Billy's Pills


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Billy Small had a great time growing up in rural Tennessee. He was at least fortunate in that both of his parents worked, and that compared with a great many in the area, they had food on their table, two older cars in the garage, and a reasonable expectation of moving on in life.

Billy, at age thirteen was always doing the things that boys do. He was playing sports, exploring caves, and doing enough mischief to keep his mother complaining about all of the laundry clean up.

Although they insisted and prodded Billy about finishing school and going on to higher education, neither of the adult Small's had even completed High School. Billy's mom, Mary Jo, met his father in the seventh grade, and the by-product of this meeting had been Billy's oldest brother Bobby. With the pregnancy, Billy's dad had been forced to drop out also to support his instant family. Two years later came the next brother who was called "J.J." which stood for "James Junior" after his father. Bobby was now almost eighteen, a "Senior" in High School, and was just starting to really explore girls, "J.J." was fifteen, in high school, and of course Billy was the youngest.

Billy's dad had been fortunate in that he got a job with a lumber operation, was good at his work, and when this was bought out by a major corporation, the salary, medical benefits and other percs became pretty good. Mary Jo Small, Billy's mom, really did not need to work these days, but she enjoyed it so she worked at "Clampetts" which was one of three beauty shops in their small city.

Out in the woods, off the main highway in a really dense forest area was a brick single story building, probably built in the late forties or early fifties, which belonged to the U.S. Government. Funding cutbacks had closed the operation of this facility in the late 1980's. It stood in disrepair and surrounding it was a "chain-link" fence. This fence, like the rest of the building had also fallen into disrepair.

Billy and his friend Mikey on this day decided that exploring around this old building would be something to do. When they got there, they were surprised to find that a lightening bolt from the storm that had passed a couple of days before, had struck a limb of a great big old oak tree. This had caused the limb to fall and partly crush the chain link fence at the rear of the property. The boys knew that there were still a couple of Security Guards that checked on the place periodically, but that they were not around more than about twice or three times a week. Billy had seen a white Chevy Lumina security car with the government seals and license plates a number of times when he was with his parents or his friends. Inside the car was usually a single uniformed guard.

When they got into the parking lot, it looked like that storm had done more damage than just the fence. At the rear of the building a metal cabinet that at one time had probably contained some rudimentary maintenance or gardening tools had blown over from the high winds shattering a very large floor to ceiling window. As they peered inside the room, there were bits and pieces of trash which looked like government forms, a few old metal file cabinets and a number of rooms that literally begged two fourteen year old boys to explore them.

They sat for nearly a half-hour, and were, for quite a while, too scared to go in. Just about when they were ready to summon up the courage, they heard the rattling of a chain at the gate. Hidden from view, both boys went back outside the parking lot and hid in the trees waiting and watching. As they did, they heard one of the two front gates slide open, then the sound of a car starting, and soon a white Chevrolet Lumina circled the parking lot. The guard got out of the car, and initially surveyed the damage to the building, and then to the fence at the rear of the lot. He went back to his car and used the two-way radio to call in the damage. He was a little upset when the voice on the other end said that the damage was noted, but that it would take at least a week to get it all fixed because the building maintenance crews that did this were back-logged because of the storm.

The guard sat in his car for a few minutes and seemed to quickly write some type of report, he then started the car and headed again for the front gate. By this time it was about 4:30 in the afternoon. About ten minutes after the boys heard the gate close and the car pull away, they decided the guard would not be back quickly, and made their way back into the parking lot. It was only a few minutes after they arrived at the broken rear glass that they managed to find the courage to go in.

As they went from room to room they found a building in need of repair. The roof had leaked, and there was a musty smell where it had wet the carpeting in several of the offices. There was this huge room with vinyl tile on the floor. There were some tables that looked like the kind you would see in a laboratory. To Billy, they looked like the tables that he saw in the Science Class at school. They were about to leave when they noticed a big brown box, peeking out of a partially closed closet, which had been sealed. It was obvious that this box had not been intentionally left behind because of the sealing and labels. Billy had his trusty pocketknife and opened the brown tape on the box. Inside there were two notebooks and a number of bottles with white pills. These bottles were the size of the large jelly jars he regularly saw at the supermarket. There were a total of 24 of them. Each one of these must have contained several hundred pills.

