Batman and Robin

The Attack of Mr. Muscle


By MuscleTeen

Batman and Robin were in the Batgym doing their daily workout. "Come on Robin - pump it UP", Batman roared, as Robin curled the final rep - pumping his bis to the max. For a teen - he had geat bis - Batman loved watching them pop off his arms like softballs. Robin roared loudly as his bis exploded out of his arms. He dropped the bar with a crash and pulled a double bi. "What'ya think Batman?", he asked, looking proudly in the mirror. He was wearing his workout suit - which consisted of a pair of tight maroon leather shorts - with his Robin logo impressed onto it. Batman loomed up behind him - about a foot taller than his boy-partner, massively shouldered, huge chested, thin waisted, dark and as fucking sexy as they come. He grabbed each of Robin's bis in his hands, and squeezed them tight. "You've got one hell'uva pump their Robin", he said as he tried in vain to squeez the mounds of tight muscle. Batman's workout suit consisted of a navy-black leather singlet, tight around his Bat-butt, with his Batcock trying hard to split the leather seams. While he was feeling Robin's boy-bis, the seams were being stretched further still. In fact he was just going to relieve the pressure, and pull off his singlet to feel Robin's body all over when Alfred Jnr came in with a message.

Alfred Jnr was Alfred's grand-nephew - who had taken over his uncle's duties when the latter died of asphyxiation - he had tried to tell Batman that his cock was too big for his neck, but Batman was feeling too horny at the time to listen. Nevertheless, Batman didn't feel guilty, as he had taken in Alfred Jnr under his wing - in more ways than one - and thought his new house-boy the important principles of bodybuilding, cocksucking and housekeeping. Alfred Jnr was master at the three - in fact his body was rivalling that of Robin's in terms of teen-buffness - and Alfred Jnr was four years his junior. Robin didn't like this fact, so made sure to especially adore Batman and his Batmeat extra lusciously in front of Alfred Jnr. Either way, Batman thought the best thing he'd done was to hire Alfred Jnr. He had dispensed with the name Alfred Jnr, in memory of his late uncle of course.

"Yes Batboy?", Batman asked, while Robin was massaging his huge pecs under the tight singlet straps. "Sorry to disturb you sir, but there's a bit of commotion in the town - the mayor has rang twice - I explained you were in the gym and not to be disturbed, but he insisted it was more important". The three laughed at the thought of something being more important than the gym.

"To the Batcave", Batman declared. [cue music]

The trio ran downstairs to the batcave. Robin pulled on his leather suit - which snugly fitted his body - showing off his muscularity and vascularity to the maximum. HE stood there as Batboy slowly eased the sinlget off Batman, gently lifting his Batcock of ot the Battrunks, pulling on his Batsuit. It was also tight leather, bursting at the batseams - Batman was pumped after the workout. He raised his hand to pull Batboy in for a kiss, and the seam at his Batbi ripped slightly. "Damn I'll have to get a bigger suit - can't you make them any bigger Batboy?" "That's the biggest so far - and it was too big for you last month Batman - you're are pumping so much iron I can't keep up"

Batman rubbed his leather encased crotch for a while, helped by Batboy who was massagin his thighs, and Robin his pecs - Robin wasn't missing out on anything. Finally Batman sighed - "let's go to work Robin".

They drove down the Battunnel and out into the world - ready to bring justice and muscle to all. As Batman drove, Robin released the emergency zip on Batman, and gave his mentor and partner a Batblow - Batman found it hard to concentrate as Robin's boyish buff body rubbed against his leather suit - his mouth working his Batcock expertly to erection and beyond. Baman felt good.

They got to the town. Everything seemed normal. "What do you think the problem is Batman?". "I don't know", Batman replied shrewdly.

They continued driving, when suddenly Robin cried: "Holy bulging biceps Batman - look over there".

