Sacred Band Saga, The

Flights of Flexing Passions


By Frklvr


Josh and Tate checked in for duty and found that they were not posted for flight duty. Nearly everyone they talked to asked about the rodeo. They showed off Tate's trophy and told them about their trip. As they walked to admin office, Tate saw Chet "Hard-deck" Masterson. 'Uh oh' thought Tate knowing that Chet and Josh didn't get along although why he didn't know.

"Hey, Toro. How'd you do in the rodeo?" Asked Chet.

"Took second place." Answered Tate and showed him the trophy.

"Too bad you guys got pulled from flight duty." Said Chet snidely, "Not that you didn't deserve it, Mustang, But why did you have to drag Toro down with you?"

"What's the matter, Hard-Dick?" Josh replied, "would none your beefy boys give it to you this weekend?"

"Josh!" Exclaimed Tate; "You know what the Commandant said."

"No one's going to say..." Josh began.

"Mustang! Toro!" A loud voice called out cutting off Josh, "Report to the Commandant's Office on the double!"

"Josh?" Tate asked worriedly.

"Don't worry about it." Answered Josh, "See ya later, Hard-Dick."

Josh and Tate left Chet standing there fuming. They walked down the hall. When they got to the Commandant's Office, they were told to go in. They went into the office. The Commandant motioned for them to sit down. They sat down and waited for the Commandant to tell them why they were there.

"Mustang, Toro." Began the Commandant, "I'm sorry to say that the two of you will no longer be on flight duty."

"Sir?" Tate asked, "Have we done anything wrong?"

"No," The Commandant replied, "You're both being transferred, effective immediately. There's a plane waiting to take you to your next assignment."

"You mean we're transferred right now?" Josh asked in disbelief.

"Yes. You were transferred the moment you reported back for duty." Answered the Commandant, "Your orders are to board the plane immediately. I'm sorry to see the two of you go. But before you go, how did you do this weekend?'

Tate showed the Commandant his trophy.

"Why did they send a plane for us? We could have flown there ourselves." Josh said.

"The location is classified. That's why they sent the plane." Replied the Commandant, "I couldn't find out anything more than that."

The Commandant saluted Josh and Tate and then said farewell to them. Josh and Tate walked out of the admin building. As they walked to the airstrip, their fellow Guardsmen greeted them. Tate showed off his trophy several times along the way. When they had reached the airstrip, they found a black jet plane waiting for them.

"Lts. Mayer and Stanton?" A voice called out from the jet, "Please climb aboard. We're ready to take off."

Josh and Tate walked towards the plane. Josh motioned for Tate to board first Tate boarded the plane followed by Josh. As Josh entered the plane, he heard the sound of something dropping and then heard Tate groan. With a hiss, a puff of air hit Josh in the face.

"They almost saw us." Said a voice as Josh blacked out. •

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