Change, The (2001)


By Richard Jasper

Angelo and I had already decided that we needed to dispense with a normal bed. The two of us together weighed 700 lbs. and side by side we were something more than six feet across. With the addition of Dave we had nearly a thousand pounds of man meat in the bedroom.

“Y’know…” Angelo began.

“We may need to reinforce the floors?” I finished for him.

Dave looked from one of us to the other. Angelo rolled his eyes; I giggled.

“You have to realize…” Angelo started.

“We’ve known each other for a long time!” I added.

And then I reached over and ripped off Dave’s shirt and shorts in two blindingly fast swipes.

“Jesus,” I breathed.

“You looked good enough to eat!” Angelo exclaimed, running his hands across Dave’s godlike body. It was so fucking thick, so fucking built.

“Uh,” Dave interjected, eyes wide, licking his lips. “You're not…”

“Really going to eat you?” Angelo asked.

I put my hot mouth on Dave’s big, beefy cocked. he moaned with pleasure, closing his eyes. Angelo knelt behind him, wrapping his huge furry forearm across the vast expanse of Dave’s pecs.

“You donut realize,” Angelo murmured, “just how long…”

“The two of us have lusted after you,” I added, coming up for air, briefly.

“Lusted after ME?” Dave squawked. “But the two of you…!”

With that I figured it was time to give him a show. I lifted my mountainous 32 inch biceps, flared my mind-boggling lats, inflated my humongous traps, squared my 40 inch wide shoulders, clenched my enormous, 78 inch fur-covered pecs.

“Holy fucking Christ!” he exclaimed, putting the edge of his meaty hand between the two boulders that formed my hulking chest. “You've got the fucking Grand Canyon going on here!”

In response I let my ponderous 15 inch monster cock slap against his diamond hard eight-pack. He gasped and sank back against Angelo, whose 11 inches of man rod were at full attention. I reached across Dave’s shoulders and clasped my huge hands behind Angelo’s bull-like neck ­ Dave was completely encased in 700 lbs. of hot, pulsating man muscle and fur. He was completely and totally aware that either of us could impale him on our massive prongs if we chose to do so ­ and he wouldn't be able to do a damned thing to stop it, assuming he wanted to!

Dave moaned again, this time his eyes rolling back in his had. Against the steel plates that doubled as my abs I felt the twitching in his balls and the vibration along his stiff, powerful rod. Then the hot, thick jism splattered the underside of my mountainous pecs.

Dave’s eyes flew open.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” he cried. “What's wrong with me?! I never cum this fast!”

I put a giant index finger against his full, sensuous lips, instantly silencing him.

“There's more where that came from,” I whispered. •

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