By Josef Howard


We never did have dinner, but we got ourselves off several more times that night. We exchanged numbers in the morning before I left, but he never returned my calls. Once or twice I went out of my way to walk by the outside of his apartment and look up wistfully at his window. I thought of ringing his door bell, but I was afraid he'd think I was a pest. Weeks passed. Eventually I reluctantly wrote him off.

Meanwhile I hit an incredible stride at the gym. By Labor Day I had gained twenty pounds and lost the last of the thin coat of fat over my abs. The bigger I got, the more looks I got. The stares became addictive, not to mention the sex. I began to go out almost every night of the week after work. But even after a night of dick numbing sex I was still horny the next day by mid morning.

By the end of the year I broke 220. I was still not nearly as big as Frank, but I looked bigger than a lot of the guys in the muscle magazines of the time. I even thought my dick looked bigger, which was strange, because the old saw was that your dick started looking smaller when you added bulk.

I didn't try to analyze it too much. I was just enjoying it all: the feeling of lifting three and four times the weight I could handle just a few months earlier; and the incredible sex with guys who wouldn't even have given me the time of day when I first arrived in the City. I didn't think anything of it until the day I first heard the voice.

I was getting dressed for another night out. I had just pulled on a T-shirt, which admittedly was getting a bit too tight. I was standing in front of the closet door mirror enjoying the way the T-shirt stretched tightly over my bulging pecs, and the way my biceps pulled it almost to the bursting point. I tightened my torso into a "most muscular" and grinned.

"This is only the beginning."

It was the kind of thing a more cocky man might have said to himself, but it wasn't me that said it. It wasn't even audible, really. It came from inside my head.

"Watch this."

I felt my arms rise up, almost float, and twist involuntarily into a double-biceps. My eyes popped wide. The peak of my biceps swelled to now familiar proportions, then a fraction of an inch further, and firmer. The flexation relaxed an instant, then grew more intense. My arms bulged an extra inch in front of my eyes. The seam of my T-shirt arms ripped.

I dropped my arms to my side, but my fists set themselves on my waist, my elbows bent forward and my lats spread wide. The sides of my T-shirt tore to shreds.

"Not bad, eh? For someone who was always picked last when they chose teams back in high school gym class? But we wouldn't want our chest and arms out of proportion to the rest of our body would we?"

My thighs tensed and expanded. I heard another rip and the sides of my jeans were wide open down to my ankles. My eyes raked up the outward sweep of my new thicker thighs to my groin. My dick was so hard it was practically tenting the tight denim. In the intensity of my muscular convulsions I had broken out in a sweat. The wet remnants of my T-shirt were clinging to my stone tight abs and the under side of the ridge my pecs made at my sternum. Then my eyes met my mirror eyes and my jaw dropped. My face had changed too. My eyes were set deeper under the ridge of my brow. My cheekbones were larger. My jaw was huge. My knees weakened at the whole experience, my dick convulsed and I gushed inside my pants. After the first spasm I tore open my fly and pumped it to several more garden-hose-force squirts, while I ripped off the rest of my T-shirt.

When the orgasms stopped, I might have felt ridiculous standing in front of a cum soaked mirror in a pile of tattered clothing, my own body dripping with cum, my chest, my arms, not to mention my hands. But it is hard to feel ridiculous when you're still sporting a stiffy, and during the commotion it had become an enormous one at that. Easily nine inches long, with balls the size of tennis balls.

I walked (wattled really with my newly enlarged thighs rotating a bit around each other) into the bathroom to clean up a bit. As I wiped off my face with a towel I stepped on the scale. The numbers flew by the window and it settled on 235. I had grown over fifteen pounds in less than ten minutes! I peered into the shaving mirror at the face of what I had become and rubbed the stubble on my sizeable jaw.

"No, not bad at all," the voice said. "I'd say we're ready to go out now."

"Who are you?" I said to the empty room.

"Think of me as a kind of friendly demon," it said in my head.

I definitely didn't have T-shirts the size I was now, but that was okay. I was charged at even the thought of leaving the house showing the world this bare chest. I found a pair of painters pants I wore a couple times at dance clubs that barely fit over my thighs and calves and went out into the night.

As horny as I was still feeling, I couldn't stand the thought of standing around in a bar making small talk, even for the few minutes it would take me, looking like this, to interest a taker. And in the mood I was in I sure as hell needed more than just one man to satisfy me, or even two. My best option was the baths.

The attendant at the counter could hardly check me in for staring at my face, my chest and my arms. When he wasn't looking, I grinned from ear to ear. This was going to be a night to remember. I stuffed my pants in my locker. I didn't even bother with a towel. Who would, looking and feeling the way I did? My dick had softened a bit on the walk to the baths, but now it was hard as stone again and reaching higher with every step, till it was scraping against my navel as I walked down the hall. Two or three men walking towards me stopped as I reached them and just stared at my dick. I stopped. One of them, a tightly muscular black man with a dick the size of mine reached out and grabbed my hard-on. Another of them, a man with dense fur on his pecs and hardly anywhere else, knelt in front of me and pulled my dick down to his lips. As he dragged his wet lips over my cock head, the black man entangled his tongue with mine and rubbed the underside of my pec. I sucked on his tongue as I pulled the man working on my dick closer, shoving the first five inches into his mouth. I worked it into a downward angle, pushed him lower, tilted his head upward and drove it the rest of the way down his throat. As he applied exquisite suction all along my shaft, a third man sucked on one of my balls and a fourth stood behind me and fingered my anus. When his finger slipped past my prostate, my eyes clenched and saw stars as I shot down the second one's throat.

