Worshipping Allan

By BeefFan

The first time I met Allan he was lifting weights. He was in his backyard during one of those long summer breaks from college, working out on his well-worn home weight bench. He had gotten interested in weight-training during his sophomore year at college while playing on the football team, and soon discovered that the muscles which were quickly taking shape all over his body interested him a lot more than playing football. His coaches told him he was working out more than necessary, but he couldn't be stopped, and almost every day he was in the university weightroom, turning himself into a more and more impressive physical specimen.

Now in case you hadn't guessed already, I'm a real sucker for a guy with a lot of muscular developement. I like men of all types and varieties, but muscles make me salivate more than anything. I had looked out the back window of my house when I got home from work that day, and there was Allan, pumping out his bench press excercises with an amazing intensity. I spotted the muscle potential right then, like a well-trained hunting dog spots its prey, and forgetting completely about anything I was doing at the moment, I went out into the backyard, knowing that on the way I would manage to think of some reason to go over near the neighbors fence to strike up a converstaion with this young Adonis.

Allan was about 5' 11" and at the time probably weighed about 175 pounds. He had thick, straight black hair which, no matter how it was groomed, always looked sexy. His face was incredibly handsome with beautiful blue eyes and a fabulous smile, and I often wondered why he never pursued modeling as a career. Surely he would have been a millionaire by now. But the best part, for me anyway, was that body! Wide shoulders, an impressively muscled back, broad sculpted pecs that were clearly defined, and a set of abs you could easily use to grate a hard chunk of parmesan cheese. His arms were the most noteworthy feature, thick and full with an enormous bicep muscle, and those incredibly sexy veins that ran over them. Even his triceps were already well-developed, having that visible horseshoe shape clearly etched on the backs of his arms, and the veins on his forearms looked like a roadmap of New York City. His years of playing soccer in high school had given his legs an impressive start, and now they were thick and magnificently shaped from all the additional work he had put into them. His quads were already clearly visible, as were his calves, and it was a real treat to watch his legs ripple as he walked around in shorts that summer.

I had walked casually over to the fence that afternoon to strike up a conversation, thinking that he wouldn't give me the time of day. I was not an impressive physical specimen myself, and I was sure he would not converse with me more than polite social banter, but I was wrong. I don't remember what I said to start off, but he immediately stood up, toweled the sweat off his upper body and walked over to the fence to chat. He looked incredible, and I was trying my best to keep from drooling on myself! He spent a lot of time telling me about his workouts and how weightlifting was such a rush for him. Now he was interested in bodybuilding, and he was going to spend a lot more time working out than ever before. I was sure he knew I was staring at him, but I could not help myself, and more than that, he seemed to like it. All summer long I manufactured every possible excuse to run into him while he was working out, and every time he seemed more than willing to talk and flex. It wasn't easy reaching out to take what was suppose to be a casual feel of his biceps, and it took a great deal of self-control to keep me from glueing my mouth to that large, thick muscle in his arm. But there were times that I thought he might not have objected to such an obvious act of lust on my part. The best part about Allan, aside from his body, was the fact the he seemed to love the attention.

Towards the end of that summer, he returned to the university for his junior year and my job transferred me to another state for an eight-year stint. I thought a lot about Allan during that period and spent more than just a few nights fantasizing about his beautifully muscled body. I always wondered how he had turned out after all those years. It wasn't until my return back to my hometown eight years later that I ran into him again.

I had just gotten settled into my new apartment and had gone to the grocery store for some supplies. As I rounded the corner into the produce aisle, there he stood, though I didn't recognize him at first. He was wearing one of those loose fitting workout jackets and sweatpants, though they weren't so loose fitting on him at the time, and the first thing I noticed was the fact that he was almost as wide as the aisle itself! I knew I was gazing at the back side of a very significnt bodybuilder, and my mouth immediately went dry. I stopped right where I was and just stared for a moment. Then he slowly turned, like a great ship in the ocean changing course, and I recognized that face. A bit more mature and hard-chiseled, but it was Allan without a doubt. Those eyes, that smile! I thought I'd faint right there. Would he remember me?

