Batman and Robin

The Attack of Mr. Muscle


By MuscleTeen

Mr Muscle sat in a huge throne at the centre of the room. He was being massaged by some of his huge bodybuilder slaves, some of his ever-growing army of muscle hunks that he had created. Three musclemen were attending him - one massaging his huge shoulders, another his massive mounds of pectoral muscle and a third was sucking on his cock moaning as he sucked and stroked the great thighs of his master. Mr Muscle purveyed the scene around him. The great hall was filled with massive men working out or flexing in mirrors and for others or guys fucking each other in great muscle bonding sessions. The smell of testosterone and sweat and cum and MUSCLE reeked through the room. Mr Muscle felt he was in heaven.

"Bring in the new slaves", he commanded. Two massive guys - identical - both dressed in black thongs, leather straps on their wrists and neck, opened the two huge doos to the hall. In walked Batman and Robin, both a little bigger now - having been fed by some of Mr Muscle's slaves' cum. Robin's eyes were agog looking around the room - it was full of beautiful mussular men - he wasnted to feel them touch their flexing muscles - lick their muscular vascular bodies - they were so sexy he was having difficulty controlling his huge hard-on. As he walked - the leather thong - in his Robin maroon and grey colours rubbed the top of his cock - and was bringing him close to cumming.

"Jesus Batman - look at that guy over there", he gasped, watching a huge guy flex his guns in front of the mirror. The guy seemed satisfied with his hugeness, nodding with approval at the reflection before him. Another came up behind him, and began massagin ghte huge biceps that peaked and bulged out of his huge arms. Batman nodded - he couldn't help it - the cum he had taken up the ass had made him want one thing - muscle - and lots of it. He wanted to have it, to touch it, to watch it and most of all to fuck it. He too looked around the room - his eyes falling on a guy pulling a side chest pose, who's pecs looked as if they would explode out of his torso. The guy was pumping his bis with huge dumbells, while his huge pecs were being held in place - just - by another pec monster who was massaging and licking them greedily.

"Welcome", Mr Muscle said - standing up to command his new slaves. As he did, his minions who were serving him fell aside - out of the path of greatness. Mr Muscle had long wanted to rub Batman's leather suit command the muscle within it - finger each of those leather encased abs, the bold shoulders - the Batcock. He walked up to Batman and Robin. Robin's knees couldn't hold him any longer, and he fell to the ground, his mouth approaching his Master's huge cock. He took it gratefully in his mouth - and sucked hard at the throbbing hard organ. Batman knew what he must do - and walked up to Muscle - offering his body for His Master to enjoy. Muscle lifted Batman up - smelling hte leather encasing the Batbody - and suddenly ripped it open, releasing the Batmuscles for him to explore. He massaged Batman's sexy toned buff body - the muscles were no match for his - but Batman was so hunky - so beautiful - Muscle preferred him to any other in the room.

Batman rubbed Muscle's body all over, moaning softly as his hands ran over the hard huge muscle. "Oh man yeah you are huge", he said, running his hands over the pecs. "OH YES - that's HARD!", he roared as Muscle flexed his guns and batman tried to squeez the huge muscles. "Good boy Batman", Muscle said - allowing Batman to feel him all over. "Take me show me how much you want this body". Batman wanted it - whatever happened in the muscle fuck - whatever was in Muscle's slaves' cum he wanted muscle so bad now. He wrapped his arms around Muscle's huge torso - and pulled his body close tot he muscle - rubbing his torso up and down his master's mass. His cock was brushing against Muscle's abs - the deep cuts jacking him off. Robin fell back to the floor and admired the scene above him. As Muscle flexed, Batman explored his body even more. Robin started jacking off at the muscle-fest before him. Muscle's huge shoulders, his massive pecs - Robin could feel the sensation in his own body as Batman massaged the mass - he jacked off harder, harder, spouting cum all over himself and Batman and Mr Muscle. Mr Muscle turned Batman around. Releasing his huge arm of the gun strapped to it, he cast it aside and pulled Batman's mass up onto his huge now fully erect cock. He started bucking his massive body - moving Batman's own up and down his muscle shaft. He moaned as he felt Batman clench his glutes - trying to give extra sensation to his cock. All the guys around now were jackin off or in twos and threes - pumping there cocks furiously at the muscle sight before him.

As Muscle came he roared - and all came around him. The floor was splattered in cum and sweat and guys falling to the ground - jackin their cocks furiously to maje the orgasm last longer. The room fell silent.

"Congratulations Batman", Muscle said after a while. I think I will make you and your boy here fully muscled slaves. He turned to get his gun. Batman looked around - looked at the massive monsters he was about ot become. He couldn't wait - his life was muscle now - and sex - that was all that mattered. He forgot his former self...temporarily.

"Looking for something??" The call came form the throne. Batboy was standing on the throne - his huge teen body standing astride the huge arms of the chair - his cut thighs flexing wihth the wide stance. He has Bat boy shorts on - short, leather and tight - and he was hard - obviously after watching the muscle fest before him. His teen torso looked pumped - as if just from the gym and his boysih face had a sly smile - his eyes just covered by the falling fringe of black hair. In his left pumped hand he was holding Muscle's gun - which he had strapped to himself and was aiming it around the room. Muscle froze.

"Let me get this right...", Batboy declared loudly. "Who ever I fire this at becomes hugely muscular, and also a willing sex slave..."

He aimed the gun around the room. It lingered momentarily between Batman and Mr Muscle. "I wonder who I will take first", he said smiling. He aimed his gun, clenched his fist to flex his tricep and fired. His target was the first in a long line of Bat slaves - BatBOY slaves that is...

The End!

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