Ty's Power

Trading Places


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty talked to the now mentaly and physically impaired Mike the whole way to Mikes apartment, Ty had aquired the knowledge of where Mike lived when he stole poor mikes adult memories from him, poor Mike retained enough of his former life to remember where he lived also and a good bit of his memories of how he looked and how smart he used to be as well, that was Tys gift to him, if you could call it a gift it was more a cruel joke than a gift, poor Mike would have to remorse over his stolen virtues and know who did it to him, his life would never be the same again.

Ty told him that for the time being he was to act like his adopted son and if he coperated he would be restored back to his former glory. Much to Tys delight it turned out that Mike live in an area that would place the now younger and dumber Mike in same school district as Tys and Dustins, and with a few minor ajustments to Mike age he could get Mike in to the high school that Dustin was attending right now. That thought was enough to convince Ty to tell Mike that he would be going back to school tomarrow. Mikes heart sank here he was a coolege graduate with a degree in enginering being forced to go back to jr high scool as a underachiever at best, he could barley remember how to spell his name let alone do simple mathmatics and rudementory english, his mind had been diminished to a the low end of the fourth grade learning scale. His once comprehencive and complex mind stolen from him by a sadistic demon who had more power over him than fate itself.

Mike just cryed openly as Ty pulled into his old apartment complex and forced the now skinny 12 year old to follow him to his own apartment. Poor Mike was stuck wearing Tys old clothes and at his diminished size Tys clothes were to big for him, he looked like a refugee kid as he walked in the oversized jeans and a tee shirt that on Tys old frame was tight but on Mikes now much smaller frame was huge on Mike now he looked and felt rediculose but what choice did he have, he wasent in any position to defend himself anymore.

Mike had looked in the reveiw mirror of his own car when Ty had taken his ability to use his legs when he went to ask for a job at the place they were just at, and he saw that he was now a kid again and he was desperate and confused his diminished mind lacked the basic building blocks it used to have to formulate a defence against Ty. Now he was now just a pawn in a sadistic persons game, one who thought little of the effects of what he was doing had on those he affected with his new and demonic powers.

Ty opened the door to his new apartment the one that actually belonged to Mike, but was now comendeered by Ty. Mike reluctantly followed him in and looked around his place, he looked at the pictures of him as he was, the ones that showed him as he was before Ty stoped him. there were pictures of him and his girl freand when they went to the beach, piictures of a guy who not only was older than he was now but also much stronger and musculare than he was now. Tears ran down his now young face as he saw how strong and well toned his muscles looked in the picture of him towering over his girl freand at the beach, the picture of him with his huge arms draped over his gilr freands shoulders, he him with a smile and she with a look of self proclaimed confedence with him as her protectorate. But not now now he was a helpless child sized man with little or no defence for himself let alone somebody else.

Ty saw him stairing at the picture and demande that he stop, when he ignored his demand Ty simply concentrated on him and before Mike knew what had happened or for that matter why he was falling asleep where he stood, and collasped on the carpeted floor.

Ty picked up the now 80Lb Mike and carried him to his old room and put him on the bed, Ty concentrated on him and gave him a new set of memories so it would be easyer on him when he finally woke back up. Mike would wake up thinking he was just 15 years old and visiting his uncle, and he would think he was just supposed to go to school there for the remainder of the school year, Ty then gave him back three of his years and brought his mental capasity back to a sixth grade level. Mikes new age would place him in the tenth grade but he would still be an imbusil with the education level of a sixth graders and the body of a super wimps.

Ty went to Mikes dresser and grabed out some clean jeans and changed and left to go back to his new job at Marks constuction site. Now was when the fun would begin.

Ty reported in at the constuction sites office trailer the one that used to be Marks and asked the new boss Tom what he wanted him to do. Ty was ansious to see what Marks new job was and was antsy as hell as Tom made him fill out all the necassry paper work that went alone with full time employment, Ty was both astonished and angry at how much was required to do just to start a new job. Ty was now only 21 since he gave back three years to Mike and it did seem to have an impact on the placement of his new roll at the site. But Ty still was an impressively huge guy and age or not he would get the respect that he thought such a commanding stature brought natuarlly.

Ty was placed under the management of Brett Cohlms, Brett was new to the company but he was also a college grad student with an enginering degree,much the same as the one that Mike had aquired the memories of witch Ty had stolen from Mike, and he was also the guy that mark was now doing what ever Brett had given Mark to do. This was what Ty had hoped for now he would be able to see what Marks new job was.