"Charles!" he said. "Is that you? How are ya, buddy?" He came over to me with his arms open and gave me a big bearhug. I felt like I was being enveloped by a huge rug filled with bricks and cannonballs. He was the same height, maybe an inch taller, but I couldn't believe how wide and how thick! I hardly knew what to say.

"How long has it been since you left town?" he asked. "About eight years," I said, continuing to stare blatantly at him. "Well, you haven't changed much at all in those eight years" he said, smiling that dazzling smile. Realizing I had to make myself stop gawking at him I said, "Well, maybe not, but you certainly have changed, Allan! What's going on with you?"

"You noticed, huh?" he said, giving me a suspicious wink. "I've really poured myself into bodybuilding during the time you've been away. Won a few contests in college, a couple since being out of college, and now I'm going for a national level competition. I may turn pro after this one."

What I was hearing was making my mouth even drier than before. I had to open a carton of orange juice from my shopping cart and drink some to get my voice back to normal. "Sorry, can't wait to get home with this - too thirsty. You want some?"

"Sure," he said, "don't mind if I do." As he tilted the carton back my eye was drawn immediately to the unbelievable mass that was forming on his upper arm as he drank. The bicep of his right arm was being slowly roused from its dormant position, and it swelled, without even being flexed, to an incredible size! I was staring again, helplessly lured by its size, until it suddenly jumped and almost stretched the cloth of the sweatshirt beyond its endurance. Startled, I looked at Allan and realized he had watched my fascination with his bicep the entire time. I think he had flexed it deliberately just to see my reaction. I was a bit embarrassed to have been caught in such an obvious moment of gaping.

He handed the carton back to me and I asked him, "When is your contest? Maybe I could come see you in it."

"Not for a couple of weeks yet. But you don't have to wait that long," he said, giving me another sly wink. "Why don't you come over tonight and give me some feedback on my posing routine? You always had some good observations to make when you watched me workout in my backyard."

"Sure," I quickly responded. "I'm no expert, but I'll do what I can to give you some helpful observations." As I gripped the shopping cart I realized my palms were sweaty and I was shaking a little. His neck was huge, almost as wide as his head, and I began to notice the incredible veins on the tops of his hands. I couldn't get over how much bigger he was, and I knew I was standing in the presence of a major muscleman. The excitement was almost more than I could stand.

"Great! Come over about 7:30 and you can help me oil up." And with that, he grabbed his shopping cart and walked away. Was that a twisting of the fabric on the backs of his arms, or was I seeing a huge tricep pushing its way through the cloth? And I thought he was walking strangely, until I realized how big his legs were. As loose-fitting as that sweatsuit should have been, those legs were really pushing the limits of those pants. As he headed for the cashier, people seemed to move out of his way and stare as he passed them, perceiving somehow that this was no ordinary man.

For the rest of the afternoon, I could think of nothing other than the experience that I was going to have that evening at Allan's apartment. I hoped I would be able to control myself when he removed his clothes, and then suddenly I realized, what if I couldn't? What if he realized the effect he was having on me? What if he realized I was getting really turned on? He might pick up a 50 pound plate and cave in my skull! But then at the same time, something about him told me he liked the attention, and I even fantasized that he had asked me over that evening just to see if he could get me to show my true colors. The hours ticked by very slowly, but eventually it came time to drive over to his apartment.

As I rang the doorbell I heard the loud crash of metal plates and a solid thud which seemed to shake the doorway. From inside Allan called out, "Be right there!" Moments later he opened the door, once again wearing a workout suit, but different from the one he had had on earlier in the day. It too was fitting rather snugly, and even though it was zipped up to his neck, I could see just above the zipper the beginnings of what appeared to be a very prominent cleft in his upper chest where the cleavage bewteen his pecs was beginning to take shape.

