What Lies Beneath


By Jace Soliz

The gate creaked open and the two young men stood there, both with distasteful expressions. Both men, skinny, but tight bodied. Very club boy types. The taller one, Christopher, held a blanket and a basket, and the shorter one, Damien, carried a backpack and a basket with ice and a bottle of wine.

"And what are we doing here again" Christopher motioned to the graveyard beyond.

"Well, at the time I thought about it this morning it seemed like a fun idea." Damien replied. "Just a picnic at night, you and I surrounded by candles celebrating Halloween in a different way, yada yada yada." He motioned his head from side to side like a child listening to Barney's I love you song.

"Eating on a grave on Halloween, in the dark, Getting hot and bothered with dead bodies all around us AND you think I'm supposed to perform?" Christopher took a step back. "Nu uh....No way...nope. Sorry."

"Oh come on. I know we'll be alone. No one wants to come to a graveyard this time of night, on this day." Damien walked forward.

"Ya think?!" exclaimed Christopher

"Please baby" He put on his pout fem boy look that always got him free food and rides to work from Christopher.

Christopher rolled his eyes and gave in.

They walked around looking for a good place to set up the picnic. The found a big space where two lonely headstones occupied the space where normally 4 to 5 is lined up. The space between the two headstones had to be 10 feet.

"Looks good to me" Damien said as he put the blanket down. He looked over and saw Chris blowing off the dust on one of the headstones, then brushing away the rest with his hands.

"Huh. Hey Dame, check this out. This guy that was buried here used to be a bodybuilder, I think, it has barbels etched on the stone and some weird symbols"

"Oh yeah?" Damien said uninterested as he set out the food

"Has some weird words down here as well. Did you bring a flashlight?"

Damien looked into his bag and brought out a candle. "No. Just these candles." He held up a small jar with a candle inside.

"Could'ja light it up for me, baby boy?" Chris purred. "Daddy would be so happy"

As Damien lit the candle, Chris got up and looked around the area they were in. "This isn't that bad. It's actually very peaceful. NO one will hear you moaning." Damien walked over to Chris with the candle lit.

They kissed each other hard and Damien started to rub his groin against Chris's. They were both soon, very hard and very horny.

Damien, stopped them from going further.

"Now....I planned this night a certain way and we have to go by that plan or else those 72 hours of Martha Stewart marathons I taped would be worthless. And that my love, is NOT a good thing" Damien, teased.

"My little queen" Chris joked. He sat back down with the candle in his hand and stared at the words on the headstone. Damien walked over the opposite headstone and started to dust that one off as well.

"This one has some strange writing too. Hmm. Doesn't look like anything I've seen." Damien got out another candle. "Hey babe, I'm gonna go mark a tree somewhere, I'll be right back"

"K" Chris kept starting at the words. "Damn, he's been dead since 1801!" He tried saying the words "Ssh..nev shhhhodefeeso...bonde..zetul?"

The ground beneath him moved. He jumped up with a start "um....Okay.. I'm freaking myself out...I'm freaking myself out...I'm......." Sparks flew up from the ground below and engulfed him in a lime aura. He couldn't move, he couldn't scream. He heard whispers all around him and felt an energy rise up with him. Just as it had started, the bolts of light descended back into the ground, and he heard "Prepare for the rebirth" whispered in him mind with electric voice.

"Rebirth?" He still felt numb and there was a buzz in his ears.

"Oh Chrissy..poooo!" Chris turned stiffly towards Damien, who was now wearing nothing but a giant leaf over his crotch.

"Dame...." he said...not really being able to move much. "Help.... me.....can't................AAAAAAAAAAAA AAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!" Chris whole body went ridged and shook with such force he was forced to the ground in shear pain.

"How come you can't cum like that in bed?" Damien stood over Chris, whose face had turned a bright red. "Babe, are you okay? Chris?!"

Damien reached out to touch him and a bolt of green light shot him backward to the headstone he had been at. He hit the ground hard and his breath was knocked out of him. Just was he was about to get up, bolts of light tore through the earth and pulled him down and closed up...all Chris could he was a terrified scream that faded. •

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