Altered States

By Musclebuff

I shall soon be off to New Mexico for part of the Summer, so I guess this will be my last tale for a while. It concerns a kind of spirituality - as well as magical muscle growth - that has always intrigued and sustained me and I hope all you guys will enjoy reading it.

Cheers. Musclebuff

Thanks to him, I went to the stars and back again, in a permanently altered state.

If I could say two movies changed my life, they would be Altered States and Dances with Wolves. I became fascinated by Native American lore, the predicament of the people and their spirituality - which is not as far from the Judao-Christian faith as fundamentalists would have us believe. Life, death and reincarnation are but a small part of the similarities and it was this aspect of the people that I set out to explore.

With a couple of months out-of-work stretching in front of me I decided to do something about it, jumped in my Jeep and went West. I shan't tell you where this all happened, but I had canvassed many friends and libraries to find out where best to look for what I seemed to need. Even so any satisfaction was going to be chancy. Added to which I was not happy about being out of my gym for that amount of time. I've worked out very hard for a long time to achieve what I've achieved physically and, as all you bodybuilders know, enough is never enough.

So, with a vague hope that something might come of all this, I aimed for the most unlikely spot for civilization to intrude - one from which many rumors sprang concerning the use of hallucinatory drugs - and plonked myself down in the middle of it all, hoping that someone would discover the intruder.

Three days and three nights I sat at the mouth of a cave on that mountain , armed with the barest necessities for living or sleeping, gazed into the sun-rise in the morning, read all day, did endless push-ups and leg raises, stared up at the stars through the mouth of my cave at night. I prayed to whatever gods were presiding over the area that someone would find me and minister to my needs - whatever they might be.

Three days and nights make a long time when you've run out of reading matter and food is getting dangerously low and I had almost decided to move on. But the Native Americans believe that places have their own identity and there was something about this place that held me there and prevented hope from slipping completely away. Even so, I was on the point of deciding to move on the next day as I fell asleep in my cave.

I had always hoped that someone might see my fire burning high up on the mountain at night and I kept it stoked high, even before I fell asleep. At least, that was my hope.


Tonight brings a very deep sleep, bereft of the dreams that have chased me through previous nights. Something crackles in the fire and I wake to see shadows dancing on the opposite wall of the cave. Just as I detect a heady aroma I hear another loud crackle, as if someone had kicked at the fire.

I turn over in my sleeping bag and there he is. Standing on the other side of the fire as still as a tree, wrapped in a hide or a blanket, he looks immensely tall. Even in the flickering firelight I can see what must be enormous shoulders promising something amazing under that blanket. The intruding moonlight intruding catches on some strange blue markings on his blanket and his eyes reflect the dancing flames of the fire as they bore into mine.

Fear gives way to an incredible feeling of peace and joy.

"So," says a very deep voice, "you have come to me at last."

I realize I am hearing this voice, even though he doesn't open his mouth.

"You have waited only three nights - I have waited a lifetime."

I can find nothing to say. I am dazzled by his face. He looks like a cross between Rob Sager and Wind-in-your-hair from "Dances". Wide, most sensual lips, strong cleft jaw, high cheekbones, his jet-black hair pulled back into a tail behind his head. And still I cannot see any of the rest of body. Nor can I take my eyes off his.

He moves like a huge tiger from the other side of the fire and towers over me. I still cannot move. No fear, no terror, no awful anticipation, only an excited peace. The one part of me that moves is my dick which by now is as hard as steel and tenting my blanket.

"I see you welcome me, as I welcome you. Now see what I am."

He slowly opens the blanket off those huge shoulders. It finally reveals a body that no mortal man could possess - not even the steroided Olympians. Three times the size of Rob Sager's incredible physique, it exudes power and demands worship. As the blanket slowly reveals his god-like muscle I somehow find the strength to get to my knees before him.

Bigger than any Olympian, his body has been hewn to an aesthetic perfection. Still speechless, I can only gasp. My whole being reaches out to him, though I am turned to living stone by the sight of him.

He stretches his arms wide and opens the blanket like a cloak of night revealing the sun. He doesn't need to flex a muscle for me to see how huge, how powerful he is as I hear his voice again.

"I am here - you are there - all this is for you if you will have it so."

His magnificent arms could embrace a house, his split biceps rear up to the stars, his triceps curve out of his hugely spread lats. The firelight flickers up and down the mountains of his abs and caresses the magnitude of his legs. Though I am conscious of all this, I still cannot tear my eyes from his. I cannot even stare at the giant semi-tumescent dick that arches out from his obliques and almost reaches down to his knees, but somehow I am conscious of all this, and somehow I know he is putting it all into my mind. If I would have it so! Shit, dude, what can I say?