"Hey bud, come on in! You're right on time, too. Sorry to keep you waiting, but I just finished my pump and had to get my sweatsuit on. Didn't want to frighten you when I answered the door!" Somehow, don't ask me how, he looked even hotter than that afternoon, and maybe even a little bigger, but I'm sure it was because I was so excited. I was trying my best not to let it show, but I was envisioning him removing the first piece of that sweatsuit, and all my self-control flying out the window.

"Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this, man. I can always use a bit of critical appraisal, and I'm sure you'll be good at looking me over and offering suggestions." And there was that mischievous wink of his again! What on earth was he thinking? Had I already come across as muscle devotee, standing there before him and quivering with lust? Had I already somehow spilled the beans?

"Well," said Allan, "shall we get started?" and with that he reached to grab the zipper on his sweatsuit and pulled it down in one swift motion. The jacket fell open suddenly, its contents thrusting it apart, and what I saw was beyond description. The depth, the thickness, the cuts were beyond belief! The cleavage between his pecs was like a great rippling valley, the abs were sharply gashed ridges of incredibly separated muscles that bunched and rolled as he breathed! As he reached to finish removing his jacket I heard him say, "Are you alright?" and that was the last thing I remembered.

I awoke with Allan staring into my face. He had zipped up his jacket and put me on the couch after I had fainted. Now he was looking at me with a mixture of concern and amusement. Slowly, I was able to sit up, and he sat down on the couch next to me.

"Are you sure you're ok?" he asked. "You hit the ground pretty hard."

"Yeah, I'll be fine," I said, embarrassed beyond belief about what had happened.

"So tell me, Charles, what made you faint?" I could only stare blankly at the floor, afraid to let him know the truth. "Are you gonna tell me, or do I get to make an educated guess?" he asked. As I turned to look at him he said, "Go ahead, you can tell me. As a matter of fact, I've known it even as far back as eight years ago. You really dig muscle, don't you? It was obvious from the first time I met you. I could always see it on your face, and especially again today in the grocery store. Why do you think I asked you over?"

I was stunned. I didn't know what to say, so I just sat there, amazed, and Allan continued.

"You see, while I was in college, I was a part of some kind of genetic or hormonal experiment group. It was like they were giving me steroids, but not really the same. These drugs had somehow been altered, though they weren't sure what the results would be. As long as I thought there was a chance they'd make me bigger, I went along with the deal. I did get bigger - a lot bigger. But we found one very curious side-effect. Whenever I got really horny, my muscle growth was significantly higher. There was a guy in my dorm who always stared at me, and I really liked it. One day he came to my room while I was standing there with only my gym shorts on. When I turned around to face him, he nearly screamed! I found it was an enormous turn-on for me to have someone react to me that way. So I closed the door and let him worship me for a while. He really enjoyed it, to say the least, and I was so turned on that I jerked off six or seven times after he left. The next day, I couldn't believe how much bigger I had gotten! When I realized the connection, I constantly sought out people who would give the attention and the turn-on I need to get bigger, until finally, I got so big and freaky that it became impossible to find anyone who really appreciated my incredible size. For most people, I was just too big!"

Finally, I was somehow able to find my tongue, so I said, "So how big are you now, Allan?"

"Well," he replied, "when I measured this afternoon my chest was 59", waist was 31", thighs 34", calves 21" and arms 25. Do those measurements mean anything to you?"

"Jesus Christ, Allan! That's incredible!" I had jumped up from the couch and stood shaking in the middle of the floor. "How on earth can you be that big?"

"Fortunately for me," he said smiling, "it's easy. And I'm going to get even bigger now, with your help" and he winked at me once again! "You're my new ticket to enormousness, babe. With your help, I'm going to become inhuman! Will you help me?"

"Tell me what to do," I said.

"You like muscles, really freaky huge muscles?"

"Yes, I do," I answered.

"Will you worship my body, adore my massiveness, stare at my monstrous physique in amazement and awe?"

"Yes, I will." My voice had begun to shake. He liked that.

"Will you kneel to me and submit to every steel cabled rippling inch of my fucking titanic body?"

Yes, yes, I'll do anything you wish. Just tell me." I had begun to stammer. He liked that, too.

