Shower, The


By BoyBob69

I was spasming like Don and Felix and I could feel a heat throughout my body. I looked down and saw that my stomach was flattening before my eyes. It looked like I went from 36" to 30" in a matter of seconds. My abs were now clearly defined and my six-pack was looking more like an eight-pack. My chest was gaining size and definition and depth. My arms felt like someone had hung five pounds of prime beef on each of them. I looked. I flexed. I couldn't believe it. The 16 �" okay arms of the tape session were now clearly over 20", heavily veined and fully pumped. I felt my lats flare and my rib cage enlarge and lift. My thighs started to twitch violently and muscle began to erupt. I'd worked for years trying to get the teardrop which was almost magically forming right before my eyes. My calves hardened into muscled diamonds and then the spasms moved back up to my cock. I had always prided myself on having a nice sized piece (8 �" not erect with balls the size of small lemons). This jolt of sexual thunder shot through my cock and it grew a full 6" then hardened to a good foot and a half. My balls had swollen to the size of large oranges and I shot another heavy load just from the sexual heat that this part of the growth produced. Then the spasms stopped. Instead of being spent, I was full of energy.

"What the hell just happened?" I asked. "I've been swallowing cum for over a decade now and it never helped me put on as much as an ounce. Suddenly, I'm at least 20 pounds heavier."

Felix smiled, "Welcome to Transmorph. That's only the beginning." Felix had indeed grown, too. His t-shirt and shorts which had been very well filled prior to his spectacular throat action on Don's massive cock were now fairly bursting at the seams. With one flex, the shirt totally shredded off his body and the shorts were almost half way there as well. "It looks like I'm gonna have to spend a few nights at the gym now, too."

Don was finally beginning to breathe normally and his eyes shot open. "Oh, my God, Felix, I'm sorry. I'm sorry," he said as he started to cry. The huge mass of muscle looked like a little boy who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "It's okay, Don, but you know the rules. You're going to have to stay out of the shower for at least a month."

"But I'll start to shrink," Don was almost hysterical.

"If you're a good boy and partner with Gil, I'll see if we can't get by with just a two week restriction."

"Really?" Don brightened. "Sure, I'll take Gil under my wing." And as if to demonstrate just that, he spread his massive lats and pulled me under one of his arms. "He's cute enough and it looks like he'll fit in just fine after a few workouts."

"I'm ready," I said eagerly. "Where do we start?"

"Let's get you into the shower." •

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