GH: A True Story


By Roidbull

I put on another fifteen pounds during the next six weeks. And I was losing fat too, so I really gained more lean beef than that.

I spent every spare minute in front of the mirror, watching myself morph into a total muscle freak. Every day I looked rounder and harder at the same time. Striations began to appear where I'd never seen them. And the veins! When I hit a crabshot they burst out all over my pecs and delts; by the end, even my traps had crazy vascularity.

It even seemed like my dick was bigger; as the fat disappeared from around the base of it, it stuck out even more outrageously from my pelvis. And since I was constantly horny, it really showed.

The doc was keeping me super-jacked on roids in order to maximize the benefits of the Growth, so my aggressiveness was off the scale. I had to be careful to not lose it over stupid shit, like if some asshole interrupted me, or some bitch did the "Eeeuiw, yuck, muscles!" routine. I'd just glare at them till they shut the fuck up or got outta my way.

My new face was really intimidating too. God, I fuckin' loved it! My jaw was getting heavier all the time; my chin jutted out like crazy. And my brow! As the fat vanished and my brow-ridge thickened, I was starting to look like a Goddamn ape-man, and that was all right with me!

And my voice; it got deeper and more like a growl. It kinda sounded like I had been gargling gravel; real tough.

I was so focused on my training, I just kept setting new personal bests. It seemed like anything I wanted to lift, I could, if I really dug deep for it. I was ripping up my muscles like never before, but I always recovered and rebuilt the tissue, so damn fast! My metabolism was cranking like a well-oiled machine. I was shoveling in food like a fuckin' disposal, and it just went straight into my muscles.

I had decided to enter the state championship. I didn't tell anybody but Doc. I needed him there to monitor my condition and do any last minute fine-tuning with the drugs. Besides, I had a surprise in store for him, if I won.

When I stripped down in the pump room before the pre-judging, it was so fuckin' obvious the trophy was mine, I almost laughed. I could hear the muttered reactions from the other guys:

"Motherfuck..." "Shee-it!" "Might as well go the fuck home now..."

And as I pumped, and the veins started to swell, they stopped even pretending not to stare.

Of course I won the heavyweight class and the overall. But the real trip was just showing it all off. You can't fuckin' imagine what it's like standing almost naked in front of a crowd of screaming muscle-worshippers, struttin' your stuff, flexin' the beef, knowing you are THE MAN! I was boning-up right there onstage, and I didn't give a fuck. "Let 'em see it all, and suffer!" was my attitude.

Back in my hotel room, I threw my trophy on the bed, stripped off my sweats and hit a front lat-spread.

"Oh, damn..." Doc breathed.

"See something you like, Doc?" I smirked.

"Incredible...just incredible."

"Then why aren't you on your knees, bitch?!"

Doc dropped to his knees . I strutted to the mirror and began to pose for myself.

“Ah, fuck, yeah!”

Even though I’d been checking myself out for months, muscle by muscle, this was the first time I had really let the full impact of what I had become hit me. It was like all the years of work disappeared, and I was an eighteen-year-old boy looking out of the eyes of a massive muscle-freak. And damn, did I like what I saw!

“Grrrr…” I growled, as I rolled my slabs of pec-meat up and down. I heard a whimpering behind me, and saw that Doc had stripped down and was beating his little dick as he watched me.

“Don’t touch yourself!” I ordered. He dropped his hands to his sides.

Returning to my self-worship, I brought my arms up in a double-bi.


The smell of sweat, oil and tanning stain filled the room, and my cock filled my trunks. I hit a front lat-spread and flexed my striated glutes for Doc’s benefit. He moaned. I chuckled.

“Yeah, dig it, you weak bitch!”

I turned to doc and put my bulging package in his face. He slurped all over it as he stared up at his monster. I smirked down at him, belly-breathing my bulging rock-hard gut in and out.

“Take it out, Doc.”

He pulled my trunks down over my hips and to the floor, letting my thick, veiny meat slap him in the face. Automatically, his lips formed an ‘O’ and he started to go for it.

“No, Doc; not this time,” I said, backing away. “Just watch.”

And I started my posing routine. This was the way I wished I could have done it for that crowd, showing them everything I had, arrogantly shoving it all in their faces. Grunting with lust as I hit each pose, sweat flying off my nuts as I thrust my pelvis at them. Doc’s glasses fogged-up, and his breathing got harder and harder. His tongue was licking his lips, and I knew how bad he wanted to be licking me. Slobber ran down his chin and his hands twitched. Still I poured it on, a feast of muscle inches from his face, and not letting him have a morsel of it. Pre-cum dripped from my meat to the floor and I knew how bad he wanted it, but still he obeyed me; good boy.

Finally I turned back to the mirror, and I knew from his groan how bad Doc wanted to bury his face in my sweaty trench. I clenched my jaw and furrowed my brow. God-fuckin’-damn-it-all-to-hell, but I was a hot hunk of he-man! 267 pounds of roided-out freak! I lost self-control at that point, and grabbed the mirror, rubbing myself against my own reflection, and kissing the super-masculine face I saw there. My dick was pressed against the glass, humping itself. I heard a scream behind me, and Doc unloaded, without even touching himself. That set me off, and I howled as my jizz coated the mirror. I dropped to the floor, almost passing out, it was so intense.

When I came to my senses, I saw Doc lovingly licking my load off the mirror. Then he crawled to my side and looked at me like he was waiting for permission.

“Sure Doc; clean me up.”

I enjoyed the feel of his tongue licking me clean, as I thought about the future. The titles yet to be won. The crowds still to be wowed. I glanced at Doc’s bag sitting on the luggage rack. He had plans for a new regimen of drugs, one that would take me to another level of freakiness.

I couldn’t wait. •

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