By Josef Howard


When I woke late the next day, I was alone. It was well into the afternoon. It had been a workday, but I had slept through most of it without even calling in sick. I briefly considered that if my sexual appetite continued this way I would soon be out of a job, but it wasn't a thought I harbored long. Instead my attention was drawn to my dick, which was thickening and lengthening at the thought of the action the night before.

I hadn't noticed last night as I withdrew it from inside the blond stud just how big its head had grown. It was easily the size of a small orange. The ridge of it stood out at least a quarter inch from the long thick shaft. As I touched it, I felt the now familiar jolt that jumped down the shaft to my groin. I whimpered. My mouth salivated. I dropped a huge wad of spit on the head and spread it down the shaft. I had to use both of my hands on the extra long shaft. In a few minutes my knees buckled beneath me and I shot my first load of the day.

When it subsided I wiped myself clean and wrapped my waist with a towel, crunchy with who knows whose dry cum from the night before. I was anxious to get my pants out of my locker and get home again to sort through what had happened to me without becoming involved in another scene that it would take hours to extricate myself from.

The attendant behind the front counter was the same one as last night. He had probably finished his shift, been home and come back in the time that I had slept. He grinned at me from ear to ear as I walked past. People had obviously been talking. I drew all kinds of stares as I walked home without my shirt. Some of them were disdainful, some were envious, and others were lascivious. I stopped at a clothing store on the way and bought pants with the biggest legs I could find and the largest sweatshirt they had. Except in the crotch, they fit loosely on me, but I had come to expect that my growth wasn't over yet.

I stood in my apartment in front of the full-length mirror in my bedroom and stared at my naked body. It might even have been bigger than the night before when it had burst out of my clothes. What was happening to me? What was making me grow so fast? Why was I so horny? Why was I hearing voices? Was I going insane? "You're not insane. Just sick," I heard the voice say.

"What are you?"

"I'm your disease. I've been multiplying inside you for months. I'm responsible for everything that has been happening to you. I've built your physique. I've spurred your sexual appetite."

"I've never heard of a disease that does this."

"I've done what I've done for both of us, my young friend. I multiply by sexual transmission. The better you look, the more sex you want; the more sex you have. The more sex you have, the more hosts I find; and the more hosts I find, the faster I spread."

"Where does it end?"

"It doesn't end. I'm having a lot of fun and it's only just beginning."

The muscles around my neck tensed and bulged. My traps swelled. Then my chest, my arms, my lats and my legs ballooned too. My dick was sprouting from the base like one of those Fourth of July fireworks snakes or a time lapse film of a seed germinating. My eyes clenched shut. I tried to scream but my throat tightened.

When I opened my eyes I was even bigger. My shoulders were gigantic. My pecs were solid slabs of polished marble that stuck out five inches from my torso. My biceps bulged into a peak even when my arms were straight at my side. My waist was still narrow, but packed tight with muscles as thick as bricks. My legs were intertwined with thick muscle. The texture of the muscles was visible, as were thick, tubular veins beneath my skin. The separations between my muscles were inhumanly deep. My dick had stopped growing now and was lifting itself up with every heartbeat. When it was fully erect it nearly reached to the bottom of my pecs. My balls were the size of oranges.

"This was always the goal," the voice said. "Sixty-five inch chest, twenty-eight inch arms, thirty-five inch thighs, and twenty-five inch calves. Congratulations! You're 295 pounds now. You've got seventy-five pounds on last year's Mr. Olympia. I can also guarantee that you surpass him when it comes to filling out a pair of posing trunks. I think we should sample the merchandise."

My legs stepped back and I sat down on the bed. I had lost all control of my motor functions. My head curled down, my hips curled up and my dick slide into my mouth.

"Oh, I like that, and I can tell that you do too."

My mouth was practically foaming as my lips wrapped tight on my dick and I sucked as hard as I had last night on my blond friend. The head slipped down my throat. My throat muscles tightened on it, milking it and pulling on it like a teat. The cables of my arm muscles clenched and my hands pulled my butt higher, drawing more of my dick into my throat. I had eight inches inside, but there were eight more that desperately wanted in. After a few more thrusts I was lost again in a swoon of sexual frenzy. I no longer cared I had no control of my body. I was no longer aware of where I was. I didn't even care. I felt something build in the back of my throat, a hum that became a vibration. Then my throat convulsed and I was in ecstasy as intense as an orgasm. That quickly brought my other end to a climax. The ridge around my cock head swelled and I poured pints of cum down my own throat.

I dropped my hips down and panted.

"Like that? It's a little something I added to your anatomy: the ability to have an orgasm in your throat. I would have shown you how you can have one in your ass, but even I can't make you that limber. For that erogenous zone we need assistance."

I raised my hand up to my chest.

I had control of my limbs again! "Put your clothes back on. We're going out."

It was night. I had no idea where we were going, but I didn't need to know. At every intersection, something took control of my legs. I walked uphill on Haight Street from my apartment near Fillmore. A cold, strong wind blew from the west, pushing gusts of thick mist through the leaves of the gnarled trees in Buena Vista Park. At the foot of the park, on the corner, was an old Victorian mansion.

