By Redman

All I could think about was Chris getting bigger and bigger while he ravaged me, and so he would. The beast of a boy growled at me, his shaggey hair flipping about as one hand moved to grip me by the back of the head and tug it back gently. He pressed is huge pecs into my back and jerked my head towards his so he could stick his big tongue in my mouth, and to my surprise his tongue started to lengthen a bit until it completely invaded my lips and almost filled my mouth.

I felt his titanium hard pec muscles swell and bunch up against my small back. His sausage fingers growing larger and larger as they held my hips. Massive cum filled orbs growing with each slap against the backs of my thighs, which was sure to leave them bruised when he was finally done. Though of course, the most notable change was his massive phallus growing deeper and deeper inside of me.

I coughed up a bit of his pre as it dug ever deeper into me. My hips just split wider and wider to accept his growing girth. I needed to get a hold of myself, and turn him back to normal. Even if all I wanted was him to grow until he split me like a log. My mind wasn't thinking rationally, and kept feeding his muscles more power. Before long his face couldn't reach mine, and the iron hard divits of his abdomen pressed my head back to the floor as he got taller and taller.

I gasped and started coughing frantically as I could feel the head of his prick entering my throat from the wrong direction. My mouth opened wide and a few more splurts came out as I gasped and my throat muscles tried to force it back out. Though it just kept coming. At least he wasn't really thrusting very hard. Though finally the spongey tip could be seen behind my teeth and my mouth grew wider and wider before it began to squeeze out and stretch my lips.

I just couldn't help but run my hands along the front side of my body. Feeling his length easily through my skin. Hot and throbbing with his titanic heartbeat. He pulled me down hard on his prick, all the way to the base again, my legs split open and my eyes rolled back as I almost lost it completely. Even so I could still see the head of his cock getting farther and farther away from my lips.

I couldn't take it anymore, and was on the verge of passing out after several orgasms, and my cock was still rock hard, and trying to produce more. I focused as best I could and finally managed to get a picture I needed into my head.

It was of the giant beast howling as he came and finally finished assaulting me. No sooner than I concentrated on it, the giant boy started to grunt and gasp deeply. His cock swelled a little larger and I could feel the cum rolling up his length to explode like a huge fountain above my head.

One of his huge hands held firmly around me, stroking me up and down his length like some pocket toy as he exploded. Cum hit the cieling, and even cracked it before splattering back down. It completely coated me, so it was getting rather hard to tell how long it lasted.

When it was finally over, all I heard was some incredibly deep breathing, and I couldn't see anything. Things had rampantly calmed down quite a bit, and the beast seemed pleased, at least for the moment. I focused on getting off the huge organ, and suddenly one huge hand grabbed me again and pulled me off it with a rough motion. He tossed me to the floor and I slid quite a ways and started to spit up cum as my form returned to it's normal hunky self.

I wiped a bit of cum away and my eyes fluttered open to look at the boy. I nearly fainted. If he was a beast before, well I don't even know a word to describe him now. He was probably around fifteen feet tall, and even sitting his massive back touched the cieling. He was hunched over. Gigantic pecs in his lap, with a cock bigger than me sticking out between them, and his eyes were closed....

He was sleeping! I sighed in a bit of relief at getting a moment to collect myself. I carefully got up to take a seat on my bed and just stare at the mountain of muscle perched in my room. Passed out over an earthquaking orgasm.

I thought for a few more moments and then just smiled, getting up off my bed to move to the beast who nearly filled my room. Moving between his legs I pressed myself up against his huge ballsack, which I could easily use as a bed. My hands started kneading at the flesh of his huge testicles before slowly moving up to his monumental column. Stroking idly along his length. My lips came in to gently kiss and suck at the flesh of his cock, and for now I was happy to just toy with the slumbering beast. •

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