By VladBath

Realizing that Paul was draining some of his power, Scott unlocked himself from Paul's ever-stronger grip and pushed him across the platform. As they separated, the bolts of energy subsided and Scott staggered, a little dazed, toward the newly refurbished weight area. Quickly, I activated the scanning equipment and took readings on both men. While the instruments began their work, I tried to distract Paul's attention.

"Paul," I said, "The formula you took is having a peculiar effect on your metabolism. Stand still for a moment so the scanners can get some readings. You could be in danger."

Paul smirked and said, "In danger? Ha! Look at me!" Paul went into a double biceps pose to show that his arms had indeed gained a few inches.

"Never the less, let the machines do their work before you move around too much," I cautioned. "How do you feel?"

"Huge," Paul said. "Huge and strong. I may not be as big as Scott, but I will be soon. Seems I can feed on other guys muscles."

"Actually," I interjected, "You feed off any energy source. The more powerful the source, the bigger and stronger you get. When you touched Scott, you started to absorb some of his power. Because he packs far more energy per unit volume than regular muscle, the effect was very pronounced."

I looked over at Scott who appeared to have recovered and was looking at himself in the mirror. He hadn't lost any apparent size, but the instruments said he had lost about 50lbs of mass, probably in lost muscle density. This correlated with the 50lbs of muscle Paul had apparently put on.

"How do you feel, Scott?" I asked.

"I'm okay now. It was a little wierd though," Scott replied.

I motioned to Scott to drink the vial of enhanced growth formula. He uncorked it and drank it down. Paul was too busy flexing for himself in the mirror to notice. The scanners had finished compiling their data and I looked over the results.

"Alright guys," I began. "It seems that Paul here has absorbed about 50lbs of muscle from Scott as a result of that little incident. Paul, please don't do that again. It could be dangerous for both of you. Scott, you are probably a little weaker than you were before the transfer but we'll correct that soon enough. You didn't appear to lose any size, probably because your muscles are so dense at this point 50lbs wouldn't be noticable. Paul, your genetic structure has accepted the revised growth sequences and asimilated them throughout your body. Because these sequences were keyed to Scott's DNA, your growth curve is going to be somewhat less pronounced but still incredibly fast."

Before I finished my explanation, Scott had begun rubbing his hands over his incredible muscles. He seemed to be growing more and more excited as the elevation of his enormous cock indicated. Paul listened intently but when he noticed how Scott was worshipping himself, he scowled and approached Scott.

"Paul," I warned, "I told you not to get too close to Scott. I don't want him to lose any more muscle."

"Too bad," Paul replied, "I want to be bigger than Scott. I want to feed on his muscles and grow." Having said this, Paul placed his hands on Scott's pecs and started to rub and squeeze Scott's enormous slabs of superhuman muscle. To Paul's surprise though, no bolts of energy shot from Scott's body to feed his. Indeed nothing at all happened. Scott, appreciating the extra attention Paul was giving him, wrapped his mega-muscled arms around Paul's torso and brought him close, practically crushing him between his over-developed chest and his 32 inch arms. Paul tried to push away but Scott was far too strong for that. As he struggled, some small arcs of energy appeared from Paul to Scott. As Scott gyrated more heavily, more and more arcs appeared and Scott began to moan with pleasure. As I anticipated, the formula I gave Scott now enabled him to drain Paul with greater ease than Paul could drain him and therefore the transfer of muscle and power was now reversed. As Scott rubbed his huge, ripped body against Paul, I could see Paul's muscles getting smaller and an obvious look of horror on his eyes as he too realized what was happening.

When Scott had drained Paul down to his normal size, I asked Scott to disengage. He complied. Paul was shivvering.

"I warned you it could be dangerous," I grinned to Paul. Turning to Scott, "Now the real fun begins. Paul here was one of the workmen who installed quite a lot of the equipment this morning, including some high-power energy conduits, so you have him to thank for what is about to happen. You wanted to get huge, so I thought this would be the safest way."

I flipped a switch and a bank of menacing rods descended from above the platform just over Scott.

"This looks great, doc," Scott exclaimed, "Let's get started!" With that he started to flex his enormous arms and pecs and start pulsing his incredible quads. I turned to the console and set the capacitor inputs to 10%. A low hum filled the room as the system charged. Meanwhile, Scott was flexing like mad. He was rubbing his hands all over his incredible body. He couldn't get enough of himself.

"Ready?" I asked over the now-steady hum.

"Yes!" Scott shouted back. I glanced down at the console, removed the safety and flipped the switch. Instantly, arcs of energy ran from the power array to Scott's body. As they hit, Scott let out a moan of ecstacy.

He began flexing harder and harder. After a few seconds, it was obvious his muscles had begun to grow. I looked down at my instruments and read that his arms were now 34 inches and still growing. His muscles were getting more and more defined, the striations were no longer subtle lines but rope-like in character, huge and thick.

"This is great!" Scott shouted, flexing and worshipping himself even more than before.

Excited, I said, "I'm going to turn it up. Get ready."

"Do it!" Scott replied.

I slowly pushed the bar to 20% and the energy bolts increased in intensity and density. Scott was really getting into it now, hitting fast, hard poses and noting that every time he flexed, his muscles grew. His chest was over 90 inches and his legs were close to 50. He was growing a little in height too, now standing about 6'6". His cock was a sight to be seen.

It measured over 26" of rock-solid manhood. Still he continued to grow as the arcs danced across his muscles. Faster and faster his muscles expanded. His arms were now 40 inches. According to my instruments, Scott now had strength equivalent to about 200,000 ordinary men. He could, if he wanted, bench press something like 20,000 metric tonnes. His muscle density was so great that a diamond-tipped drill wouldn't be able to penetrate the first layer of muscle tissue.

And still he grew.

"Turn it up!" Scott shouted, "I want MORE!"

I pushed the power lever to 30% and the arcs of energy turned into solid beams, shooting out of the power array and directly into Scott's muscles.

I could actually see the muscle tissue generating and regenerating, getting bigger and stronger with every pulse. His height passed 7' and his pecs were in the 110" range. His arms measured an amazing 49". His strength was growing so fast that the numbers on my screen were practically unreadable. As he hit pose after pose, his body continued to develop. A warning light flashed on my console and moments later the array overloaded and shut down.

Both Paul and I looked up at Scott in amazement. No one had ever been this big. My scanners said he stood 9'3" tall, weighed 4532lbs, chest 128", arms 56", quads 72", calves 40", waist 40", cock 37". His strength readings were beyond belief. Scott was stronger than the combined strength of every other human on the planet. •

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