By Josef Howard


When the doctor left the room with the HRO, an orderly showed him to the bathroom so he could clean up. Legal representatives led him through the paperwork, which assigned all his assets to the Allegro Corporation in exchange for the possession of the HRO unit in perpetuity. Hours later they sent him home to wait the requisite number of business days until the financial and legal transactions could be completed.

Leonard told his friends and relatives that he was going into the hospital for a routine operation. They would be told he died in a freak accident of surgery. The company had created a new identity for him and would give him a small stipend until he could find work. All his credentials and some of his relevant work experience and references were replicated in his new identity. He'd have no difficulty getting a job in his old field if he wanted.

As Leonard lost consciousness on the operating table, he said goodbye to his old life, and enthusiastically embraced his new one.

A deep breath made Leonard aware he was in his new body. As his lungs expanded he felt his chest rise and his lats push his thickly muscled arms away. He opened his eyes to crystal clear vision. He felt vital, energetic, strong as a bull and eager to test that strength. His muscles were taut, hard, under skin stretched as thin and tight as a balloon.

Using only his ab muscles, he sat up in his bed. He stretched his arms. He flexed them. His biceps were so huge it made him laugh. He wished there were a mirror in his room so he could see himself better. The electric sense of power that tingled through his muscles as he tensed and flexed them made his snake-like cock jump in his lap. He grinned.

Leonard's new home was a clean, but dilapidated residence hotel in a bad part of town. When Leonard entered the lobby with his one piece of luggage, the desk clerk couldn't take his eyes off him. Leonard suspected most people would have that reaction to his appearance from now on. Even if he didn't sexually excite them, they would be astounded at his physical development. He doubted many would ever have seen someone as big. But he could tell by the boner in the clerk's pants, that he wasn't just admiring a phenomenal physique. The financial arrangements for the room had already been made by Allegro, but the clerk volunteered to show it to him. The handsome young man introduced himself as Thann, which Leonard assumed was short for Nathaniel.

"I guess it's pretty obvious that you're a bodybuilder," Thann said as he led Leonard up the narrow staircase. "There's a gym a few blocks away, in case you're looking."

He unlocked the door and led him into a room barely bigger than a walk-in closet. The only furniture was a steel frame bed with a sagging mattress and small table with a lamp.

"Bathroom's back out here, down at the end of the hall," Thann said.

As Leonard looked around his new home, Thann's eyes raked up and down his tight body, clearly revealed through a tight, light-weight pull over and skin tight leather pants.

Leonard's eyes caught Thann's eyes and he grinned. "Like to see a couple poses?" he asked. Leonard didn't wait for a verbal response. He could tell by the way Thann's eyes widened and his breath quickened that he did. Leonard slowly tugged his pullover out of his pants. His eyes held Thann's in silent acknowledgement of his attraction. He slid the shirt over his head and admired his arm as he flexed a biceps.

He looked back at Thann, stunned at his size and definition. Leonard raised the other arm and did a double biceps. When he released it, he paused just long enough to allow the young clerk to doubt there was more to the show, then he popped the top button of his pants. Thann's young cock pushed the front of his pants out like a tent pole.

The prodigious size of Leonard's equipment had been obvious even when it was packed tightly in his pants, but once it was released Thann could hardly believe his eyes. And seeing the effect it was having on Thann was making Leonard's long hose expand and grow longer. Leonard finished peeling off his pants. He drew Thann closer and undressed his young friend as they stared into each other's eyes and felt the heat radiating from their bodies.

When they were both completely naked Leonard engulfed the young man in his wide shoulders and thick arms. Leonard's long, thick penis was sandwiched between them in the ridge between the columns of his abs and the valley between his pecs. Thann's shorter cock stood against it hard as a nail. Thann devoured Leonard's lips with his mouth, and Leonard couldn't wait to feel them on his chest, arms and cock.

Leonard felt Thann's hungry hands on his thick pole. It was plain that his cock exceeded Thann's wildest expectations. He rubbed it and twisted his hands around it as their tongues intertwined. Leonard felt his load building at the base of the monster. He reveled in the sensation, as the load swelled and swelled inside his groin way beyond what he thought was his capacity. Lost in lust he neglected to push Thann's hands away before his cock drew back like a recoiling rifle and fired the first blob of cum on their faces. Thann redoubled his efforts, and Leonard's orgasm intensified. As strong as his legs were, his knees almost buckled. With each spasm every muscle in his body clenched, and the rapture of each release was so rich Leonard thought he would go mad. Giving Leonard such immense pleasure made Thann feel so powerful that he came too. As he emptied himself, he thrusted his erection in the cleavage of Leonard's abs and squeezed harder on Leonard's fuck pole.

Eventually the convulsions in Leonard's cock trailed off. The two fell apart slightly and smiled at each other in mutual amazement. Leonard almost regretted cumming so soon, until his body demonstrated its staying power. After slipping down to a forty-five degree angle for a few seconds, it began climbing skyward again and the juices started to build inside him. Thann's eyes widened in a mixture of excitement and fear. He was about to step back when Leonard's arms grabbed him by the shoulders, firmly turned him around and bent him at the waist.

Leonard barely knew what he was doing. His limbs, including his exceptionally demanding, club-sized fifth limb, seemed to have a separate intelligence. Flung into the backseat, he merely enjoyed the ride.

As Leonard's penile pole poked at Thann's ass crack, both of them moaned in anticipation. It took several attempts to pierce Thann's puckered ass lips, but when Leonard was inside, Thann gasped at the fullness of him stretching the first inches of his insides to accommodate the rest. As they pushed into each other, Thann felt a little fright for what was to come. Surely no one could take a prick the size of this stranger's, no matter how desperately he wanted it, and live. Then as Leonard plunged deeper, the ecstasy Thann felt purged all thought of turning back, no matter how much trepidation he felt for what was to come.

It was true, Leonard discovered, as he slid deeper, that bigger men felt more pleasure than smaller ones. Now inside Thann twice the length of his old equipment, he felt more excited and pleasured than he ever had in his prior life. And there was twice as much more to bury! Slowly, inexorably Leonard sunk more and more of himself in Thann's ass, and he relished the steady climb of Thann's ass lips up his shaft. At last he reached a point where no more would fit and he began to slowly withdraw.

The intensity of feeling sweet fullness, stinging pain had Thann beside himself. Sweat coated his skin and he tossed his head like a bucking horse. As Leonard reversed again and thrust back inside him, he thought he would explode. A few more thrusts and Thann was wishing it would never end.

The fucking became animal -- frantic thrusts without rhythm or reason --desperate fucking almost without hope of sating either's desires. It was not without release, mind you, but none of the orgasms that either took separately or shared with the other took the edge off their desires.

It was the middle of the night before they exhausted themselves. Leonard awoke near morning on the cool, dusty, vinyl floor, Thann still underneath him, his prick still firm and partly buried in Thann's ass. Just a slight shift of his weight as he lifted himself sent a shockwave of intense pleasure through his groin as his cock slid around inside Thann. It took all his will to resist humping him again while he lay asleep on the floor, his ass lips red from their fucking.

As he rose and knelt on his knees behind Thann's sleeping form, Leonard's cock stiffened further, enough to elicit a moan. He gripped the club-like flesh that sprang from his loins at its base like a bat and wrung it like a nervous ball player. Another electric jolt stiffened the muscles of his bountiful body and cum erupted from inside again.

Leonard rocked back and forth, hanging on to himself for dear life, as his heart pounded in frantic joy.

Where was the end to the sexual stamina in his new body? •

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