Muscle Harem


By Troy292

I arrived at the office arround 8:30 told Rob about my appointments with Matt and Lars. Then I had him make arrangements for our picnic at the beach at noon. I told Rob he was coming with us.

Matt came right at 9 on the nose. I had him strip and kneel under my desk sucking me as I did paperwork. He did an excellent job. After 45 minutes of him blowing me I shot a huge load down his throat, but that wasn't the only reward he was going to receive today. I had him stand up and hit a double biceps pose for me. And then I had him swallow the potion. He instantly grew to 295 lbs and 12.75 in cock, he was now the second largest Group II male. I admired his new body until it was time for Lars to show. I had Matt hide back under my desk until I was ready for him.

Lars came in totally naked, it was interesting the look on Rob's face as he came in. I told him that some one was here to see him.

Matt rose to his feet, Lars became very fearful. I began telling them the new program I was implementing. There were more Group III and IVs than there was work. I decided that each Group II and I would receive a III or IV as a personal slave. I told Matt that I had chosen Lars to be Matt's slave. I had Matt order and rough Lars as I watched.

Lunchtime came and Rob, Lance,Chris and Tony showed up right on time. Lance drove us to beach and then I had all four strip for me.

And then I had all four simultanously swallow a formula I had for them. They instantly became 500 lbs and 23 in cock. I explained to them the new changes in there bodies.

"You guys are now a new gender called hemales. Your bodies now have a gland that produces TXM Plus. Right now you have the bodies of a preteen hemale. But before we leave today you will be full grown. Your new bodies are capable off producing offspring, which you will be producing for me. I had decided to keep the four of you as my wifes." Right before my eyes Tony and Rob changed before my eyes. Tony became a total muscle bear and Rob began to grow chest hair. Chris and Lance became larger but remained hairless. I then told Tony to let me suck him and shoot the largest load down my throat. I instantly outgrew my four wifes. The TXM Plus in Tony's come enabled my growth. I then had the other three do the same as Tony. I ended up becoming 7' 10" 1000 lbs and 36 in of hard cock. I then proceeded to make my wifes pregnant for me.

As soon as the sun went down, Lance drove us home. And then I made all four of my little wifes enjoy my body. •

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