Sacred Band Saga, The

Flights of Flexing Passions


By Frklvr

NEW THEBES Several hours later

Dr. Max Manfeld woke up suddenly just as the plane touched down. He looked out the window as the plane rolled to a stop. He saw that he was at a military base somewhere. The door opened and Dr. Max got up and stepped out of the plane. He watched as a HumVee drove towards the plane. Dr. Max looked around the airstrip as the HumVee came to a halt in front of him. Dr. Max observed the heavily muscled man get out of the HumVee. 'Either good genes or heavy drug used.' Dr. Max thought clinically. "Dr. Manfeld? I'm Sgt. Jason Walker." Said the muscleman, "Welcome to New Thebes."

"Are you currently cycling?" Dr. Max asked in a detached voice.

"Excuse me? Dr., we don't have bicycles here." Jason replied confused, "If you would get in the HumVee, I'll take you to the Orientation Building."

"Young man," Dr. Max said looking up at Jason, "Are you on steroids?"

"No, Dr." Jason answered; "Your questions will be answered in orientation."

Dr. Max climbed into the HumVee. Jason climbed into the driver's seat. They drove down the airstrip. They drove along the street between the old buildings. 'Man, is this guy cold or what?' Jason thought as he drove the HumVee, 'I would love to heat him up, starting with his big package.' They continued the drive in silence until they had reached the Orientation Building. Jason got out of the HumVee and motioned for the doctor to follow him. They entered the building and walked down the hallway. Jason left Dr. Max in the office to fill out the forms.

Jason rejoined the others in the Major's office. Jason found the others watching the monitor. Jason took a seat between Ski and Ryan. They watched as Dr. Max read through each form thoroughly before filling it out. Ryan looked over at Jason and then leaned over o him.

"Don't worry Jace." Ryan whispered, "He'll be interested after his induction."

"How? Ah, what do you mean?" Jason whispered back.

"You looked so disappointed. I guessed that he didn't even look at you in envy." Ryan whispered.

"All he wanted to know is whether or not I was on drug." Jason whispered, "At least with Ski, there was some interest."

"There was more than a little." Ryan chuckled; "Look he's finally to the last form."

They all focused their attention on the monitor. Dr. Max spent several minutes reading and rereading the last form. Dr. Max set the form down and he blushed. Dr. Max finally filled out the form. The Major froze the image and they read what Dr. Max had written on the form. Every one of the looked shocked as the y read Dr. Max's reply.

"I don't believe it." Jason exclaimed, "He's still a virgin."

The Major switched the monitor to show the auditorium. They watched as Dr. Max was let into the room and the door shut behind him. The Major switched on a microphone and instructed Dr. Max to sit down. The Major began the film of the 'Herakles Project.' Dr. Max stared intently at the screen.

"Heinrick!" Dr. Max exclaimed.

"He knows the Professor." Ski said, "That could be trouble."

"What?" Said the Major.

They watched as the film continued. Dr. Max watched the film intently. Dr. Max's eyebrow shot up a few times during the film. As the film ended, Dr. Max stroked his chin in deep contemplation. Before the Major could begin the next film, Dr. Max stood up and looked around.

"Whoever's in charge, would you be so kind as to meet me person." Dr. Max said into the air.

"Uh no," Said Jason.

"We may as well go on up." Said the Major as he got up.

The four muscular giants got up and left the room. They walked down the hall to the waiting room. Passing through the waiting room, they got on the lift.

"We're gonna have to enlarge this lift." Ski chuckled as they squeezed onto the lift.

They rode the lift up. As they ascended, they groped and fondled each other and rubbed their hardening cocks along their bodies. When they had reached the auditorium, they were barely restraining themselves from having sex right then and there. They stepped off the lift into the auditorium. As they walked towards Dr. Max, their huge cocks stretched out their pants leg. Dr. Max looked the four men over.

"Forgive me, Sgt. Walker." Dr. Max said, "I understand, now."