Though I don't say it, he smiles as if he had heard me say it.

He sinks slowly to his knees and closes the blanket again. Even though we are both on our knees he still towers over me. He is so close now that I could reach out and grab him. I want to so bad, but the moment is too amazing for anything as obvious as that.

He produces a long pipe from somewhere.

"Now it is time for us to smoke together. This will open the path for us both."

Is this mushroom time, I wonder? He smiles again.

"You have heard of this - you came here for this, and yet you fear this?"

I finally find some voice.

"I cannot fear you. I would worship you, but I cannot fear you."

"Nor shall you worship me, for we are equals - or we will be equals, if you will accept me."

Dumbstruck again, I only gaze deeper into his hypnotic eyes and accept the pipe. I inhale deeply - and start coughing immediately. He places one hand on my back, and it all eases up.

"Gently now - this is what you would call 'strong stuff!'"

So, gently, I inhale again, this time breathing it into my brain. I get dizzy and almost fall against him. As I touch the shoulder through the blanket I am conscious at once of the super-human strength beneath it. I know at once that his undoubted muscular strength emanates from a great mental power.

He takes the pipe from me as I ask "Are you - are you a shaman?"

"I am more than that, as you will soon know. We must smoke this pipe together seven times."

He inhales deeply and passes me the pipe. I do the same. I can see that he too is instantly affected by it. He seems to glow and his amazing aura reaches out to grab me even more powerfully. The stars and the flames are dancing in my eyes now as I begin to lose sense of time and place. Three times we pass the pipe between us and all these feelings grow commensurately. And so does my dick which is aching to explode with my muscle-juice.

He senses this and, as he inhales again, he reaches out and places the palm of a hand flat against my rearing cock.

"Not yet. You will know the time, as I will know the time."

He lets the blanket fall to the ground, once more revealing his entire naked magnificence. But now his thick, thick fuck-pole is rearing to the stars and I can see jewel-drops dripping from the wide cock-lips. My whole being starts to shake in anticipation of whatever is to happen between us.

It is the sixth exchange of the pipe. I start to pant, this mortal body hardly able to cope with the power of the situation. All the time, his seems to be growing and growing, muscles thicker and thicker, sheened with a fine sweat from the fire, flexing and relaxing, the strange light emphasizing the striations, the canyons between the strands of his muscles.

After this sixth exchange he takes something from around his neck and places it around mine.

"If you will always wear this, you will never be lost to me."

It is a strangely beautiful stone, half quartz, half lapis-lazuli, on a thong of hide.

We smoke for the seventh time and now he shakes his head and his hair comes loose to stream down his back. It seems to mark the passing of the last barrier between reality and something completely primeval. His dick answers by reaching into the huge channel between his pecs. I gasp as I see them receive the ichor from the lips of his dick.

Now he stands and begins to chant something unintelligble. Now he is beyond magnificent. Huge traps buttress the muscles of his neck, arching down to those gigantically wide deltoids, now split in three thick bands of steel. From them the huge arms bulge and flex and now his lats are seen clearly from the front to be reaching up to those wide shoulders.

The four strands of his pecs seem to gather power as they expand on each side of the rearing dick and his man-nips reach out towards me, the size of a pair of mortal cocks. The magnificent armor of his abs bulge out on each side of the vertical fuck-rod and his obliqes seem to be grabbing on to his amazing nutsack.

The thickly striated quads curve out from the impossibly small waist and their muscles cascade down to his knees, out from which the impossible calves seem to provide the whole to-die-for body the great support it needs.

Naked and unadorned, this phenomenon stops chanting and looks down at me.

"Now your mind will reach into mine. I shall enter your body to draw it into mine also. Thus shall you receive me and I accept you."

So saying he bends his dick down to my lips.

"Drink deep, my friend - receive my nourishment so we may start down the path together."

I reach my arms around his quads, which seem like two tree-trunks, and somehow manage to engulf the huge dick. And somehow it manages to slip right down my throat without problem or pain. No throat-fuck here: as soon as my face feels the flesh of his lower abs, without any difficulty I find myself swallowing a torrent of his jism.

When it seems I have drunk my fill he lies almost on top of me. This would be too much for any mortal man and the close proximity of his whole body almost undoes me.

"Hush! Hush! Await me!"

With his face only inches from mine he raises my pelvis towards him, bends to great dick down a little and wham! it's inside me. Inside me to its root. I gasp and, as he closes his mouth over my gasp I hear him say:

"Now I shall drink your soul as you shall drink mine!"

As he gives me the kind of kiss that would waken any sleeping beauty to Heaven, he starts the Great Fuck.

