Shane and his Muscle-Belt

Welcome to the Club


By Jason Jarman

“Damn!” Shane smiled at Justin. Justin looked like he was poured into his new leather pants. The sleek, shiny skin clung to his muscular glutes and thighs. A bountiful bulge crowded the straining crotch. "I sure do like what I see!" Justin blushed. “This morning, you were so shy an skinny. An look at you now! You’re amazing, Justin. I mean it.” Shane’s cock stood up high and ready. “This guy here thinks so, too…” Shane stroked his cock and smiled.

Kevin cleared his throat. “I think we should do something special to celebrate. And then we should go and talk to the guys. Introduce Justin to them.”

“What you wanna do?”

Kevin smiled as he looked into Shane’s eyes. “I want to fuck Justin’s brains out. And I want you to fuck my brains out at the same time.”

“Hell, yeh,” Shane said.

Justin’s heart pounded. He peeled off his leather jeans. His cock pulsed with size and power. Pre-cum oozed from its slit. He was ready.

“This is your special initiation fuck, Justin. This really makes you one of us. So it’s up to you to get us fired up. Flex your guns for me, Justin. Make me so hard I hurt.” Kevin stood before him, lust in his eyes.

“Hey, dude, how about me?” Shane made a hands-behind- head pose in Kevin’s direction.

“Shane, stop it!” Kevin snapped.

“What’s wrong?”

“Just get the fuck out of the way…”

“Why are you so pissy, dude?”

Kevin scowled. “Oh, forget it. I don’t feel like fucking right now.”

“Why not?” Shane asked. “I’m into it. See?” He flaunted his pulsing, hard cock in Kevin’s face.

“It’s not your cock I want right now. Let’s not worry about it. Let’s go down and talk to the guys. Get this shit straightened up.”

“You need to loosen up, dude!” Shane nudged Kevin with his cock.

“Get that out of my face!” In response, Shane’s cock spattered pre-cum in Kevin’s face. He wiped the stuff out of his eyes. Kevin was furious. “You’re so arrogant… I should kick your ass, buster!”

“You couldn’t kick my ass in a million years!”

“Stop fighting!” Justin said. It did no good. Shane pushed Kevin hard with both hands.

“I dare you to try that again!”

“I ain’t worried,” Shane sneered. “I can kick yer ass good!”

“You just try it!” Kevin grabbed his belt and tightened it to the fifth notch. “I’m way stronger than you are!”

Shane pulled his belt several inches past the thirteenth notch. Massive shots of power burst from the buckle, and his muscles bulged out freakishly. “Not any more!” He flexed his free arm and glared.

“Why are you fighting?” Justin stood between them. “All I want is my own belt. So let’s go see these people and talk to them.”

Kevin relaxed. “Shane, I’m sorry. I got all bent out of shape there.”

“’Sokay, Kev. I know you wouldn’t hurt me.”

“No, I wouldn’t.”

Shane unbuckled his muscle-belt. When his body had relaxed enough, he pulled on his leather jeans and a blue satin muscle-shirt. He strapped the belt around his waist and buckled it at the third notch. “Well, I hope they like ya, Justin. We’re in deep shit if they don’t.”

“Oh, they’ll like Justin,” Kevin said. “I guarantee it.”

The muscular trio, clad in skin-tight black leather jeans, entered the deserted storefront. They’d come prepared. (I.E., Kevin had the forethought to bring some towels and T-shirts in the car.) “Hey, dudes,” Shane called out. “You awake? We got a surprise for you…” The camera whirred in his direction.

“Yes?” The crackly voice sounded surprised.

Shane flexed his biceps and smiled. “We got someone we want you to meet.”

“We’re ready.”

Justin stepped forward. His pecs were so huge and defined that they jiggled as he walked. He looked up at the camera. “Uh, hi…” Justin sheepishly flexed his guns. His half-hard cock pulsed in time with his heartbeat beneath the tight shiny leather.

Kevin walked up behind him. “Justin goes to Shane’s school. He, ah… he… orally gratified Shane. Dozens of times. Shane’s sperm caused extreme muscle growth, and we’d like him to become one of us, with a belt of his own. If you like him.”

“Remove your pants,” the voice said. Justin shimmied out of his leathers. His cock rose up to full height and hardness.

