Seeking out the Vitamin Shop Hunk

By lemapp

Note: I saw a medical program on TV so I was inspired. Thought I should share my fantasy. Enjoy!

It was late on a warm spring afternoon. I had some time to kill so I ran out to do some errands. As I passed the vitamin store, I decided to go in. I'm not that big of a health nut, but there is this amazing hunk that works there.

This guy is about 6' of solid muscle. He usually wears those tight white athletic clothes that showcase his tan body so well. There is no show of any body fat on his muscular frame. The bulge in his shorts shows that he is hunk like a horse. I always loved looking at his smooth hairless skin and that goatee of his was a great touch. I wanted so much to be like this guy.

I wandered through the aisles pretending to look for something while I was actually looking for the hunk. One of the sales associates approached me and asked if he could help. He looked vaguely like the hunk but he so pale, thin and did not have the signature goatee that this guy could not even be related to the hunk.

I asked if the hunky sales guy was there today. A smile flashed across the sales associates face like he knew a secret but was not going to reveal it as he explained that the hunk was not there today but should be back tomorrow. He then asked if there was anything else that I might need help with.

I was standing in front of the Men's product with all of the sex boosting pills. I thought I would be funny and asked if they had any of those penis growth pills. I seemed to have shocked the sales associate but he recovered and told me that most of those were fakes and a waste of money. I agreed that I knew that but it would be great if something could really make you hung like a horse.

The sales associate stepped back to size me up. It was an odd feeling, like I was being measured out for something. He thought for a moment and then quietly told me that something might exist that should give me what I was wanted. The sales associate told me that his shift had ended, if I want to know more about what he was talking about I should join him in the back.

As I followed the sales associate he said his goodbyes to the two young guys behind the counter. Fear was racing through my mind as we entered the back storeroom with someone I really did not know. I watched as he sled a card through a card reader to open another door.

We entered a small locker room with about eight lockers, a small bench, a single bare showerhead and a urinal. The smell was very musky in like the overwhelming smell of man sweat. The sales associate opened one of the lockers and pulled his clothes off. Soon he was standing there in just a pair of running shorts.

The sales associate announced that he had wanted to do this all day and he pulled out a small bottle of pills. He set the bottle down as he popped one pill in his mouth. I could see the hard swallow as the big pill worked down his throat.

The sales associate began to shake violently. I raced over to grasp him not knowing what to do or if he would hurt himself. It was difficult to hold on to him, much like riding a bucking bull in a rodeo. The thing that struck me was this man I was holding seemed to be swelling in my arms. Soon I could no longer reach my arms around his widening body. I was forced to let go as I lost my grip.

Just then the shaking stopped and there standing in front of me was an amazing hunk of a man. He had the size and low body fat of the hunk that worked in the store. Other than being pale, hairy and lacked a goatee, he could pass for that same hunk.

The silence was broken when the sales associate announced that he was the same person as the hunk I had asked about earlier. But there were a few more things he needed to do to complete the change. He returned the first bottle to his locker as he retrieved two more. He swallowed another pill from one of the bottles and I watched him intently because of what the first pill had done. The hunk looked at me and said that he was okay and that there was to be no more seizures.

I looked at the hunk as his pale skin began to turn darker. He began to tan before my eyes changing from a pale muscle god into a deeply tanned bodybuilder. The darker skin tones highlighted to deep ridges of his muscles. It was clearer to see the detail in the rich texture of muscles that framed his body.

The hunk then reached for the second bottle. He told me that I had asked earlier if there was a penis pill that worked. He held up a large pill and said that this was that pill. Unfortunately you do not swallow this one, you shove it in your penis. He pulled down his running shorts where I could see that he had no tan lines. The hunk grabbed his small penis in one hand as he positioned the suppository into the piss slit.

It was like the penis gulped down the pill. The head of his dick swelled as the pill disappeared inside. The dick began to look like one of those snakes that swallowed an egg bigger than itself. The shaft expanded as the pill progressed deeper inside. I could see the hunk's dick lengthen and expand in his hand as the pill worked its magic.

Soon the pill reached the hunk's balls that expanded rapidly. They grew to the size of two tennis balls. But this was the size they needed to be the support the long thick hose this guy had for a dick. The hunk began to stroke his new pride, as it grew some more. It was still soft and over 9" in length.

I just stood there in awe as the hunk kicked off his shorts and walked over to a full-length mirror. I watched as he ran his hands over his thick pecs and abs. He did double bicep poses and then most muscular as the veins below his paper-thin skin began visible. This guy was an amazing block of muscle that could win any bodybuilding contest he entered.

After a few minutes the hunk broke away from his posing and walked back toward me. Me chin dropped open as I saw his thick dick swing in from of him. It would slap his legs as it bounced about. As the hunk approached me he said that he needed to remove his excess body hair. He reached into his locker again and pulled out some type of spandex bodysuit like the downhill skiers wear. He slipped on the suit quickly and fairly easily considering his muscle size. The Hunk asked me to zip up the back. There he stood in shinny metallic looking vinyl that completely covered his body from the neck down.

The hunk announced that it was now my turn. I just stood there in silence after had watched this amazing transformation. I short while ago, I thin pale man had led me into this locker room. Now he was this thickly muscled tan male god. I had no idea how to respond to the offer to transform. The images in my mind of becoming a muscle stud were incredible.

The hunk did not wait for a response. He took a pill out of one of the bottles and asked that strip out of all of my clothes. I snapped out of my daze and did as I was told. Soon I was standing there completely naked waiting for my next instruction. The hunk handed me the first pill and said that this was for my cock. I knew what I needed to do as I grabbed my dick with my other hand.