"It's all right, doctor." Jason replied, "I can see how you'd think it."

"Dr., how do you know Heinrick?" The Major interrupted.

"I met Heinrick when he was researching the human genome. We worked together on how various drugs, enzymes, and bacteria can affect the genetic structure." Dr. Max answered; "Now, I see what he was working towards."

"Do you know why you are here, doctor?" Asked the Major.

"I presume that I shall be working with Heinrick on this project." Dr. Max answered.

"Actually, doctor, you're going to be part of the project." Ski said.

"What!?" Dr. Max exclaimed.

"You get to be like us, Doc." Jason piped in.

"But, I'm a doctor not a guinea pig." Dr. Max stated, "I'm willing to help out with the project and provide medical support but that's all."

"Dr. Manfeld, how can you provide medical support if you do not know or experience how the project changes us?" The Major asked.

"We're not exactly what you'd called normal human men anymore." Ryan said, "If you don't experience the process, you couldn't truly know what all of the changes are and how normal medicine would affect us."

"Doctor, Why don't we go down and let you talk to Heinrick." The Major said, "I'm certain that he can answer your questions to your satisfaction."

Dr. Max nodded. They moved to the back of the auditorium. They had to divide into two groups to use the lift. The two groups met each other in the waiting room. The men then filed into the next room. The Major had Prof. Hoffmeyer come out to speak to Dr. Max.

"Maxwell." Said Hoffmeyer, "What a surprise!"

"Heinrick, they've brought me here to be your test subject." Said Dr. Max.

"No, no, Maxwell." Hoffmeyer chuckled; "You're not a test subject. This is a special unit."

"What sort of unit?" Dr. Max asked.

"A unit of enhanced fighting men." Hoffmeyer answered, "A unit of men who possess the strength of an entire battalion."

"Enhanced? How?" Dr. Max questioned.

"Genetically and chemically." Answered Hoffmeyer, "Follow me and I'll show you."

Prof. Hoffmeyer showed Dr. Max his research material. After several minutes of reading, Prof. Hoffmeyer explained about the addition of artificial gene sequences and the genetic anchor points. Prof, Hoffmeyer also explained the metaroids to Dr. Max. Dr. Max asked Prof. Hoffmeyer about his own genetic anchor points. Prof. Hoffmeyer showed Dr. Max the genetic map he was using.

"Heinrick, this last anchor has a cerebral precursor." Dr. Max said, "You haven't used this one on anyone else?"

"Yes, but there haven't been any problems from it." Hoffmeyer replied, "At least, Ryan hasn't said anything."

Looking at Ryan, "No changes at all?" Dr. Max asked.

"Well, there was something that happened because of the treatment." Ryan admitted.

"What was it?" Asked Dr. Max.

Ryan shyly looked at the other men; "I'm able to read these studs' minds." Ryan conceded.

The three huge muscular men looked shocked,

"Just these three? What about us?" Asked Dr. Max indicating himself and Prof. Hoffmeyer.

"Just them." Replied Ryan gesturing to the others.

"I wonder if it is because they've also undergone the treatment or some other reason." Dr. Max speculated, "Why didn't you mention it before?"

"Because I've always had the ability before but never to this extent." Ryan answered, "Before it was just a short period of time that it worked then it faded. Now it's continuous but only with them."

Dr. Max stood there lost in thought. He paced around for a few minutes. He stopped and looked at the massively muscled men intently. Coming to a decision, Dr. Max walked to Prof. Hoffmeyer.

"All right, I've decided to take the treatment." Dr. Max stated, "It's the only way to investigate this phenomenon properly."

"Are you certain, Maxwell?" Asked Hoffmeyer, "There are other changes involved."

"I'm aware of them since I have no experience in those areas the change will make no difference." Dr. Max answered.

"Very well, Maxwell." Hoffmeyer sighed, "The full or the partial treatment?"

"The full treatment." Dr. Max stated.

