Ty's Power

Construction Site Mayhem!


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Tony was scared to death of Ty now, he could do anything to him, he had just made him dumber then hell just by thinking about it, Tony would have to go back to elementry school level class's just to relearn all the things he had learned before, including how to drive!

Tony had enough intellegence to know what he looked like was all wrong, he rememebered being a big strong populare guy, and he began to cry, Ty looked over at him and felt sorry for the guy, Ty had picked on him enough he thought and it was time to help the poor dumb fat kid out.

"OK Tony lets go get you some size, alright? you want to be big and strong again don't you?" Ty said with a smile. Tony stoped crying and just looked over to him, he did'nt trust him, how could he! Tony hung his pudgy face down and just sulked as they drove. Ty was heading for the construction site he had origanally wanted to go to in the first place.

Ty got to the site and looked around at all the guys working away on the house, Ty picked a guy who was about Tonys old size and shape, the guy was a hottie to Ty,Ty reconized him, he had graduated from his high school last year, his name was Kevin Poole, he had dark brown unruly hair that was parted in the middle and shaved short below his ears, he had real long bangs that would fall into his face and he seemed to have to brush it back every so often, he was wearing a pair of worn lt blue jeans and he was shirtless, his torso was nicely shaped with braod shoulders, his arms were vasculare and musculare, his forarms seemed to be over developed and brawny looking, Probabaly from all the hammering he did, his back was braod and V shaped and it tapered down to a slender waist line,his abbs were well defined and he had a nice bubble butt and big strong legs.Ty figured the guy weighed about 190Lbs witch would actually give Tony a bit more bigger of a body then he had before.

Ty decided he would give that body to Tony, but he would leive Tony as dumb as he was right now, Ty wanted to see if Tony would still be populare if he was a complete dumb ass. Ty knew he wouldnt be but it would be fun to watch anyway, Ty would also need some more size as well since he'd given some of his to Tony now, and it wouldnt be much fun to switch there bodys with Tony as a fat guy, something would have to be done about that to. Ty looked at Tony and smiled an evil grin, he knew he would have to return Tony back to his skinny 95Lbs again in order for this to be fun, then he would switch the two young guys bodys and Ty would get to watch yet another guy loose his presious well toned body, and at the same time Tony would be able to be a big guy again.

Ty looked at Tony and began to make him skinny again, Tony looked over to him with a look of shock on his face,but before Tony could do anything about it he was 95Lbs again and he just began to cry, Ty reached over to him and told him not to worry, and then he told him to watch the guy he had picked to switch his size with. Ty then concentrated on the exchange.

Kenin was holding up part of a wall he and a few other guys were about to hammer in to place when Ty started the transfer, Kevin couldnt let go of the framed wall and he was straining to help keep it up when he started to loose weight, Kevin could feel the wall getting heavyer and he was tripping out, this just couldnt be he knew it was heavy but not this heavy! What the fucks going on he yelled, Ty figured that kevin thought his help had stoped holding his end of the wall up, but when he saw that the guy was still holding his end up he shook his head and braced himself farther up on the wall to help stableize it. But it just got heavyer and heavyer! Kevin could feel his jeans begining to ride down his thighs and he tryed to look down and see why his tight fitting jeans seemed to be getting loose on him all of the sudden.

From Tys point of veiw the whole thing was great, here was this big strong guy just getting skinnyer and skinnyer, his big arms dwindled down ever so slowly, and his broad back started to narrow, Ty watched as the poor guys jeans started to creep down his thinning thighs and he could see the guys underwear quite clearly now as he got smaller and even shorter, soon the jeans reached his crotch area and began to leave his thighs and fall to his spread knees and pool up in folds around his thinning legs, the guys arms were almost twigs by now and the wall was to much for him to hold up and he was forced to let go, his end of the wall almost fell over as Kevin desperatly reached down to pull his jeans back up.

When he got them up they now came past his belly button and the waist line was both roomy and loose on him he was now 100Lbs and dropping and Ty laughed out loud at the poor guy as a look of shock and fear enveloped his face, the guy started to run from where he was standing, but his boots were to big for him now. soon he was Tonys old size and Tony was his old size, Ty fixed it so everyone saw Kevin as he was right now and then made Kevin, waddle over to the car, Ty told him to undress and then Tony and the guy switched clothes, Ty laughed a laughed as they did it and Kevins mind was erased of its memorys and Ty told him to go back to work> When he got there the other guys treated him like the wimp he now was and with in minutes he was getting nails and doing menial things that his new stature would allow him to do, Ty loved it. But it was time for maro fun, so he concentrated on Tony and he fell fast asleep.

Ty had noticed a big guy with dark almost black hair and a thick mustash on a very handsome face, and well built body, he looked to be in his mid to late twentys and was a tall strong looking guy with a good build on him, he also seemed to be in charge of at leist some of the crew because he was ordering the younger guys around and they seemed to be following the orders.

