Shane and his Muscle-Belt

After-School Special


By Jason Jarman

Shane told Justin to wait in the woods behind school ‘til after everyone cleared out. Then, Shane had promised, he would drive in the back way, through a wide path in the woods, and pick him up. They would go to a place where they could do whatever they wanted.

Justin sat in the woods, flexing his 16-inch guns and feeling his big pecs and rocky waist. He stroked himself off several times, shooting hot cum all over the woods. No one could see him beneath all the overgrowth. He felt excited about being alive for the first time in years. He wondered what Shane would do to him, but as long as he kept getting that incredible spunk, nothing else mattered. And maybe he'd get another shot of that belt, too.

Finally, Justin heard the sound of a car entering the woods. He zipped up his pants, picked up his backpack, and crunched through the underbrush. Shane's black Camaro purred in the near-distance.

Shane had the radio on, playing heavy metal. "Hurry, dude," Shane called out. He had mirrored Oakleys on. Justin nervously approached the car. "Git in, baby," Shane said with a smile.

Justin opened the front passenger's door and plopped down onto the black leather upholstery.

"Uh, hi..."

"Howdy." Shane revved the engine of the Camaro.

Justin looked down at Shane's crotch. His shirt was off. His pecs rose high from his chest, and the nipples stood erect, their rings dangling down. His rocky abs crunched down to a tiny waist. He had the belt around his waist pulled to the last notch.

A huge bulge swelled Shane’s leather pants. "You ready to suck dick all night long? I got a buddy who's like me. He's got a belt. If he likes you, you're one of us."

"What do you mean?"

Shane smiled and took off his shades. "I called him before last period. His name's Kevin. Tole him about what we did. Tole him that you know about the belts. He said he wanted to meet you. I tole him how good you suck cock, and he said he was so horny for a blow his dick hurt. He'll fill yer gut up real good."

"You said, 'one of us.' Does that mean..."

"Yeah, it means you get yer own belt. IF you pass with Kev."

Justin's heart pounded. Was this really happening to him? He reached over and rubbed Shane's straining crotch. Shane groaned. His cock completely split the heavy stitching of the leather and burst through, big and hard, whacking against the steering wheel.

Shane laughed. “Knew that was comin.”

"You want a quick blow right now?"

"Right this second!" Shane unbuckled and unzipped his pants. His cock stood 23 inches high; it cleared the steering wheel. "Shit, lemme get turned around some."

Shane shifted in the seat and his pulsing cock was ready. Shots of pre-cum spurted in Justin's face. He licked them off and got to work. It took Shane less than a minute to shoot a huge load of cum down Justin's throat.

Justin drank it all in, and as he swallowed, his biceps ballooned out, his waist got smaller, and his chest muscles rose up. His thighs, quads and calves grew. The crotch of his baggy pants filled out dramatically. Justin gasped for breath. Cum drooled out of his mouth. "I can't get enough of your cum! I want some more!"

"Wait 'til we get to Kev's, OK?" Shane looked Justin over. "Hey, flex yer gun for me."


"Make a bicep muscle, dude. Show me yer guns."

Justin did as told. Shane took a tape measure off the dashboard. "Keep it flexed!" He pulled the tape taut around Justin's bicep. It measured 18 inches. "Whew! Dude, yer ready to turn pro! Damn! Kev was right..."

Justin didn't know what Shane was talking about. He didn't say anything. Shane tucked his flaccid cock back into his pants and they left the woods.

Kevin greeted them at the door. His eyes roamed over Justin's muscles. "How many contests you been in, kid?" "Huh?" Justin looked away sheepishly.

“You got some big guns there.”

“I don’t have any guns. My dad has a rifle…”

Kevin laughed. "Come in." He locked the door behind them. "You're Justin?"

"Uh huh."

"You must work out a lot."

"I've never worked out ever." Justin looked embarrassed.

"You're shittin' me," Kevin said with a smile.

"It's true, dude," Shane explained. "This dude was a toothpick this mornin. Then I got him to suck some serious dick. He got like this off my cum!"

Kevin walked over to Justin. "Take off your shirt."

Justin wriggled out of his oversized T-shirt. "Wow," Kevin said as he looked over Justin's muscular body. "You've got some big guns."

"18 inches. I taped 'em in the car." Shane flexed his 29-inch biceps. “What are guns?” Justin asked, confused.

Shane smirked. “Yer arms… the biceps. That’s what bodybuilders call ‘em, dude.”


“Yeh. Wanna see my wheels?”

“Uh, sure.” Shane flexed his mighty thighs. The muscles rippled through the tight leather.

Kevin felt Justin’s high, peaked chest muscles. "Nice pecs, Justin. I can't believe you never lifted weights before."

"Never." Justin shyly smiled.

"OK. Pull your pants down. I want to see if..." Justin's semi-hard cock sprang up from his crotch. "Wow. Hey, Shane, hand me that tape measure on the table..."

Shane tossed the tape over. Kevin unfurled it. "Get your cock hard, Justin."

Justin stroked the shaft a few times and it stood up red, veiny and throbbing. Kevin measured it.

“14 inches! How long was your cock yesterday?"

"I dunno. Five inches when it got hard..."

Kevin smiled. "Damn, Shane. Your cum is an elixir! A natural steroid! Only I'd say it works way better than any roids I ever saw..."

Kevin looked at Shane. "Get the belts. I want to try something."

Shane went into the basement. "Let's go down there, too. What has Shane told you about us?"

