Sacred Band Saga, The

Flights of Flexing Passions


By Frklvr

LAREDO, TX Two days later

Josh Mayer stood on the edge of the railing. The wind ruffled his brown hair as he gazed over the crowd at the rodeo. His strong, masculine face was marred by a small cut and bruising he had received in the calf-roping event when his horse got spooked. His clear brown eyes watched the current competitor in the bull-riding event. Josh wanted this man to lose so his partner, Tate, would have a better shot of winning the event. Using his lithe 6'2" height to his advantage, Josh looked over to the chute where Tate was preparing for his go. When Josh looked back out into the arena, the other man was off the bull and the rodeo clowns were distracting it allowing him to get to safety. The rodeo announcer read off the time. 'Damn,' thought Josh, 'That's enough to get him into the finals.'

"Ladies and gentlemen," said the announcer interrupting Josh's thoughts, "I direct your attention to the chute where our next semi-finalist, Tate Stanton riding Mooie Loco, is about ready to begin his ride."

Josh looked over to the chute as the gate swung open. The bull with Tate perched on its back barreled out of the chute. Tate's hand was gripped tightly around the girth rope as his other hand was held high in the air. The bull jumped and bucked trying to dislodge Tate but Tate squeezed tighter with his legs and held on. After what seemed an eternity, the bull broke Tate's grip on it and Tate soared over the bull. Tate scrambled to his feet as the rodeo clowns rushed out onto the field. Tate hurdled the railing near Josh as the wranglers herded the bull off the field.

"The time for Tate Stanton was 7.76, which earns him a place in the finals." Said the announcer; "the final round of the bull-riding event will take place in one hour."

Josh congratulated Tate on his placing. Josh thought that Tate had an excellent chance to win the finals. Tate had the lead thus far, only a tenth of a point ahead. They walked around the rodeo while they waited for the final rounds to begin. Passing by a tack shed, Josh pulled Tate inside. Embracing Tate, Josh drove his tongue into Tate's mouth. Tate returned the embrace and kiss. Josh and Tate groped and fondled each other for several minutes.

"When we get back to the room, I've got a surprise for you." Josh breathed heavily into Tate's ear.

"As long as the surprise includes this," Tate replied as he squeezed Josh's hard-on, "I'm sure I'll love it."

Reaching around Tate, Josh threw the latch on the door. Josh then pushed Tate down by his shoulders. Tate popped the button on Josh's jeans and unzipped him. Tate pulled out Josh's hard cock and licked his lips. Tate wrapped his tongue around Josh's cock and slid his lips along its length while he undid his own pants and pulled his cock. Grasping both of their cocks, Tate began stroking them both into greater and greater levels of ecstasy. Tate engulfed Josh's cock and tickled Josh's piss-slit with his tongue. Soon Josh was moaning, grunting and gasping in pleasure. Increasing his ministrations, Tate was rewarded with the fruits of Josh's orgasm. A few seconds later, Tate fired off his load. They quickly cleaned up and left the tack shed. They continued to wander around the rodeo.

Tate checked with the judging booth and was assigned a bull to ride for the final round. While Tate went to the chutes to psyche himself up for his ride, Josh looked for a place to watch the event. Josh finally found a good position to watch; he then checked the point board. Josh saw that two of the four competitors had already gone. One had failed to ride for the required six seconds; the other had barely made it. Tate was next, followed by his nearest competitor.

"Ladies and gentlemen," said the announcer, "In the chute, our point leader coming into the finals. Tate Stanton riding Toro Diablos."

Josh watched as Tate shot out of the chute. The bull was bucking, jumping, and spinning around for all it was worth. Tate clung to the bull, his body swaying with every move of the bull. Josh thought time had slowed down as he watched Tate ride the bull. An eternity later, the bull, at last, bucked Tate off him. Tate rushed out of the arena as the rodeo clowns distracted the bull and the wranglers herded him into the corral.

"The time for Tate Stanton is 8 seconds even." Said the announcer; "Tate Stanton has set the time to beat."

Tate made his way to Josh as the last rider came out of the chute. Josh and Tate stood together as the last rider flew off the bull. They waited for the announcer to call out the time.

"The time for Tex Raddeck is 8.25 seconds." Said the announcer; "Tex Raddeck has won first place for bull riding."

Tate hung his head dejectedly. Josh placed his hand on Tate's shoulder in sympathy. After a few seconds, Tate straightened up and walked to the judging booth. At the booth, Tate waited as the announcer called out the names of the riders and they were presented with their trophies. Accepting his trophy, Tate posed with the others for the group photo. Tate returned to Josh's side and they left the rodeo, heading back to their hotel.

Back at their hotel room, Josh consoled Tate on his second place finish. Josh and Tate kissed and embraced one another. They spent minutes fondling each other. Josh finally broke the embrace. Josh opened the closet door and pulled out a package. Josh handed the package to Tate.

"Tate, go into the bathroom, strip out of those clothes and put these on." Said Josh, "When you come back out, your surprise will begin."

Tate took the package into the bathroom. In the bathroom, Tate stripped off his clothes and opened the package. Inside the package, Tate found a leather duster and a pair of chaps. Looking at the duster and chaps, Tate wondered what Josh had in mind. He put on the chaps and found that they fit him perfectly. Tate checked himself out in the mirror and saw that the brown leather chaps match his brown hair and eyes. He, next, put on the brown duster and found that fit his 5'6" height. Looking in the mirror again, Tate saw that he cut rather a fine figure. 'Time to find out what Josh had in mind.' Thought Tate as he exited the bathroom.

While Tate was changing in the bathroom, Josh stripped out of his clothes. Josh pulled a bag from under the bed and opened it. From the bag, Josh pulled out a belt with gun holsters, a pair of boots with spurs, a Stetson hat, and a lasso. Josh fastened on the belt and then drew on the boots. Standing, Josh places the Stetson on his head and grabbed the lasso. With the lasso stretched between his hands, Josh waited for Tate to step out of the bathroom.

When Tate came out of the bathroom, he looked Josh over and smiled. Josh, also, looked Tate over. Josh saw that Tate was deliberately holding the duster open, displaying the chaps underneath.

"Turn around." Josh said twirling the lasso for effect; "I want to see how it looks from the back."

Tate turned around to let Josh see the outfit. Suddenly, Tate found himself lassoed and being pulled backwards. Tate was momentarily panicked until Josh moved up behind him.

"You rode the bulls well today but tonight you're going to being the bull." Josh whispered as he wrapped the rope around Tate.

Josh led Tate over to the bed. Josh leaned down and nipped Tate's ear. Tate gasped as Josh pushed him forward onto the bed. Tate heard the spurs jingle as Josh climbed onto the bed. Josh threw the end of the duster up over Tate's head. Josh rubbed his hard cock along the crack of Tate's ass and reached around and grabbed Tate's cock.

"Well, my little bull, it's time for your ride." Josh said as he positioned his cock at Tate's pucker, "I plan to enjoy you all night."

Tate sighed as Josh pressed his cock into his ass. As Josh began to piston in and out of his ass, Tate reared back to meet each of Josh's thrusts. Josh continued thrusting as he stroked Tate's hard cock. Both men were soon grunting and panting in pleasurable passion. •

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