Muscle Gods


By MuscleTeen

The five lords of muscle stood before the mirror. Each one was flexing, and it was a sight to behold. Adonis's strength was his shoulders. They stood out from his body like no other muscle. His huge arms hung from from the ball sized muscle. Next to him stood Titan, whose pecs were still hugely pumped from his workout. They pushed out far from his torso, commanding attention from all who looked upon it. The huge shelf flinched to attention when he flexed - the nipples deliciously luscious, waiting to be sucked. Next stood Maxor, who's pride was thighs. They exploded down his leg - from the narrow waist out far and curving back sharply at the knees. Each of the quads husteld and jostled for position, each flexing on demand. The cuts between them were deep and dark. They were powerful thighs - that could crush anything that came between them. Next stood Thor and Eros. Thor seemed transfixed by Eros. He had certainly transformed into a real beauty. His boyish face hadn't changed on transformation, and it made his huge body look even larger - a young teens face on a musclegod's body. His strength, lke his creator Thor, was his arms. Both stood flexing their arms, pumping their bi's higher, making their tri's deeper. The were flexing at each other rather than in the mirror - not trying to outdo each other but trying to satisfy each other's thirst for huge arms. It was quite clear to the others that Thor and Eros wolud become inseperable.

"Let's make ourselves cum" - Adonis said. He pulled a most muscular - his shoulders exploded into three distinct and huge heads, his pecs boomed out. He huge erection got harder, blood pumping through it. Maxor stepped up and flexed his legs. The quads danced and stood to attention - He pulled his arms behind his head and flexed his lats at the same time. The god was huge, his lats flaring out his sides, meeting his tris which were hanging down. Titan stepped between them, pulling his pecs close and pushing htem out - his nipples stretched out - the skin around them stretched to the limits. Thor grabbed Eros' hand. Clenching his fist, Thor flexed his biceps, facing the mirror. Eros did the same, his back to the mirror. The muscle combination was astounding - Thor's pecs and Eros' broad v-shaped back, with trap muscles bulging out. On top of that, their arms were flexed in unison. It was a truly amazing, sexy sight.

Titan momentarily lost focus, looking at the Thor and Eros combination. He came looking at this beautiful link-up of huge muscle and youthful beauty. It was the first of all the gods - one precipitated the rest. Thor and Eros came together finally, in each others arms, licking their pumped bis. "Titan - you lose", Thor jeered. "Fuck you", Titan said, disappointed at his loss of focus. Damn, those two were sexy. "Come on Titan, it's only a game", Adonis said, rubbing his friend on the back. Mmm, he thought, nice back. "Are we going or what?", Titan said angrily. "Yeah", Maxor said. "Let's go and show off this muscle." "We'll have to find some pants", Eros said - thinking at the effect five huge cocks would have around town. "Pants?", Titan said - "I thought we were GODS". "We don't wnat to be gods in jail though, do we?" "No jail can hold ME", Titan said, flexing his pecs again. Boom boom, it was probably true. "Eros is right Titan", Adonis said. Let's go out to the lockers, see if there's anything. They went out, Titan last. He was getting pissed off with Eros. Thor had been his guy - and now he was only interested in Eros. Eros, what sort of fucking name was that. Sounded like a moon or something. "Love the name by the way", Thor said to Eros on the way out.


"I think he keeps spare keys back here", said Eros going behind the desk. SMASH. Titan put his fist through the locker. "Is this what you're looking for", he said jeeringly, pulling out a pair of lycra pants through the smashed steel door. "Great", Eros said. "Here", Titan grunted. "Here's a second pair". "Wow - matching", Eros said, passing the second pair over to Thor. They both pulled them on - up over their huge thighs - and strectch them up to thier waste. They did the job - just, although the huge cocks pushed the fabric tight out. They turned to each other and flexed their thighs. The sky-blue pants merely enhanced their sexual appeal. They did a high five and double bi, laughing.

SMASH, here's a pair of pants, he said handing them to Maxor. Maxor pulled them on. The just pulled over his calves, but it took great difficulty to pull over his huge thighs. He got htem up, but the fabric stretched tight over his quads - you could still see the cuts. They looked like a second skin, stretched from his ankles up to his waist, and he looked very fetching. His thighs pushed his huge cock and balls against the fabric far out from his waist. "Very nice Maxor", Adonis said, pulling on a fetching pair of Baywatch style red pants - probably belonged to some Mitch wannabe. Except on Adonis they were more like posing trunks. SMASH "No" - SMASH - "Damn, No", Titan was going through the lockers. "Come on TItan, put one of them on", Thor said impatiently. "I'm looking for a particular colour - DUDE", Titan said. He was looking for blue, but ouldn't find a pair, and eventually settled for a pair of beautiful white silk-like shorts - shorter than Thor's and Eros', which barely contained his rod. He looked VERY sexy. And so they were, the five Gods had just managed to conceal the minimum amount of meat possible. Although they did this to 'conceal' themselves, they ended up looking even more erotic - but nobody could argue - they were clothed, just!