Minds and bodies divorce themselves from the earth as we cling to each

other with arms and mouths and his monstrous fuck-rod starts to fulfil its purpose. Though our mouths are locked together I can still hear his strange chant as his dick slides slowly in and out of my ass, full length to full depth. Slowly and inexorably.

Time and place no longer exist as he fucks my butt with increasing speed and fervor and I fuck his abs in synch with his chanting.

He continues to hold me tight, even as I now thrash in his arms and groan into his mouth. Every inch of my flesh feels as sensitive as if it's part of my penis - as if my whole body, no, my whole being, is a giant cock - as if his is a giant condom that I'm longing to jet full of muscle juice. The harder he fucks me, the more I feel he and I are part of the same body, the same soul that exists only to flex with some supreme power and to fill the world with our cum.

Powerfully connected. Muscle to muscle, mind to mind, we are one living, breathing, pulsing muscle-sex machine. Enfolded in the might of his huge muscles, that giant fuckrod swelling inside me and mine already weeping on the alps of his abs, our mouths locked together in a tongue-fuck duet, my arms hardly able to encompass the magnitude of his lats, our big pecs mashed against each other causing our hard and erogenous nips to spark off each other, in total ecstacy, I cum. I cum again and again. And again.

As I feel him roar into me at the same time, our bodies, minds and souls are pressed as tightly together as it is possible to believe and I become one with him.

Falling, falling from the stars, in my total ecstacy I lose consciousness.


Come the dawn and I woke up. Awake and alone. My heart sank in the disappointment of a lost dream. My greedy hand automatically went for my dick for comfort. It was not where I left it. The crown was several inches higher up my chest........... And it seemed to be a great deal thicker. Even my arm felt strange as I reached for my dick, I looked down......... it was huge! It was pushed away from my body by something........ My pecs? My lats?

I sat up. Huge cobblestones of abs greeted me and a giant nutsack was banging against quads I could never have dreamed of achieving in the gym. I rushed out of the cave and down to the spring where I leaned on all fours to see myself in the pool. Only then did I see the stone hanging from my neck. No dream?................

As I grabbed it I heard his voice.

"Now we are one and I am always with you."

I looked down into the pool and saw his face reflected in mine. Slowly it faded into my own - but a different "own". Darker, stronger chin, dark eyes, not blue ones. And his muscles where mine ought to be.

I jumped to my feet and roared into the sunrise like some crazy caveman, beating my huge chest with joy. I couldn't help but feel all my new muscle - his muscle. Thick pecs, those split biceps, sliding my big hands down those abs towards my towering dick and on down to the quads and back to the astounding glutes.......

As the sun rose upon me I came and came. With each burst I received more energy as if the sun was pouring it into me. A voice was telling me I needed to purify myself and I was soon climbing the rest of the mountain, stark naked. At the top I found what must have been an old sweat lodge. Somehow I knew how to start the fire and organize the water and I lay on the rush bed, steaming. With every breath I felt cleaner and stronger but, after a while of this, I fell asleep again.

When I awoke, there was no sweat lodge, only the sweet herbs beneath me.

My mind was clear, my muscles were strong, I was full of boundless energy as I leaped down the hill again towards my cave. I pulled myself up short, stark naked still, as I saw I had visitors. Three tribesmen, the kind of wise old birds I had hoped might see my fire and come to advise me. Maybe they could advise me now.

They seemed impervious to my nakedness as they walked towards me and somehow I didn't care either. It just felt right. Two of them halted a little way off and the third came closer, carrying a bundle.

"My son, you have been with the Mighty Buffalo. We can see he has changed you and we all hope you are happy with that. We would welcome you into our tribe, if you desire to stay with us for a while - or at least as long as you like - and to mark our respect for you and the changes you have undergone, we would offer you this. It was his, many, many moons ago and now it should be yours."

He allowed the bundle to unfold. It was a magnificent buffalo hide, with the same strange lapis-lazuli marks on what I had thought was a blanket the night before. Without waiting for a reply, the old shaman walked behind me and gently put it around my (now huge) shoulders. As he folded it around me I felt complete. It was his, it is mine. We were still together.

"The young men of our tribe are impatient to meet you. They would like - they need to experience your - your body.... to feel your soul..... To feel they are worthy of the great Buffalo they revere. Will you come with us?"

Did I have a choice? The responsibility that had apparently fallen on my shoulders with his buffalo hide seemed to make the answer inevitable. Full of promise, the future beckoned me. Or was it Great Buffalo?

Being treated like a god, but knowing I was just a man, feeling more complete and happier than I had ever been in my previous thirty-two years, I went down the mountain with my three companions to..... To what? Did it matter, in my altered state? •

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