By VladBath

Scott returned to looking at himself in the mirror and rubbing his massive hands across his body. He was obviously in love with it. Who could blame him? I, on the other hand, brought myself back to reality and returned to the console to take some readings. When I arrived, I took a quick glance at the screens and discovered that there was still current flowing through the lines to the flood lamps. Scott still had the lines attached to his waist yet when he had held me, I had felt nothing (not exactly true, but, well, you know what I mean...) I checked a few more instruments and discovered that Scott was still getting heavier. The logs showed that when the power came back on, he was adding about a pound every 30 seconds or so.

"Scott?" I asked.

"What's up Doc?" he answered back playfully, still looking at himself in the mirror.

"Do you feel any discomfort at all?"

"Hell no. I feel great!" Scott replied, pulsing his huge pecs at me. The power curve jumped a little as he flexed.

"You're still connected to the electrical main and there's plenty of current running through it. It appears you are drawing a good deal of power even now in your idle state." I observed. "Don't flex too much for a few minutes. I want to get some other readings and make a few calculations."

"Anything you say. Damn, I look great just standing here. I don't even need to flex and I turn myself on!" Scott said.

"Trust me, I feel the same thing", I grinned and went to work. "Could you move to the centre of the platform? See the white circle? Stand inside it for me. Stay as still as you can for a few seconds while I run some tests." I activated the mass spectrometre and quantum density sensors and tied them into the automated measuring system. A series of low-powered lasers passed across Scott's magnificant body, measuring him in every detail and then shut down.

"Okay, you can move again," I said.

"What was that?" Scott asked. "It was one hell of a light show."

"I have some scanner prototypes in here that give me some density analysis and exact measurements on size and mass. I wanted to see exactly what was happening with you", I explained.

"The measuring tape's more fun", Scott teased, hitting a quick double biceps pose for my benefit. God this man was gorgeous! It was all I could do not to throw myself at him. Still, science demanded my attention at the moment.

I grinned back. "Alright Scott, I'm cutting power to the leads now. Tell me if you feel anything strange." I brought the flood controls off-line and looked at Scott. He just shrugged. I looked down at my instruments and noticed that he was not gaining any more mass, which made sense: no power, no mass.

"Okay. Now I want you to hit some really hard poses for me. Like before. Don't worry if you start to shrink a little. I'll stand by with the power mains to pump you right back up. I need to see if the power you absorbed during the last pause has stabilized your tissues or not."

Scott began hitting pose after pose. His arms flexing, his deltoids rippling, his pecs were huge slabs of rock-like muscle, his abs were like a collection of beautifully formed stones and his lats were a religious experience. His legs belonged in a forrest they were so thick. I could barely take my eyes off his incredible physique to note the readings on my console. After a couple minutes, I activated the full instrument pack again and scanned the results.

"Alright Scott. You can stop flexing now. It doesn't appear you have lost any of your size this time. That's good. It appears your body has stabilized at this size for the time being. The computer is running a full analysis of the sensor readings now. It will be a little while before it's done, but my guess is you won't be shrinking again. This is as small as you're going to get."

"Works for me", Scott said. "I like this size. It makes me feel invincible."

"You may not be far off. According to the preliminary read-outs, your muscle tissue is now so strong that it would take an armour-piercing mortar shell to do you any damage and even then you would regenerate so quickly that you wouldn't see so much as a scratch in just a couple of minutes. As to how strong that makes you, I'm not sure yet. That's what the computer is working on."

"Why wait for a computer?" Scott said, his voice confident. "Let's see what I can do! Come here and hold on. We're going to have some fun."

Obediently, I walked over to Scott who picked me up with one hand and put me on his shoulder. His traps were so wide and his upper pecs so thick that I could sit comfortably without holding on. I did hold on though. I wanted to experience as much of his mega-massive body as I possibly could. He strode over to the door and stopped.

"I think you better get down for a second", Scott said seriously. "Looks like this door is too small for my shoulders to get through. I'll have to do something about that." He positioned himself right in front of the door and with a single, sharp push, blew the door from its hinges and sent it flying across the parking lot. It landed in pieces about 100 feet away. Next, Scott moved his massive arms through the door until his shoulders touched the steel door frame.

"See? I thought I was too wide for this door", he said and proceeded to spread his shoulders and arms slowly into the frame. There was a growning of metal followed by the sound of concrete crumbling. Wider and wider he pushed his shoulders until the door frame split open at the top and concrete fell from the top of the frame. Scott took the remains of the frame and ripped them from the wall. He proceded to bend and twist them into a knot and then crumpled them like a piece of paper and threw it aside.

