Unexpected Muscle


By Turbo Muscle

As he was taking me upstairs, I sort of panicked, all my fantasies were coming true and I was scared, I uncoiled my legs from around his waist and dug my feet into the upstairs hall carpet. "Think you can take me without a fight?" I yelled jokingly at Jeff. Jeff looked at me intently, "You are brave, but I am stronger." I struggled, but it was useless, I tried every wrestling hold I knew and it was obvious Jeff didn't know a one, he simply out muscled me. Finally, he powered me down to the floor, God, he was strong! Irresistible, massive muscle, I was arching my back, straining with every muscle of my body, and he was inexorably crushing me to the floor. My face was inches from his massive pecs, my hands were straining, one pushing on his chest, another on one massive biceps, I looked up into his handsome face, he had this intense look on his face.

I realized the look on his face, love! Or maybe lust. I looked into that look on his face and I said, "I don't know why I'm trying to resist you!" Jeff grinned and put on one last burst of muscle power, crushing me to the carpet. One cheek of my upturned face pressed into his left pec, I felt his hard powerful muscles all around me, my stiff cock pressed into his heaving, cobblestone abs, with my left leg I could feel that Jeff had a boner too.

Suddenly we heard, "Hey guys, quit horsing around, I need someone to oil down my back!!" Dave yelled. The spell was broken, we both realized now was not the time. "I'll be back for you later!" Jeff whispered to me in my ear. In reply I rubbed my head along the pillows of his pecs, he shuddered a little. We both stood up and went down to the pool. Jeff didn't stick around much after that, saying he had to get back to help his grandmother with dinner. After he left, Dave said, "He's a weird guy, who would've thought he'd have muscles under those dorky clothes?."

Dave left when my parents got home, they both worked and I was a "latchkey kid" growing up. Now that I was eighteen they gave me a lot more freedom, but we still had the most elaborately alarmed house in the neighborhood. My parents must have thought I had sunstroke or something, I was totally out of it, acting like Jeff had in the car, answering only in monosyllables. I couldn't help it, I'd had the most incredible muscle experience of my life! Hell, the only muscle experience of my life, and Jeff had said he was coming back... I waited with both anticipation and dread for his return... •

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