“Most impressive. Flex your biceps again,” the voice commanded. Justin did as told. His body was breathtaking… smaller than Shane’s or Kevin’s, but beyond the size and definition of any teenage body- builder’s wildest dreams.

The voice asked Justin to pose, and Justin flexed every muscle on his body. Though nervous, he looked magnificent. “Very well. If you will look in the back of the main room, you will find some free weights. We should like to test your strength.”

Justin walked to the back of the main area. There was an Olympic bar, loaded beyond capacity with 45-pound plates. Shane followed Justin. “Holy shit, that’s a lotta steel, dude. Don’t hurt yerself.”

“Fuck you. I can do it.” Justin grimaced, bent over, and jerked the weight to his waist. His biceps bulged, and thick veins rose up high over the muscle peak. Justin struggled to curl the bar. His arms wobbled, but he made ten reps, then dropped the weights to the floor. They smashed through the wood. Justin’s body was soaked with sweat. His biceps were bloated. He flexed his left gun. “I don’t even want to know how much weight that was.”

“Most impressive,” the voice said. “Now, one final request… please masturbate yourself to orgasm. Aim your penis at the ceiling; otherwise, your ejaculation may destroy this audio-visual equipment.”

Justin grasped his sweat-slick cock and began to pump. His hands stroked and caressed the smooth, shiny, veiny tool, which grew harder and larger. Shane and Kevin posed for Justin. Shane made an arousing hands-behind-head pose, flaunting the sensual curve of his rippling, taut torso. He lowered one hand and stroked the length of the long, shiny belt strap. Kevin flexed his enormous veiny guns. He rubbed his belt buckle to make the bicep peaks bulge out more.

"Kiss me, fucker." Shane's lips touched Justin's, and they exchanged a long, passionate kiss, their tongues touching. Shane made deep eye contact with Justin. Justin’s pump grew faster and rougher.

“Here it comes!” Justin shouted. The first shot of his spunk hit Shane’s chest. The next shots smacked Shane in the face and drizzled down his abs. Justin’s next volley blasted to the ceiling. Other shots followed it for two minutes. The ceiling dripped with his fragrant spunk. It spattered on his pecs, seeped down his rocky abs, and landed on his thighs and calves. The room was perfumed with his sperm scent.

Shane tasted Justin’s cum. He felt a surge of power run through his body. He scooped up the spunk on his chest and swallowed it. His biceps bulged out slightly. “Holy shit! Damn, that’s a rush!”

“Now you know what it’s like,” Justin said with a smirk.

The voice cleared its throat. “Quite impressive! Mister Hardin… Mister Thorson…”

“Yeah?” Shane looked up at the camera.

“We approve of young Justin. In fact, you have anticipated one of our major requests. You have found a young ally worthy of our gifts. If you will examine the back closet, you will find some new supplies. There are enough so that Justin may be equipped. You will please read all instructions, and comply with all requests. Good evening.” The crackle cut off suddenly.

“Holy shit!” Shane said. He shoved past Kevin, and was first to reach the closet. Four black leather gym bags sat on the shelves, along with bundles of leather clothing. A Xeroxed stack of paper sat atop the bundles. READ THIS FIRST, the top page commanded. Shane picked up the papers and leafed through them. They were all words… not one single picture. “Aw, man… this is worse than school!”

“Here,” Kevin said.

Shane handed him the papers.

“No patience at all,” Kevin said to Shane, almost as an aside. His alert eyes scanned the typewritten text. “Oh, jeez.” Kevin slogged his way through the bleary lines on the pages. The writing was drearier than ten textbooks. Kevin had not gone through eight years of college in vain. He summoned some of his study skills and concentrated. Gradually, the main points of the text came to light. Finding them was giving Kevin an Excedrin moment.

He sighed again. “OK… I’ll cut to the chase here…” Kevin read. “We got six new belts… they’re all more powerful than my belt… blah blah blah… another warning not to use them in public… huh!”

“What?” Shane and Justin said in unison.

“They want us to recruit new guys and… oh, you gotta read this!” He shoved the paper at Shane, who slowly lip-read the words:

Our past studies have proven that the sperm of the practiced belt-user is, in itself, a powerful natural steroid, capable of increasing the muscle mass of an average male from 30 to 90 percent, dependent on the strength of the sperm and the genetics of the recipient.