"Let's head for the beach", Adonis suggested. All agreed. They had all spent time on the beach, trying to look big, trying to get tanned. What a shock the wimps would get when they saw these five HUGE tanned GODS coming for them, commanding attention and obedience. Besides, the gym wasn't too far from the beach and all were anxious to preform. As the came to the street along the beach, the saw a gaggle of girls in a crowd. Strutting up, they was they were standing around a group of guys doing bicep exercises. Teh guys were big - to normal people, but to these GODS they were nothing. "Hey - look", one of the chicks squealed. Everyone turned around. Clunk - one of the guys dropped his dumbell in shock. The sight they saw was amazing. Five of the HUGEST possible guys strutting towards them in the tightest shorts and pants. The girls started fixing their hair and licking their teeth. The guys adjusted their shorts. The crowd reassembled around the five muscleteens. "Can I touch it?", one of the gaggle asked Eros. Eros flexed his bicep. Twenty hands competed for space on the huge bi. Most of the hands had long nails, but one was a little hairy. Eros gradded it and pulled it away from the rest. It was one of the guys who was doing conc. curls. "like good bi's?", Eros asked. "Y-yes", the guy stuttered. Fucking stupid asshole, he thought to himself - why are you stuttering - you're the school jock. "YES WHAT", Eros roared, pulling a huge double bi. The girls shrieked and pulled back - they'd nevber seen muscle THAT big. Thor grinned, and pulled a double bi beside Eros. The guy didn't know what to say. Most of his mind was concentrating on how to stifle the hugest hardon he had ever had. "HE SAID - YES WHAT", Thor shouted down at him - for he was two feet below this wimp, who was looking at the bi's transfixed. "Em - yes - sir?". "LOUDER", Thor shouted. "SHOW YOUR OBEDIENCE TO YOUR GOD". "YES SIR", the guy shouted. Eros picked him up bythe neck and grabbed his crotch - squeezing the hard rod firmly in his hand. The guy shivered uncontrollably and came in his hand. Eros rubbed the spunk over his huge bi. Some of the gaggle shrieked in horror. "FUCK OFF", Thor roared at them, flexing his huge guns again. They disappeared. Eros dropped the guy down, and carressed his face. "Good boy - you liked that didn't you". "YES - YES SIR", the guy said eagerly. "Well - it's a big body - you better start producing guys - I want to be 'oiled' all over"

Titan had enough of Eros and Thor taking all the glory. He went up to a guy who had being doing bicep curls. They guy dropped to his knees without question. He wasn't a bad looker, probably the biggest of the group. His pumped bi's rippled with veins - good size chest, tight red pants that were straining to confine an adequately sized cock. Titan pushed down his white silk shorts seductively. His mammoth cock flopped out, only half erect. The guy gulped at the size of it. "TAKE IT", he ordered. "Titan don't - we haven't all agreed", Thor complained. "Fuck you man - he" pointing to Eros "-is your slave, this guy will be mine". No-one could stop him. It would take all their might to pull him off, and Titan was full of adrenalin and sexual energy - it would be impossible. Besides the guy - all these guys were worthy of becoming members of their club. Titan grabbed the guy's head and rammed his cock down his throat. The guy had no choice but to swallow. Thor took the guy Eros had jacked off; Adonis tool another equally big blond and Maxor took a final guy - who looked a bit bewildered, but certainly didn't want to be left out. Eros stood back - enjoying hte muscle orgy, fingering his cock as he watched Thor's ass buck up and down as Thor plunged the conc curl's guys hole. Eros looked around. Just up the pier, he could see another guy - walking along with a girl. "He'll do", Eros thought. The guy looked like he'd spent some time at the gym. He had broad shoulders, and good sized chest. He was wearing a tight white Tee, which enhanced the whole effect. Eros felt horny. He started to go up to the pair, but as he got closer, he realised he knew the girl. It was Jane. This blast from his path almost stopped Eros in his tracks. He felt a rush of blood to his head - nobody - NOBODY takes his girlfriend - even if he didn't want her anymore - she didn't know that yet. Well she would now. He pulled his huge shoulders back, and strutted up to the pair. He could see the guy flex his chest a bit, as if he could compete with the 8ft giant coming towards him. "Hello Jane", Eros said. Jane looked up at the deep voice speaking to her. "Em - hello" "Don't you recognise me?", he said bending down slightly, so she could see his face. "Tim? Tim is that you - what ..." "Honey, who is this guy", tighttee guy said. Eros grabbed the guys neck and lifted him 4 ft clear of the ground. "That's exactly what I was going to say", he roared. He squeezed the guy's neck a little tighter. "Tim, I was going to tell you - I just..." "Shut the fuck up - we've got some business to sort out", Eros said nodding at tighttee. Jane begged. "The longer you're here, the tighter I squeez". For emphasis, he squeezed a little harder. His bicep was ripped now, really pumped up form holding this guy up. The guy was waving at her to go. She ran off, looking back every so often in terror.

Eros dropped tighttee, who collapsed to the ground, holding his throat. "She has a good eye for men you know", Eros said picking him up and ripping off his tee. "Mmmm, a very good eye". They guy had a good bod - better than any of the other posers the guys were fucking. Eros didn't bother taking off the guys shorts. He pushed down his own, and plunged his cock through the red pants and up far and deep into the guys inners. He grabbed the guys pecs and squeezed them hard. He licked his back and neck - good muscular frame he thought. Meanwhile the guy was wincing and roaring in agony. Eros started bucking, pulling the guy further and further down his pole. All the while, he massaged the guys body with his hands, all over until finally he reached his cock, which he started jacking. As he jacked he pumped, as he pumped, he jacked. He felt himself close to cumming, so jacked off the guy, and as he was shuddering with ecstasy, came himself into his ass. He pushed the guy off his cock - the guy fell to the floor. "Don't fuck with my girlfriend again - EVER - fuck with me instead". "Yes, MASTER", the guy said back up. As he said it, he could feel a tingling feeling in his chest.... •

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