Ty saw Mark right away as he and Brett met to discuss what Tys new job would be, the once mighty Mark was just cmeing out of the porta johns with a bucket and a mop as Ty walked up to Brett, Ty laughed now Mark was the janitor and not the manager. Ty smiled and tryed not to stair at poor Mark, but he couldnt help it and he just started to laugh, Brett asked what was so funny and all Ty could do was smile, and then he broke down and asked what he already knew, "So whos the porta john cleaner anyway? Ty said with a smile and shook his handsome head back and forth as he said it. "Oh yea like that do ya!" Brett said with an equally happy smile. "Well beleive it or not that runt was my boss! But for only reasons that god knows of the poor asshole got some fucked up desiese and lost all his muscles and all. Dude Im telling you this guy was an asshole when he was in charge me.. Well lets just say he got what he deserved and leive it at that! So dont worry about him hes Mine today and.. Lets just say he'll be real busy. If you know what I mean." Brett said as he put his arm around Tys shoulder and directed him to Tys new work area explaining all that TY would need to know and do as they walked and laughed about everything from Mark to Tys new job.

Mark didnt eben look over in their direction as he left the porta john with his head hung down and slumped away, Ty smiled as he walked in the jeans that he had altered to fit his now pathetic frame. Ty had other thoughts on his mind though, and one of them had to do with the guy that now had his arm around Tys now bulging wide musculare shoulders. Poor Brett didnt expect or forsee a thing as they walked and talked amongst them selves.

Ty broke away from their bonding stance and took a good look at what Brett looked like, he was trying to decide just what he would do to this unsuspecting guy. Ty chose ageing, he wanted to see how a young guy like Brett would react if he was suddenly ageing at an accelerated pace and new it all along. Ty new he was going to be keeping both his new job and his newly aquiered skills for a good long time so instantaineious ageing wasent nesassary he could just make Brett asorb a year or two here and there from the guys who worked under him as time progressed, Ty laughed at the thought and fixed it so he wouldnt be effected and waited for the enefitable results.

Ty was given his new asighnments that thanks to Mike were easy for him to do and went about his new job as it was. Ty fixed it so that for every five minutes that Brett was around a guy he was talking to he would asorb one year of that particulare guys age, and of coarse that guy would become one year younger as a result of their contact with each other that way Ty was able to in essence get two birds with one stone.

Ty tryed to do his job without being distracted by poor Bretts new mality but it was difficult to concentrate and watch at the same time as poor Brett over a period of just one hour would accumulate at leist four years of age, Ty had fixed it so that no matter who Brett saw and no matter the intervail, Brett would get at leist six months of the guys age no matter what the actual time of contact was. So in essence Brett could depending on the amount of actual contacts with someone could age a lot more than just four years an hour.

Brett was a realitivly young guy at only twenty three years of age, and he was a handsome guy to boot, his meadium leanth blonde hair was both thick and well cut and he parted it in the middle so his long bangs would hang down in front of his handsomely shaped face, his high cheek bones acsentuated his face nicely and his cheeks sported long deep vertical dimples that brought a look of both confidence and charm to his face evey time he smiled his teeth were perfact and white and he had a charm that only the gift of a life time of good looks and a perfect frame work of body gave some one. Ty was indeed visious in thought and action, but he was also the victom of an adoption into a family whos morals and values revolved around the fact that they were unlike him perfect examples of the human form, TY was average at best before he discovered his power and the fact that he came no where close to his familys naturally well tone and good sized bodys that Mark and Dustin had been given genetically along with their very good looks had an unpresedented out come on the actions he was now takeing on his unsuspecting victoms, All of witch he chose carefuly and deliberatly because of their good looks and well toned bodys, and they were all male exept June who he had returned to her former glory yesterday.

Ty had chosen Brett for just that reason aside from his good looking face he had one of those bodys that he didnt have to work at, and he still looked great he wasent as tall as all that but what he had was impressive none the less. His 5'10 inch 168Lb frame was both well toned and muscularly strong, and his martial arts training didnt hurt his stature either, he was a perfect victom and now it was to late to stop his inevetable demize.

Brett went about his job as the day progressed, and along with his days progression his own physical progression went on, Brett was talking with a young man in his late teens at best who had come to the site seeking employment with the firm when Ty caught site of Brett, it had been an hour since he had last saw Brett and even from a distance you could see the change in the poor unsuspecting Brett.