The sperm loses its potency after an hour, so if administered, it must be done through oral sex… or, to use a popular euphemism, by getting a “blow-job”. We do not believe this imposes any kind of hardship upon you, but we advise against your giving sperm to anyone whom you do not intend to recruit.

We advise that you seek out handsome young men between the ages of 18 and 24 for this project. Be most selective as to their physical beauty. Their bodies are most capable of carrying the steroid essence in the bloodstream. After 10 to 12 doses of your sperm, they too will be able to administer the steroid to others.

You must only choose individuals whom you trust, and who will follow the orders of Mr. Thorson and Mr. Hardin. You are both the appointed leaders of this group. Any recruits must submit to your will, without question.

Many of the words were too big for Shane, but he got their gist. “I’m the boss!” Shane said with a laugh. “Justin, you will suck my cock! Immediately!”

“Yes, sir,” Justin said, smiling.

Kevin rolled his eyes. “Cut it out!” This only made Shane and Justin laugh more. Kevin sighed. “OK… let’s see… they also gave us a bunch of satin muscle shirts, leather pants and leather underwear. Guess we can spare some for Justin… we can get more by coming here and placing a request… uh oh!”


Kevin looked up. “They want us to meet them. Tomorrow!”

“Where?” Shane asked. “Here?”

“Nope. Looks like it’s way the hell out in the sticks. About 60 miles. We’re supposed to meet them at 9 PM.”

“What do they want?” Justin asked.

“They want to examine us, see the effects of the belts in person. Perform some tests.”

“Aw, fuck that,” Shane said.

“No, we should go. We don’t know why they gave us these belts. I’d sure as hell like to know. We owe them some courtesy, and we promised to obey them. Remember?”

“Yeah. Man…” Shane looked put-upon.

Kevin smiled at him. “Why don’t you open your presents?” Kevin found the bag with Shane’s name on it. “Holy fuck, this is heavy!” Kevin struggled to lift the bag. His bicep bulged out from the effort. “Here!”

“Shit!” Shane dropped the bag.

“Take these, too,” Kevin said, throwing a lighter bag his way. It smelled intensely of new leather.

“I want my new belt!” Shane grabbed the super-heavy bag. He almost had to drag it out into the main area.

Shane zipped open the bag. There were three belts inside, each in a velvet pouch. The first one was another “sailor’s belt.” It looked just like Kevin’s, except that the buckle had a large “S” engraved in the center, flanked with bolts of lightning. This belt was wrapped around something very heavy. It was at the bottom of the bag.

“Cool!” Shane said. He unfurled the bundle of clothes. The leather pants were smooth and shiny, with an extra pouch sewn into the crotch. A small zipper crossed the pouch.

The back of the pants had embossed anchors on each cheek. Embossed lightning bolts ran down the sides of the pants. Thick, shiny leather laces dangled from the top of the pants. Shane pulled on these new pants. They fit him perfectly. The crotch had plenty of room for his cock and balls to fit with comfort. Shane zipped and fastened the pants. Then he grabbed the laces on his right side.

He tugged them and took up the slack in an instant. To his great surprise, he felt strength and energy rush through his body. He pulled the laces as tight as he could, then tied them down. “Damn!” His thigh muscles expanded.

He grabbed the other laces, yanked them hard, and tied them down. A huge surge of power coursed through his body. He watched his bicep muscles expand and his chest grow higher. The crotch filled out, and his cock and balls filled to overflowing the purse-size basket. “Check it out!” He flexed his guns. “These are hella cool pants!” He unzipped the pouch and his hard cock flopped out. “Wanna blow me now, Justin?”

Justin had a belt of his own. It looked just like Shane’s first muscle-belt. He held it around his waist. Bolts of wild power sparked from the golden diamond-shaped buckle. His arms trembled. “How do I do this?”

“Touch the leather to the buckle. Watch out, dude.” Shane stood by Justin as he touched the leather to the buckle. The buckle came to life, the anchor glowing, and sent off bolts of power. Justin’s body jerked, as though he were trying to tame a wild colt.

“Shit! I can’t control this!”

