Muscle Harem


By Troy292

I left my office to go check out my new bedroom. I was walking past the Group I area where the men live and work out. I see a fight between a Group I and a Group IV. I hide behind a pillar watching the whole thing. The Group I is Lars, he began picking on the Group IV guy bragging about what I would do with Lars tonight. Lars left with the poor Group IV lying on the ground. I go help him up. "What's your name?, I ask. "Matt IV 185 8, Sir," he replied. "Great Matt, how about coming with me to my quarters,"I offered. "Thank you, Sir," he answered. "Lars appears to be an asshole, doesn't he? wait til he sees what will happen tonight and tommorrow." "What Sir?" "You will find out soon enough,Matt." I opened the door and let Matt inside. I told him to strip for me. He had a nice smooth swimmers build, very simular to Rob's before I transformed him. " I think you need a reward Matt for all Lars put you through, How would you like to be a Group III?" " Thank you, Sir. I would be honored, Sir." "Drink this." Instantly I saw a huge 240 lb man before my eyes with a huge 10 incher between his legs. I had him flex for me, and I checked over my handiwork. I was very pleased. I handed Matt his Group III shirt and shorts. I told him I wished I had more time to spend with him but i had a lot of work to do. I told him to come to my office in the morning at 9, prepared to give me the best blow job ever. I told him that Lars would be joining us at 10 where Matt would witness phase 2 of Lars punishment. Matt left. And soon my dinner appeared. Right at 7 I heard a knock at my door. I opened the door and in came Tony dressed in the tight speedo I had requested. He was hot looking someone had oiled him up as I wanted. I told Tony to stand and flex in front of him as we chatted. "Tony you know that Lars is coming at 8 don't you?" "Yes, Sir." "I'm going to compare your 2 builds for a while,think you can handle that?" "Yes, Sir." "Then after that im going to have some fun with the 2 of you, when I'm finished with Lars, you will be spending the night with me. I plan on you spending every night with me, and the 3 others I love as much as you." "Yes, Sir. I love you as well." "That's wonderful, Tony. I'm sure you will enjoy tonight I promise that."

Right at 8, Lars arrived exactly like I had ordered him. I had Tony standing to the right of Lars, I ordered both to do a double biceps. Lars 25 inches dwarfed Tonys 16 inches. Hell,all of Lars made Tony look small, but in about an hour all that would change. I then had Tony stand in front of Lars. Poor Tony looked so small standing there. I took out both men's cocks and began jerking them both off. Both got hard rather quickly, but I had to release my hold from Tony's just to hold Lars 15 inches of meat. "Now it's time for the real fun," I said. I told them to drink what i offered them, but the drink in Lars' glass was a different color from Tony's. As soon as each man swallowed the drink, the changes were already done. Tony was huge, he was now the largest guy on the island weighing in at 400 lbs and a huge 16 in cock. In one day he accomplished what Lars was unable to do in the 2 years he had been on the island. Lars was pitiful looking, his transformation brought a smile to my face. He was back to where he started when he arrived at the island just 2 years ago. That's right 175 and 7 inches on a 6'4" frame. Imagine seeing a huge hunk of man instantly shrink back down to a swimmers build. This time I had Lars stand to the right of Tony. I ordered both to do double biceps again Tony's 30 inches dwarfed Lars 15 inches easily. Then I had Lars standing in front of Tony, this time getting a taste of his own medicine, Tony dwarfed Lars completely.I then had them stand beside each other, and I began jacking both off as before but this time Tony got all the attention. It was time for Lars to go. I ordered him to put on the speedo Tony had worn and to report to the Group IV area which he would be spending the lot of the rest of his life, and then to meet me in my office at 10. With Lars gone, Tony and I made hot love with my cock up his ass most of the night. In the morning I had him put ont the speedo Lars had worn but it didn't quite fit him, but I told him that would do till he got to Group I area. I told him to meet me outside at noon that we would be going to lunch on the beach and he would meet the other 3 men that I love. I got a view of his ass as he walked down the hall. I was looking forward to today. Not just with Matt and Lars, but with my plans for the afternoon and tonight would probably change my life forever. •

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