Growing Pains


By Muscle Head

Doc and I cleaned up astonished at what happened to us. Doc was saying, "I don't believe this, it shouldn't have happened this way!"

I was a bit upset, not at the results. Have a super muscular body and a 11 inch dick wasn't something to sneeze at. What worried me was what else might happen that Doc hadn't figured on?

Doc said not to worry, but I was a bit. Then we decided to go out and show off our new bodies!

We went and found some old clothes stored in the back. This place had been a mission where old clothes were given to the poor and some were left behind. We really looked great in these old wrinkled, torn, clothes. But we had to wear something and nothing I had come in fit anymore. Doc's clothes had been shredded from his sudden growth and he nothing as well.

We went out and got into my car, or rather fit ourselves in. Muscle takes up lots of room.

We went to a discount store and got some tank tops and swim suits and went on down to the beach.

It was summer and the crowds were out. We went out and set up our towels and took off our tanks and began to get some sun. We really looked a bit strange, all that muscle and no tan. What happened amazed us. The formula must have been at work for we got tan in just a few minutes in the sun! When that happened people began to really notice us.

Girls came over and talked and felt our muscles. Guys came by and stared and asked where we worked out! It was great. Before no one paid me any attention and I wasn't sure exactly what to do.

After about an hour these two guys came by who were pretty buff. We had the size advantage, but they were hard all over.

They invited us over to their place for a drink which we accepted.

When we got to their place we all sat down in the living room and began to talk. I only had on a swim suit that left nothing to the imagination. When I sat in the chair and slouched a bit everything began to stick out. Before I never had to worry about that as I had nothing in my pants, but now with a dick that measured 8 inches soft, I really had a package showing!

One of the guys, Jeff couldn't take his eyes off it. Sam his friend tried in vain to appear not to notice. Then when Doc sat down, the same thing happened. He now had a seven inch soft dick and it really showed through as well.

The guys both were beside themselves. Here we were, two guys looking like bodybuilders with these huge bulges in our pants. I notice both had begun to get hard ons.

With their tight bodies they really looked huge in their swim suits! Then Doc and I began to get hard ons. This was a problem as the suits we had barely contained us soft, now my 11 inches were beginning to peak out of the waist of the suit! Doc was having the same problem. In a few minutes Sam and Jeff were on the floor in front of us looking at our monsters. They couldn't believe it.

Then Sam reached out and touched me, oh what bliss! I had never been so sensitive in my life. Remember we had just shot off our loads a couple of hours before and now I felt so horny I could pop! Jeff was doing the same to Doc who looked like he was quickly losing it as well.

I'd never had a sexual encounter with a man before (barely with the ladies, remember 4.5 inches isn't all that pleasing) and was a bit nervous until Sam put his mouth on my monster dick and began to suck me off. I felt my head rising and rising and rising…I felt I was going out of my head with feelings of ecstacy Up and up I went till I finnally let go of my load as he pumped my dick with his mouth. I shot and shot and shot. When I finally came down, I looked over at Doc who had experienced the same thing.

When I focused on Sam and Jeff I noticed something was going on with them, their dicks were growing bigger and their bodies were starting to transform. They didn't get near as big as Doc and I, but were very muscular and had much bigger tools. Later when we measured Jeff he was up to 9.5 inches and Sam at 9. They were beside themselves.

Not wanted to let a favor go by unrewarded I went down on Sam sucking him off. Doing everything he had done with me till he finally let go a load in my mouth. Doc had returned the favor to Jeff. Both Doc and I had a small growth spurt, only putting an extra 1/4 inch on the dick and some more muscle on the body.

That began an afternoon of sex and sex and more sex. Finally after about 4 hours we all felt satisfied.

All of us experienced a bit more growth, though by the end of the afternoon it wasn't even noticable. Doc figured that as the formula was in the body for while it wasn't as potent in ones cum any longer.

Well, the change was permanent. I discovered I could go both ways and now even the girls liked me with my huge 12.5 inch dick…and hard muscled body.

Doc has been secretely selling the formula for fantastic prices to bodybuilders and making a killing. •

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