“Sure, you can. I’ll help you…”

“Please.” Shane stood behind Justin and held his shoulders tight in his strong hands. Justin was able to ground himself. He laced the leather through the buckle pulled it tight. Bolts of power shot from the buckle into Justin’s biceps. Justin struggled. Sweat cascaded down his brow. “Oh, shit! I can’t do it! Shane, I can’t…”

“You want the power, dude. Go for it!”

“Help me…”

“Keep pullin, Justin! Go for the power! It’s yours!”

“I want it! I have to have it!” Justin screamed and the bolts grew stronger and harder. He yanked the leather to the second notch.

“Keep pullin!” Shane shouted. “Go for it!”

“I want it all!” Justin tugged even harder. The buckle glowed, and they ratcheted the tight leather to the fourth notch. “I’m so strong!”

He buckled the belt, and his muscles were as big as Shane’s. His cock grew up to his nipples. He made a double-biceps pose. His guns were at least 40 inches, and his waist barely 20”. “I am no longer Justin Craig.”

“Dude,” Shane said. He was awestruck.

“Beg for my muscles,” Justin said, “and I’ll let you fuck me up my tight little ass.”

“Why should I beg? I can have my way with you easy. It’s about time I tried on my new belt.” Shane untied his pants, peeled them off, and lifted the bag containing his new muscle-belt. It took all his strength to lift the belt out of its pouch. The belt had 16 notches, and was buckled around a polished rectangular metal plate. The metal felt like it weighed 500 pounds. Shane lifted up the plate with one hand and unhooked the diamond-shaped buckle from the belt. He pulled the belt away and dropped the heavy plate. Engraved into the metal were Shane’s name and this information:




The buckle sparked and whined. It was loaded with power. “Holy fuck,” Shane said in a whisper. Beads of sweat rolled down his smooth body. His heart drummed hard as he strapped the leather around his waist. His entire body shook with the first jolt of power from the buckle. It was so full of power that Shane could barely slip the leather underneath it. Fingers of blinding white lightning flashed on the engraved anchor.

Shane closed his eyes, grimaced, and pulled the leather. The buckle squealed and vibrated. It took all his strength to get the leather to even move. “Fuck!” Shane took a deep breath. His face was red, and sweat poured down his body. The beads sizzled as they dripped on the buckle.

“Give me hella muscle power! Mighty belt, give this stud all your power!” Shane flexed his free arm, and the buckle flashed a massive bolt of lightning to his bicep. This gave him enough power to pull the leather to the second notch. Shane tried for the third, but his arms grew so weak he couldn’t hold the leather. With a great struggle, he buckled the belt. Shane was spent. He slumped to the floor. “Damn…”

Kevin walked over and rubbed the buckle on Shane’s belt. Violent bolts of energy coursed through Shane’s body, and he sprang to his feet. “What a hella rush! Thanks, Kev.” He flexed his guns. They were as big as ever.

“Don’t get discouraged, Shane.” He moved in and gave Shane a deep kiss. Shane kissed back, and soon they both sported enormous hard-ons. “Let’s fuck, baby. Let me slam my cock in your mighty ass. I’m hot for you.”

“Oh, Kev, you turn me on so much. Go for it.”

Kevin lubricated Shane’s ass with strands of his pre-cum. He slid his cock into Shane’s tight ass and began to pump. He bit Shane’s thick neck. His eyes roamed all over the powerful, rippling muscles of Shane’s broad shoulders, the “Christmas tree” effect on his back, and his tiny waist, accentuated by the shiny, smooth belt of black leather. He didn’t notice Justin behind him for a minute or so. Then he felt a hard warm force on his back, groaned himself at the sudden thrust, and discovered that…

Justin was fucking him! And enjoying himself, at that… he gave a devilish smirk as he grabbed Kevin’s tight waist and slammed his cock deeper into his ass. Kevin screamed with pleasure. Justin rammed harder and grabbed Kevin’s belt. He gave it a quick yank and Kevin orgasmed, spurting his cum into Shane’s ass until it oozed out. Then his cock flopped out and shot a 21-gun salute all over Shane’s back. Kevin’s pleasure was intensely increased by Justin’s cock pile-driving away inside him. He tightened the walls of his ass, and Justin’s breathing got that telltale cadence… he moaned as his cum spurted deep into Kevin. Justin came for two minutes, every moment a rhapsody of total orgasm.