Ty was standing above the two as they talked, Brett didnt see Ty standing above him but as Ty got closer to them and was now just above them Ty could see that the once proud studs hair was thinning on the top, he could make out poor Bretts scalp below his thinning once thick blonde hair, Ty smiled and watched as the two guys talked for a good long time. Long enough for the efffects to both guys to be noticed by Ty who had been watching for at leist a half hour by then, Ty had gained conciderable control over his powers in the last few days and had used it to affect poor brett in his plan, Ty had made physical contact with Brett and any man more conciquintal to Brett, if he made physical contact Brett would asorb two full years from the contactee and gain as many years himself. Ty figured that poor Brett was a total hetro sexual, but was not afraid to make physical contact with guys at all Ty figured that it was a sort of defence mecanizium to Brett one that would instantly place the other off gaurd and streanthen his upper hand on the guy since he felt or had no problem with it. In essence it was an advantage for Brett to be the touchee and bring down the other guys defences at the same time since most hetro sexual guys consider contact a weird but some times nesassary event and even a hand shake can feel weird at times.

Well poor Brett was useing his secrete advantage on the unsuspecting young guy right now, as Ty watched the poor kid wasent ready for what was about to happen to him as Brett reached out his still impressively musculare arm and placed it over the kids still broad shoulders and turned the soon to be adulecent young man around in a circle, Brett was holding his free arm out streached and with an open hand showing this soon to be younger guy the whole site as they both spun around in unison.

Ty just watched as the poor guy who was about 19 when he first got there, Ty thought he was sort of cute looking guy he had a thick mustash and well groomed hair and a strong athletic build that rivaled that of Bretts, he was of latino decent and his dark skined body was both strong and well muscled, he had on a strap tee shirt that showed off his both hairy and well toned pecs easyly and his bicepts were very well developed as were his legs that looked restrained in his tight fitting jeans, but as the time passed and he sliped down two years as Brett talked to him for that first half an hour he had changed a bit his tight fitting jeans looked looser on him and his height had defenetly changed, he was easyly two inches shorter now then when he first got there and even thogh he was still pretty well built his jeans were bunching up around his lower leg area as he stood there. He didnt seem to notice and neither did the ageing Brett.

But the physical contact that Brett had just done changed every thing quickly, the young latino man changed very quikly into a even younger latino boy of about 15 or 16 years of age, his once thick mustash that was already thinning as the half hour passed dissaperd and took with it his once fine frame and well toned muscles as the unsuspecting latino young man reverted back to a much younger boy, Ty had expected minamal contact between Brett and his fellow workers and such and didnt expect this at all this went beyond what was supposed to happen and both guys bodys began to show the signs of both age and regression very quickly.

In a way it was as just a desearve as Brett thought Marks unexpected ailments were to him, Brett was both conceided and arrogant and now that he was given Toms old job as supervior he was just as big an ass as Mark apperently was when he was the big stud and not the miniscule man he was now.

Bretts hold on the poor latino man now childs shoulder was unrelenting and both seemed to be obliveious to the imedeitate changes as they occured, until the latino boy started to loose considerable height that is, the poor boy whos name was Jaun Valdress as Ty had thought he heard it, was rapidly loosing both height and weight as he quickly reverted back in time. Ty watched as poor Jauns once tight fitting jeans left his youthening thighs and fell without warning around his now smaller and younger calfs as the two spun around with the ever older looking Brett guideing them around with his now menacingly age sapping grip on the poor now very much younger Jauns narrowing shoulders.

Poor jaun was now getting so short and young that the now older Bretts arm was left following his shoulder as the years quickly faded from the once latino studs body and his muscles vanished from his once well toned body as they reverted back to there child like form. Bretts eyes got as wide as they could as he looked down to see a very young mexican boy looking very confused staired up at a guy who when he got there were nearly equale in height.

Ty could feel the tension in the air and quickly concentrated on both guys to keep things at a more manageble level, Ty made the now latino boy back away from Bretts age sucking grip and the poor once studly guy who was now a boy of about ten triped in his once super tight loose as hell now jeans and landed on his back, the tee shirts excess fabric pooled to each side of his now narrow back as he laid there, Ty quickly concentrated on a guy who had seen the whole thing and was in a state of shock and mentally made the young man go over to where Brett was standing with his mouth hung wide open in his own state of shock. It was the worst senerio that Ty had seen thus far, and his still although improved mind thanks to Mikes thoughts and knowlage was still young and relitivly adulecent, didnt really know what to do next.

Ty brought the young guy who he thought looked like a younger version of Dennis Quade, Ty had met him earlyer and had his own plans for the poor guy but in light of what had just occured he figured he would just accelerate his move at this time. The poor guy was defenceless against Tys minds control and dumbfoundedly walked where Tys mind wanted him to, Ty watched as the to him foxy looking guy walked slowly with a blank look on his face in the direction of where Brett and Juan were still standing looking at each other very confused with what had just occured.

