had the chance to really get TOGETHER if you know what I mean! - Fred was right, Steve usually gave Mike blowjobs, but except for some very few making outs and sucking parties, they've never had the chance to FUCK! And after Steve's transformation it was more than obvious that Fred was dying to have Sex with him.. “So we better solve our issues don't we? Steve started with a new attitude which came together with his improved muscles - He lowered Fred to the floor and gently lowered him approaching his giant body near him and making sure he didn't crush him under his enormous weight. But Fred quickly realized that Steve was WAY TOO BIG to fuck him, he would never be able to have such GARGANTUAN rod inside him, well not until his growth was done, but he was dying to be with Steve... “Honey, I don't think I'll be able to handle your "issue"! Fred said pointing to throbbing pole which grew wider and longer with each heart pump. Steve looked down and smiled - Fred could be tore if Steve shifted his MEGA tool inside his "skinny" ass. And then he kissed him gently, licking his nipples , biting his ear lobes admiring his big brown puppet eyes

“In that case, you don't mind to take care of my ass do you:? Steve asked in a sexy tone Fred gasped - You want ME to FUCK YOU! But you are TOO BIG!

“Fred, I've always wanted you, deeply, badly, it's no matter you're "small" compared to me, I want you to fuck me as hard as you can, please, I am aching so horny I am! I want you as I never want to be fucked, even for Mark or KYLE, I want you inside me, please, be my MAN, my FUCKER, my LOVER! Fred got all the inspiration he needed. He stood up as Steve remained laid on his back. He was so BIG in every sense. Fred kept admiring his beautiful muscle god, he had just for him.

“You're sure I can please you, you're too damn BIG! - Fred said realizing Steve's curved legs were at the level of his head. “Don't worry, babe! I want YOU, and I know you want ME! Steve teased opening his legs revealing his desiring butt hole, right under the glory of his ballsac. Fred approached, he leaned a little, just to get a good position, he caressed Steve's powerful legs, feeling their hardness and the beauty of their veiny surface:

“Oh Steve, you're just perfect to me! No one will ever be more beautiful than you, no one! OH YEAH! - Fred said as his hard seven incher quickly made his way inside of the immensity of Steve's hole. It was so wide, but yet, it was so tight around his shaft. Like Steve could accommodate the magnitude of his size to such smaller proportions so naturally it was almost unbelievable. Fred pumped his desiring cock into Steve's hole with all his might and Steve moaned as he felt the hardness of Fred poking his power butt begging to deliver pleasure.

“Yeah, Fred! Come on babe, take me, stronger, I know you can do better than that! Steve moaned and gently his gargantuan arms reached under Fred's butt and pushed him further inside Steve's hole.

“You are so HOT, babe, come on ! Give more of this cock, I want you ALL! Fred tried to go deeper, but his cock was buried completely into Steve and even his balls were inside of him. Then as Fred was almost giving up, he felt this strange urge inside of him, an urge to GROW! “Hold on Steve, this ride is just beginning! Fred looked at Steve desiring but yet inquiring look. He felt his joints tightening, his muscles hardening and his entire body tingling. All he could do was keep ramming his cock into Steve's butt. And so he did. Fred remembered that the serum had given him only the very early benefits of muscular growth, and all that talk about growth feedback Sean and Mark kept mumbling all the time. "So, it this how they fell? Great, now I can REALLY take care of Steve's SIZE condition". Steve barely felt it at the beginning, but then he noticed that Fred's cock managed to reach deeper into his butt, and this only made him hornier:

“Yes, give me that pole of yours little man! I want you inside of me honey! Steve kept whispering as he opened his eyes and got to see the look on Fred's face: he was somehow more confident, his eyes had a sensual glow in them, his mouth was tight like he was having quite a hard time to fuck him, but also, his hands had firmly hugged the inner side of his impressive thighs, and he looked back at Steve complementing him - "Your ass is everything I expected it to be and much more". Fred whispered as his pumps increased both in rhythm and power. Fred kept rubbing Steve's thighs as he kissed the head of Steve's pole which was poking his face. Fred had to stand up in order to catch the pole as it mad his vigorous way to heaven. Fred's legs muscles flexed hard as he stood, because he was supporting STEVE's massive butt weight as he stood. In fact the grip of Steve's hole in Fred's cock was so tight, even when he stood, he could still feel the power around his shaft.

“You sure you are comfortable ? Steve asked kind of impressed with sudden display of strength .

“Yeah, I think I can handle this! Fred answered, as he shifted Steve's butt and going even deeper into Steve's hole. Fred didn't notice, but he was MUCH bigger than when he started his fucking session. His freckled skin glistened as he poured. His face was red and this only made his white teeth smile even more cute. He grabbed Steve's massive thighs and rested OVER his shoulders , almost covering his own head. Still he continued to fuck Steve's hole and the gargantuan man could only moan as he felt the cock managing to go even deeper into him. “Fred, I am too heavy babe! Why don't put my leg down for a while? Steve said concerned Fred's effort to lift his butt and his leg, afterall he would never hold such weight for that long...the he realized, he noticed, almost accidentally, Fred's arms EXPANDING right before his eyes...