“Wow,” Kevin said. Justin grabbed Kevin and kissed him deeply. Kevin returned the feeling, and as they kissed, Shane embraced them both.

The kiss ended and Kevin smiled. “Well, that was fun! We’ll have to do that again sometime!” Kevin looked at himself. “I’m a mess! I’m going for the towels.” Kevin left the building, his cock still high and hard, and jets of fresh cum all over his ass and chest. The room was filled with its heavenly scent.

“Damn,” Shane said. “There’s cum everywhere, dude.”

“Not yours,” Justin said. “Let me take care of that.” Before Shane could say another word, Justin’s lips and throat were wrapped around his pulsing, veiny cock. Justin rubbed the buckle of Shane’s belt and gagged as Shane’s cock grew thicker and longer in his mouth. The head got too big for Justin’s mouth. “Stop it! I can’t do anything with this monster!”

“Sorry, dude,” Shane said. “I was thinkin about how huge my cock is… and damn if it didn’t get just like I wanted it!” Shane fingered his newly huge cock. The head was the size of a baseball, and the shaft was hard as steel. “That is a fine fuckin rod, if I do say so myself.”

“Yes,” Justin said. “Don’t do a thing to change it.” Justin grabbed a pair of satin-lined leather pants and pulled one leg over Shane’s enormous cock. “Here’s the best hand job you ever had!” Justin moved the pants leg back and forth down the shaft of Shane’s cock. The satin rubbed against his sensitive skin and the pleasure made him groan.

“Man, this is gonna ruin them pants!” Shane moaned.

“We got plenty.” Justin pumped Shane’s cock with his expert, limber hands. Shane looked into Justin’s eyes and saw deep, burning desire. Justin’s jawline had thickened, due to all the new muscle he was packing, but his face retained the wistful, sensitive quality of his pre-belt days.

“You are so beautiful, Justin,” Shane said in a whisper. “I got the major hots for you, baby.”

“Me, too,” said Justin. His pump gained volume and speed. The more Shane looked into his eyes, the harder his cock got, and the better the pumping pleasured him.

“Kiss me, Justin. I really need it.” Justin moved closer, continuing the pump, and their lips met. An electric rush flooded Justin’s body. He hadn’t had a chance to realize it yet, but he had fallen madly in love with Shane Hardin. This big, dumb, good-natured boy had given him the greatest gift he could have ever imagined. And thanks to that gift, they were both gods among men. Shane’s tongue touched Justin’s. “I’m crazy about you, baby. I really mean it.”

“I love you. Do you love me, Shane?” Justin said.

“Do I…” Shane’s sentence was left in the air as the colossal rush of orgasm wracked his body. Justin opened the end of the pants leg and Shane’s cum shot out like a cannonball, smacking the wall behind them and splattering on Justin’s thighs. Shane’s cum kept shooting for three minutes, and each shot brought him an ecstasy a million times better than he’d ever felt.

Finally, he stopped shooting, and gasped for breath. His face was red, and veins stood out on his forehead, beneath his sweaty blond locks. His eyes looked into Justin’s. “Yeah, baby, I do love you.” He smiled, and Justin smiled back. Shane brushed back one of Justin’s floppy bangs. “But I love Kev, too. Can you handle that?”

Justin’s heart sank. “I guess so. I mean, I like Kevin, and all…”

“Me an him, see, we go way back. I known him since I was 15. He’s shown me a lot, an put up with a lot. You got to understand.”

Justin looked away. “I do. I guess.”

Shane turned Justin’s head back. Their eyes met. “What’s wrong?”


“Dude, don’t worry none. We can deal with this. I mean, us three are like brothers now. We ain’t like anyone else in the world. We got to share that with one another.”

Tears welled up in Justin’s eyes. “Would you kiss me again?”

“I’d love to.” Shane gave him a deep, tender kiss, one that he felt from his head to his toes. Justin’s heart swelled with hope, and his tears stopped.

“OK, you lovebirds, let’s get something to eat. I’m fucking famished!” Kevin’s voice brought them out of their idyll. The three of them, adorned in their new blue satin muscle shirts and leather pants, gave the waitresses at a Denny’s restaurant something to talk about for months afterwards. One woman fainted when Shane flexed his 46-inch guns for her. •

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