"Wait here, I'll be right back." And as he turned to walk away I noticed what appeared to be the beginnings of a hard-on in his pants. I sat down on the couch again, trying to calm down, but it was almost impossible. The anticipation of what was about to see made me shake like a shivering leaf. Those measurements he quoted were phenomenal, and I could barely begin to imagine the enormousness I was about to witness. No amount of calming meditation or relaxation could possibly have prepared me for what was about to happen.

Allan came back into the living room wearing the same thing, or so I thought. He had put on a t-shirt underneath his jacket which I could see at the top above the zipper. "Are you ready?" he said. Instinctively, I got down on my knees before him, about eight feet away. He smiled. I knew he'd like that. Then he reached again to grab the zipper and I cried out, "No! Not yet. Please, turn around. I can't take the frontal view just yet. First, let me see your huge back, pleeeeease!" He liked that even more. And as he turned around, I heard the zipper being pulled. Then he slowly began to pull off his jacket. It came off his right arm, first.

Did I say "arm"? I don't know what it was. The tricep was already flexed making the back of his arm look like a face from Mt. Rushmore. Then the other sleeve came off, and there on the other arm was another face! The edges of the t-shirt sleeve were stretched almost to the breaking point, and as the jacket slid off his back he threw it into a corner and just stood there, letting me absorb it all. The width of his back was indescribable! His lats were so huge they were almost parallel to the floor and forced his titanic arms dramatically out and away from his body. The deltoids could only have come from implants in his shoulders made from half bowling balls inserted under the skin. Even with the shirt on you could see valleys and hills all over the enormous width of his back as the material clung tightly to every contour and rippling ridge. His waist was almost non-existent.

"Sweet mother of God," I whispered. "I can't believe this."

"Well, see if you can believe this," Allan said as he turned to face me. The fronts of his arms were even more incredible. The muscle looked flexed, even as it lay there relaxed. The veins on his arms were as thick as large drinking straws, his forearms were frightening in their thickness. without even flexing, muscles rippled and writhed at the slightest movement on his part, and I could see his abs squirming under his shirt like a trapped accordian. His pecs were frightening! Never had I seen or even dared to imagine two such gigantic mountains of muscle such as these being possible on any human being. At their thickest point they surely must have projected out at least a good seven inches beyond his chest, and the cloth of the shirt did its best to span the gap of the incredible gash that ran bewteen them.

He stood there, smiling at me, loving the look of incredulity I had on my face. I simply could not speak. He loved that. Then without warning he suddenly bent over and pulled down his sweatpants.

Thighs of death! Who on earth can imagine such massive thighs? They were partially covered with a pair of tight shorts that came down to about six inches above his knee, but even so, the outrageous, almost deformed sweep of their unimaginable size could not be hidden or denied. Then he squatted, ever so slightly and flexed his right leg, and before my eyes the pants leg simply tore into shreds! "Holy shit!" I gasped, and smiling at me he did the same with the other leg. The sound of that ripping material was almost more than I could stand. "Geta load of this, muscleslut!" and with that he flexed his mammoth arms in a double bicep pose. The material had no possible hope of surviving as all 25 inches of his biceps ballooned up to their inhuman size. They were simply frightening! It couldn't possibly be flesh and bone! This was a monster standing before me! And before I could scream, he grabbed the front of his t-shirt and tore it from his torso like he was removing something as flimsy as toilet paper. Ripping off the last shred of his shorts, he sttod before me wearing only a pair of posing trunks, which were also having a difficult time restraining their contents.

"Look at this, you muscle-loving fucker! Look at this body of the biggest fucking musclegod on earth! You've NEVER seen anything like this before, have you, and you'll never see anything more phenomenal! Look at these gigantic muscles! Tell me I'm huge! Tell me I'm a monster and a beast! Tell me I'm a god! Worship me, you muscleslut!"

I started crying. I don't know why, I just couldn't help it. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and I guess my emotions could think of no other way out. He liked that a lot. "Yeah, that's right. Keeping sobbing, you weak bastard! Cry all you want, just get over here and worship me, now!"

