Billy's Pills

School is Out for the summer. . .


By Wordshop

The past two months had been sheer agony for both of the boys. They wanted to really go for it with the pills but knew that really quick changes would arouse suspicion.

The weekend before school was out Billy and Mikey started on three pills a day. It was almost hard to do, but they were so excited at the possibilities that the nervous energy in and of itself reminded them.

Both of their bodies had acclimated to the low dosage, then the higher one, then again to a reduced dosage. It seemed that whenever there was a dosage change that it took about a week before anything really radical took place. Going from one pill to two had taken that long, going from one pill to three happened a little faster.

It was the final Friday, and after gym class Billy was cleaning out his locker when a girl named Mary Ann Connor came up next to him. Within a few minutes of the close proximity Mary Ann started to act strangely. She was all sweaty and the once acid tongue she possessed had become strangely tongue-tied! She was young enough that she herself did not really realize what was happening. All she knew was that this little movie projector in her had was playing a mental porno flick and she and Billy Small were the stars! She began to wonder if she was sick or something, the area between her legs was starting to feel wet! Had she urinated in her panties? What was happening? Mary Ann left quickly and headed for her friend Katie's locker. The thing that was now working against her was the strange coincidence that Katie's locker was virtually next to Mikey's. Standing and cleaning out his locker was the forever-clumsy Mikey! He was working up a sweat, and the olfactory senses of poor Mary Ann and also her friend Katie went into "warp drive". The pheremones that both Billy and Mikey were giving off were about the equivalent of a 100-megaton nuclear device. Katie started sweating and poor Mary Ann went into total sensory overload and simply fainted. Initially Katie thought that Mikey had knocked against her and knocked her down, but it was obvious that this was not the case very quickly. The glands in Mary Ann's body had also gone into warp-drive and the moisture had spread and soaked her panties thoroughly and the moisture was now working it's way on to her dress! She awakened a few seconds later totally mortified!

The really humorous thing was that both boys were so excited that they were out of Junior High and headed for High School, they really had not paid much attention to the effect that they had caused in these two girls. Hey, school was over, they had graduated from Junior Hugh School and were headed for High School.

Billy and Mikey were headed home with full backpacks, a summer of fun and in the next few weeks they were going to make permanent changes in their lives.

When the boys had cut back the dosage of the pills the changes had slowed a great deal. The morning hard dicks that were record holders and most of the other effects had returned to a far more normal level. After going from the reduced dosage of one pill per day up to three things began to accelerate.

When Billy went down to the kitchen on Saturday morning for breakfast as was his usual morning ritual he kissed his mom. Virtually as soon as breakfast was on the table Mary Jo Small grabbed her husband and nearly dragged him into the bedroom. She was so inflamed that she couldn't contain herself. She did everything to turn her husband on and succeeded. Billy couldn't understand why they had to get to the bedroom so quickly.

On Saturday night Billy and Mikey had decided to go to a movie. The picture was a "revival" of the original "JAWS" and was playing for 99 cents at the local theater.

The boys found two aisle seats. Oblivious to the effects around them the two were sitting and watching the picture. In the row directly behind them were Taylor Jones and his girl friend LuAnn. Taylor was to be the star tackle on the football team. At 6'2" tall and 210 pounds Taylor was a big guy. Give a girl enough incentive and she can move mountains? The theater's air conditioning was drawing the pheromones from Billy and Mikey right over the top of LuAnn and had turned her into a lust crazed wildcat. That night, in what would turn out to be a surprise for all concerned, LuAnn performed every sex act on Taylor that he could have ever imagined.

On Sunday morning Billy awakened with one of the monumental erections that he had come to accept as part of the effects of the pills he was taking. When he went into the shower to "jack-off" it was almost like he could feel his dick stretching. When he measured he was shocked to find that he had reached the erect length of six inches. Mikey was in a similar state and was at five and three-quarter inches. The total weight gain for Billy over the last four months had been twelve pounds placing him at 125. Mikey had always been a little heavier and stockier in build and he was at nearly 140. This was a gain in the same time period of about sixteen pounds.

There were some family commitments which separated both boys until the following Wednesday. Billy and Mikey went together to a playground about five minutes from Billy's house. There were some exterior pieces of crude exercise equipment for young children and both boys started testing themselves.

Billy had taken a pocket note-pad and recorded a few observations. He had Mikey start counting chin-ups. Billy had already found himself with minimal fatigue when the number reached one hundred. Mikey fared even better, not starting to feel fatigue until he had passed one-twenty. Pushups, rope-climbing and similar exploits showed similar unbelievable numbers.

