By Alex Renov

Let me tell you about the miracle that has happened to me these past couple of months. Monday, February 15th, I just couldn't help but debate whether or not I wanted to still go to school. I thought, the whole school MUST have known the truth about me. Damn that Johnny Rossin!!! Why the fuck did he do such a mean thing? I remember the day he tricked me, the Thursday before, as if it was just two minutes ago·..

I was sitting alone in the park when this gorgeous guy comes over and sits right down next to me. "Is this seat taken?" he said. "No, please take a seat." My dick started to rise a little just looking at his face, but I was completely straight acting and didn't want to show anything. This face was stolid with incredibly chiseled features. His eyes were a dark blue whose icy fire melted my tough faade, and I wanted to ask him so badly if he would kiss me. I wanted to see if he would embrace me in his big arms and kiss me incredibly deeply, but that is only the type of things you read about in stories and saw in movies. I decided to take the more polite approach. "Sir, if you don't mind me saying so, you are a pretty good looking guy." I felt like a total idiot·I mean, who says something like that? I was somewhat surprised that he didn't immediately call me a gay prick and just walk away. That would be totally what I had expected, but instead he just gave me a coy smile as if he accomplished some task and said, "Thanks! Yeah, sometimes I find I have to beat them off with a stick." Hmmm·.."them"·..are they the male species or the female ones? I really don't know, but I really want to find out. If he is gay, this might be a good experience to come out to someone and see how it really is on the "other side." However, before I could get out another word, he said "Its not really my face that turns people on though·its these massive muscles that I have." He flexed his arm and a huge softball size bulge filled his shirt. He rolled up his shirt to show me the huge arm pumped with snaked veins encompassing every inch of the steel peak. I moaned as I saw it and looked around me to see if anybody was near me, but since there wasn't, I reached up and grabbed the python. I rubbed it and squeezed and he pumped it higher. It was kind of weird that he had no emotion on his face other than annoyance. Maybe it was just his cocky attitude because he knows that he looks good. When I did the unthinkable was when it started to turn into a bad situation. I leaned over, put my mouth over the huge bicep peak, and kissed it deeply. He got up and immediately pushed his shirtsleeve down. I thought he was ready to give me the hottest posing routine that I ever saw in my life. "You know what I want, man. I want those MUSCLES." I said. "Well you are not getting them Tyler·.Tyler Bander." "Holy Shit!! Do I know you?" My mouth turned dry as I went through my mind trying to find any inkling of meeting this guy. I would remember such a god though - this guy is a complete stranger to me. "Well, my name is Bryan Rossin, Johnny is my brother." OH MY GOD - Johnny and I fucking HATED each other. Ever since the second grade when he stole all my Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, we have spent our whole lives trying to annoy the other. "My bro thought that you might be a fag, so he asked me to do this little trick on you. Now I know that you are a homo, and I can't wait to tell him. You are ruined, fucker." He pulled up his shirt and crunched his solid six pack and I got hard again. He looked down, saw my hardon, gave a maniacal laugh, and walked away·..