The poor guys name was Rick he had found that out earlyer and was taken back by his striking resemblence to a young dennis Quade, he was slightly better built though and he wasent wearing a shirt when they met the first time, and he was still shirtless now. Tys original plan for the poor guy was to make him rail thin and leive him that way for enough time to enjoy it but now things seemed to have changed and unless some other unsuspecting fool came along this poor guy was headed back to adulesencs fast.

Ty got the break he wanted as the older 35 years that is Tom came into veiw from below. Ty stoped Rick where he stood and concentrated on the stud, poor Rick didnt know what hit him, his muscles that were the tight wirery type that on him looked perfect faded fast, his bicepts although not the type that the body builders aquirer though years of weight training were still impressive from every day work and natural genetics. He was to say the leist a real turn on for both women and for some guys as well Ty guessed, all in all he was the typical working guy stud, dark well cut hair small unatusive nose and strong angular jaw line on a rather thin but inviting face, his eyes brought yours to his and his eye brows were longer than the width of his eyes and were both thick and senual at the same time, his thick pouty lips set the whole face off as that of an eye catcher, his trim but senuey musculare frame was in it self a turn on it wasent massive it didnt have to be it was like no other Ty had seen. His was both lanky lokking and firm with true defenisions from one part of his siuey body to the other and dispite his obvious lack of true weight in bulk mass that is he defenetly wouldnt be anyone to pick a fight with just for kicks. Hell even Ty at his present weight of 220Lbs wouldnt want to rile this almost perfect speicimen of a tall lanky well toned man.

But that wasent what Ty had in mind for the guy any way he wanted the self arrogant guy to feel what he felt, Ty wanted everyone to feel like he felt for that matter and dispite there past achievements and hard work that they put into looking the way they did he was now going to take them all down a road he was all but to familare with, and come hell or high water thats what he would do!

Ty concentrated on all of the guys as he stood at his birds eye veiw of them and froze Brett and Tom and the latino boy in there tracts as he concentrated on poor Rick Ty concentrated on his present weight and height,to find his exact dimentions something he found was easy now for him to read for some unknown reason. Rick wieght was 163Lbs and his height was 5'8"and a quarter inches. this was all Ty needed to completely change the studs size as he originally wished to do.

Poor Rick wasent frozen by Tys mind but his thoughts were, he stoped moveing forwards and just stood there motionless his mind was clear but his body was uncoperative to his own wishes and thoughts, Ty forced his body to do what he wanted it to do and not what Rick wanted it to Ricks mind was well aware of what his body was doing but he had no control over it. Poor Rick soon found himself doing musculare poses like body builders did, he was freaking out he wasent into that shit and the whole idea of him doing these to him silly poses emberised him, but he seemed to have no control over it at all.

Rick had a look of confusion on his handsome facd and the lines that formed on his forhead when he was preplexed or shocked were now prominent features features on his face as his body did things that he had no control over at all, Ty loved it though his idea was to have poor Ricks muscles work themselves to exstition right before his very eyes and the process had alredy begun on his tight sinuey muscles, soon Rick could feel his musclulare arms and legs waisting away and fadeing from his once tight sinuey frame, his pecs that were both tight and taught and very prominent on his frame began to shrink in both size and streanth as they contracted and retracted without his own help, his bicepts that were increadibly 19 inches on his sinuey arms shank as they to over worked themselves uncontrolably, his leg muscles followed suit and soon his whole body was getting thinner all but his height it remained constant as he litterally gat thinner and thinner as his muscles went into over drive and ate up his stored cellulare energy researvse.

Ty watched as poor Ricks powerfully shaped musculare arms lost both size shape and definition, his wide flat prominent pecs and super firm abbs disapeared as he stood there his broad shoulders and sexy V shaped back shrank to a bean polls demention as his arms dwindled down to twigs and his fingers that once graced powerful thick hands began to thin and now looked to long, his tight well worn jeans fell finally as his waist that was only 30 inches on his old impresive frame fell in size to only twenty five inches, his waist was now smaller than his own wifes.

Rick rapidly turned into the stick man that Ty wanted him to be and tears of pain and frustration over the way what he could see of his once proud body now looked with his underwear barly clinging to his narrow waist line and his now to big jeans around his now knobby knees and pencil thin calfs and thighs had him in tears of and disbeileif Ty froze Rick where he stood and then froze the whole crew and contimplated what he would do next. •

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