When they left the playground the only thing that either boy felt was tightness in the muscles that had been used. There was little to no pain.

It took about a week and then things really started to happen.

Billy noted that in a period of about one-week a down-like hair had started to appear on his face. It was light and yet there was no doubt in Billy's mind the faintest beginnings of a moustache and sideburns had started to appear. It was also evident that light fuzz had started to appear on Billy's legs as well. The growth of Billy's pubic hair had also started to accelerate.

Mikey who was of a darker coloration did not have as much show up on his face, but his pubic hair and the hair on his arms and legs was becoming a little more visible it seemed each day.

As the third week of the highest dosage to date had started, there was a new sensation. Billy started feeling a strange fullness in his crotch that he had never felt before. He stopped at the window of one of the stores on Main Street in town and in the reflection, he saw a definite cock bulge in his jeans. He also saw the way that his jeans were now hugging at his ass. He was turning into a very young and exceptionally sexy teen.

He looked at the reflections in the store windows several times and there was a great deal more that seemed to have changed. There was a certain masculine appearance to his walk now. Maybe it was his buttocks and the way that they filled his jeans, maybe it was the full crotch bulge, and maybe it was something else.

Billy was walking towards a sporting goods store in town and he was going to meet Mikey there. There was some strange thought in both their minds that they should start "pumpin' " some iron" to help their muscles grow over the summer. Neither of the two boys wanted to be total "Geeks" when they started in a new High School in the fall.

By this time they had figured out that the great effects that they were enjoying were a definite result of the pills that they were taking. Dare they up the dosage again? They thought about it for a while and then decided that they would start on four pills a day the next Monday.

Billy's brother had driven down to the sporting goods store and helped the boys carry the barbells they had purchased to his pickup. He then helped them carry the stuff again down to the basement where the two boys spent the rest of the afternoon putting together a rather deluxe weight bench, which was a floor model and had been damaged by the long exposure to ultra violet light. They were lucky, they did not have a lot of money to spend, and Mrs. MacCready the wife of the owner of the shop discounted the deluxe bench and accessories down to nearly cost because of the exposure and fading. She also sold the boys a 300-pound weight set from a line that the store had discontinued discounting that by over 50% to get it out of the store.

Mrs. Small came down and gave the two sweaty boys some lemonade as they worked on assembling the bench. She then told the boys that she and her husband had some things to discuss in the bedroom, and that there was more lemonade in the kitchen. Mr. Small was wondering what had gotten into his wife of late. She was getting so sexually excited and she was getting to the point that she wanted sex constantly. He needed to find some vitamins. That night was to be a special occasion. Billy's oldest brother Bobby was bringing his girlfriend over for dinner. It would be a family dinner and the two other brothers were told that they were to be in "compulsory attendance".

When Mrs. Small left work to come home, there was a huge pot roast, which had been cooking in a crock-pot all day to be eaten for dinner that night.

It looked like this was going to be a very warm summer. Billy dressed in a pair of jeans and a nice shirt. The problem was that when Billy got to the shirt part, the one he had picked out would no longer fit. He then pulled out a different shirt, that one wouldn't fit either. After trying three more shirts all with the same result, he was getting a little panicky.

"J.J." walked in and looked at the pile of shirts and asked his brother what was up. Billy was really worried and said that he had grown so much over the past couple of months that none of his better button type shirts would fit anymore. He tried one of the shirts on in front of "J.J.". This effort resulted in a good laugh for both boys. The last button down shirt Billy had worn was when he had been at school. Since he had been out of school in the past few weeks he had worn only T-shirts!

"J.J." walked over and got a shirt out of his closet and handed it to Billy. The shirt was still a tiny bit large in the shoulders, but it was not a bad fit at all. It would have to work.

"J.J." mentioned the problem to his Mom and his Mom went to his Dad so it was decided that as he was a growing boy, some clothing had to be purchased. What they decided to do was to buy a bunch of clothing for Bobby and some for "J.J.", because they were afraid that at the rate Billy was growing, he would probably outgrow new stuff pretty quickly. Billy was to receive the hand-me-downs of both older brothers. Bobby was not excessively tall at only 5'10", but he was very well muscled and he weighed about 190 pounds, some from weight training at the High School gym, and some from a diet of constant junk-food which was consumed with friends. His shirts were a large and there were a few that were extra large in size. •

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