Workouts with Tucker

The Prepster Jock Stud

By Polodude

Tucker and I have been working out together hard all winter and the results are beginning to show. After doing creatine and lots of protein, eating frequent meals and pounding the heavy weights, I am beginning to see and feel a new thickness in my chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs. My ab muscles are stronger than ever and I keep getting comments: �Dude, you�re getting so jacked up.�

It bones me when they say it. Me and Tucker work out 4 or 5 times a week. We first met because I was attracted to him in the locker room. At 5�11� 190lbs, he is a ripped specimen of muscle. His pecs are ripped and striated, his body is proportioned and amazingly strong. I knew I wanted to be like him and started blabbing like an idiot. He was surprisingly cool and instantly offered to be my workout partner. We both hit the gym around 6:30am before work, so we are both there at the same time anyway. I love Tucker�s prepster jock style and attitide�polo�s with the collar popped, baseball caps backwards, cargo shorts, tevas, oxfords, preppy clothes that look just a little too fitted because his thick, jockish muscles are bulging out. I almost came when I first saw him. I think it amused him because I was wearing a Polo too and he was like, �Hey bro, what�s up.� Then he popped his collar and smiled at me.

So now we are buddies. We train together, we push each other in and out of the gym. Diet is the hardest part�eating clean, eating often, and avoiding all the junk food. But I just think of how I want my body to look like Tucker�s and I lay off the ice cream and cookies and shit.

And now it�s paying off. Look at my pecs jutting out of the front of my Ralph Lauren rugby shirt�ramming out, a massive shelf of pumped muscle�.my biceps bulging tightly against the sleeves� I just worked my neck today with shrugs and my thick, jock-like neck, like a football player�s is straining against the upturned collar. I look in the mirror and see myself next to Tucker and I realize that I�m really starting to look like him. �Yeah bro,� he says and smiles at me.

We do cable rows together and we're pulling 220 lbs...he pushes me harder, and i strain to pull the heavy weight. With intense focus, I do more reps than I've ever done....when I'm finished, my back feels powerful, hulking and veins in my bi's are snaking.... "Shit yeah bro," Tucker winks at me. I feel like if I did this for a few more years I could almost become like him.

We�re driving home and I�m giving him a ride and he says to me, �I think I know what you want.� I am not sure if he�s hitting on me or what, but I get really boned and I�m like, �You do?� �Sure, bro�you want to take it to the next level. You want to juice with me.� I start shaking with excitement.

"You want it?"

"Yes. Fuck, yes. I want this."

"Good. Gonna make you swole."

And we do. He sets me up with a cycle of anadrol and sustanon, tapering off the orals after 3 weeks and adding some anavar at the end of the cycle for cutting. My weight, which had plateau�d at nice, thick, jockish 186lbs for my 5�9�� height, easily hit 190 after a few weeks�my bench increased, my sex drive was through the roof�my pumps were incredible�I feel myself growing, the protein feeding my muscles that are screaming for more mass, more size, more power.

�Fuck yeah dude, look at how jacked you�re getting,� Tucker smiles. I am wearing a white Ralph Lauren polo with the collar popped and my baseball cap backwards. The veins in my bi�s are pulsing and the bi�s and tri�s are stretching hard against the tight white sleeves��Fuck man, LOOK at you�you�re fuckin JACKED� says Tucker in the locker room, and he moves in front of me and feels my hard, pumped biceps. He�s in his Polo too and he looks hot and athletic and jockish and I realize fuck, he wants me and I want him, we are growing together into two muscle stud jock boys, prepped out and hot and growing. �Tucker,� I whisper, �I want more, dude. I want more power. I want to get fucking huge�� �More power, bro, fuck yeah,� he whispers to me, squeezing the thick, hard muscles of my biceps, �More muscle�.more mass�fuck yeah��

So we do it. We train and eat and eat and train. We juice more and our bodies are growing and getting freakish and we are both nearing 220lbs and my biceps are threatening to hit the 20�� mark. I arrive at the gym wearing a white Ralph Lauren oxford with a striped prep school tie and my khakis which barely conceal the diamond shaped bulge of my massive legs, and Tucker is there in his blue polo with a yellow polo logo on it, and the collar popped, in his warm up pants, with his chest ramming out of the front of his polo, his cap on backwards, and we are about to go into the locker room to change into our workout clothes and he comes over to me and feels my pecs through my oxford, cupping my now-massive pecs with his hands, and whispers to me, �Fuck yeah, polo jock dude, gonna make you bigger.� And I almost wanna cum in my pants. My fantasy is coming true�me and Tucker together, muscled stud boyfriends, working out and pushing each other in the gym, huge, prepped out, masculine and awesome together�Fuck yeah bro�.more power�.

Tucker comes down into my basement and I show him The Machine. "Get in." "What is this?" "Just do it bro." I turn on the power and Tucker throws his head back as the current blasts his chest, arms, and back...and then hums with electricity down through his lower back, core, and legs. "Aw fuck yeah, it feels like I'm cumming all feels like I'm cumming in all my muscles." Tucker's pecs are straining obscenely out of his preppy polo shirt, the popped collar is stretching tight against his thick jock neck....the horseshoes in his tri's are almost ripping the ringer sleeves of his polo. I release his hard cock from his shorts and slip it into a special power conduit in the machine. "Dude what the fuck? what are you doing? aw FUCK...." The power flows into Tuckers cock and spreads through his whole body...his veins are pulsing with muscle as his calves swell like they are being filled with two softballs....his shoulders are bulbous and bulging out like the shoulders of an extremely roided bodybuilder..."FUCK YEAH BRO MORE POWER..." I turn up the machine to MAXIMUM and Tucker's body shudders in ecstacy as he begins to cum into the machine...His pecs are ramming out like two huge slabs of meat...his lats are wide like demon's wings...his abs ripped into an 8-pack...his biceps pumped beyong belief... "AW YEAH....GROWING....MORE POWER!!!! POWER!!!!!! POWER!!!!" Tucker throws his head back as his polo splits and rips off his glistening, veined, striated, super-pumped and defined muscles. Exhausted, he slumps over and I help him out of the machine. He is a god. A god of muscle. He flexes and sees himself in the mirror for the first time. "Fuck...look at me...I'm a fucking muscle god..." he whispers, in awe of his own super-pumped, super-human physique. He shoots a thick stream of ropy cum as his growing muscles flex and release, flex and release... "AW FUCK YEAH....POWER!!!" Tucker turns to me and whispers, "Thank you. Thank you for making me into what I've always wanted to be. Now get in that machine dude. Get in and let me make you huge too." He pops the collar on my polo and feels my hard pecs through the front of the shirt. I get in the machine and he turns it on, and speaks: "Bigger. I want you bigger." The machine hums and the electricity hits me like a shock wave. My cock gets instantly hard and precum starts leaking "Aw fuck yeah," I groan as I throw my head back in ecstacy....."more power..." •

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