See Chris Grow


By Anonymous

What I was looking at was amazing. Chris could match any professional bodybuilder in size, and definitely was larger than any of our friends at school. I was at a loss for words, but I had an overabundance of drool. "How big are you now?" "Bigger than I thought I would ever get." He flashed me his sexy smile and flexed. ":Why don't you come over and feel how big I am>" I got up and went over to him almost as if I was in a daze. I could not believe I was feeling up the biggest sexiest I knew. "So come on, tell me how big are you?" "My chest is a shade over 60 inches." He said while jutting out his shelf like pecs. "My biceps are 26.5" he said while striking his sexiest double bicep pose. "My waist has dropped al the way down to thirty inches." "Thirty, but aren't you a 32?" "Not any more!!!!" "What do you say we get started on the project." "What, you want to pretend this didn't happen and you want to work on a school project, are you insane?" I asked while tracing the outline of his abs. "Life can't stop just because I am growing." "Your not growing like the rest of us, your are amazing!!! How the hell is this happening to you?" "We can talk about that later, let's get working on the project." "If you really want me to even try to take my eyes and hands off you, you had better put a shirt on." "What you don't want to see this?" He asked while smiling and flexing every muscle he could. My cock immediately got hard, and I saw that his was not to late in following. "hey, I am not the one that wants to work on the project, I would rather work on you!!" I said with a coy grin. " Fine you win." He walked over and put the shirt he was wearing earlier on, well ate least he tried. The second he took a breath it spilt at the seems, he groaned as it split, and continued to flex the rest of it off. "It might not be that easy to find one that fits." He walked over and gabbed his under shirt which he always bought big because he always joked that one day he might grow into them. I don't think even he really meant it. Now was the time though. It fit like a charm. It was so large that it was still a little loose on him. "Okay? Now let's get to work." We began to work, after a half hour of thinking of nothing but Chris I looked at him. His short cropped blond hair, his deep blue eyes. I could not believe I was sitting across from this hunk. I looked down at his chest, I could swear the shirt looked tighter than before. Just the thought of him growing larger was so sexy. Was it me or was he larger? He didn't seem to notice so I didn't say anything. I could not get the image out of my head though. I thought "what the hell, I am sure he won't mind if I make him a little bit bigger, just enough to make the shirt a little tighter. While I am at it maybe I will make his hair grow longer. I always though he looked sexy when he grew it out." I began to think about it and really imagine it. Almost immediately I saw the change in Chris. His once fairly loose shirt was now tight enough to show off his swollen nipples. And it began to cling to his biceps. His hair was no longer cropped but reached down to his ears. I was getting very hot and bothered, and still Chris didn't seem to notice. I only reinforced the image and saw the second wave of growth occurring. The shirt was now so tight, how could he not notice. Did he not feel his hair on his now mountainous shoulders. Just when I thought I couldn't stand staying silent Chris looked up, smiled, and said, "You just couldn't resist huh?" "tell me, tell me, how big are you making me?" He stretched and flexed and the shirt just tore open. After it had fallen off of him I heard another tear. I wonder where that one could have been? •

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