"You would have needed a new door anyway", Scott said. "I was too big for the old one." I couldn't argue with that.

"If you want to test yourself, we should stroll over to the pier on the other side of the warehouse. It hasn't been used in years and there's plenty there for you to play with", I suggested.

"Alright, let's go", Scott said, once again, lifting me onto his massive shoulder.

It was still only about 0600 but the light of dawn was just about to break into daylight as we made our way to the pier. At the pier were several cranes, some old freight carriers and several old-style fork lifts, dormant and neglected. I hopped down from his shoulder and Scott approached one of the old fork lifts. It was an old diesel variety and was used to lift heavy boxes onto and from docked ships. Scott looked at it a moment, figuring out where he could get a good grip. Then, approaching it from the side, he gently tipped the lift to one side and moved his other hand across the bottom to the opposite side. With no more effort than a normal man picks up an empty cardboard box, Scott proceeded to lift the entire vehicle off the ground and press it over his head. With a tiny shrug, he sent it several feet in the air to land once again in his hands, now spaced so they could grab both sides.

"This is too easy", Scott remarked as he slowly brought his hands together. As he did so, I could see his muscles ripple powerfully across his chest and upper arms. The fork lift growned as its centre was crushed by the incredible force being exherted by Scott's incredible body. He then took the lift in one hand and heaved it into the bay. It flew for nearly 100 yards before splashing into the dark waters. I just stood there in amazement. Scott was apparently capable of just about anything. He looked around and made his way toward one of the cranes imbedded into the dock. Very tall, the crane itself didn't weight very much but its base was part of the warf which was made of re-enforced concrete. Scott considered this for a moment then, with one mighty punch of his great fist, broke through the concrete base and penetrated a couple of feet into the pier. He followed suit with his other fist a couple of feet away. He squatted down, showing his incredible legs and ass and slowly started to raise himself. The striations on his hamstrings and quads as well as his chest and upper arms were beginning to make themselves known as I heard the terrible sound of crumbling concrete and ripping steel. Scott had apparently managed to grab hold of a couple re-enforcement beams imbedded into the concrete and was essentially lifting the section of the dock with the crane right out of it's foundations. The piece he was lifting was easily a twenty foot cube of solid concrete and metal and he appeared to have no difficulty with it at all.

He turned to me, not even breathing hard and asked "Where do you want it?"

I was too stunned to reply and just pointed toward the water. With a deliberate effort he threw the huge slab high into the air. I watched it hurl toward its eventual splash down several hundred feet away. Obviously satisfied with himself, he looked right at me and started flexing his chest and legs. "I could use a little attention after that little test", he smiled invitingly.

"Anything you want", I said, my voice breaking at the thought of finally worshipping this god.

"Come here and appreciate me", Scott said arrogantly. "My muscles deserve to be worshipped. I need to be worshipped. I am a god." It was as if he had read my mind. I quickly walked over to him and began rubbing my hands against his huge pecs, my tongue tracing the incredible striations on his massive muscles. I had been with bodybuilders before and had always been arroused by hard muscles. Muscles which didn't give way when you squeezed. Scott was different though. His muscles were so dense that it felt as if I was worshipping a marble statue. His muscles didn't give a millimetre yet the pulsed with inconceivable power and heaved as Scott breated slowly in and out.

He took his massive left hand, grabbed me under the arm and brought me over to his right shoulder. He extended his right arm and started flexing his biceps.

"Feel my arms! Lick them! Worship your GOD!" Scott commanded. I crawled out onto his enormous arm which was nearly as thick as my torso and began squeezing and rubbing and licking his superhuman muscle. He would flex and relax his biceps slowly and I would feel the wonderful surge of power with each pulse. I began rubbing my crotch against his shoulder and could feel the strength of his boulderous deltoid beneath my cock. I wrapped my arms around his biceps as he relaxed it and squeezed with all my might. It didn't budge. Then, as he slowly flexed again, his power broke my embrace and I was overwhelmed with the reality of having an arm this size beneath me. I climbed back onto his shoulder and climbed across to his other arm. This time, he chose to have me work on his forearm and so I climbed all the way out on his extended arm and began feeling his superbly developed forearm. Thick ropes of muscle contracted and relaxed, dancing in a ballet of strength and raw power. I licked them, tried to bite into them massaged them, worshipped them all the while wondering how far this would go... •

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