By VladBath

Scott stood on the platform, his god-like chest heaving and his impossibly developed arms tensing and relaxing, pumping blood through muscles that could only be described as superhuman. Paul couldn't stop staring at Scott's incredible development. Scott noticed and started laughing, a deep, resonant laugh which made the walls vibrate.

"You like what you see, little man?" Scott said to Paul, with a deserved air of superiourity.

Paul couldn't speak and instead, fell to his knees and started rubbing his hands across Scott's incredible calves. After a moment, he wrapped his arms around them and tried to hug them with all his might.

Scott grinned down at him, "I'm not even flexing them and you can't dent them. This feels great." Turning to me he asked, "How big have I gotten, doc?"

Barely able to take my eyes off his phenomenal torso, I looked down to my console and gulped. My voice quivvering just a little, I said, "Well, you're 9'3" tall and weigh about two tonnes. You have a 128" chest, 56"

arms, 72" quads, 40" calves and a 37" manhood. You wanted to be a god? Well wishes sometimes come true."

Scott grinned and rolled his eyes back. He let out another of his powerful laughs. "I'm the biggest, most powerful being on the planet! I love it! God, I love it! Men will bow down before me in awe! Yeah!"

"Looks like you have another deciple already," I observed, motioning to Paul, busy squeezing and rubbing his body against Scott's leg.

"Yeah," Scott said, "It feels great. I love being worshipped. Come on out here and worship me. I know you want it."

I made my way from behind the console and onto the platform. Scott's eyes locked with mine and we shared a moment of pure lust, I at his body and he for my worship. Gently, he reached forth with his massive hand and guided mine to touch his granite-like abs. They were warm to the touch and harder than anything I had ever felt before. Cautiously at first and then with greater and greater force, I tried to squeeze one of his abdominals but to no avail. He could probably deflect an Exocet missle without denting those monster muscles.

I was in ecstacy and began rubbing my hands across his broad lats, all the while he gently caressed my back and shoulders with his enormous hand. I could reach the very bottom of his statuesque pecs with some difficult.

Noting my predicament, he grabbed me by the waist and elevated me so that I could feel the full majesty of his new chest development. Grinning, he flexed one pec then the other, the muscles so hard and yet moving with such fluid motion that I could only guess at the power each fibre contained. I rubbed my body across his enormous pecs and let my hands follow the lines of muscle toward his shoulders, each approximately the size of large car tyre. The definition was impossibly tight. His skin was so soft and so thin that every detail of muscle was apparent.

I climbed onto his massive left trap and wrapped my arms around his huge neck. Bending my head to his ear, I said, "I love you, Scott. You're the god I've always wanted." He gave me a gentle squeeze with his hand and returned me to the floor.

Paul was still working on Scott's right leg and appeared to be in ecstacy.

Low moans of desire evident when I walked over and ecstricated him from the object of his lust. Scott was flexing again, feeling his new muscles and watching himself in the mirrors. I turned to him and said, "Scott, Paul, we have some thinking to do. While this experiment has worked far better than I could have anticipated, I have succeeded in creating a superhuman being I will be at pains to explain and another who has the potential for very fast growth. Have either of you given any thought as to how we should treat this situation? There are bound to be some hard, valid questions from anyone who sees you guys. And if someone from the military sees you? God, they'd want to use this stuff for their own ends. That isn't what I had in mind."

Scott stopped flexing and scowled for a moment. Paul too was contemplative. After a moment, Scott said, "Why not just destroy the formula? That way no one could get hold of it. We could explain the two of us away as genetic freaks or something. Mutations."

"That's a thought," I said, "But have you considered what your size will mean? You can't very well live an ordinary life. People will be hounding you all the time and the government would probably love to get their hands on you, no pun intended. Eventually, it will lead back to me and I'm not sure I can hide from that."

"You leave that to me," Scott said, authouratatively. "Anyone messes with you, they've got to get through me." He hit a lat spread and I suddenly felt very safe.

Grinning, I said, "Yes, but what about you two? What are you going to do with all this power? What do you want out of all this?" •

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