Shower, The


By BoyBob69

Felix and my new found guardian muscle-god Don took me down a maze of corridors to a room locked with six locks. Felix explained, "This is for your first treatment only. You'll never get the same level of growth again, but more than one treatment like this would be dangerous. Not that some of our members don't try to push the limits of the other treatments trying to recreate the results that they achieved in the first session." Don blushed and even that was deeply sexy. "There are six locks on the door to prevent any unauthorized usage." There was an intercom phone next to the door. Felix picked it up. "Tony, report to the intake room." The sound dislocated as I heard Felix say it and heard it over the intercom system a split second later. "No one has all the keys to the room, just to prevent anyone from trying to overpower one of us to use the transformer."

Just then we could feel someone approaching. I say feel because the ground trembled with each step and the smell reasserted itself. I was starting to get hard again when Felix called out, "Turn it off, Tony. We've been through that all ready." Suddenly, the smell was gone again.

"What is that?" I asked.

"Pure masculine pheromone," Felix explained, "It's one of the side effects of the treatment. You manufacture it at will. It will cause anyone, everyone who smells it to become erotically stimulated. I usually use it when I encounter particularly virulent homophobes and then have fun while they grovel at my feet wanting to suck me off."

I turned to face the on-coming earthquake named Tony. He blocked out all light behind him coming down the hallway. Pure, ripped muscle upon muscle and hot as a Marine DI. Every move he made sent another ripple through a series of muscles calf, thigh, abs and then alternate wrist, arms, shoulder, trap, chest. And with each move he got bigger and not just because he was coming closer and closer. He had to be the most massive man I had ever seen.

He had a huge chain with keys around his neck. He pushed past me, said, "Nice," that hit me with that sexual jolt and began to sort his way through the keys. Felix also had a ring of keys that he was sorting through, too. They took turns unlocking the locks. It was like watching massive sculptures move and flex, each movement highlighting a different muscle combination. Felix stood aside as Tony pulled the vault-like door open.

"It looks like a huge shower," I said, disappointed.

"It won't look so huge after your treatment," Don said as he smiled and winked.

"Okay," Felix explained, "You're going to go through some radical transmorphing in a short period of time. It will feel like your body is out-of-control, but don't be afraid. We've gotten the process down to a science. And the three of us will be here in the unlikely event that you get into trouble."

"If getting to be the size of three of you is the type of trouble I can expect, then let's get started."

"One last thing," Felix said as blocked my way with his huge arm, "the sexual urge will overpower you. Let it. If you fight it now, it will stunt any further growth."

"That doesn't sound like a problem."

"It can be."

"Okay," I said unsteadily, "Let's do this."

"Okay," Felix's voice had dropped again into the heavily sexual register. The jolt was powerful. He pushed me into the room and Tony must have slammed the door behind me. At first it was dark, pitch black and I began to hyperventilate. Then, as if sensing my unease, soft calming music began playing and the light began to come up in the room. A voice came on over the music. It was Felix. "Stand directly beneath the shower. I'm going to turn on the water."

There was a wooden grate in the center of the floor with a shower head at least 10 feet above it. I moved to the platform. I heard the water before I felt it. The water (or whatever it really was) was vivid blue as it landed on my skin and seemed to be absorbed by it. Looking down at the grate confirmed what I was feeling as the grate wasn't even wet. The drizzle became a steady rain and then a full torrent I felt it a great pressure as if someone or something had worked it's way inside me and trying to push it's way out. I looked down and my chest had swollen at least 10 inches. I couldn't believe it. I looked at my arms. I saw massive tree trunks snaked all over with veins that rested on the surface of the muscle. I looked straight ahead. The walls were covered with mirrors and I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I had gained at least 100 pounds of mass solid mass since I walked through the door of this amazing gym. I could see every muscle define and redefine itself getting bigger, thicker and then doubling itself time and time again. I was becoming what I always dreamed of being a total muscle freak. Then I caught sight of my cock. My mouth dropped open. The better than porn-star sized organ of just minutes ago had grown, swollen and hardened to at least 2 feet long and at least 8 inches around. My balls had undergone a similar surge and were now large grapefruit size. A wave of lust rose from my balls, shot to the tip of my now rock-solid cock and filled every fiber, every cell, every synapse. Images of every sexual experience I'd ever had flooded my head. I was merging with each of those experiences in a way that feed into the huge surge of sexual power I now felt. Every man who I'd ever had sex with or fantasized about having sex with or anyone I'd seen on a porn tape having sex felt like they were being hard wired into my cock no not just my cock every cell of my body.

The need to touch and be touched was now overwhelming. I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw pure sex. If I could have fucked myself, I would have. I had barely noticed that the shower had subsided and had left me gleaming, glowing, & my hair cut into the perfect flattop that I've always wanted but never could manage. Also, my body hair had changed. It was now dense, but didn't obscure any of the definition. But at that instant, I imagined that I was perfectly shaved down for competition and the hair seemed to retract leaving even greater definition in its place. I heard the door crack open and I felt myself emit the smell that don had first produced when I encountered him on the way to the gym. Don, Felix and Tony stood at the threshold of the room smiling.

"How do you feel, Gil?" Felix voice rumbled and sent an even greater jolt into me.

"Transmorphed," I replied in the same voice. It was my voice and it was turning me on even more.

Felix was right about the room. It was smaller. No, I was larger much larger. I exited the room and began to grope Don who groped right back. Don was sending out his own spray of pheremone which was mixing with mine making the atmosphere even more sexual. I could see Felix and Tony out of the corner of my eye trying desperately not to succumb to the aroma before they had completed the task of locking the shower back up. It took enormous willpower (which I certainly didn't have at that point), but after I heard the last lock click in place, another deeper, richer aroma assaulted me. It was a combination of Felix and Tony who were now at each other with the ferocity that Don and I were more than capable of matching. It was like looking into a mirror. Tony fucked Felix with his enormous pole while I fucked Don. Our actions were in perfect synchronization. It was as if we were of one great big fuck mind. I reached over at one point to squeeze Felix's luscious nipple. And felt the same pressure the same tension on mine. It felt as if we were there for hours and hours, exploring different muscle combinations until I felt my balls expand and expand and I knew that I was about to shoot the load of my life. Then, I became the center of attention.

"I want it," Tony begged.

"You don't need it," Don said.

"Neither do you after your little adventure earlier this afternoon," Felix responded.

I was tingling in every cell of my body and felt as if this huge body was flying in all directions at once when Felix said, "Look at those balls. It looks like there's going to be enough for everyone."

And with that, all three of them took turns licking and teasing my cock. Tony, Don, Felix, Don, Tony, Felix, in a round robin fashion which was driving me over the edge. I leaned back (that's all I could do) and let loose. It was the most profound prolonged orgasm I'd ever felt and out shot three gobs of manjuice. It was like a bazooka. First at Tony. Then at Felix and lastly at Don. Each one of them swallowed and each one of them began to shake. Each one of them began to grow again bigger and bigger. Tony, who was impossibly big to begin with was now unimaginable. Felix had now become Tony's old size and Don was now as big as Felix was.

Spent, we all sat around like junkies after the fix kicks in. Don turned to me and said, "Thanks, Gil. I needed that."

We all laughed.

Don reached over; drew me to him and kissed me deeply.

"Stop it, or we be right back at it again," Felix chided, but it was already too late. My dick was hard. So was Don's mammoth tool and I hadn't learned how to control the pheremone production yet.

"Here we go again," Felix said as he succumbed to Tony's amazing dick. •

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