Ty thought it would be fun to see this guy get embarassed, Ty choose bladder control for the guy, he thought Tony must have been pretty humiliated when he pissed his pants and he wanted to see this big stud go through the same thing Tony had, only this guy would be doing it in front of all the guys he was supposed to be in charge of. The guy was wearing a pair of tight fitting lt blue well worn jeans and they seemed to exentuate his package quite nicely too.

Ty went around the house they were framing up and hid behind a pile of old trees that had been bull dozed to build the house, Ty had a good veiw of most of the guys at the site, before he was done most of the guys would be affected by Ty in one way or another, this was going to be fun he thought. But the forman would be the first to be affected, Ty waited quietly, and soon the big burly guy came out to the back of the house and he had three young guys with him they were all following him over to a pile of 2x4s that had been stacked out back to frame the house with.

Ty watched as all the young guys picked up several 2x4s a peice and then the big guy picked up a load of them himself, his hands were now full and it was time for Ty to strike, he waited for the guy to get ahead of the others and then he concentrated on him, the poor guys bladder began to ache, and he could feel that he was about to piss himself right there, but his hands were full now and he would have to put down the wood in order to cup his crotch to prevent what he knew was coming, Ty laughed as a very worried look came over the guys handsome face, Ty pushed him farther and the guy just threw the stack of lumber down and grabbed at his crotch, it was to late though and the piss invaded his jeans and squirted out between his tightly clenched fingers, the guys face was as red as you could get someones to be. The front of his lt blue jeans turned dark wet with his piss and the wet area spread rapidly from his clenched hands and soon the front of his jeans was dark blue and the area spread rapidly down his right leg and soaked the ground around his boot, he froze in his path and just clutched his groin harder, it was no use though Ty had eliminated his ability to control his bladder anymore, Ty would have the guy in diepers again until he could be potty trained again, Ty eliminated that part of his memory, he was getting good at selective elimination of certain thoughts and memorys. And now this big handsome stud would have to be trained to use the bathroom all over again! And he wouldnt even know why, or how it happened to him!

Ty laughed and waited for the guy to regain his sence of reality, and then watched as he ran for the porta john. Ty looked at the other guys they were all laughing there ass's off at there formans misfortune, Ty saw one guy he thuoght would be his next bit of fun, he was a young guy with dirty blonde hair and a good firm build, he was cute to Ty and he also seemed to be well liked by the other guys, he looked like he might be about twenty years old at best, and he had deep dimples on his young face when he smiled, he had one of those small curved perky noses that just set his face off, Ty had been born with a honker of a nose and always hated it.

Ty wondered what life might be like if this guy looked different then he did right now, if his face was just plain or even ugly, would he still be treated the same by the group of guys. And what if he was short and on the weaker side, right now he was a pretty strong looking guy for his size, what if he was unable to lift as much wood as he was carrying now what if he could only carry one peice at a time, would the guys still like him then, Ty doughted they would and he began the poor guys journey into rejection.

The young man came into veiw and Ty concentrated on his size first, the guy probabaly weighed 170Lbs of well toned muscle right now, Ty figured his height to be about 5'10 or so. So the first thing Ty would do would be to make him thinner and weaker, the guy was carrying a full load of 2x4s, so his hands were full Ty concentrated on his muscles and soon the guys jeans were getting baggy on him and they began to ride down his thighs as he walked, Ty could see that the load of wood was becomeing harder for him to hold up, and soon the guys big bicepts that had to have been 18 inches around began to dwindle down in size, Ty brought his height down next as the poor guy was forced to drop the load of wood he could no longer carry, the guys jeans were now rideing down his thighs and the waist line of them was at his crotch level and were about to fall down his now thinner legs, the cuffs of the jeans were bunching up and all the fabric between the waist line and the legs of the jeans were now baggy and horizontal flaps of fabric over laped in folds from his crotch to the tops of his now over sized work boots.

The poor guy was freaking out he was getting thinner and he was now forced to reach down and grab his jeans to keep them up he did'nt know what was happening, and then he felt his nose tingeling, it seemed to be growing his eyes got wide and he quickly reached up and put his now thin hand over his nose in a vain attempt to stop it from growing, but it just got bigger under his hand, he pulled his hand away and felt his nose with his fingers, it was huge! He was panicing by now and he tryed to run from where he was standing but his legs were all caught up in the fabric of his jeans, he could fell his front teeth getting bigger and then he felt them push his upper lip up and he reached down and could fell his two front teeth sticking out from his mouth, his chin receided and his lips thinned till they were weak and small looking.

Ty was just laughing his ass off at the once cute guy. He was now a short skinny guy with a very large nose and weak lips and chin an a horrible over bite. His life as a stud was over now. Ty decieded that he would help the little guy out and adjusted his clothes to fit him, he then concentrated on the group of guys who were all freaking out by then and caused them to think that this was the way this guy allways looked. Soon they were all treating him like a nerd and the poor guy didnt know what to do. He paniced and ran away from the guys crying. •

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