Growing Pains


By Muscle Head

Soon after I graduated from college I was living in some apartments in the city near where I had a job. They were great. Swimming pool, weight room, sauna, hot and cold running girls. Life couldn't get much better. The only problem I had was that I was thin as a rail and had a smallish dick.

Now I can't complain about the skinny part, for my body fat count was low enough that what muscle I did have showed. But the other seemed to be a major problem. My dick fully erect was only about 4 and half inches! I'll never forget my first time with a woman, when she reached down to feel me hard she asked me where the rest of it was! I was so embarrassed I couldn't get a hard on after that at all.

After I had begun to make some money I went to some doctors to see what they could do to make me bigger. None of them offered much hope, even with some of the new procedures.

One day I saw in the paper an ad that said there was experimental program that was to see if men's penis's be enlarged without surgery! I cut this out and went down the very next day!

When I got there I was a bit dismayed. It was in a bad part of town and even inside the building wasn't very nice like I would think a medical clinic would be. But I was desperate and wanted to try anything at this point. My hand being my sex partner was getting old!

When I went in there wasn't anyone around. I called out and then went in behind the counter. Finally this guy in a dirty white coat came out to the back eating a donut. I told him why I was here in answer to his ad. He was all of sudden interested and took me back right away. He said I was the first one that had come into the building, though he had seen a number of men pull up and drive away. "I guess the looks of this place scared them off" he said.

I asked what did he have that would work for me. He said, "I was at the University in research for the last 20 years, my primary focus has been on cell regeneration, the aging process, and the decline of men's sexual response. About a year ago when I was about to break out with a major discovery they cut off my funds and told me I wasn't welcome anymore. No one else was interested so I came down here and opened a clinic that pays my bills and allows me a little to continue my research. That slowed me down, but now I know I have an answer."

"What about penis enlargement? I asked.

"Well that is just part of what I am looking for. I am working to help men grow larger penis' and to live much longer than they do now. What I can offer you is a larger dick and a longer life that is sexually active!"

He told me to go into the examination room and remove my clothes and he would be in a minute. I did as I was told and when he came in he stared at my limp little dick.

"Boy, I see why you came in. You have a little boy's dick in a man's body. I think I can really help you!"

I asked him how many other human tests had he conducted, to which he replied, "None, you're the first."

I was a bit nervous about that but figured what the heck, I don't think he'll try and kill me.

About that time he turned around with a hypodermic filled with a green solution. He told me that one shot was all I would need. He asked me to turn around and bend over and gave me the shot in the hip.

I could feel it go in. It felt hot and soon was running all over my body. Then I noticed something happening to me. I was sweating and panting a bit I was so hot and then my dick started getting hard. I don't mean a little bit hard, I mean hard, hard. I had never felt anything like it before. It was so hard it hurt! Then little by little I saw my dick begin to get longer. It was soon five inches, then five and half, six inches, six and half, seven inches, seven and a half, eight inches, eight and half, nine inches and then it stopped! Not only had it grown longer but thicker as well. It had measured about 2 inches around before, now it was six!

Then I noticed something else, I was still real hot, sweating up a storm. I took a drink of water and then noticed something in the mirror. My chest, which had been flat with pancake pecs now, looked a bit bigger. My pecs were beginning to stand out a bit . Then I noticed my shoulders looked a bit bigger. Then my arms began to balloon out. I flexed an arm muscle and nearly fell down. What before had been a barely discernable knot, was now the size of a golf ball. A few minutes later I flexed again and it was the size of a tennis ball. My delts were really getting meaty as was my chest. I noticed my formally skinny legs were growing as well. My quads were getting some real definition and my calf muscles began to take on a diamond shape. I flexed my arms again and now my arms looked like I had softballs under the skin. I kept on growing for a few minutes more and then stopped.

I went over and weighed myself. I had weighed in at around 140lbs before, now I was around 195lbs! 50lbs of pure muscle. My dick was hard as a rock again and I began to play with myself as I was so horny seeking my new body. In a few minutes I started spraying cum all over the room. Some of it landed on the Doc who was laughing and dancing when he saw my change.

Then an amazing thing happened. Doc stopped laughing and noticed that the cum that had landed on him was clinging to him and disappearing under his skin. He was amazed and tried to wipe it off…it wouldn't come off, but continued its progress. In a few minutes I noticed he had a huge hard on and then he started to grow. Not as much as me but soon his shirt and pants could no longer contain him as he split out of his clothes! In a few minutes he too was jerking off and shot all over the place even on me!

Once again the growth started, first in my dick, which was now around 11 inches and then my muscles grew again. When I weighed myself I was now about 210 lbs. of solid muscle and dick! •

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