"Uh," Justin said, "I just know that he has a belt that makes you big and strong when you pull it tight. I tried one of his belts today. It made me get real big. It felt good..."

"You felt something when you wore the belt?"

Justin nodded. "I want to wear it again."

"Shane, give me my belt." Shane tossed Kevin his muscle belt. He was about to strap the muscle-belt on, and then suddenly stopped:

"Wait. I want you to wear this belt."

Shane looked surprised. "Really?"

Kevin threw his belt to him. "Pull it tight. Get as big as you can."

Shane put on his Oakleys. His heart throbbed. The buckle sparked and roared as Shane tried to put the belt around his waist. It was exactly like a bucking bronco! It was so powerful. The buckle squealed and squawked. Shane's skin became shiny with sweat as he struggled. Every vein in his arms and pecs stood out like telephone cables.

"Help me outta my pants, Justin."

Justin pulled off Shane's Nikes and slid the leather pants off Shane's legs. He wore only his leather underwear now.

"Pull the shorts off, dude!"

Justin worked the tight trunks down Shane's thickly muscled thighs and yanked them down to his diamond- shaped calves.

"Pull down my shades an then close yer eyes!"

Justin put Shane's mirrored sunglasses down over his eyes. The shiny surface reflected the bolts of power that charged the air.

As Shane put the belt around his waist, the tattoos returned. They were slightly different. The diamond-shaped S still appeared on his upper right pec, but now yellow lightning bolts appeared at each nipple. Anchors crossed with lightning bolts covered his biceps. The buckle squealed, like a radio trapped between two stations. Bolts of power blasted from the anchor on the diamond-shaped buckle. "Aw fuck! Aw fuck!" Shane's body quaked with the power.

"Pull it tight!" Kevin cried. "You can do it!"

Shane screamed as he yanked the glistening black leather through the buckle. A thunderblast of power echoed through the room. Huge shafts of white lightning burst from the buckle. Shane's body bucked as he accepted bolt after bolt of raw savage power. He got the leather past the third notch.

"Keep pulling! Pull harder!" Kevin cried. Shane flexed his free bicep and power hurled through his body. His chest muscles swelled up to his ears. He got the leather tighter and tighter... past the fourth notch... past the fifth and sixth...

"One more!" he cried out. He gritted his teeth and howled with pain and pleasure as he got the belt to the seventh notch. He buckled the leather and beat his chest. "I feel SO FUCKIN STRONG!"

Shane was bigger than ever. Justin's jaw dropped. Shane’s cock stood high and hard. It grew up to his nipples and pulsed as pre-cum dribbled down its shaft.

"Think you can blow a cock that big?" Kevin asked.

"Oh, yeah!" Justin straddled Shane's massive artillery and began sucking and stroking it. Shane groaned, and cum spewed like hot lava from a volcano. Justin swallowed it all, and as he drank deeply, his muscles swelled up high and hard. His waist got even smaller, and his cock blossomed with size and thickness.

Justin turned and saw Kevin, holding a weight-lifting belt. Its buckle sparked. "Quick, put this on and pull it tight!"

Justin grabbed the belt and strapped it on. He felt so strong. It took him no effort to pull the belt past nine notches. The buckle glowed with power, and Justin's muscles got slightly larger.

Kevin taped Justin's muscles. His biceps were 24 inches, his chest 72, his waist 23, his thighs 48, his calves 22, and his cock a hard 18 inches. "Welcome to the club, Justin. You're one of us now. We have more muscle and more power than anyone else in the world. Speaking of which... Shane, if you'll give me back my belt, I'm dying for a power shot."

"Aw..." Shane obediently unbuckled Kevin's powerful belt. He immediately strapped on the muscle-belt and pulled it to the last notch. It went quick, and he instantly had 70-inch biceps.

"Justin, I want you to drink our cum all week long. I want you to be as big as Shane by Friday."

"Yes, sir."

Kevin pulled his belt tight and Justin prepared for another gallon of the smooth-tasting, natural elixir that would make him even bigger and stronger.

By midnight, Justin had blown Kevin 23 times, and Shane 27. He had gained 20 pounds just from guzzling their cum. Kevin’s cum had a kick to it, but it wasn’t as potent as Shane’s.

During a necessary break (to keep Shane’s and Kevin’s cocks from getting raw), Kevin removed the “sailor’s belt” and got dressed. He took Justin to a leather boutique and bought him three form-fitting pairs of shiny black leather jeans, plus six pairs of black leather underwear.

During the fitting, Kevin got a huge hard-on for this beautiful young boy. He wanted to fuck Justin blind. Shane was still his favorite, but there was something about this shy young dude that got him hot and hard.

Kevin paid for the clothes with a wad of twenties. Justin wore the pants home. “You look hella hot, Justin. How do you like your new muscles?”

Justin flexed one of his 26-inch guns. “I like ‘em fine.” Justin’s voice now sounded deeper and huskier. “Thanks for the pants. It feels great to wear ‘em.”

“You’ll have to wear these when you’ve got your belt on. Your cock will rip right through regular clothes. When your muscles grow, same thing. Just like The Incredible Hulk!”

Justin smiled. “That’s stupid. So who’s behind all this? Where do these belts come from?”

“We don’t know. They picked Shane out first, and then they made me his dad… You know, we should introduce you to them. I bet they know about you already…”


Kevin shrugged. “Let’s go back and get Shane. We’ll get it all figured out…” •

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