Billy and Mikey decided that this box and it's contents would be their one and only souvenir of the day. They closed the lid and together removed this box and it's contents from the building. The box was heavy, and it took both of them to carry it back to Billy's house. The next question was, where could they hide a box like this for "safe keeping" until they could explore it's contents? If Billy's Mom or Dad found the box and additionally found out where and how the two boys got it, their hides would be "tanned" for certain. Hiding a single bottle effectively would be easy, but hiding 24 bottles would be difficult. The first night Billy and Mikey hid the box in Billy's garage. The next day, the box was moved to a dry secure area between the foundation and basement of Billy's house. Billy took the notebook and two bottles of the pills up to his bedroom.

The greatest part of the notebook contained research data, and a bunch of numbers in tables that neither of the boys understood.

The last pages of the notebook were what caught their eyes, and almost made them "bug out". Drug research project deemed unsuccessful, drug does increase fertility in both male and female subjects markedly, but "side effects" detailed below are too difficult to manage, and can occur at low dosages.

1. Males: phallic and testicular growth appeared in virtually all of the test subjects but appeared more marked in younger males. Hirsutism was evident and profuse in sixty of the one hundred subjects tested, with increased hair most evident in beard, torso, buttocks, and legs. Increases in production of ejaculate, and sperm count increases of up to ten times were observed . Male participants complained of frequent erections bordering on priapism, and a need to ejaculate multiple times daily. Increases in muscle mass were noted. One subject gaining nearly eighty pounds in the duration of the two year trial. Increases in physical strength disproportionate to muscle mass increase. Because this test was engineered based in "fertility", no testing was done on strength enhancement. None of the subjects were participating in any type of exercise program which could account for muscle mass or strength increases. Another peculiar side effect was that virtually all of the males became multi-orgasmic. One subject masturbated constantly for three hours drifting from one ejaculation directly to the next with no interruptions. All male subjects complained that for no apparent reason that females exposed to them during or after physical exertion would become quite aroused. One man found himself sneaking in the rear entrance of his home and taking a shower after mowing the lawn in order to keep his wife under control.

Two male subjects were of homosexual orientation. A sexually stimulating effect was noted in a number of cases. It appears that the stimulating effect secreted in perspiration is not gender specific. According to one participant: I had been doing yard work for several hours around my home. Without bathing I walked about a quarter mile to a local convenience store. The "courtesy clerk" at this store started behaving strangely. He was probably not more than seventeen years old, but soon an erection was very clearly visible under his clothing, and it was of such a nature as to probably be painful for the young fellow, and obvious to anyone who was the least observant. He was like a moth being drawn into a flame. He was unable to stop himself, and yet he was obviously unaware of what was going On and why he was so sexually stimulated. An experience of the other homosexual participant: While participating in the study, because of a death in the family he had flown To New York City for three days. (see absentee notes) and while there had decided to visit a "gay bar". The day had been very warm and the subject went to the location dressed in jeans and a "tank top". Before the evening had ended several fist fights had broken out between other patrons over him. At 11:00 P.M. he left with another man, and upon returning to his hotel, he was in a situation he had never encountered. The test subject found his sex partner to be insatiable. They had sex until the young fellow had exhausted his supply of ejaculate, and still the sex continued at a frenetic pace until the sex partner literally passed out from exhaustion.

2. Females: growth of breast tissue appeared in virtually all of the test subjects but was more marked in the younger females. Increases in axillary hair and pubic hair growth was evident and profuse in most subjects. There was no evidence of male pattern pubic hair distribution found in any of the female subjects. Most females showed mild to moderate clitoral growth. Increases in libido were present in all test subjects. Some females found it necessary to masturbate multiple times daily. Increases in muscle mass were noted. But there was no evidence of any increase in masculinization of the female. All subjects were tested for steroid like effects, none were found.

3. Reproduction: Nearly thirty percent of the female subjects became pregnant during the trial. All experienced multiple childbirth. One subject participated in coitus with one of the male subjects. The pregnancy that resulted was not typical in that it resulted in the birth of sextuplets, all were male, all were born healthy. Birth weight of each child was also not typical for this type of pregnancy with average weight on each child exceeding nine pounds. It was also noted that the genitals of the male children were markedly larger than average.

Billy went down to the den and brought the dictionary back up to his room. He thought that he knew what he was reading, but he better look up most of the words he wasn't sure about. He wrote down all the words he did not understand. The Webster's Dictionary had a few of the words, but certainly did not contain all of the words that he needed.

Later that evening right after supper Billy took his list to the library and found a copy of a Medical Dictionary. By the time that he finished with the words and taking a few notes he was in a cold sweat.

The second notebook contained names of people and photocopies of medical charts with interview notes. These were very neatly typed and reduced in size so that the huge four-inch binder could contain a great many files.

Reading about the male test subjects from both notebooks Billy seemed to see only one thing.

