Next Big Thing, The

The Day After


By Rienzope

The alarm went off at 5:30am, like it usually did. He felt groggy, but rested. The pump had finally left is arms and back, so they felt right again. He got out of bed and stood nude in front of the mirror. Good, the distended belly he had the night before was washboard flat again. He flexed one of his massive arms. Hmmm. That looks bigger he thought to himself. He spread his legs and did a front double bicep pose. "humph." He took a couple of steps back so he could see his entire body in the mirror and struck the pose again.

"Definitely bigger" He said out loud.

He got a cloth tape out of his top dresser drawer and draped it over his arm. Fumbling with the ends, he pulled it taught. 28 inches.

Now he couldn't wait to get to the gym. He filled up a couple of empty milk jugs with water and dropped a handful of X-pumps into his bag.

World crouched underneath the bar of the Smith machine, eight plates on both ends. Up and down… Up and down… He grunted with every rep.

BANG. Rest for another set.

"Lookin' BIG World."

World flexed his quad and it jumped violently.

"Oh my GOD! What are you on man?"

World just smiled and showed off the other one.

After an hour of total bombing, World's legs had ballooned. His shorts rode up to his waist. His glutes had bubbled out so big, it looked like he was wearing a thong. His legs were trembling, so he found the end of a bench and slumped down. He threw out one leg, then the other, resting them on his heals of his feet. The bowling ball calves nearly touched the floor. He surveyed his giant sized mass. Looking up, he spyed the kid again.

"Hey G!" He yelled across the floor. "It's tape time again."

The kid hurried over to the office and came out with the tape. He cupped it in his hand, holding it out in front of him like he was carrying water in it. World sat, spread eagled, waiting.

"I need to see how big these trunks are." World motioned with his head toward his thigh. The kid wove the tape behind the knee and slid the tape up the leg. "Higher… nothing to get nervous about." The kid obliged and crossed the tape at the end of the bench.

"What you got?" World asked.

"44 inches. No, wait a minute." He was doing math in his head, subtracting the overlap of the tape. "It's 48 inches, not 44."

World was psyched. He leaned back on the bench and grinned. "Thanks Kenny." •

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