He began to flex, and I almost fainted again. Never had I seen or imagined that a human body could look like this. It was as though hundreds of giant pythons lay writhing under his paper-thin skin, whole areas of his body would contort and twist and ripple into new a frightening shapes. Veins would strain to escape the skin that held them so tightly against such massive hard muscles, and cuts appeared and disappeared like waves in an ocean of thin brown skin.

"Look at this," he said, and picking up a banana from a fruit bowl on the table he pressed it into the cleavage between his mountainous pecs. Without even tensing them it stayed in place. Then suddenly, he flexed and crushed his pecs together, millions of striated fingers of muscle rippling through them like waves, and the banana was mashed into a pulp! He just simply flexed his massive chest and crushed the life out of that banana!

"Fuck, I'm HUGE!" he bellowed. "Do you want this body? You know you do. You'd give your soul to touch me, wouldn't you? Now get over here and worship me!"

I crawled on my hands and knees toward him. "Oooh yeah, that's it, baby, come and worship this mighty muscleman!" I knelt down and kissed his feet, then reaching around the backs of his legs I grabbed his huge calves. He was so hot. I mean his body felt hot to the touch, like some enormous power plant was inside of him, supplying strength to all those incredible muscles. As I looked up, my eyes met the overhang of his quads, which nearly covered his knees, and the veins were so prominent I thought I could almost see the blood running through them.

"Feel those thighs, fucker! You've never touched anything harder in your life!" They felt like steel columns covered in satin. How could anything this hard be human? "Lick them, you know you want to," and so I did. They were so unbelievably big, so thick, so deeply cut and shredded, and my tongue almost got lost in the valleys and ridges there. Above me I could hear him moaning, "Oooh yeah baby, you love those thighs, don't you? Lick 'em good for me now. Show me how much you love them."

As I continued upward, I finally came to his crotch, and his dick had gotten much harder, and much bigger. He saw where I was looking and said, "Not yet, musclepig, that's for later. Get up here and clean off my chest."

I stood up and came face to face with the biggest set of pecs on earth! The banana peel had fallen to the floor, but there was crushed banana clinging to his chest and cleavage. I leaned forward and began lapping it up, using my hands to grope the out edges of his titanic muscletits. The thickness was beyond belief and like everything else on him, hard as a rock! "Yeah, make sure you get it all. Lick 'em, oooh yes, lick my big jugs!" He moaned even more now, and I moved to his nipples. He liked that. "Yessssssss!" he hissed, "suck those nipples, suck 'em hard!" With one hand I reached for his upper left arm as it hung by his side, and with the other I reached out to cup as much as I could of his immense and swollen right pec. Then I almost died.

All at once, he rippled his right pec, tensed and flexed his left bicep, and brought his massive left thigh of steel up between my legs. The sensory overdose was almost more than I could stand! I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, and I would have fallen to the floor, except he grabbed me and wrapped his gigantic arms around me and mashed me into his chest. I was being crushed inside a velvet-lined vice of iron, and as he held me there he flexed everything he could flex. Waves of muscle were washing past my face and under my hands and between my legs! Before I could stop myself, I realized I had had an orgasm!

He released me from his massive embrace and I crumbled to the floor.

"You came didn't you?" he said. "Without even touching yourself, I made you come, didn't I? My gargantuan muscles did this to you, didn't they?"

I still couldn't speak. He liked that.

"Look at this, babe. Here's something you can really feast your eyes on, as if all this muscle wasn't enough," and with that he pulled down his posing trunks, and from them sprang out what almost looked to be something the size of a small child's arm. His dick was at least 12 inches long, and much thicker than my wrist! There was nothing human about him.

"Look at what you've done for me! I haven't been this hard in months! I haven't been this turned on in months! No one I've ever come across has ever been more destoyed and devastated by my body than you! I am your musclegod, and you are my worshipper, and I'm going to get even bigger and more freakish because of you and with your help!"

