Muscle Gods


By MuscleTeen

After much fucking at the beach, all the guys met up. The five original gods were surrounded by their new creations - huge hunky studs with masses of muscle. "Go off and enjoy yourselves", Adonis said. The teens looked at each other and laughed giddily. What would their friends think of them - there hidden powers - they were horny, and wanted sex - they thought of all the high-school jocks they could screw - and ran off into the sun, eagerly looking for new playmates. (releasing the author from having to think of names for them all!)

"Hey - I liked them", Titan protested. "We can have more fun without them - they were too young - too stupid to recognise their powers. In future we only screw guys who earn our respect - agreed?" All nodded. Adonis continued. "Let's go back to the gym - find some guys willing to worship our bodies - those who give us absolute obedience and maximum worship will receive the gift."

This sounded good, and all the guys hurried after Adonis, who was already heading back to gym. It was mid-morning now, and the gym had filled a little - guys who were serious about weights - taking an hour off work to work out, guys who worked out full time - the gym was fairly popular, especially with models from a local agency.

Adonis burst through the gym door, followed by Titan and Maxor. Eros and Thor followed, a little delayed.

The guys in the gym looked around with the noise. What they saw made most of them drop their weights and all of them forget what they were doing. Adonis, 8ft tall, wearing the tight red shorts he had got earlier. His legs exploded out of these, thick thighs pushing out, each quad rippling with strength. His huge tanned torso was dominated by his huge pecs - huge masses of muscle rock hard - sticking out. His broad shoulders were 'bowling ball style' and from them hung huge arms, with thick peaking biceps and huge triceps. His body was relatively smooth, except for a light hair across his huge pecs which trickled down his abs to his crotch. His face was rugged looking, heavy black hair pushed back. He was Man personified.

Following Adonis were Titan and Maxor - both as huge - Titan's pecs probably bigger. Titan had a black military style crew-cut hairstyle, and his face looked hard, and slightly arrogant. He was not a guy you would piss off. He had grown a dark stubble over night, but apart from that, his body was smooth and oiled - showing the muscles to perfection. Maxor was standing beside him in his black lycra shorts, cock already bulging through. His young face was looking eager - he was really horny now and needed to blow - badly. He had tight black hair, and again, a light sprinkling of hair across his pecs, and down his arms.

Following these, came Thor and Eros. Eros took the limelight - his beautiful blond hair lightening up the room. He was certainly the beauty of the bunch, and Thor was completely besotted by him. They were both wearing matching blue lycra shortpants, and Eros' blond skin contrasted beautifully with Thor's slightly darker tone. As they came in, Eros boomed across the gym "DOUBLE BI", pulling up a pose that would make Priest cry with jealousy. Huge peaks popped up and out of his arms. The others followed, their arms pumped up, veins flowing through and over the peaks.

Eros strutted through the gym, still holdiong the pose. He went up to a guy that had been doing bicep curls, before dropping the bar a minute ago. "HUMAN - I SAID DOUBLE-BI", he bellowed down to the guy, who was tenting his shorts looking at the blond beauty. He had no option but to pull a double bi, as ordered. Eros released his own, and ran his hands gently along the guys flexed arms. "Not bad - for a human", he said smiling. He let his finger run along a vein that was pumping along the guy's arm. The guy couldn't control himself, and came there in his pants. Eros smiled, and kept massaging the guy, who was now shuddering as he ejected the last of his cum. Eros' own erection got harder, seeing the guy cum before him.

Titan, not wanting to be left in the shadow, stepped up on a bench. Now 10 feet in the air he shouted out to the dozen or so guys in the gym. "ALL RIGHT YOU FUCKS - WE WANT SOME SERIOUS POSING - STRIP DOWN AND PREPARE TO OBEY"

The guys in the gym looked around nervously. No-one wanted to be the first to strip. "STRIP", Titan shouted again, anger in his voice. They didn't need to be told again. Each one of the pulled of all of his clothes - down to their jocks. "Good", Titan said. He walked up to a cute looking guy - about twenty, blond hair, with a boyish face and swimmer's body. "Do you like this body - boy?", he said, looking down at the guy. The guy gulped. He was facing Titan's huge pecs, which bounced infront of him as Titan spoke. He nodded slowly, as he looked Titan's massive muscles up and down. "Show your master how much you admire his body", Titan said softly, but intently.

