By Jace Soliz


Damien's body felt as if it was being ripped apart by the roots and the gravel of the Earth he was being forced downward from. Electric shocks kept pulsing through his body and just when it became too much to bear it stopped, and all he could hear where his screams. When he felt and sensed nothing, he opened his eyes and stopped screaming. The room was lit with an electric green hue. And then he saw the beast.

In front of him was a man that made no sense from the version of man he was used to up there. His eyes were electric blue with electric shocks of that same light that brought him down here. The air was cool and damp and the floor he was on was like ice.

Shivering, Damien came to realize he had nothing on, the leaf he had worn was probably fried from the shocks of electricity. Was he dead? "Where………" he was cut off by the man in front of him.

"Shhh" The man brought up one of his massive hands and put his index finger to his lips. The man had to be 6'7. At least 450lbs of complete muscle. His traps pratically touched his ears and they led to shoulders that were large enough to be called a couch. His arms hung massive and coreded with power, and my god….he was vascular. The Colorado would envy such a man. His pecs were pumped up, nips pointing downward and covered in black hairs that dipped down his canyon like abs and disappeared in the mans clothing that covered his lower half. He could tell the man quads were enourmous for they strained his "pants".

Damien felt a hand on his chin and the man lifted his chin back up to his face, the man was smiling. "You came." He smiled, and Damien was awwed by his beauty. "I will live on. Just like it was fortold."

"Fortold? This isn't a cheesy college prank is it? Cuz, I've gotta tell you, you sure are scaring the shit out of mee eEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Electric shocks pulsed through him once more.

"You will listen." The man said in the same calm voice. He stopped bolting Damiens body with his hand, and smiled.

"Shit…fine…Pikachu!" Damien said panting.

"Come…You will fufill the rebirth" The man walked away, then stopped and motioned for Damien to follow.

The vision led him down through caves that were obviously built for his size, but were actually larger than he was. Could there be more like him larger? They finally came upon what looked like an alter in a bluish green temple. . It shimmered with electric pulses. Damien looked up and he saw what looked like sky, but it couldn't be….none of the starts looked right, they looked closer and brighter somehow.

"I am Ziad" He said.

"Damien." He said bluntly. "You're going to eat me huh?" He said bluntly.

Ziad smiled at this and pointed to the alter. "No. There will be worshipping here. I was once a God. I was once worshipped and feared. Loved by my followers. I commanded the skies!" Ziad's voice faded as if he was caught up in the memories.

"Huh…hey do have anything I might, ya know….wear?" His teeth chattered.

Ziad reached out and grabbed Damien and put him against his chest and started to rub Damiens back. It reminded Damien of Martha Stewart rubbing a pork loin with pepper and salt, and he kept thinking how he could escape.

"Soon, you will no longer be cold" Ziad said in a deep voice.

"Oh God you Are gonna eat me!" Ziad foced Damien's face to his and the started to kiss him. Z kissed him hard and his thick tounge worked Damien's mouth, and between the rubbing and the kissing he got hard, and realized that he was being lifted by something.

"It is time for the coming!" Ziad bellowed.

Damien laughted, just cuz it sounded so funny.

Ziad got a confused expression, then understood what Damien was saying and smiled. "There will be plenty of that for you." He graps Damien and starts to rub his hardening cock on the small guys lower back as his hands hold the tiny back with his thick strong hands. Their mouth meet again and the giant starts to moan the temple started to shake.

2: Come Undone

Christopher felt power rising within him as he laid rigid on the ground, then he let out a moan that was deep and full of power, unlike his typical voice. He felt he could move again, though the light zapping his whole body hadn't stopped. He felt powerful and electrified. He got to his knees and then his back arched outward and his shirt started to rip in the middle. He grunted and he put his hands on the ground staying in a doggie style position.

The rip continued as his back swelled with muscle. His lats flaring out, his shoulders widening with power. His triceps were starting to grow and they caused his sleeves to tighten around his arms. His back arched again, and blew out of his shirt. His low moan caused his half hard dick to get fully erect. The seem on the back of this pants on his ass, ripped open as they grew from flat to rock hard mass. His body was shaking and he got off his hand and ripped off his shirt exposing two massive plates across his chest. His arms were still small but they were growing faster. There was a rip that him grunt again in pure desire. His cock, 12 inches of hard cock ripped out of his pants, thick, veined and dripping precum. He grapped his penis and started to jack off on the feeling of his body growing. His forearms started to thicken as his biceps were blasted beyond massive. Each stroke on his dick made it pulse more, grow harder. In his kneeling form his quads and calves ripped open his pants and he stood up and took his hands off his cock so he could rip the tattered pants off. His balls flopped out. Huge and full of cum. His calves were cows on steroids. His quads were massive and he knew if he ran, he could cause the ground beneath him to rumble.

But as the thought came to mind, the ground started to shake. •

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