I knelt before him again and stared in utter disbelief at his enormous erection. "Touch it for me, please, just touch it" he begged. As I reached for it, I saw how small my hand appeared, and taking hold of it in the middle I realized the hopelessness of getting my hand around it. He liked that. It felt so hot I thought I'd get burned, and it throbbed and pulsed like it had a life of its own. The head was completely engorged and almost a reddish purple, and the balls were the size of oranges! Even a cartoon artist would never draw one that looked this unbelievable! I leaned forward gently to lick the head and before I could get in a second lick, I felt it swelling to an even greater size. I could almost hear the rumble in his balls before he yelled, "Look out!" His orgasm was almost unending, spraying nearly half way across the room, and he stood trembling as it slowly subsided.

Then he walked slowly to the couch and sat down, his tremendous dick lying huge and limp on top of his massive right thigh. "Just give me a few hours, and then you'll see. I'll be even bigger, and it's all because of you. The chemical reaction taking place in me now will make me grow even while I sit here, and after tomorrow's workout you may not recognize me!"

Hard as it seems to believe, he already looked bigger, and it looked like his muscles were flexing and growing even as I sat and watched him relax. The heat radiating from his body was even more noticeable, and sweat had begun to pour off of him.

"I need to sleep. Stay with me, won't you?" he asked, and so I agreed. He got up slowly and walked down the hall to his bedroom, his thighs sweeping far out to either side, his arms hanging like trees at his sides, his ass like two gigantic watermelons under his skin, and as he walked through the door I noticed there was very little room for clearance on either side. No matter how much I stared at him, I simply could not manage to get my mind to take everything in. It was all too much! Exhausted, I laid down on the floor and went to sleep.

I awoke to the sound of water in the bathroom. Then I could hear Allan, quietly at first saying, "Oh yeah. Holy shit! Oh man, this is fantastic!" I called out to see if he was alright.

"You'd better believe I'm alright," he answered, "Just wait till you see this."

I got up from the floor and looked down the hall. The lights were off and it was a little difficult to see. Then could slightly make out a form coming down the hall, but it couldn't be Allan, could it? As the light from the living room began to meet him, I saw he was walking slightly sideways, for now he was too wide to walk straight down the hall! He was at least a couple inches taller, and as the light finally took hold of him I had to sit down in a chair.

Every muscle on him looked as though it had been inflated half again as big by some powerful bicycle pump. The skin appeared almost ready to tear under the strain of all that was swelling underneath it! The veins were even more noticeable now and seemingly more numerous, and muscles rippled and contorted at the slightest movement he made, even as he breathed. His dick, still limp, was now almost 13 inches long.

"Come measure me. I want to know how big you've helped me to become," and he handed me a tape measure. His chest was now in incredible 64 inches, his waist only 32 inches. His pecs now stood out from his chest nearly nine inches! His thighs measured a staggering 37 inches and his calves were 24! I felt like I might faint again as he raised his arm to flex, and the muscle that appeared before my eyes was indescribable! The peak was terribly high, veins running all over it, the muscle itself was the size of a baby's head, and the belly of the tricep underneath dipped low and full. The separations that appeared could have only been produced by surgery, and the heat coming from this mountainous arm was remarkable. I wrapped the tape measure around it and stared at the number I saw. Clearly it indicated a full 28 inches!! When I told Allan, he sucked in a gallon air, blew it out, and from deep within his stadium-sized chest his voice rumbled, "Lick it for me, muscleslut. Let's go for 30 inches!"

I jumped up onto his massive thigh as he stood there, wrapped my legs around its 37 inches and hooked my arms around his neck. As he tensed and rippled his thigh between my legs I lick his engorged and swollen bicep with my tongue.

"That's it, lick it good. Feel my megathighs rippling between your pathetic legs. Make me bigger, make me a monster, a freak, a behemoth. Make me FUCKING HUGE!!!"

I stopped licking just long enough to say, "I won't be satisfied until you're so big you can't leave this house. Then I'll have you all to myself to worship and adore."

"Mmmmm, yeah, you'll never stop worshipping me will you, musclepig?"

"Nope," I said, "never."

He liked that a lot. •

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