By Josef Howard

The inspiration here was a Twilight Zone episode from the sixties.

The Allegro Corporation did not advertise. Few knew it existed. Some of its employees didn't even know what it did, because, even in the enlightened world of the late 21st century, Allegro's business was illegal. If Leonard had not met someone who knew someone else who had a friend who had been a customer, he wouldn't have been there.

Leonard sat on a low-slung modern chair in the sparsely furnished waiting room alone with the spectacular view from the 235th floor. He had completed the screening process and was ready to meet with the doctor.

Leonard heard voices, footsteps. His pulse quickened. He tried not to become anxious he had heard these sounds several times but this time they were louder. The door opened.

"Leonard? I'm Dr. Saud."

Nothing about the doctor's appearance hinted of his specialty. He was handsome, but of average height and build. How could he have resisted a taste of the fruit of his discoveries?

Lost in his observations, Leonard missed the doctor's social pleasantries. The next words he heard were all business.

"We constructed a psychological profile of you based on the tests you took during the screening process. I think you will be very happy with what I have to show you." Dr. Saud touched the intercom button on the phone attached to his collar and spoke to it. "Send in HRO- 3498."

The door opened. A young, tall, extremely muscular, adult male walked into the room wearing only loose drawstring hospital pants. He stood in the center of the room, arms at his sides, and smiled at Leonard and the doctor. He was more muscular than Leonard could ever have imagined bigger than a bodybuilding champion. His muscles were so full, so well rounded, and so well proportioned a body so perfect that it couldn't have been a genetic accident. His arms were almost the size of his waist; his shoulders were three times its width. It looked like it took all the strength of the taut, tower of his abs to hold such a magnificent frame erect.

The sight of him alone made Leonard erect, though he was old enough to retire, long past the age at which erections came easily. Leonard's eyes drank in the sight of him. "This is worth every cent of the ten million I had saved for my retirement."

"Oh, I'm afraid this model is considerably more than ten million," the doctor said.

Leonard's heart thudded to a near halt. "What? Your brochures say ten million!"

"Our brochures say `starting at ten million', but don't worry. You can finance the rest. A healthy young body like this has many, many productive years ahead of it."

Leonard's excitement overwhelmed his caution. He hadn't felt this alive in thirty years. He was ready to pay whatever it cost.

The doctor tugged at the drawstring on HRO-3498's pants. They fluttered to his ankles. Leonard gasped. Its equipment was even more impressive than its musculature. Its balls were like ostrich eggs. Its dick was like a boa constrictor.

"Do you like it?" the doctor asked.

Leonard's eyes were wild. "Can I touch him?"

"Be my guest. It's not really alive."

"But he walks; he smiles."

"It is a shell. It is intelligent, but it has no personal memories, no soul, if you believe in such things. How we put you into this body is too complicated to explain, but it is not a brain transplant or a memory overlay. We strip that which is you from your body and weave it into this magnificent shell. When we are finished it is as though it had always been yours, but no part of this Human Replacement Organism is destroyed or violated in the process. That would be unethical."

Leonard walked toward the HRO.

"Don't be shy," the doctor said. "Touch it anyway you wish."

Leonard felt the broad, warm, stone-hard chest. The HRO's penis sprouted an inch and thickened. Leonard massaged a thick, rubbery nipple. Its penis climbed outward and upward. It smiled at him. Its penis stretched and swelled. It rose level to the floor, then higher, longer, until the head swung up to its chest.

Leonard leaned over and sucked it. The HRO laid its hand on Leonard's neck and it moaned. He took more of it in his mouth. Its hand pressed him downward. Leonard fell to his knees and pulled the HRO's penis downward with him. He used both his hands to spread his copious saliva down from the eight inches he could swallow to the base. Leonard had never had an erotic experience as fulfilling. It was not just the HRO's size that lit him on fire. This body he made love to was going to be his. Taking it now, like this, was only the prelude.

In the back of his mouth, the HRO's prick swelled yet again. It stiffened all the way down to the testicles, which had drawn up tight. Leonard's hands felt the semen rush up its length like water through a hose. He buried the head down his throat and sucked with his lungs. For as long as he could, he kept it enveloped in his throat, feeling the cum squirt and roll down inside. It was still squirting when he pulled back just a bit to catch a breath through his nose. It filled his mouth and he gulped it down. He looked up over the rocky ridge of its chest muscles at its wide-open mouth, its tightly clenched eyes, its jaw twisted in ecstasy.

Even after he had his fill and had limply released the HRO's fuck pole, it was still squirting over his face, his hair and his clothing.

Dr. Saud was smiling when he looked up. "I take it we have made a sale?" •

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