The guy dropped to his knees, and put his hands out towards Titan's titanic thighs. As he reached, Titan flexed them hard. The guy grabbed a quad in each hand, and slowly massaged each massive muscle up and down, each upward movement getting closer to the imprisoned cock. He finally massaged high enough, daring to move his hands under Titan's tight shorts and rubbed his cock. Titan, getting aroused at the sight of this beauty worshipping him reached down and ripped off his shorts with a sweep of the hand.

The guy worked Titan's cock with his hands for a while, and slowly dared to approach it with his mouth. "Good boy - show the master how much you want him", Titan said, leaning back against against the wall, puttinghis huge hands brhind his head. The guy worked his cock expertly, he had obviously done this before, and Titan's pumping cock enjoyed the ride.

The others got in on the action aswell. Adonis and Maxor worked on one of the bigger guys, both flexing before him. The guy didn't know wher to turn, and in the end, trying to please two masters at once, stroked Maxor's cock while sucking Adonis'. Thor was helping Eros out with the young guy Eros had made cum earlier - his cock was already loaded and ready for a second shoot. The tow guys stood either side of him, massaging his body with theirs - the guy was trapped between the two giants. He rubbed Eros' pecs as Eros' whole body rubbed his.

"Have we found our worshippers?", Adonis boomed across the gym? The others nodded. Eros lifted his guy up and onto his throbbing cock. Titan resisted the cute guys blow job, and reluctantly pushed him off, turning him against the wall and lifting him up on to his cock. Adonis took his slave and pulled him on. The three guys winced and roared in agony, their ass barely able to take the huge fuck poles. The three stood in a circle, the three guys brushing against each other. Titan started pumping and Eros and Adonis followed.

Thor and Maxor were eager to get in on the act. They took Eros and Titan each, pushing their own thick cocks up the huge bubble butts, and grabbing onto the guys huge pecs - getting ready for the ride. It was a sight to see - 8 guys -5 of tehm hugely muscled - three of them about to be all standing there (Except the three who were suspended in the air) As the five gods started pumping, the guysin the middle were pushed closer and closer, their cocks rubbing against each other, their legs getting intertwined.

They were roaring now, Titan's guy especially. Titan wanted to show that HE was the best fucker, and judging by the noise his guy was making, he wasn't far off. The guy roared, but after a while, it was ore in ecstasy than pain. The others bellowed out, feeling sensations no human could give them. The five muscle gods pumped hard, in synchronisation. The guys in the middle started to absorb the copious amounts of precum the Gods were giving off, and were beginning to grow. They started to push into each other, more now due to growth than the guys pumping harder. Their pecs filled a little, their thighs thickened.

Titan was close to cumming now, the guy had already worked him close with the blow-job. As he pumped, he roared loudly himself, matching and beating his fuckees roar. As he came, the guy n him screamed, the explosion in him was so strong. Titan passed his power-cum quickly, and copiously, and the guy started to grow faster. The others weren't far behind, with both Eros and Adonis cumming together. The three guys in the middle were now growing fast. Before there pecs were saying 'Good morning', now they were saying get the fuck out of my way. As they grew, there pecs all joined together, in a massive meeting of muscle. The gods on the outside kept the pressure on, but it was getting harder. As well as thickening pecs, the guys thighs were expanding fast - balloning out and rubbing against each others legs and cocks. As they did, the suspended guys came themselves, jerking violently on the Gods cocks. They started to grow up as the jerked, and their legs started towards the floor. Their shoulders widened amazingly, heavy balls of deltoid muscle pushing and rubbing hard against each other. Their thickening arms pushed so wide, their biceps bulging against the pressure of being in such a small space.

Finally, it had to give. The pressure from within was so great, that the Gods on the outside were pushed back - slowly, but surely, by their creation within. It was like a chick hatching - the shell cracked open, and inside was a miracle, a sight to behold. When the muscle shell cracked, the huge new protoges stepped out, naked, into their new world. They looked at themselves in the mirror, and all three started yelling and shouting at his reflection.

"Fuck I'm so fucking huge - AND HORNY", shouted Titan's guy. "YES, said Eros' - LOOK AT MY FUCKING BI'S". They were worth a look. He pulled a double bi, and the huge peaks rising from the slabs of his tri's. Veins pumped heavily along the arms, snaking around - looking extremely sexy. "GOD I'M SO FUCKING HORNY", the third shouted, and the three started high fiving and massaging each other's new bodies.


After their initiation, the three new recruits agreed to join the MuscleGod team. Their mission - to go to every gym in the world and find new recruits - recruits willing to worship their muscle - recruits willing to become muscle gods. So watch out guys - they're cumming to a gym near YOU!!

The End... •

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