“Fred...! Steve moaned as he finally understood that Fred's cock wasn't sliding into him, it was GROWING by the inches all the way down into his hole. Fred's chest blossomed magnificently as he breathed deep to fuck Steve even harder. The thighs were so red and striated, they shone as ballooned and flexed even harder. Steve felt Fred's abs muscles popping near his ballsac , his cock could touch the growing hardness of Fred. His face remained red and glistening with sweat and his hands seemed to grow wider and stronger as they rubbed the inner thighs.:

“Fred, you're growing?! Am I making you grow? Asked Steve as Fred maneuvered around his butt and was now on his knees but still ramming harder than never:

“No babe, I am sorry! I am growing because I've taken the serum myself! Fred smiled tight as he cock seemed to be hurting. He could feel his balls swell and his muscles getting each time bigger... “Sean gave it to you? Steve asked between Fred's insistent pumps into his butt.

“No, Mike and I drank it! Fred said amazed with his growing POWER, each time he pumped Steve's mega muscle butt.

“You drank it? Wasn't it to be shot? Steve asked his eyes closed such pleasure he felt as Fred's cock pushed his guts inside, it should be about 15 inches now, much wider than it started.

“Well it is working fine for me, and what about you?

“Hummm... No complaining here! Steve moved a little and grabbed Fred's hips and making himself sat as he pushed Fred's hips even closer his pussy.

“ OOOhhhhh! Fred exclaimed as Steve's grabbed his butt - Steve, is this normal?

“You're doing great babe! Steve replied in trance!

“No, I mean, I feel like I could cum any minute now, but I can't! “So shut up and get me to the same point you are! Fred looked into Steve's eyes. He had to see how much he had grown. Steve, obliged. Fred eased his cock and finally stood TALL in front of Steve. Not as tall as Steve, but much taller than he was when they started. They approached and Steve realized Fred was now at the level of his lower chest, what meant Fred would be around 8 feet tall, and MUCH bigger than he used.

“Fred you're becoming AMAZING! Steve said as they hugged. Fred's still expanding arms reached around the spots they couldn't reach before.

“Shit, Steve, how THICK you are anyway, I had grown so much and still I can't embrace you! Fred smiled, pouring much more than ever .

“Who's talking about WIDTH! You're doing excellent! Steve grabbed Fred's butt and squeezed it HARD, showing for the first time to him his REAL POWER.

“You feel so fucking good by the inside! Fred teased as they kissed. - But I think I can handle you inside of me now ! Fred grabbed Steve's mega tool and they remained that way. Steve feeling the warmth of Fred's expanding proportions . They embraced romantically and Fred kept stroking Steve's mega cock feeling it get even harder.

“Fred, you are growing so beautiful! Steve said i his ears. I can't wait to fuck you!

“So FUCK me! Please Steve! I can't hold it! I feel like I going to burst! Fred bursted as he realized that he was now at the level of Steve's neck, almost one foot taller than a few moments ago! Steve gently got Fred in his knees , gently arranged his MEGA COCK into Fred's butt . Steve notice that Fred's entire body pulsating and growing in different places, but he seemed not to be cooling down, it looked to be augmenting even more. Steve finally inserted his mega cock into Fred's hole. Fred moaned and cried and so did Steve as he felt the tightness of Fred's prick. It almost twitched inside of his hole. Steve couldn't believe such SENSUAL it felt there :

“Fred, you are so FUCKING HUGE! Steve repeated as he rammed his cock into him, and Fred was literally being pumped wit every time he did that.

“Please Steve, make me cum, please! I don't know if I can hold it anymore! Fred standed and so did Steve. They were almost totally stacked into each other, STEVE's WHOLE prong was buried into Fred and yet he felt like he could do more. Fred could only moan and gasp feeling his muscles each time bigger. They kept fucking like a ritual of mutual worshipping. Steve brushed his power paws into Fred's hair and he kissed his ears as the fuckee kept moaning and almost crying such pain he had desiring to cum.

“I am almost there! Fred! Hold on - Said Steve as he shifted his cock harder and banded Fred over so he could force his cock even more into him. Fred was totally confused, he wanted to cum, but yet , he felt like he was already cumming, his muscles felt like an endless orgasm, shaking and growing like the pump he never had in the gym . His cock was HUGE! Just like the ones of the morphed guys, but yet, it seemed much bigger because it was full of cum! He needed to cum... he needed to cum, he was ballooning right there, each time bigger, stronger, BIGGER, STRONGER! He felt like he could do ANYTHING. He was intoxicated such POWER he now possessed . And yet, Steve continued to fuck Fred harder and harder, he could see his whole body glistening such effort he was doing, afterall, Steve was almost as BIG as him , and it meant a LOT of MUSCLE to fuck! “Fred, don't worry you are doing excellent, we're almost there! You're HUGE babe! WE ARE HUGE!

