Unexpected Muscle


By Turbo Muscle

On the way back, Dave and I talked about everything, our close call with Ken and his goons, what our senior year would be like, the usual BS. Jeff only answered direct questions and then only "yes" or "no". I couldn't help thinking Jeff was dumb, at least socially, he seemed to tag along with any group that would take him and then he didn't contribute much to bond with them, Jim and I were the only friends he had. We pulled into our driveway. "Last one in's a rotten egg!" Dave yelled, leaping from the car and around back, it was sort of silly, I had to put the car in the garage and get Jeff a pair of swim trunks. "Uh, John," Jeff said, sort of sheepishly, "Yeah?", I replied. "Thanks for sticking up for me back there, you're pretty brave." "Oh no, Matt saved my ass." "But you didn't know he'd show up." Jeff replied. "Uh, well, Ken's such an asshole he makes me so mad I can't think straight." "Thanks, any ways." Jeff insisted. I gave up, "You're welcome."

We went inside, I ran into the laundry room and grabbed a pair of my Dad's swim trunks. "These should fit you," I said, you can change in the bathroom off the kitchen, I'll see you in the pool." I opened the sliding glass door, closing it behind me to save on the AC and leapt in the pool, splashing Jim. We began horsing around. Dave has a tight little bod, some muscles even show, I loved the squirm of his muscles as we horsed around.

Dave had me in a head lock, I was flailing around on my back in the water, trying to get him off when Jeff walked out of the house, closing the glass door behind him. He had removed his shirt and I saw his incredible muscles. I had to gasp under my breath- "Holy shit he's huge," I thought, "dumb and muscular- what more could you want?" Jeff was more muscular than Ken! His pecs formed an actual shelf, they were like two rock overhangs. His arms, even relaxed, were a collection of bumps of muscle, his stomach was a rock hard six pack, and his legs were like two muscle columns!

He jumped into the water and dragged me under, holding me under the water... I couldn't breathe... I was afraid he was drowning me. I fought and struggled against his massive power but it was no use -- he finally pulled me up and I just lay there while he grabbed my legs and started to swing me back and forth in the water. It wasn't a bad feeling being swung side to side like a rag doll. I got kind of used to it. Dave had by this time swum to the side of the pool and was now on one of the lounges oiling himself down to work on his tan, he yelled a few things like, "That's right, Jeff, cream him!" before he lay down and fell asleep. Dave could sleep anywhere, even in bright sunlight.

Finally, Jeff stopped tossing me around the pool. I decided to take the offensive. I pulled myself up to his level and had my legs wrapped around his waist. Then I stopped in awe at his muscled body. We just stared like that for awhile into each others eyes, his were a deep blue. The water was dripping over his massive form. For 18 he sure was huge. Finally I had this incredible URGE to squeeze his massive bicep. I took hold of it and squeezed and squeezed while he flexed, it was an incredible peaked mass, 19" easy. It was an incredible experience to say the least, it was like granite, just like in all my muscle fantasies.

Finally he took me out of the water and up to the sliding glass door of our house. "Open" was all the words he said. I was fearful of what he might do and I refused "Jeff we're dripping wet-- my mom will kill me if we get water all over the carpet." "Do not care-- Open or I will drop you." I had to comply. We went inside -- it was hard to get used to the darkness of the house after being in the hot sun all day. I was nearly blinded but I didn't care --- I was wrapped up against this 6'1 blond adonis. He held me close to his chest as we walked upstairs together... •

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