I slipped the pill inside the piss lit not knowing how this would feel. I had no idea if it was painful as the penis was stretched. But as my dick head grew I felt not pain but pleasure. It felt great as the sensation of my dick tingled with new sensitivity. I watched as my average size dick lengthened and widened in my hand. I felt the weight as it expanded beyond my palm.

As the pill reached the end of my dick it settled in my balls. Just like the hunk they swelled quickly to the size of tennis balls. My other hand cupped my newly pumped up balls as I lightly juggled him in their ball sack.

A cough brought my attention back to the hunk. He nodded at me in approval. He handed me a second pill and said this one for that deep dark tan. I took the pill from him and quickly swallowed it. I thought there would be no sensation for this pill but I surprised as warmth moved through my body. It was like the room temperature was being turned up quickly. Soon I felt like I was in a sauna.

Slowly the heat faded as I saw that I now had an amazing all-over deep tan. I twisted around the see the dark color over my whole body. The hunk nodded at me and pointed to the full-length mirror. I stood in front of the mirror looking at my new humongous dick and the great tan.

The hunk rested his big muscle paw on my shoulder and told me the really show was about to begin. I was handed a third pill while I was told not to be afraid. The shaking would be very quick and it was not painful. I should just let this happen and not to fight the growth.

I took the pill and very slowly slipped it in my mouth. It taste very bitter as my mouth sucked up because of the bitterness. I tried to swallow but the pill now felt too huge. I was beginning to panic that I would choke on the thing. The hunk slapped me hard on my ass that caused me to choke down the pill.

Before I could turn around in angry, the pill took effect. I felt my body shake as I wanted to gain control and stop the movement. I remember that the hunk had said to not fight and I slowly stopped fighting back. I was not completely aware as I simply relaxed and tried to just be part of the ride.

I had lost sense of time as I came to in the arms of the hunk. He was smiling at me and asked how I felt. I thought for a moment and realized that I was full of energy. I felt like I could take on anything. I felt powerful.

The hunk suggested that I look at myself in the mirror. This is when I saw for the first time the muscular bodybuilder body that was now mine. I was as big as the hunk next to me. I began to pose like I had seen bodybuilders do making the muscles in my arms and legs bulge under the thin skin.

I heard a gasp behind me and I spun around to look at the hunk. He had removed the body suit and his naked skin was smooth and hairless. Then I saw what he was gasping about. There was no pubic hair. Then the hunk looked at me and said that I should try the hair removal suit but perhaps we should remember to cover a small patch of pubic hair so that I did not look completely freaky.

The hunk handed me a jar of Vaseline and said that I should cover whatever hair I wanted to keep. I smiled back as I put a dab of the clear gel just above my cock. Then I began to slip on the bodysuit. It slid on to my skin effortlessly. It quickly covered my body. Without even asking the hunk zipped me in.

I was told that I needed to wear the suit for about 5 minutes. The hunk walked under the bare showerhead and started taking a hot shower. I could feel my cock stiffen while I watched the erotic show of steam and wet skin. The hunk did not seem to even notice me as he went through his show of cleaning ever part of his body. I felt a jump in my crotch as he gave hisy huge cock and balls a special cleaning. I loved the gentle strokes as he pulled at them.

The show ended to soon for me as the hunk strode across to his locker to grab a towel. After toweling off he wrapped the towel around his waist. I had been enjoying seeing him naked.

I was told to get out of the bodysuit. Now I was getting embarrassed because I knew that my cock had grew stiff. The hunk looked at the obvious bulge that the spandex did little to hide. The hunk said that it happens to him all the time. It was just us guys but I really needed to get out of the suit.

I did as I was told and removed the spandex from my body. The hunk was sitting on the bench and just under his towel I could make out his lengthening man hose. The hunk was enjoying my show. I looked down to see that I too had the same smooth hairless skin but unlike the hunk I still had a small patch of pubic hair. I strode over to the mirror to check out my bodybuilder body. I looked just like hunk with the big muscles and cock and the smooth dark tanned skin.

The hunk suggested that I take a quick shower to remove the residue from the bodysuit. I stood under the warm water and washed my huge body. I was struck by how much space I filled with all of my muscle. As I turned off the water a towel struck the back of my head. The hunk said that I needed to dry off if I wanted to join him for run.

I noticed that the hunk was wearing the same running shorts he had on before. As I dried off the hunk handed me a pair of shorts. As I pulled them over my thick thighs I realized that I did not have any running shoes. As if he had read my mind a pair of running shoes were placed in front of me.

After I finished lacing up my shoes we both stood in front of the mirror. We were a pair of gorgeous muscle studs. I asked the hunk about his goatee. Without saying anything he dashed to his locker and pulled out a small chunk of hair. Back at the mirror he placed the fake beard on his chin. Now he was the exact copy of the hunk I had seen many times before in the vitamin store.

The hunk thought for a minute and said that I need a small disguise as well. He returned from his locker with a bald cap and a small soul patch. Then the hunk suggested some temporary tattoos would be great. Quickly I had a band of barbed wire around my arm, some Celtic symbols down my arm and a dagger on my inner thigh. Then a tattoo of an erect naked man was pulled out. It seemed that the hunk wanted to place this on my back and ass so that the naked part would cover by the waistband of the shorts. Since it was temporary, I agreed.

Now we were ready to take our run. The hunk told me that the store would close in a few hours, just enough time for our run. We would then have the place to ourselves. The hunk winked as he grabbed my huge cock through my shorts. Then he dashed out the door and I quickly ran after him. I knew that I would get my revenge on him later, when we were back alone in the store. •

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