Star, The

By Anonymous

As evening moved into night, I turned out the lights in my apartment and cautiously opened the curtains to look across the courtyard into my neighbor Paul's apartment. He had just returned from the gym. He always left the blinds open, because he knows I like to look at him, after all, Paul is 6'1" and a massive 245 pounds of rock hard muscle. He intentionally teases me as he removes his shirt and flexes and checks himself everywhere, but he has always made me feel inferior. He knows I would love to be as big as he but at 5'10" and 175 lbs, it would never be. He knows that and makes a point to comment on how small and wimpy I am and how big and massive he is. As he finished his pump and flex session, he turned out the light and I walked out into the moonlit courtyard. I stared up into the sky and saw one bright pulsating star I had never noticed before. I looked at it, then closed my eyes and wished "someday let me be as big as Paul, I want that feeling of muscular power!"

As I turned to go into my apartment, I noticed the courtyard began to glow with a curious blue aurora. I looked into the sky again, and that star had become brighter and began to pulsate and send off waves of beautiful light. I stood and watched, for a moment before I noticed a warm feeling as if I were being massaged by a thousand strong sensuous hands. I debated weather to run back to my apartment, or stay and enjoy this unusual stellar event. As I stood there I felt my entire body getting aroused. I held up my hand to shade my eyes and noticed my forearm slowly swell with sinewy muscle as veins begin to appear, and then I realized that my whole body was begging to grow. I could see myself in the reflection of my apartment window. My shoulders had begun to grow and expand, making the T-shirt I was wearing stretch and tighten around me. My whole body was expanding, building, growing with muscle. As I looked down, I saw my chest blow up like two rock hard balloons creating an cavernous crevice between the huge freaky slabs of muscle, veins jutted out across my deltoids. My arms grew, bulging and overflowing the sleeves. I watched as they became HUGE. My mouth began to water as unbelievably thick triceps expanded to the size and hardness as a bowling ball. My biceps leapt out of my T-shirt sleeves, thick massive sinewy, veins visibly rising, stretching and then ripping the white cotton fabric. As I moved my arms in front of me, my huge massive pec slabs burst the straining fabric of my T-shirt. My legs felt like pillars of pure power, my quads as blasted to obscenely humungous mass, veins pulsating with muscle building power, blasting the seams of the faded Levi's I was wearing.

Paul had run out of his apartment see what was happening, and as he approached, I realized he was looking up and me and I down and him. I was in such ecstasy as my body grew and massed to its gigantic proportions, I had not realized that I had grown to about a foot taller. Paul stood there in awe, mouth open as he watched my massive godlike body expand to freakish proportions. Pauls 19" arms looked like toothpicks compared to my massive guns that had flared up to at least 30". He was staring at my crotch, which was straining behind what was left of my button fly Levi's. I flexed my mega huge vascular arms, turned my head and licked my huge mountainous biceps, running my tongue across the half inch thick vein that traveled the vast muscular surface as if to say "look at me you puny boy". As I did, my expanding wet cock strained and throbbed as it grew bigger and thicker, finally bursting out and down in an avalanche of manly power. I grabbed my huge throbbing wickedly thick vascular rod and couldn't get m hand half way around it. I looked down at Paul and laughed, now HE was watching and fantasizing about me, a mega muscle god! I ran my hand across my two huge boulder like pecs, rubbing my now 1 inch nipples. The ecstasy was unimaginable! My head went back, and my huge 14" cock flexed in my hand and sent a tidal wave of cum across the courtyard, again and again, each time my body flexed and grew more massive. Paul was on his knees looking up at me, he reach out and ran his now small (in relation)hand over my insanely immense vascular quads, gasping in incredulous awe. The blue light, grew to blinding white and obliterated everything. My eyes popped open, staring at the cracked ceiling of my apartment, as my alarm sounded. I wanted to go back to sleep and continue this dream, to recapture the feeling of pure massive muscle power, but couldn't. I noticed my feet we cold and thought the covers must have slipped. As I tipped my head up to see, all I saw was two massive freaky huge mounds of pumped pec muscle... Mine. •

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