That was Thursday night so I am sure everyone in the school knew by Monday. We go to a small high school that only consists of 750 students who were freshmen through seniors. I was a senior and only had to spend another couple of months with these people. That would be a good asset if they all knew I was gay. The walk to school was at least three times longer than it had normally been in the past. Then again, time rather slows when you don't even want to live through another day. When I walked into school, everyone stood on the sides of the corridors and watched me walk by. Some snickered, and some tried to hide giggles, but a their noses still snorted at an audible level. Even some teachers looked at me funny·this was getting ridiculous. I strode over to my locker and opened it, but my jaw dropped to the floor. There were pictures up everywhere of famous bodybuilders posing, and hanging from the top shelf was a dildo. After a couple seconds, there was an incredible uproar from the students behind me·.all of them laughing and mocking me. Now I only gave one person my combination: my best friend Tim Matthews. I looked over to his locker down the hall and he was standing there watching with a smile. He shrugged his shoulders and held them there as he mouthed "Sorry Fag." I ran out of the school from complete embarrassment and walked the streets trying to figure out what to do. I knew I couldn't go home until three because my mother would know that I skipped school. Hell, she would know anyway after she gets one of those stupid automated phone calls from the school board telling me that I was absent today. I walked down the street in utter tears. Not only did Johnny Rossin destroy my life, all of the people that I thought were my friends turned on me. Jesus Christ! My life is totally demolished. Just as I was in the middle of my thoughts, I looked up the street and saw Margie Toro walking this way! It was my mother's gossip mate and friend from grade school!! If she found me here, she would definitely go home and give my mother a call·I had to act fast. I turned to my right and ran into the dark alley between the bank and the hardware store. I ran to the end of the alley and behind the hardware store into another alley, more secluded than this one. Besides being so dank, it gave me a nice venue to think about my situation and what I am going to do to get out of it. After about an hour, I felt like total shit. I thought about what would happen if my father found out, which I knew he would eventually. Maybe he would disown me or beat me·I don't know but I was scared. I even contemplated killing myself, but I knew I would never go through with it. As I stared to walk out of the alley, a blinding flash of light emanated from behind the dumpster. I couldn't help but think about what the fuck that was. I slowly creeped over to the dumpster and looked down to find this man crouched down on one knee like from some terminator movie. The word, "man" doesn't even describe this god that I saw before me. He was wearing a lycra one piece suit that covered his whole body·barely. This guy was MASSIVE beyond any bodybuilder I have ever seen. He stood up and looked me straight in the eye, and that is when I got the full look of this monster. His pecs were shredded (I could see all the veins popping out through the lycra) and formed muscle shelves that I could serve him dinner on. His arms bulged out from his sides almost at 180 degrees from the size of his lats flexed. Those biceps must have peaked at about 26" and he wasn't even flexing. He saw me looking at them and knew what was on my mind when he said, "They are 29" without even flexing them." "Wwwwwwhat?" "Well, I guess they are 28 if you don't count the inch or two of veins that snake around these fucking monsters." He flexed his gun and it ballooned up to immeasurable proportions. He stared to caress it with his other hand moaning as he did so. He took off his lycra suit and stood in a pair of what seem to be futuristic boxer briefs. This guy was enormous. His fucking quads exploded with superhuman power and strength as he flexed them giving me a show of pure muscle. I was afraid that this was another trick to see if I was gay, but unlike Johnny's brother, this guy was totally getting into turning me on. He crunched his abs into a pose that defied the laws of anatomy. I could see two more cuts on his upper abs that gave the appearance of a 10 pack!!! A TEN PACK!!!! IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!!! "W-w-w-w-what are you doing here?" I wanted to know his whole story. "My name is Alturro, and I come from the planet Diomides. You see, when I was born, my mother gave birth to quintuplets. I came out the runt of the litter, so to speak." "Wait a minute, you mean your siblings are all bigger than you are?" I don't know why I even asked the question. I mean, this story can't possibly be true. A muscle god alien that can speak perfect English and looks like a human?! Puh-leaze "Bigger? In Diomides, everybody there is twice the size of me, if not, more. I was dubbed the runt and must be rid of. Our world stands on one maxim, and that is only the strong survive. If there is a weak link in the community, he must be exiled from the planet. I accepted my fate unwillingly, but I could not stand up against the people of the planet. Their strength made mine look like that of an earthling. I stole my family's transporter and searched the universe looking for a place to stay." "And you chose here?" this was starting to get ridiculous but I thought I would entertain him. "Yes I did. I have been watching you." He pressed a small red button on this tiny hand-held remote control, and he was instantly covered in sweatclothes. "I need to blend in." "Wait a minute here!! You have been watching me?" "Yes, you see, on Diomides, each citizen must serve the planet and does not have time for friends. In fact, mandate says that each person can have no more than one friend. I never had that friend until I came here. I saw the way you were treated at school and how you were turned on by that small pathetic weakling on the park bench last week. You and me have one thing in common·we were both exiled, so I choose you." "Uh·well I am honored." "You don't understand! Friendship is something highly treasured where I come from. I will do anything for you, I will be your slave. And what do I expect in return? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Anything you ask shall be done. And I know that you love muscle, right? Well, the only limit to my muscles and strength, is your imagination." With that, he walked over to the dumpster and put his hands on the solid steel. Veins started to pop out on his paper-thin skin as he pushed down. He gave short quick breaths and started to sweat a little. The metal began to scream as it was being pushed down to the ground. "LOOK AT THESE FUCKING MUSCLES TYLER!!!" He even knew my name. His muscles expanded as he forced the dumpster flat on the ground. Everything went black for me as I fainted. I woke up the next day and was in my bed with the covers around me. "Whew! Must have been a dream," I thought. "Nope, no dream." I looked down and Al (which is what I will call Alturro from now on) was doing pushups with my computer on his back. He was not using his hands, but rather pushing on his pinky fingers. He stood up, gave a solid flex in the mirror, and started to make out with his bicep. He didn't just kiss the musclemeat, he treated it as if it was the love of his life. "Get up and get dressed. We are going to school!" This would be the most memorable experience of my life." We got to school and everybody looked at me with this musclebeast dressed only in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. They all remained silent and couldn't believe that I showed up. "Ok Tyler, where is he? Where is Johnny?" "Well, he has gym first period so he is probably in the locker room getting changed." "Perfect!" Al walked into the locker room and saw Johnny getting changed in the back corner. He was completely naked. "Tyler, you stay here and watch this, you might totally like it." Al walked over to where Johnny was changing and straddled the steel bench that Johnny was sitting on. "Who are you?" Johnny asked. "I am the new gym teacher here and wanted to just introduce myself to everyone." "Well, can you do it later? I am kind of in the middle of changing here." "No problem." Al extended his legs in front of him and FLEXED them hard. The muscles grew and expanded while he continued to flex hard. The muscles started to crumple the steel bench that he was sitting on just from the expanding muscle. "Oh shit, I hate it when I do that!" "HOLY FUCK!!" Johnny yelled. "You must be pretty fucking strong!" "Hell yeah, and pretty fucking big." Al started to flex his pecs hard. They inflated and stretched his heavy sweatshirt. He relaxed them and flexed them harder and harder. He did it repeatedly as Johnny just stared in disbelief. "Get ready for this, boy." With one final FLEX, the musclebeast's pecs erupted from his shirt and ripped the top of the shirt to shreds. Johnny moaned with intensity as his little dick started to get hard. "Give me your hand!" Johnny held out his hand and Al placed it on his right mountainous pec. He then took Johnny's padlock and placed it in the massive crevice between his muscle pigs. "Huge fucking musclepecs holding this lock with ease." Johnny could only drool. Al flexed hard and the lock disappeared within his pecs. Waves of pleasure shot through Johnny as he felt the muscles harden into complete steel. Johnny shot his load all over his locker. Al relaxed his pecs and the metal fell out flat as a pancake. Al threw it at him and said, "Here's your fucking lock you fucking faggot." Johnny was in complete embarrassment and shame, but Al made it worse. "Hey everyone here!! Look at this asshole! He just got off on my muscles - look at the homo!" Everyone looked and started to laugh. Al came over to me and said, "I will do anything for you·forever!" The two of us walked out of the locker room. •

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