Batman looked. He saw a crowd of men - except these were no normal men - they were huge muscular men. At the centre of the crowd - was the biggest of them all. Batman stopped the car, and the two got out. They stood before the crowd. All the men were huge muscular and naked. They had exceptionally lagre cocks - even larger than the great Batcock. Batman disliked them immediately. Tehy all seemed preoccupied with their own bodies - as if they had suddenly realised that they were the sexiest men on earth. The were rubbing their bodies all over, moaning loudly. Their huge cocks were erect. Some of them were heping each other explore their bodies - running their hands over the huge smooth pumped muscle. Robin gulped. His boy-trunks could hardly hold in his erection at the sight of all these huge guys. The were so huge and so erotic. Wow - he wanted to show them his body - wanted to flex and let them dominate him wiht their hugeness. While he was admiring, the biggest of the men stepped out of the muscle throng.

"Well well Batman - I was wondering when you'd cum".

"Mr Muscle - I thought you'd been put away for life", Batman said, his voice registering disgust.

"I was - until I developed this!" He raised up his huge arm - his thick tricep making it the most massive arm Robin had ever seen - and making him produce so much precum he could feel it running down his legs. The veins pumped, and his bicep - was a long thick muscle on his outstretched arm. Attached to it was a sort of gun.

"Allow me to demonstrate", Mr Muscle said.

He pointed the gun at a businessman walking by - hunched shoulders, bent over as he walked - thin and lanky. Mr Muscle clenched his fist and the muscles in his arm flexed, activating the gun. A ray shot out and hit the dweeb in the torso. He fell back against the wall, as if stunned.

Batman watched what was happening - Robin too busy watching two guys who were now ALL over each other - their huge muscles rubbing hard against each other. The dweeb in the suit slowly stood up - staggered a little. He pulled his shoulders back a little, and then some more - and then out - Batman couldn't believe his eyes. The businessman ran his hands through his black hair, as his did his bicep popped the suit to its limits. "Oh man yeah", the businessman said. With his other hand he grabbed his crotch and started jerking off.

"This machine creates supermen - who are also willing muscle slaves", Mr Muscle said, grinning at Batman's jaw - which had dropped.

The growth scene before him continued. The guys chest had pushed the suit out further now - and finally it gave way to the bulging muscle beneath it. His shirt buttons popped off - one by one with a zing.

Even Robin had torn his eyes away from the musclefuck before him to watch the sight.

"Holy pec show", he murmered, amazed at the pectoral preformance before him. The guy raised both his hands up in the air now, pulling off the ramains of his shirt, and flexing his torso for all to see.

"Oh man I am huge - and fuckin' horny", he kept saying - rubbing his body all over wiht his strong hands. His muscle was pumping so - pumping as it grew. His trousers gave was also - due to his massive thighs which initially ripped them apart, and his elongating thickening cock which pushed them away. He stood there in his muscle nakedness, flexing for all to see. The other muscle guys went up to him - to see their latest recruit, to feel his hugeness against theirs.

Batman had had enough. He attacked the crowd before him.

POW! - he kicked one of the guys in the abs. He felt a sharp shock resonate up his leg. The guy he had kicked hardly noticed, so engrossed was he in feeling his mammthe pecs. WHAM! - Robin punched a guy in the back, his wrist nearly breaking in the process.

Mr Muscle laughed at their pathetic attempts.

"Strip them down men". The men immediately obeyed. The only voice they could here was Mr Muscle's. They shredded the leather clothing off both superheroes, leaving htem their in their muscular nakedness. "This city is going to be ruled by new muscle now Batman", Mr Muscle said with glee. He went up to Batman's body, rubbing it all over.

"Sandwich fuck them men". Two guys stepped forward to Batman and Robin. They were huge compared to tehm - and they enveloped the superheroes in their muscle. Robin was lost between a sea of pecs - form the guy ramming his musclerod up is boy-butt, and lats with the guy who had swallowed his cock up his huge muscle ass.

Batman the same. He shouted to Robin - "whatever you do - don't cum! - that's what they want..." Robin knew this was a hard command to obey. Surrounded by all this massive muscle - it was going to be very hard to obey indeed.

Will Robin cum up the muscle guy's ass?

Will Batman and Robin become Mr Muscle's slaves?

Will Batboy wonder why his master isn't home for tea?

Tune in next week to find out!! •

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