"What made you change your mind?" Asked the Major.

"Several things, actually." Answered Dr. Max, "All of your reasons plus the chance to research telepathy. Since I also have the cerebral anchor as well, I'm the logical choice for a control subject."

"Very well." The Major replied, "Lay down on the table and we'll begin."

Dr. Max lay down on the table. Prof Hoffmeyer took the tubes from the computer stations and inserted them into Dr. Max's arms. Prof. Hoffmeyer flipped the switches at the computer stations and the blue and white fluids began to flow through the tubes. Dr. Max watched detachedly as the fluids flowed into his arms. He felt the cold spread throughout his body as his muscles began to flex. His muscles relaxed and a wave of warmth filled his body. Dr. Max looked up into the mirror above him and causally watched as his body changed and grew.

Dr. Max's arms bulged with muscular size. His biceps expanded until they resembled twin mountain peaks. His forearms swelled to look like river canyon laced mountains. His delts grew to bulge like giant boulders. His neck became a massively thick carved pillar. His traps soared to join his neck like a wide interstate. His lats burst outward with width and thickness pushing his arms away from his body and lifted his body up. His pecs swelled with thickness to become great plateaus of muscular mass. The separation between his pecs grew deeper than the Grand Canyon. His abs bulged in an 8 pack of muscular bricks with inhuman definition. His intercostals and serratus became corded masses of physical power.

Dr. Max eyes followed the flow of his body down to his legs. He watched with greater interest as he observed hid legs. His legs swelled in size becoming as large as an average man's chest. His thighs' definition grew deeper and deeper until a silver dollar could be hidden in them. As his legs grew, they pressed his knees farther and farther apart. Seeing that his legs were bent under the table, told him that he had also grown in height. Dr. Max looked at his cock and balls and found that they had grown huge. His cock had grown to his knees and was as thick as his wrist. His balls were now the size of beach balls and hung almost to his knees.

Dr. Max stared aptly at his new massively muscular body. He was amazed with every bulge and swell of each muscle. He now found his appearance strangely appealing and highly erotic. He was enjoying these new feelings when he felt an odd urge grow within him. He sat up as the urge grew dominating. He effortlessly broke the restraints on his arms as he caressed his massive pecs. He heard a cough off to the side. He looked to where the cough came from and saw the Major standing there stroking his massive killer cock.

All of Dr. Max's attention focused on the Major's cock. Unknowingly snapping the restraints on his legs as he swung around, he got from the table and walked to the Major. Dr. Max knelt before the Major and grasped the Major's cock in his hands. He began to lick the massive cock as he slid his hands along its length. He rolled his long and muscular tongue around the Major's cockhead when it slipped into his mouth. The Major moaned in pleasure at that point and thrust his hips forward. A burst of pre-cum filled Dr. Max's mouth and it excited him even more. Dr. Max dove on the whole length of the Major's cock until his nose was buried in the Major's pubes. He loved the feeling of having a huge cock deep in his throat and filling his mouth. He began sliding the Major's back and forth in his throat and mouth while his hands found the Major's balls.

"Squeeze those balls!" Ordered the Major.

Dr. Max sucked like a madman and squeezed the Major's balls with increasing pressure. The Major began moaning and grunting. After several minutes of face fucking Dr. Max, the Major started cumming. Dr. Max squeezed the Major's balls even harder, milking them for every drop of cum. When the Major had finally shot the last of his load, Dr. Max pulled off the Major's cock. He looked around and saw the other three men stroking their huge musclecocks. Dr. Max crawled over to Ski and grabbed his cock.

"Doc, what about testing your theory?" Ryan asked.

"Who cares? I just want to suck cock." Dr. Max replied before inhaling Ski's cock.

"Never argue with a man with a great idea." The Major said as he prepared to fuck Dr. Max's ass.

Seeing that he wouldn't get any answers, Ryan engaged Jason in a 69. So the orgy began again with their newest member. •

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