By taking these pills he could gain a lot of muscle, have a hairy chest, a huge dick, and by the time he was Bobby's age, he wouldn't have to be shy, the girls would be chasing him!

The next day in school he told Mikey that they had to talk, and that there was something really incredible about what they had found.

Billy met Mikey after school and walked his friend home. He explained what the research material said and what the pills were supposed to do.

After their own versions of "careful thought" each boy decided that they would start out by taking one pill a day and see what happened.

It was decided that both boys, to cover their actions, would go out and look for some cheap multiple vitamins that looked a great deal like the pills they had found. They would dispose of the vitamins down the toilet and substitute their find in the vitamin bottle. This way, even if they were caught taking the pills, it would simply look like multiple vitamins and no more questions would be asked.

The Amateur Drug Trial Begins. . . . . .

It took about six tries but finally at a "More 4 Less" store they found some cheap generic vitamins that were nearly identical in appearance to the pills that they had found.

Both boys started out by taking one single pill per day. Billy measured his "hard-on" at just less than five inches and Mikey had measured his at just over four and three quarters.

For two weeks there seemed to be no effects at all. Both had measured and both had debated taking more. Mikey wanted to increase the dosage, but the thoughts of danger prevailed. They decided to stick with the original plan for two more weeks, because they could always increase the dose if nothing happened at this one.

This particular morning, Billy awakened with the erection to end all erections. His cock was so hard that it was actually sore. Billy didn't ever remember having a hard on like this one.

Several miles away, Mikey was experiencing exactly the same thing.

Both boys began to jack themselves off, in hopes that these hard-on's would die with the desire.

That day, there was no obvious physical change, but there were other things that started to happen.

The first occurrence was that in gym class the coach had mustered all the kids together for a quarterly fitness test. Billy always hated these tests because he was not the athletic type. When he took his timed lap around the track, his time was greatly reduced from those previous to it. When the test for "pull-ups" came, Billy was certain that he was going to look bad as usual, but this time he had completed twenty-five before fatigue began to set in, and ten more before exhaustion did. The coach complemented Billy on his improvements.

Later that day, Mikey went into his gym class with the same dread and came out with similar complements from his coach.

By the time that the end of this day came there were several things that had happened. Both were aware that something was starting to take place, and both boys were extremely sore from the workout that their young muscles had completed.

The rest of the day and evening were uneventful, the only other thing out of the ordinary was that Billy went back to the kitchen for third helpings of dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Small just laughed and remembered that Billy's older brothers had always shown a marked appetite increase when they were about to go into a growth spurt. When Billy went to sleep that night, he was certain that there was something going to happen.

Billy went into the bathroom the next morning and weighed himself. Billy had gained two pounds! Bobby and "JJ" had already finished their morning shower when Billy hit the bathroom. He wanted to be last so that he could do a closer inspection of his own body before he started the walk for school. This morning he noticed that there were a few more soft and fine hairs that had started to sprout on his groin that had not been there a short time ago. He also noticed that a few more wispy hairs were starting to appear under his arms too! Billy was more than excited. Whatever he was doing was definitely speeding up the process of puberty at the least. In the shower Billy let the hot water beat down on his pecker and with this mild stimulation it instantly got hard. He did not see any obvious change, but he had to be patient.

Billy did not connect with Mikey until lunchtime. When he did, he called for the "after school" conference again. Billy told Mikey about what he had seen and they agreed to get together after school and look a little more closely.

After school as the two boys walked home they detoured through the woods which were near their respective homes. When they were deep inside, Billy started taking off his clothes and soon Mikey did the same.

Billy showed Mikey the spreading new hairs in his crotch and under his arms, and then they looked closely on Mikey too. The same changes were starting to take place on Mikey as well. He had not noticed the new fine hair as he had not known that this was one of the things that he was supposed to look for.

With all of the feeling and fingering and talk about hair and dicks both boys soon were hard and needed to jack-off.

At the end of the sixth week Billy and Mikey decided that they would increase the dosage from one pill a day to two. There was something starting to happen, but it was not happening fast enough. They would remain on two pills a day for the next two weeks.

Billy told Mikey in detail what to watch out for and or what might happen. This again aroused the two and they jacked off their peckers for all they were worth.

There were no changes for the first five days at the increased dosage, but when Billy awakened early Saturday morning he was so horny and aroused he could not stand it. He went into his closet and dug out some Vaseline and a tattered old porn mag and started to jack off. This time the feeling was different than it had ever been before. His tiny balls started tingling, and when Billy reached down and felt them he noticed for the first time that they had grown considerably. They were also slightly sore to the touch.

