GH: A True Story


By Roidbull

One year later; and what a year it's been.

Doc has me on so many things, I stopped trying to keep track of it all; I don't care so long as I grow. And have I ever!

Doc's theory is that most guys don't reach their full potential because they don't combine everything at once, and don't stay on long enough. Plus, they don't eat enough, take in enough protein, and burn too many calories doing shit other than lifting. So my life has gotten real boring. All I do is eat, sleep, lift, eat, sleep, lift.

Today, for example. I woke up and looked down at my monstrous pecs, which blocked my view of the rest of me. I thought about getting up for a while before I did. At this weight, sitting up is an effort. Finally I got up and walked to the bathroom to take a leak. I had my usual morning piss-hard, so I had to force it out. I could have jacked-off, but it seemed like too much trouble. Besides, I like to save all that energy for the gym.

I went into the kitchen and mixed-up three meal-replacements in the blender. It's too much trouble cooking, so I either eat out or drink my meals. I chugged it down, then got into my training gear. That's no easy task, trying to get clothes on over all this bulk. Luckily, Jamie arrived just then and helped me pull my shirt on.

"Wow, you're getting sooo biiig!" he gushed. Fuckin' little faggot. Still, he has his uses. He was there to drive me to the gym. Doc found him for me. Said he'd take care of all my needs when he was at work...and some things that Doc has no interest in doing.

Oh, did I mention I'm living in Doc's basement now? No rent that way. Kinda pisses me off though, the way he keeps me down here like he's ashamed to have people see me. Whatever. Once I win a major show, the offers will come pouring in, and then he can kiss my ass.

So Jamie drove me to the gym and followed me in. He helps change plates for me; shit like that. Lemme tell you, the people just part like the fuckin' Red Sea when I walk in. Anything I want to use, it's suddenly available. Any asshole doesn't get outta my way fast enough, I just stare at him till he gets the fuckin' message.

So: I ripped my legs to shreds doing squats, leg presses...the usual shit. But with poundage's like you've never seen. I'm wearing "baggies," but the pump gets so extreme the fuckers are tight on me. Finally I drop trou and flex those monsters in the mirror, and you could hear a pin drop in the place. Shee-it, man! I can't believe the size of them myself! They aren't exactly cut now, at this weight; but they're still pretty fuckin' hard.

Jamie drove me to this restaurant that has an arrangement with Doc to give me whatever I want on a tab. I eat a dozen eggs, two glasses of milk, a steak, a bowl of rice...I forget what else. Jamie wiped my chin for me every once in a while, I'm shoveling it in so fast.

Back home, I flopped onto the bed, and Jamie got to work pulling my sweat-soaked gear off. When he was done, he stood there looking at me, waiting for fuckin' permission. I smirked at him.

"Get to work, bitch!"

He lit up like a fuckin' Christmas tree, and stripped off his clothes. He's got a tight little body, with big tits for an eighteen-year-old, and an ass like a perfect peach. I put my hands behind my head and he dove into my armpits, licking and slurping like a pig in slop. He fuckin' loves my sweat. Pretty nasty if you ask me, but I know it will get him goin'.

He worked his way down my bod till he got to my crotch. I spread my quads and he lapped at my smelly sack.

Now lemme tell ya, 'roids are supposed to shrink your nads, right? Well, not mine. They were pretty fuckin' big to begin with, but Doc has figured out a way to use this stuff, HCG, so that they never shut down, and just keep crankin' out more test all the time. So I've got a massive set of nuts; they look like they belong on a bull, in fact. And Jamie goes wild over 'em.

After a couple minutes of that, my dong was standing up proud and tall, and he dove on it. That kid has one sweet mouth, almost as good as Doc. Butthat's Doc's territory; Jamie has other talents.

Now I never thought I'd get into fuckin' guys, man. But chicks are just too much trouble. And no chick ever gave herself so totally to me; it's always all about them, ya know? That don't fly with this stud. It's all about me,or fuck you! And Jamie worships the ground I stomp on.

"Climb on, baby!"

He straddled my hips and aimed my porker at his tight little rosebud. No matter how many times I give it to him, he never seems to get loose. I felt that tight, hot glove sliding down over my prong, until his cheeks were squeezing my balls. Fuckin' A, but that hole is sweet! He started to forced himself up and down my shaft, while these little whimpering sounds came out of his mouth. I stood it as long as I could, then rolled over on top of him, my massive chest forcing the air out of him with a 'whoosh."

"Hold on, honey, we're goin' for a ride!"

Then I hammered that honey-pot till his head was bashing against the headboard, and I was grunting and panting like a stallion breeding his mare. Finally he started to wail, his eyes rolled back into his head, and his little prick unloaded all over my abs. When he comes, his ass does this rippling kind of thing that feels like having your dick in a milking machine, man. That always sets me off, and I blasted a fuckin' geyser of sperm up his spasming little twat. I was bellowing like a fuckin' bull, man! I passed out after that, and when I woke up three hours later, Jamie had left...not in an ambulance, I hope!

Doc was between my legs licking my piece clean, and I rewarded him with another blast of man-cream. Then he made me another drink, and we did a body-composition test.

333 pounds, at 10% bodyfat.

Life is fuckin' good, man! •

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