Star Player, The


By Berserker

“Come on, Tris. Don’t tell me you don’t know the whole bloody college is talking about it! And after the match today, probably the whole state! Is Tristan stuffing pillows down his shorts, or does he have what must be the biggest dick in the whole fucking world?”

Tristan tried to pull Darren’s hands away.

“Yeah,” said Danny, “all the gals—and I bet the guys too—on the stands were staring at your balls, and not the football!”

“Understandable mistake! They’re probably about the same size, after all,” laughed Darren.

“Please…” begged Tristan.

“Shy, huh? A big boy like you, shy? You’re always running off and hiding when its shower time.”

“Don’t touch it, please…”

Darren smiled. “All right. We won’t. But how’s this?” He leaned forward and grabbed one of Tristan’s massive, meaty pecs, and began sucking at his nipple, which was easily three inches across. Danny immediately joined in, massaging and kneading Tristan’s pecs while licking and sucking at his dark, erect nipples.

“Aahh!” Tristan moaned, feeling pleasure rip through his highly sensitive nipples.

It was a sight. Two hot, young studs servicing a huge 350-pound muscleman who seemed bigger than the two of them put together. Tristan’s large pecs stuck out easily four or five inches, so big and heavy they would have sagged under their own weight had they not been all hard muscle. Couple with his heavy, aroused breathing, his swollen pecs seem to bloat even bigger with each breath. Sweat flowed down in rivulets down the defined cut between his mountainous pecs, down to his hard pecs.

“Fuck man, Danny,” gasped Darren as he took both Tristan’s pecs and squeezed them together. “These jugs are so fucking enormous I can hardly hold them in my hands!” Pushed together, Tristan’s pecs seemed even bigger and fuller than before.

“Fucking unreal,” Danny agreed, as he bent lower to lick the undersides of Tristan’s pecs. Any bigger and you’ll fucking burst through your jersey…” He buried his face into Tristan’s cleavage.

Tristan despite himself groaned in ecstasy. The boys clearly knew what they were doing. He felt the familiar surging in his pants, his penis swelling up painfully against its tight confines.

“Stop! Please stop!” he gasped. Looking down, he could see his trouser’s crotch bulging out dangerously as if a balloon was inflating in them.

“We promised not to touch your dick, right?” said Darren with a twinkle in his eye. “Just keeping to our word.” He stuck out his tongue and carefully licked all around Tristan’s oversized nipple, and finally teased its swollen hard tip by flicking it repeatedly with the tip of his tongue.

“Aargh!” cried Tristan. The pleasure he felt in his nipples came coupled with the pain in his groin as his penis continued to grow. The zipper and seams of his pants were stressed to their limits. He could hear the tiny tears already. “Stop!” His penis was also producing copious quantities of precum which soaked right through, forming a large growing wet patch. Danny and Darren worked even more furiously at Tristan’s pecs, massaging and squeezing their huge, firm mass, relentlessly teasing his nipples.

The sound of a small tear rang through the air. There was so much precum it oozed out through the tear. “No!” cried Tristan. He knew his trousers could not contain the growing monster in them for much longer. The tightness was both painful, and yet an incredible turn-on as well, as his penis kept swelling bigger and bigger.

“Nearly there!” shouted Danny. “Let’s go!” As a final tour de force, the two servicing studs bit into Tristan’s erect, enormously swollen nipples, and sucked for all they were worth.

“FUCK!!!” screamed Tristan. And his words were accompanied by a massive, “RI-I-I-IP!!” as his monstrouly huge, engorged penis burst free of his trousers, sending a spray of precum into the air that flew everywhere. It stood there, fifteen inches of pure erect cock, covered in veins thick as a man’s finger, throbbing lustfully; so think a grown man could put two hands around it and still not grasp its huge circumferance. It kept squirting streams of precum as it grew, which flowed in thick, viscous streams down the sides of the massive organ, pooling and sticking at the dense mass of golden pubic hairs at the base; some flowed down to Tristan’s massive balls—they had grown considerably too, each easily five pounds or more, resting hugely like a pair of ostrich eggs on Tristan’s massive thighs.

Danny and Darren were dumbstruck for a moment, oblivious to the precum that had splattered on their faces and clothes and was trickling down their cheeks. They knew Tristan was one big bastard, but never in their dreams did they imagine he was so fucking well-endowed, a monster, an inhumanly massive sex organ.

“Fuck me,” breathed Danny.

“Yeah, “fucking hell, Tristan.” Darren reached out slowly, almost as if terrified to touch the dick of death.

Tristan smiled weakly at him, still panting, “You asked for it.” He said.

Danny nodded, slowly closing his agape mouth. “Yeah, and we promised we were gonna suck you till those bowling balls of yours squeeze out their last drops of cum.”

“We’ve got our jobs cut out for us, man,” agreed Darren. •

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