Billy called Mikey with the good news. Mikey didn't have any growth to his balls, but there were a few more new hairs that had started growing at the bottom side of his belly button, and like Billy, he awakened with a powerful need to jack off.

By the end of the seventh week on a special "hike" the boys noticed that the fence of the government building had been repaired and that the back window broken by the storm had been boarded up to keep out intruders.

The beginning of the eighth week had started to accelerate the effects of the pills. Billy's balls were still not anything that would make any kind of "record book", but they had grown enough that he was constantly aware of them now. One of the most interesting things was that as they grew he felt the confines of the crotch of his blue jeans more and more. He also noticed that there was the slight beginning of a "bulge" in the crotch of his jeans when it had been flat only a few weeks before.

By the end of week number eight Billy measured his cock and found that his erection had grown to five and one quarter inches. This wasn't bad in his mind for a fourteen-year- old kid just headed for fifteen. Mikey had started to grow too, and his erection now measured at an even five inches. He and Billy had agreed to keep quiet about what they were doing, but they were both proud as a couple of young peacocks. In the last eight weeks Billy and Mikey had changed. Their genitals had gone from among the smallest and most underdeveloped in the gym shower room to being absolutely average. Yes, there were a few larger ones, and a few more that were quite a bit larger, and a couple that were as big as his older brothers. Billy had become a great deal more conscious of the genitals and bodies of the boys around him and he compared his body constantly with these others. As they began to develop the jeers and juvenile hazing stopped. Week number nine arrived and a number of changes started to take place and do so far more quickly than would normally be expected.

By now, Billy had gained a total of eight pounds and Mikey had gained ten. Billy had watched his pubic hair filling in faster and faster. It was almost like he could count the new hairs each day. The other thing was that the "baby-fat" on their bodies just began to melt away. Mikey had started to grow a fine fuzzy little trail of hair from the bottom of his navel towards his maturing pubic bush. Their height had increased by nearly one inch each and there was a great deal of soreness and muscle cramps at night. Mikey was having similar experiences.

For a few weeks things seemed to stabilize. There was still that heightened desire to jack-off all the time, but until week number twelve things started to slow down a little bit anyway.

Week twelve was the second quarterly fitness test in gym class at school. Both boys still dreaded these tests, but this time at least they thought that they wouldn't look like total dorks.

Billy had his gym class early in the day and dressed as usual in his school gym shorts and T-shirt. He went out on the athletic field with no expectations, but it was obvious to him that the pills he was taking had made drastic changes in his physical strength even though the appearance change was as yet only barely noticeable.

When Billy went up to the chin-up bar he hopped up easily and chinned himself easily until the coach said "OK, you passed already!" Just as a stunt Billy let go with one arm and proceeded to chin himself with the one remaining arm five times. This one even made the coach look twice.

From that point Billy started holding back. He realized that this was just "too easy" and that his physical strength had multiplied possibly three times while there had only been a ten pound weight increase. As soon as class was over he had to get to Mikey, and he had to get to him quickly. Billy was a kid that was smart beyond his years. He realized that if he and Mikey both changed too quickly and too obviously that questions were going to be asked. These were questions that the boys couldn't easily answer.

He caught Mikey just as he was headed for gym and coming out the door of English. Billy explained to Mikey that he needed to "hold back" in gym class and not to be tempted to "show off", what he could do. He also suggested that they meet after school and talk on the walk home again.

On the way home Billy and Mikey talked a great deal. Billy, as the ringleader and more dominant of the two boys explained to Mikey that if things became too obvious too quickly, that someone was bound to ask questions. There might be blood tests looking for steroids or who knows what else.

Summer vacation was a few months away, and they needed to keep things under control at least until that time. After summer, the time lapse would have other kids growing up, they would be heading towards their first year of High School, and nobody would be the wiser because they would be going into a new environment.

Though not as "swift" as Billy in the brain department Mikey could certainly see the logic in this one. If they really went to town during the summer there would only be a very few who would think anything was unusual in the changes.

By week number fifteen, Mikey had gained three more pounds and the trail of hair from his navel down to his pubic hair had darkened. Mikey also was starting to show a little light fuzz on his upper lip and in the area just below his sideburns. By this time his balls had also started to grow larger.

Billy measured his stiff dick and in the past seven weeks it had gone from five and one quarter inches to five and one half. Mikey had grown too, going from five inches even to five and three-eighths. There were also some fine hairs showing up on his face as well.

The boys had a conference. They both decided to cut back to one pill until the week before school was out. At that time they would increase the dosage to three per day. This was a hard decision to make for them both, but by slowing this down it would buy them some "cover" for what they were going to do over the summer. •

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