“Oh, STEVE! I am so PLEASED, I WANT YOU! PLEASE LET ME CUM! MAKE ME CUM STEVE! An the two gargantuan jocks remained in their fucking session. Fred was very much near Steve's proportions and he seemed he could surpass him . But Steve didn't mind. Hr was kind of used to have Fred bigger than him. All he needed was him, ALL of him , no matter his size. But now he demanded to make him cum, he had to. That was his man, his lover. If he was that HUGE all Steve's gotta do is worship him, make him feel his POWER and show his LOVE. They deserved it. No one could ever understand. They were mean to be together.

“Steve! You were right! YOU are making me grow - Fred said almost fainting such intense was the feeling of the growth feedback! “What? I haven't any growthcum! Steve replied trying to focus on his fucking rhythm..

“You don't need that! You are making me grow because of the feedback! You are giving me all I need to GROW even more, and that's why YOU are making me grow sweetie! Fred kissed his cheecks as Steve obliged and intensified his pace going even wilder

“So hang on my cock! Because I am gonna get you THROUGH THE ROOF! Steve explode as his cock tried to get even deeper and he could grab even harder on Fred's nipples, twisting them and teasing him with his teeth. Fred couldn't understand why he was lost in that feeling of cumming without an orgasm. His whole body was tires and pleased as if he had the load of his life, but yet his cock was PAINFUL, and his balls ache, his muscles seemed to swell even more, and he needed to FLEX them, making Steve moaning as his butt squeezed the (still) bigger man. He flexed his guns and almost passed out as his peaks were higher than hia head, his chest was so WIDE he could never see over them again. His abs were outstanding! He counted 12 of the most impressive pack he ever seen, unless on the other morphed guys . “Steve, I LOVE you! Fred said as he reached Steve's butt and pushed it against his body, squeezing Steve's cheeks with all his might, showing to him now , that they were equals. Equal MUSCLEFREAKS! Equal GARGANTUAN man who desired to be even BIGGER! Who were going to GROW EVEN MORE! Sean was, once more, in his habitat. He could feel in his guts that he actually owned the place, he had all the knowledge and the experience to conduct the whole lab alone, but he was glad Mark was around, afterall he had many other things to run in order to accomplish his so called "master plan". As he got the data from the samples of the his "grown" men, Sean quickly understood the theory of the growth spurts, just in theory, because there was a few things he just couldn't explain, yet. According to his theory, Kyle and the others had undergone a stage which besides improving their already transgenical muscular tissue, enabled the process into a further stage, now their genetic programming were being practically rewritten. Instead of just increase the muscular size, now their muscular fibers do not obey the human standards of growth, they are morphing to something beyond possible for human proportions. "Freak" would be no more suitable for their upcoming stage, because we only call freak something in comparison to what we have established as "normal, but as the analysis confirmed, their organisms were in such advanced of muscular development, they could never been recognized as human cells by anyone who hasn't Sean and Mark's knowledge. In fact, just the volume of one altered cell of KYLE was at least EIGHT times bigger than a "normal man", and considering the structures, the muscular tissue was so much better composed that it consisted in a high endurance complex system allowing the muscles to accomplish tasks which no other organisms were capable, even regarding other animals such as gorillas and horses, the POWER those little things inspired was something the world wasn't sure prepared to deal with. Sean looked at the culture in front of him and remembered the necessary time to make it grow - 15 minutes, fifteen minutes and the results were there astonishing himself. It means that, in appropriate conditions, the cells could grow almost instantly to their "normal size" and then further more, if they were at the presence of a high level saturation of adrenaline and testosterone, the "ignition" key for the whole process, and the feedback inductor which allowed the powerful spurts. Establishing any kind of limit to the potential of THOSE MEN would be a very hard task: first because he wasn't sure WHEN or IF they were stop growing taller, more MUSCULAR and BIGGER, and second because, even if the cells itself don't grow by themselves there e would be always the possibility of the exchanging of fluids; The process seemed to be elevated at new level, so when KYLE drank Steve's jism and if is that correct, by the time KYLE drank form himself at Sean's bathroom the process was at Sean's calculations 6 TIMES stronger than when started.

“6 TIMES! FUCK ME! - Sean exploded as he realized the meaning of those numbers: If KYLE established this change in their organisms, the consequences would be dramatically improved, because as the original formula results proved a 6 times more potent growth inductor means almost 3 times the growth rate into the organism, but we can't forget that growth rate is a measure which can only be accurate if we take it to the CUBIC level - so a 3 times higher growth rate means that the subject will be at the end of the process 27 TIMES more potent than it was supposed to be! Sean poured like a pig, his sweat ran through the many entrances of his magnificent body, in a mix of fear, excitement and LUST! He was just confirming what he had seen with his own eyes, and felt with his own giant cock! But then Sean considered another factor, the amount of serum which the subject was exposed: because form those who had been injected KYLE was the one who took the SMALLEST amount! Mark had taken a small dose during the development of the inactive serum and 30 c.c. form the active one which resulted into the explosion of MUSCLE during the Sex with Sean, and MARK had been exposed to the emissions of STEVE, even though it had made him INCREASE his muscle growth, Mark never had drank form any inje •

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