My feet stopped in front of it. I stood on the sidewalk in front the house. It was dark, except for a single light that shone through the curved stiles of the circular window on the top floor. As I looked up at the window, my nipples stood out and my dick began to stir. Something was waiting for me inside that house, but the voice in my head was now silent.

I walked up to the front door to knock but the door was ajar. I pushed it open and stepped inside a dark hallway. Dim light from the top floor barely illuminated the stairway. I walked slowly up the creaking wood stairs to the fourth floor.

In the center of the attic room, beneath the pitched ceiling, illuminated by dozens of candles, hovering in mid air in a lotus position, was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. He was easily as large as I was in every conceivable way, yet his musculature was even more beautiful. He was as dark as I was light. The arcs and valleys of his flesh were awesome. And rising in a column of black flesh that started between his legs was a gigantic cock that flared like a flute at the corona.

There was a deafening stillness in the air of that room. It was so silent my ears rang. The atmosphere was so thick I felt I could float in it myself. Once again my limbs were not my own to command. My legs carried me to the center of the room. I knelt in front of my ebony shaman. I bent his shaft downward to my lips and I inhaled half of its immensity in my first slurp. I felt its head brush against that hot spot in the back of my throat and I gasped as best as I could with my lips distended around it. Then I felt a hand comb through my hair, push me from it and urge me to me feet.

My dark shaman was standing now. His eyes stared into mine. His face was as gorgeous as the rest of him. My mouth sagged open. His lips parted and his tongue extended, and extended, and extended, until it touched my lips and then entered my mouth. I slurped along its length until our lips touched. His tongue lapped down my throat and touched that new "hot spot" again. I smashed our lips tighter together to allow it to plunge deeper.

As his arms wrapped tightly around my wide, flaring back, his tongue gently fucked my throat, and I inhaled as much of its delicious length as was offered.

I began to wish I could reciprocate this newfound erotic pleasure when I began to feel my own tongue swell, stretch and fish deeper into my lover's mouth. When it reached his own oral erogenous zone, his grip around me loosened. I flicked the tip of my tongue around it. His torso rocked as he offered that special piece of himself to me and his whole body seemed to pivot on the tiny point of my tongue. Our lips lost their grip on each other as we concentrated all our efforts on that place down our throats that made our hearts pound. I felt a drop of something wet fall on my dick and realized it was saliva. We were both drooling.

I grabbed my lover by the back of his neck and pulled his mouth closer, determined to dig deeper into his oral love canal. He probed deeper in me. His forefingers touched my nipples, which were raised at least an inch from the rim of my bulbous pecs, in tiny erections of their own. I gasped. The muscles of my throat clenched at his tongue, and I came.

He pushed our lips apart, twisted me around and bent me at the waist. The fist-like knob of his dickhead pushed at my ass and slid in. Just past the prostate he hit another new erogenous zone. I gasped in startled ecstasy as he brushed against it. The deeper he went, the more intense the pleasure was. He laughed as I ground my ass into his groin. My ass muscles were spasming wildly around his dick and I could feel his knees weaken behind me. He reached around to my dick, as hard as cast iron by now and soaked with precum. He jacked it in time to his thrusts. I clenched my teeth and my eyes and shook my head as I pounded my ass harder against his bushy groin. The excitement was so intense I wished his dick were twice as long.

And then I felt another dick at my lips. I opened my eyes and saw the dark bush of another man in my face with a prick as long as mine, only much thicker. I wondered if my mouth would open wide enough to get it in. I salivated at the prospect of it stuffing that new hot spot in my throat. I didn't have much time to wonder whether it fit. He pushed it past my lips and down my throat. My tongue elongated and slithered around the shaft. It tightened around the prick in my mouth like a Chinese finger trap. I inhaled the prick further. My tongue pulled it deeper, and it drove home inside. I grasped the ass cheeks of the man who face fucked me. They were like steel bulges wrapped in hot silk. My fingers were slick with my own sex sweat. I spread his cheeks and pushed one of my own thick fingers into his ass. Past his prostate I felt what must be inside my own ass that made both me and the man fucking me so excited. There were thousands of delicate flanges inside. As I slid two more of my fingers inside and rubbed against them, the man fucking my face groaned and fell deep inside my throat. I worked two fingers from my other hand inside him and tugged at the walls of his rectum. He pounded his groin against my lips. His dick swelled. The rim of his cock head expanded in my throbbing throat and the first wad of cum spurted into my stomach.

With two cocks massaging my new erogenous zones simultaneously, while a gargantuan, callused paw stroked me, I couldn't hold back much longer either. A tingle ran down my spine and spread to the tips of my fingers and toes, then reached the amperage of an electric shock as all three of my erotic centers came at once. My ass convulsions pulled my other partner past the brink. He bellowed and pounded harder at my ass. As the cum rushed out of his giant dick, he pulled himself completely outside of me with each stroke. His juice drenched my ass inside and out.

I stood up and faced the man who had feed me his dick. It was Frank! But he was even larger than I remembered! And sexier too! He thumbed my nipples, sending me into a mini convulsion, and grinned widely.

"Welcome to the fraternity," was all he said. •

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