When I opened my eyes I saw that a audience had begun to form around us. I couldn't have been happier. I was just beginning and I was going to need all the attention I could get. My dick didn't soften for an instant. A short blond man with biceps, shoulders as big as mine stood in front of me. His own huge dick, made to seem even more outrageously large by his relative stature, stood straight up. As I rubbed my hands over his huge shoulders and hard pecs, the black man who had been fingering my ass knelt between us and drew my stone hard dick into his mouth. As he made slurping sounds around it, I leaned down to the blond man's face and entwined my tongue with his. As my lips locked with his, I felt a sexual jolt from the tip of my tongue to the tips of my toes. Energy flowed between us as though we were opposite poles of some sexual battery. My dick overflowed again, rewarding my man fellating it before he had really begun. The blond man spurted too, like a geyser erupting on both of our chests and necks, without anyone touching his cock.

The frenzy continued even after we stopped ejaculating. Without breaking our lip lock, I eased the blond to the floor on his back, placed his legs on my shoulders and slide my dick up his ass. As the flow of energy between us shifted now to my dick and his ass, we broke our kiss. With every thrust my dick seemed to grow longer and I arched my back and closed my eyes as I fucked him deeper and deeper.

We were both groaning loudly now. The group around us just stood and stared, too mesmerized by the sight of us to do more than finger their own cocks. The blond muscle man's jaw had gone slack. His tongue hung out and he was dribbling spittle from his mouth. His eyes were rolled to the back of his head like a man having a seizure. Every ounce of his being was devoted to pushing back against me on each of our mutual thrusts as my dick stroked the inside of his ass.

My dick was harder than it had ever been. It jerked and bucked on its own, quite beside our efforts. It pulled upwards inside the blond muscle stud's ass, straining inside him towards my abdomen. His own enormous dick was so hard by now it was violet. I pulled it up and touched it to my lips. As I sucked it into my wet mouth, his back arched and his eyes opened wide. What seemed like a pint of cum shot out into my mouth in the first volley. I let half of it overflow my lips and run down his dick. I grinned at him and stoked along its entire length with my hand as I sucked on it harder. Another volley as big as the first shot into my mouth. Then another. I swallowed some and let the rest run down his dick to his stomach.

Meanwhile his ass muscles were spasming like mad around my dick, sucking the cum right out of my it. As I shot my first load inside him the pleasure was so intense I dropped his dick from my mouth. He continued squirting, on my face, in my hair, everywhere, and I continued coming, for what felt like hours.

When I could open my eyes, he was grinning at me. I was still buried deep inside him and he was still hard, but his dick was a lighter color now. As I pulled back, drawing out of him, I discovered the sensations I had had that my dick was growing inside him were not an illusion. It had grown. When I had gone out that night it had been about nine inches long. It was more than a foot long now! I helped my blond muscle man to his feet. He reached out to my cock as he held his and compared them. They were almost the same size! Now that we were uncoupled, the crowd that had gathered around us wasn't about to leave us alone any longer, especially since neither of us showed any sign of sexual fatigue. The black man who had slurped on my dick a few minutes ago walked behind me and rubbed his large cock between the globes of my ass. I leaned back into him, and he grabbed me by the neck, and bent me at the waist as he impaled me with his dick. My jaw dropped as he slide in my ass to the hilt. My blond muscled friend put that open mouth to good use. I salivated around his dick the instant it touched my tongue, then inhaled his dick down my throat like a vacuum. Now he groaned louder than when I fucked him. He pulled back till just the head was in my mouth, and I inhaled him again.

The three of us found a rhythm at first. As I drove my ass backward into my black friend's frantic thrusts, the blond muscle stud pulled back. I drew a breath, then I sucked him back down my throat as my friend's long black dick pulled halfway out. Then our thrusts, our heaves and our lunges grew more frantic. In one of my inhalations I sucked in one of the muscle studs giant balls. On the next I somehow found room in my mouth for both. He unloaded again, this time down my throat, so all I could feel was the pulse of his cum as it shot through his dick, along my tongue and down my gullet. It was enough to make even my currently neglected dick cum. I could hear long squirts hit the floor under me.

That was the last drop of my cum that was wasted that evening. Before I could fire again, a mouth wrapped around my dick and drank in the rest. When he had drained the last from that orgasm, another mouth took it in and sucked until it fired off again. Then another, and another. As we three humped over the next hour I must have fed half the house that night with my cum.

When we had all come for the final time, they both withdrew. The three of us collapsed in each other's arms in the blond man's room and fell into deep sleep. •

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